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A1A Express Auto Shipping

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A1A Express Auto Shipping Reviews (18)

Hi, Customer was informed of all charged and agreed to them. Subsequently customer had a change of plans. His order was cancelled out resulting in the loss of deposit and a $50 administrative fee however the remaining balance was waived. No refunds are due back to the customer.

Please see attached.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I have contacted the New Jersey state attorneys office. If they advise me, you will be sued for all time and damages including what you owe me. I do have an attorney on retainer. The scam you are running is a joke, and your customer service is a joke. I can see why you have so many bad reviews. 

We cannot even begin to explain how misinformed this customer is. However we will try. Customer was fully made aware of all charges on a recorded call and agreed to proceed which we did. As soon as our driver called her to make arrangements for pickup customer reneged on everything and called us...

extremely belligerent speaking to both Jeremy and Frank. We explained everything to her very calmly and told her that we had given her all the information on a recorded call the week before. She refused. We told her we would be more then happy to refund any monies due back to her however since the order was dispatched as per her prior request we would need a cancellation request form before doing so. Customer states that they have sent in the cancellation request form this is absolutely incorrect to this day we are awaiting the cancellation request form. NOTHING HAS BEEN RECEIVED!!We will absolutely NOT be publishing any apologies on any public forum as to even request something like this is preposterous and unheard of. There was no audience when there was discussions with the customer regarding this order thus there need not be an audience when resolving this matter. We can still process any refunds due back to the customer however she must get in the cancellation request form so our billing department can forward that to the factoring company to review.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I would like to start off by
expressing my gratitude that A1A was able to accept the responsibility and admit their failure to provide any level of professionalism although I do not...

accept as they stated "that mistakes lead to the dissatisfaction
of the few".I quess it is A1A mistake that the required them to respond within 10 days to this complaint filed on 2 April 2015 and they responded on 15 April 2015 much in the same way they meet my request for vehicle pick up and shipping or maybe that is the real problem in place of insinuating I did not "READ AND UNDERSTOOD" they need to learn how to "COUNT, ADD, AND MEET SUSPENSES" hope they appreciate this
valuable feedback to enable them to correct their mistakes.
 I did placed an order
on 03/16/15 requesting pick up date of 03/29-31 2015.
I made numerous phone calls everyday explaining details and asking for assistance only to be provided empty promises such as 2 hrs return calls, end of day contact, 1st thing tomorow etc. etc..  They only prompt and true response was when I filed with at approx. 0930 hrs. on 2 April 2015, A1A rep called me at approx. 1025 hrs. stating since I contacted they were canceling my order after I spent 3 days of hotel and living expense waiting past my requested vehicle shipping date.  
Sorry for being so blunt, but I find it extremely offensive when they make the statement "we pride ourselves
in being truthful about our services" when they have been all but truthful in their business practice from not providing good customer service to taking retribution by canceling my order when was contacted to being late with their response and add condescending remarks and insincere attempts at tongue and cheek apologies. I only hope future customers are able to read this before they waste their time and effort like I did.


I am rejecting this response because:I called the business, and told my unavailability to be present on the scheduled pickup date. I requested them, to prepone the pickup as no one else in my nearby friends were available on that date. They replied they can't do that. Then I ask about the cancellation, if I could do the cancellation with no cancellation fee. They told me that they will refund my booking fee of $125. They told me to fill the cancellation form and I'll be good to go. Based on the that discussion, I wrote (Refund - $125) in my cancellation form too to reflect on the discussion we had. They not only did not refunded my money, they also deducted additional $50 from my card. 

Hi [redacted], unfortunately you have E-signed the document (CancellationRequest Form) which is not an authorized signature for processing anypotential nullification of the hold to your Credit Card. As clearlyexplained to you earlier, the document must have a physical signature inorder to be...

accepted.Regards,[redacted]A1A Express Auto Shipping

Hi, Customer was fully advised of our policies and chose to cancel. No refund is due back to customer.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response becausei signed and forwarded the cancellation form as the policy states to do with a1a but have yet to receive refund? Not...

understanding why a refund wouldn't be due when [redacted] supervisor emailed me saying to sign form before they could reimburse me?  

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:A1A Express Auto Shipping claims that they spoke to me 20 times through 6 different representatives to explain why they were not returning my deposit. While I can safely say we didn't speak 20 times at all; I would like to point out that my dealings were only with Frank. No other representative ever spoke to me. So where they get 6 representatives from I do not know. Also they state that there was a truck available to pick my vehicle up on the 24th. But I had not confirmed with them about the pick up. If you have a recorded conversation about this you should attach it. Because I can tell you for a fact they don't. Because this conversation never happened. Had I requested that the vehicle be picked up; I would not have contested paying the deposit. Their stipulation is no charge is made to the card until the vehicle is actually picked up. My vehicle was never picked up and I had never confirmed an appointment for the truck to pick up. Hence, their premature charge of the deposit is not correct nor justified. I have attached a document containing a screenshot of the "cancellation document" that they asked me to fill up to release the $200 deposit charge on my card. This was apparently to obtain legal support for their illicit charge of the $200 deposit on my card. That's all. They tricked me into filling after having charged the card which they shouldn't have ever in the first place. Also attached are the "deposit swindling reviews by other customers that have come across A1A Express Auto Shipping." If I was the only one trying to get this issue addressed why would so many people be talking about the same matter on reviews online - infact they say things like "scam, deposit cheats." Have a look at the second attached file. I would urge A1A Express Auto Shipping torecognize that this is a central issue and address it. Please refund the deposit amount and we can put this behind us. Thanks.   

Customer is making baseless accusations we have already addressed all these issues repeatedly. No issue is due back to the customer or will be made.

Customer was never informed that the deposit was refundable. Please have customer provide any evidence of this claim so we can investigate it further.

A1A Express Auto Shipping Terms and Conditions1. A1A Express Auto Shipping (d.b.a. A1A Express Auto Shipping) is a registered broker (ICC/MC 753142) and will be referred to hereafter as A1A Express Auto Shipping or A1A. A1A Express Auto Shipping is a licensed and bonded Freight Broker. The company is responsible for booking the shipment of cars with a licensed and insured Motor Carrier Corporation that handles its own damage claims in a professional manner. Processing damage claims can take up to a few weeks, since the drivers must return to their office with the original Bill of Lading in addition to condition reports.2. A1A Express Auto Shipping, in accordance with this agreement, will use a designated reliable carrier to ship the vehicle(s) specific to the quotation on or about the dates requested. As is conventional in the auto transport industry, A1A Express Auto Shipping and its designated carrier cannot guarantee specific pickup or delivery dates. Additionally, A1A Express Auto Shipping and its carrier are not responsible for car rentals.3. This order is subject to all the terms and conditions listed in the carrier?s Bill of Lading, which are incorporated herein. Copies of the aforementioned bill are available at the office of the carrier.4. A1A Express Auto Shipping and its carrier, with the consenting signature of the [redacted] or shipper of the vehicle(s)? signature, are legally authorized to transport the designated vehicle from the pickup point to the point of delivery agreed upon on the Bill of Lading. Should the [redacted] or shipper of the vehicle(s) be unavailable for pickup or delivery, A1A Express Auto Shipping must be notified immediately.5. A1A Express Auto Shipping does not guarantee any specific driver or carrier for the transport.6. The only accepted forms of payment for the delivery of a vehicle through A1A and its carrier are cashier?s checks or cash on delivery. Should the [redacted] or shipper of the vehicle be unable to make the specified payment methods, the vehicle will be stored at his or her expense. Additionally, if, for any reason, the [redacted] of the vehicle is unable to accept delivery of the vehicle, the shipment will be placed in storage, again at the [redacted]?s expense. Any and all storage and/or delivery expenses will be the sole responsibility of the [redacted] of the designated vehicle.7. The [redacted] of the vehicle bears the responsibility of preparing the vehicle for transport. A1A Express Auto Shipping or the carrier are not responsible for any part of the vehicle that may fall off during transport or for damage to any third-party vehicle(s) that may be involved. All loose parts, protruding or fragile accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas, fog lights, etc., must be removed or properly secured before transport of the vehicle. Any damage to or caused by the unsecured parts will be the sole responsibility of the vehicle?s [redacted].8. A1A Express Auto Shipping or the carrier is not responsible for convertible tops that are loose, torn , or exhibit visible wear. A1A Express Auto Shipping or carrier will not be responsible for vehicle boots, caps, masks, bras, or any other type of canvas or material covering.9. A1A Express Auto Shipping or its carrier is not responsible for any mechanical or electrical malfunctions, leaking fluids, or exhaust systems associated with the vehicle that is to be transported.10. Additionally, is is the customer?s responsibility to deactivate any alarm system installed in the car, and he or she must provide any necessary keys and/or remotes that may contribute to the deactivation of the alarm system.11. It is the customer?s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle(s) to be transported are in proper working order. Should a vehicle become inoperable during transport, a $200.00 will be incurred upon its [redacted], which will be due at the time of delivery. Any other costs associated with the inoperable vehicle will be the responsibility of the [redacted].12. Federal regulations prohibit A1A Express Auto Shipping or its carrier from knowingly transporting vehicles with personal items anywhere within the vehicle. Should any such items be present in the vehicle(s) unbeknown to A1A Express Auto Shipping or its carrier, any fines levied due to the violation of a the aforementioned federal regulations will be the responsibility of the customer.13. A1A Express Auto Shipping or its carrier will not be responsible for any damage caused by natural occurrences such as, but not limited to, earthquakes, floods, fires, tornados, sandstorms, or hail storms. Any damage inflicted upon the vehicle that is caused by flying objects from the sky or road during transport will be the responsibility of either the customer and/or the company with which the car is insured. Additionally, any form of vandalism to the vehicle to be transported will not be the responsibility of A1A Express Auto Shipping or its carrier. The Customer must maintain his/her insurance for this purpose.14. Should any damage occur due to negligence of the carrier, all compensation must be paid at the time of delivery. All damage must be accurately noted on the Bill of Lading and signed by both the driver and the Customer. Signing the Bill of Lading without any notation of damages during transport is a confirmation that the customer or his representative has received the vehicle in good and acceptable condition and that A1A Express Auto Shipping and its affiliates are relieved of any further responsibility regarding the vehicle?s condition. It is recommended that the customer or his representative thoroughly check the vehicle upon delivery.15. Any claims of damage during transport against A1A Express Auto Shipping or its affiliates must be submitted within 24 hours of delivery of the vehicle. Any claims must be submitted in writing directly to the carrier with a thorough description of the damage and clear pictures of the damage that is acknowledged in the claims. Additionally, two estimates of the extent of the damage must be submitted within ten days of receipt of the vehicle in question in order for any resolution of the problem to be initiated. A1A Express Auto Shipping, in good faith, will assist the customer in this effort should such a problem occur, but in no way will A1A Express Auto Shipping assume responsibility for any negligence caused by the assigned carrier. If the value of the customer?s vehicle is higher than the market value, A1A Express Auto Shipping recommends that the customer purchase a special insurance rider.16. Any claim or controversy arising from this agreement, or performance or breach thereof, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Middlesex County, New Jersey. The customer must waive any right to jurisdiction of this matter at any other location. A1A Express Auto Shipping can only be liable up to the amount of the deposit in the quotation furnished to the customer. Under no circumstances can A1A Express Auto Shipping be held liable for damages caused by the designated carrier.17. If the assigned driver is unable to pick up a customer?s car at their designated pickup address due to traffic, street, or legal restrictions, the customer must meet the driver at a nearby location to load the car.18. If the customer has a dispute regarding charges, the customer must notify A1A Express Auto Shipping in writing. Should disputes be pursued by the customer, the customer shall assume any costs for the dispute/charge-back including, but not limited to, attorney?s fees and collection agency fees.19. Deliveries are subject to carrier availability, so we cannot guarantee pick up or delivery dates. Prices are subject to change.20. Once an order has been placed no refunds will be issued. Any additional payments required by the carrier due to cancellation is the sole responsibility of the customer. An additional administrative fee of $50 will be charged to all cancelled or rescheduled orders.Liability Disclaimer1. Damage to antennas (including antennas that do not retract to within 3 inches of the vehicles body) or car phones, this includes loss or damage to audio or video equipment not installed in the factory.2. Damage not detected at pickup location, due to poor weather or lighting conditions.3. Damage to T-tops, boots, bras, caps, or any other type of canvas covering.4. Damage to exhaust system, suspension, undercarriage, wheel bearings, tie downs, brakes, alignment, tuning, battery charging system. A1A Express Auto Shipping or its agents do not accept responsibility for these items, since no evaluation of these components or systems are made at the pickup location.5. Damage caused by leaking fluids, such as battery acid, motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant.6. Damage caused by freezing of cooling system and/or battery.7. Damage from fallout resulting from acts of God.8. Damage caused by fluids or objects flying up from the roadway, or out of the sky.9. Damage caused by failure of factory tie-downs or pull through frame tie down holes.10. Damage of fines incurred because shipper left personal or household items in the vehicle.11. Damage to, or caused by any vehicle that cannot be driven on or off the transport under its own power, whether because the vehicle will not run or has lost its braking system.12. For more information on our services or policies, feel free to contact us today.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  the form was sent within two days of cancelling the service.  When I called...

the first time, they said they had the form.  This is just an excuse.  The form is only my signature saying that I cancelled the request.  The lack of providing service, the notice that I cancelled service, and this complaint is more than justification to demonstrate that I do not want the service!  The car is no longer in alexandria to be transported.  This is part of their scam.  

This customer's temperament is very evident from simply reading her replies. Customer was taunting all of our reps as to how she is an executive for a fortune 500 company and demands respect. She was very disrespectful with each and every rep. Same consensus among all the reps including [redacted] (Supervisor) who sincerely called to explain to the customer that 2 other reps had already explained. At the very last minute customer wanted to change location for pick up vehicle to [redacted]. Customer further insisted that this was only about a difference of 10-15 minutes of drive time. [redacted] Googled this information to discover the difference was in fact about 35-40 miles apart taking a car hauler about 1 1/2 of hour of drive without traffic. When we explained this to the customer along with the price increase the customer was very irate, seemingly more about the fact that we were able to Google this information and determine that it wasn't 10-15 minutes away. We asked the customer that if there was a way that we can coordinate drop off on a day where she could meet and we offered to work it out with her because we think that may be a feasible option for the budget she was looking to be within.To which the customer replies "I don't give  a rats butt what you think, who you is talking to, y'all don't know me"so on and so forth. We tried everything we could to keep the customer happy however she had her interpretation of what was stated in our email. We thought since she was an executive for a Fortune 500 company she would be able to understand our simple emails of how the process works. We clearly specify in our emails that these are estimated quotes and they can fluctuate APPROXIMATELY $25-$50. We capitalize approximately because that is important here. Customer's price in this case unfortunately went up $75 and her interpretation was that the price couldn't go up more then $50 although it doesn't state that in the email. At this point customer was extremely belligerent and disrespectful and informed us she would like to cancel her order which we did. As per our terms and conditions customer forfeited the deposit and we released the hold to her card. We apologize we weren't able to rectify this to the customer's liking but unfortunately nothing is due back to the customer and we will not be issuing any refunds whatsoever. We further determined by researching the board that the customer's route of shipping increased in price in the same week causing customers to pay more.

Customer was posted with multiple other companies at the time he placed the order with us. He informed us he was disgruntled with another company that apparently wasn't able to pick up his vehicle. We explicitly explain to all of our customers verbally and in writing that we DO NOT GUARANTEE...

SPECIFIC PICK UP DATES. This is also clearly written on our website in our FAQ's and in ALL of the emails we send out. This customer was also read a disclosure when placing his order about how 1st available pick up dates work. We have listened to all of our recordings with our customer and not once was he told anything otherwise. We located a carrier for the Customer which was explained to him he then found another carrier that was going to pick up his vehicle a few days sooner and wanted to cancel with us. We clearly explained to the customer that if he cancels he will lose his deposit and be charged a $50 administrative fee as per the signed contract. He chose to cancel and was charged accordingly.Perhaps what the customer fails to understand is that we are a business and not a non-profit organization. When we look for a carrier for a customer we have to be compensated for that time regardless of whether the time schedule is to the customer's liking or not. If the customer is unhappy with the time schedule they do have a right to cancel at that point. However, this customer chose not to cancel and accept our offer and renege afterwards. No refunds are due to the customer and nor will any be refunded.

Please see attahced.

I'm located in DC and I hired this company to ship a car for me from MI to DC. I told them the car was not running and that they may need an air pump for the tires. This company quoted me a price of $700 pick up the vehicle on Sept 17th and deliver it on Sept 18th. They charded a $200 deposit in advance and $500 was owed upon delivery. I was told someone would coordinate with the individuals in MI who would be releasing the car to the transport truck. On Sept 18 I contacted the company to find out what time I should expect delivery. The dispatch center gave me the number to the driver so I could contact them directly. The driver told me that the truck had broken down and that he did not have all the equipment needed for pumping the tires up even though I made it clear when hiring this company that it would be needed. Because of these issues, he said he would pick the vehicle up on Sept 19th and assured me he would get in contact with the individuals in MI that would be releasing the vehicle. On Sept 19th I spoke with the individuals in MI and they told me no one from A1A or the transport driver had called them to coordinate the pick up even though there was a delay. I called the driver again on Sept 19th and questioned them as to why the individuals were not contacted and also asked them how they could expect to successfully pick up the vehicle if the individuals in MI were not informed in any way about date and time of pick up of the vehicle. The driver then threatened to charge me even more money above the price that was agreed upon do to the troubles he had been having. I explained to him that refusing to release the car to me unless I paid him more money was extortion. He then told me he was canceling the pick up. I contacted the dispatch center on Sept 21st and they said they had no record of the cancelation. I told them that I wanted a refund of the deposit for the reasons stated and they refused.

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