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A.A.A.A. Auto Rentals

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Review: I been waiting for over 2 months for a refund of my retainer.

on late december of 2012, I contacted [redacted] for a consultation .

went to his office and paid consultation fee of [redacted] or so.we agreed on a demand letter to be drafted. a retainer was also ask of me. the first week of january I send him my retainer of [redacted] dollars.I thought I would get a call in a week or so to tell me that the draft is ready. but no calls. I waited about 3 weeks before I called him the first time. when he spoke to me, he said he is working on it and proceeded to go over again the things we talk about in our first meeting. I was disappointed because it was repeat of our first meeting. he then tells me that he will get it done in week. a week passed and no call. I called his office and left a message with secretary for him to call me. I did this 3 consecutive days and no calls from [redacted]. I waited another week before getting in touch with. again he has an excuse, telling me he was busy with clients and was in court. he then tells me it should be done the following day. next day after work I call his offce. [redacted] tells me , oh yes [redacted] im looking at the draft on my computer and will email it to you as soon as we get the phone. so ok, I wait again. 5 minutes later I get nothing on my email. im still being patient a this point and I decide to wait another 1/2 hour. half hour later and nothing. im upset a this point. I call the office and politely tells [redacted] that I didn't get anything and he SNAPS!! tells what are you doing calling me. as im trying to explain the reason I hear the phone slams. I was shocked, dumbfounded, I could not believe a lawyer just hanged up on me. a professional that I hired just slams the phone on me. I call back to ask why he hanged up, and angrily tells why I keep calling, how many times I called then hangs up again. I called back again, to ask for my money back and he says FINE, then hangs up again. this was the last week of january. no money was sent to me so I called on FEB 25,almost a month later and he tells me--ill get it to you, I don't have a secretary right now but ill get to you. this conversation was recorded by me. I waited a month to call again. today I called him, 25 march 2013. I tell him its been a month since we last spoke. again I ask for my money back. he tells me he was with a client and that he will call me back. I ask how long? of course he did not call me.I called back after 45 minutes,no answer so I left him a message that I will ask KHON's ACTION LINE for help. this was also recorded by me.

pls excuse the grammarDesired Settlement: I want a full refund of my retainer which is $[redacted] dollars.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/04/15) */

Thank you for providing the Complaint herein. Unfortunately, Attorney/Client Confidentiality prevents me from providing a detailed explanation and prevents me from submitting to you certain documents which are important to reviewing this matter. Be that as it may,I can respond as follows. In our Legal Representation Agreement, Retainer Agreement, I explain what steps are preliminary and necessary to a proper search prior to initiating this case. Asset searches, computer searches for property, licensing, mortgages, primissory notes, trusts among many others are all done before any formal demand or any formal filing. The demand letter is then prepared to provide notice to the other party that the initiating party is serious, is represented by counsel and will proceed with an action if the demanded action is not followed. The direction of the case and thedetermination of which of two (2) matters was to be started, is contingent upon the response or lack thereof from the damand letter. Unfortunately, the client was very impatient, and never even allowed the demand letter fo be sent. A billing was prepared and sent to the client with a refund of the balance of the fee. The retainer letter, the demand letter and the billing would help in the review hereof, however, I cannot provide those.

The Client's first Complaint was about the work performed and the fees charged. Since those issues are addressed so now he complains about the office phone etiquete. The Client is free to choose whom he wishes to do business with, however, he is not free to threaten or slander.

Last but not least, the client sent an e-mail that maked statements which are untrue and actionable. In his e-mail he complains that we didn't do anything to help him. The client terminated our services before we could even get the demand letter out. What does he expect?

No one wants to be threatened by a client or called seven (7) times in one day.

I never wanted to respond to his e-mail, but to caution the client that publishing such derrogatory statements are counterproductive and could be subject to action.

Thank you again for the opportunity to respond.

Consumer's Final Response /* (3000, 9, 2013/04/18) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I'm not much of using big words as lawyers do. To make things simple, I won't be satisfied until I get a full refund. If need be I can provide all documents mention above, the retainer,the billing, and the unfinished demand letter.

I hired Mr. [redacted] to help me. Unfortunately, Mr.[redacted] puts my case on the side so he can work on other cases. If I knew that it would take a month to draft a demand letter I would not have hired Mr. [redacted]. Also I was not complaining of the work performed, instead I was inquiring about my demand letter after almost a month of waiting. I did not threaten or slander. All my statements are true in regards to Mr. [redacted]'s phone etiquette.

As stated by Mr. [redacted], I did terminate his services before he could get the letter out. So why is he billing me for a demand letter that I didn't want anymore. He only hurried to send me the demand letter after I said I wanted my money back. For obvious reason, he wants my hard earned money.

Yes I may have called several times the day I terminated the services, it's due to Mr. [redacted]'s lack of communication and professionalism. No one wants to be threatened as he mentioned, but I feel threatened not to make anymore statements. All my statements are true and i'm gonna keep making them.

Currently, I am working with KHON's ACTION LINE to resolve this matter.

Thank you for your time.

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