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Aamco Transmission of Brighton

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/09/16) */
We installed a factory remanufactured transmission that had been tested and proven for performance. When the vehicle was brought back to us after the problem occurred, we checked the vehicle and found the transmission 4 quarts low of fluid. We...

added the 4 quarts of fluid to the recommended manufacture fill level. At that point we test drove the vehicle and the transmission worked fine. What we did find is a leak in the transmission cooler lines, in an area that was untouched by us at the time of the initial repair. It is very obvious where the leak is, as there is fluid everywhere. In the initial repair of the vehicle we did replace the rear main seal and changed the oil. Our conclusion is that the transmission line leak caused the random shifting and the spike in RPM's due to insufficient transmission fluid level to operate properly. Our assessment is that the engine damages are a direct result of the leaking transmission lines and low fluid level. As for the extent of engine damage "cracking two cylinders" we have not validated the extent of engine damage, as the customer declined further repair and requested a quote on a used engine replacement. We located a used engine and provided a quote, to the customer, of $3,100.00 for the replacement amount. The customer declined engine replacement and we have been storing the vehicle ever since. Additionally, we have been actively seeking other clients that might possibly need the same transmission that is in the customers vehicle in an attempt to help them recover some of their initial cost. To this point we have not found a client in need of the same transmission. It is very unfortunate that this has happened to the customer, but we feel we have done everything for them to this point. We would like to find a resolve to this issue so that we may retain our good name along with regaining our storage space the vehicle is currently occupying.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/09/18) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We were told that the cylinders were cracked and the engine would have to be replaced by the shop. They have not given us any other options for repair and expect us to pay them another $3000 for it. They also told us that the transmission could not be tested since the truck is not drive-able in it's current condition. And why were all the lines for the transmission fluid not checked when they installed the new transmission? As for the main seal, one of the mechanics told us it looked like it hadn't been done. Bottom line is we asked for our money back since it was the transmission that caused the issue.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2015/10/01) */
As stated in our previous reply, the transmission was 4 quarts low on fluid when it arrived at our shop on July 15th. We added 4 quarts of fluid to the manufacture fill level then test drove the vehicle for a short distance and the transmission worked fine. What we did find was a leaking transmission cooler line, see attached pictures. Prior to installing the transmission we flushed the cooler lines, this procedure is done at the opposite end of where the leak is and there was no leak at that time. With the transmission starving for fluid, as a result of being 4 quarts low, the symptoms the customer experienced would be the result of low fluid level caused by the leaking line. Note: The customer drove almost 800 miles during a two and a half week period without complaint. As the vehicle sits here today the transmission fluid has a good pink color and no burnt odor.
As for the extent of engine damage "cracking two cylinders" we have not validated the extent of engine damage, as the customer declined further repair and requested a quote on a used engine replacement. The customer is welcome to get a quote from another repair facility for the engine repair.
The main seal and oil pan gasket were replaced at the same time the transmission was replaced. Please see attached copies of the invoices for the parts that were purchased and installed.
We would like to find a resolve to this issue so we can retain our good name and regain the space this vehicle has been occupying since July 15th.
As it relates to the sludge in the engine: the sludge in the engine has many variables, the engine has over 295,000 miles on it and 6 owners over its live span - it is hard to say what the maintenance records are like given the many times it has changed ownership and could very well be a combination of poor maintenance over the years and the breakdown of bearing particulate from the current engine failure.
In conclusion: The transmission is not the cause of the problem, the leaking transmission cooler line is the root cause of the failure. The transmission cooler line is not part of any repair we did as it is in an area that was untouched by us.
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2015/10/08) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The 800 miles we drove was in one trip and was acting up the entire time. Improper shifting of the transmission caused my engine to red line. And again, we were told by their own mechanics that the work we were charged for didn't get done with regards to the oil pan and rear seal. They were the ones who told us the damage to the engine was not repairable, if they have not fully investigated the problem then why would they tell us this. And no I didn't authorize further repair to the vehicle because I'm not going to pay him another $3000 for this, the truck is not worth that much. The space the truck is taking up at his shop was offered until he could find a solution which hasn't happened.

On 7/5/15 the customer was referred to us from [redacted] Tire.  He smelled fuel and wanted his wiper blades installed.  The vehicle was brought around and into our shop.  We checked for a fuel leak and found the vapor canister had fuel in it from being over filled the last time he...

got gas.  The tech installed the wiper blades.  At this time there was no charge for what we did and the vehicle was never off the ground.  When the tech went to drive the vehicle out of the shop he pressed the brake pedal to engage reverse and when he went to put the brake on to slowly back out it would no stop as the brake pedal went to the floor.  At this point he tried to put it in neutral but it went into drive and slowly into the vehicle on the hoist.  At this time with no brakes the tech could not stop the vehicle.  There was no damage to the vehicle on the hoist but the plastic grill of the van was pressed in.  Both parties were made aware of the accident.  At this time the vehicle was put on a lift to check out as to why the brakes failed.  The tech found the right front brake line going to the caliper had rusted thru and broken.  The customer was shown this rusted line and gave us permission to fix the line.  We ordered new line and installed the line and compression fitting.  When we went to bleed the system the line going to the rear brakes broke also due to rust.  We then ordered and replaced the rear line and installed a compression fitting.  The system was then bleed and no more leaks were found.  We informed the customer that the underside of the vehicle was badly rusted and all of the lines should be replace at some time.  We do not feel we should give him money back as there was no unnecessary work done and he was only charged for work he needed and okayed to drive his vehicle.  We still have the rusted lines that were replaced if he or anyone would like to see them.

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