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AAR-Auto List Of Canada (1999)

823 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2C 3A7

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Very disappointed with their service. I went there to purchase a car. Sales consultant Daniel found me car which was perfect for me and we agreed to purchase the car for $21200.00 plus taxes, we paid the deposit of $1000 on the same day and signed the agreement. I had to return my rental car back the rental company on Saturday so I told Daniel that I need the car ASAP. Daniel told me that my car will be ready to pick up for Tuesday, On Tuesday I could not go to pick up my car for some reason so I told Daniel that I will come on Thursday to pick it up. So I went there on Thursday around 9:00AM to pick up the car. When I went there Daniel told me that the car is ready but the price that was marked on the car by one of their employee was a wrong price and they cannot sell the car to me at that price now, he knew this but he did not inform me about this until I went to pick up the car. Even though I had signed the agreement and they kept my deposit there for almost a week and when I go there to pick up the car the answer I get from him is that he cannot sell the car to me at the price that we both agreed because the price was marked wrong at their end. *** now I don't have the car to get to work and I have to go through the car finding process all over again. I had to suffer even though it was a mistake from their end.
Product_Or_Service: nissan rogue

Desired Outcome

Delivery as a resolution I want to get the car in the same price as signed in the agreement.

AAR-Auto List Of Canada (1999) Response • Aug 28, 2020

Thank you for your recent communication regarding this matter. We are pleased to provide an explanation in response to same.
The customer is correct wherein they indicate that an agreement was entered into with respect to the purchase of a 2017 Nissan Rogue SV motor vehicle for the sum of $21,2000 plus taxes, upon which a deposit of $1,000 was paid.
Prior to providing delivery of the vehicle to the customer, we became aware that through an advertent error, the price noted on the vehicle was incorrect, and not what we intended to sell it for in the market. The price on the vehicle was substantially lower than our actual cost for same.
As I'm sure you are aware, though all retail businesses attempt to ensure that every price marked on an item for sale, or included in their advertising, is 100% accurate, unfortunately, occasional inadvertent eraser do occur. We have all entered a retail store where signage was posted indicating that the price advertised in a flyer or on the internet was, through human error, priced incorrectly.
When the customer reattended our premises to discuss the matter, we advised him of this error, and offered to attempt to rework the deal with respect to this vehicle, or provide him with an alternate vehicle at a price satisfactory to him.
The customer left our premises that day advising they would consider what they wanted to do. The next day they confirmed they wanted their deposit returned, which was done immediately.
We have communicated to the customer on a number of occasions that we are prepared to attempt to work out a reasonable resolution with him, and put him in a vehicle at a fair price that is satisfactory to both parties. Unfortunately, we have not been able to resolve the matter to the date hereof.
In a further attempt to resolve the matter, we can indicate that we currently have a 2020 Nissan Rogue motor vehicle in our inventory that has a retail value of $38,500.00. In order to resolve this matter with the customer, we would be prepared to sell this vehicle to him for the sum of $28,500 plus applicable taxes, which is a $10,000 saving on the vehicle.
We would appreciate hearing from the customer to discuss this further.
If any further clarification is required, please feel free to contact us.
Yours truly,
Kayla ***
Administrative Assistant

Customer Response • Sep 03, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My only reason to not accept the response is because the car that I chose (2017 Nissan) was a fully loaded car with only 45000 KM and no accident reported, now my concern is that when denial said the price is $4000 more than what was it marked for, if the company is willing to give me another car for $10,000 less than why not they just sell me the car that we selected before. I understand that they are willing to sell me the 2020 Nissan for $10000 less but I need the car details like is it accident free, what model is it and how many kilometres, if the 2020 Nissan is fully loaded with all the features and low Km and accident free like the 2017 Nissan that I choose was than yes I am willing to make the deal on 2020 Nissan. But again if the company *** is willing to sell me the 2020 Nissan for $10,000 less than the actual price, than wouldn't it be better if they just sell me the 2017 Nissan that was just around $4000 more than the price that was listed on their website.

Thank you

AAR-Auto List Of Canada (1999) Response • Sep 14, 2020


The owner of Autolist would like to schedule an appointment with the customer to attempt to resolve this matter.

We ask that the customer call myself, Kayla, at *** to set up a time to meet with the owner.

Thank you,

Kayla *** Admin Assistant

I wanted to check out cars since it was my first time I was very excited. With that being said a lot of personal information was asked from me and I confirmed if this information was going to be used to do any type of checks I was told No. I did not end up going with a vehicle and I Checked to see if my credit was touched and it was. They performed a hard credit check without my permission and over the phone, and I have lost points due to it. I am upset, I reached out to them and I didn't get a response as to what could happen to reverse my credit score.

Desired Outcome

Correction to a credit report I would like my credit report to go back to normal, as well let the dealership know what they did was NOT ok *** Considering the check was done without my permission and over the phone which is not allowed based on my knowledge.

AAR-Auto List Of Canada (1999) Response • Jun 30, 2020

We are pleased to provide a response and clarification regarding the concerns raised by the complainant.
By way of background, the complainant had contacted our office by telephone to discuss motor vehicles with a salesperson.
During this initial conversation, the complainant was interested in potentially acquiring a vehicle, and the salesperson discussed with her the possibility of getting preapproved. The complainant expressed interest in this and in that regard provided detailed personal information to the salesperson to assist in the preapproval process.
It was the salesperson's understanding that the complainant wanted to proceed with the preapproval process, which would include the credit check.
Subsequently, the salesperson did the credit check and contacted the complainant advising that they had been preapproved.
Thereafter, an appointment was arranged, and the complainant attended the business premises and test drove a number of motor vehicles.
Ultimately, no transaction was entered into between the complainant and our business.
With respect to the comments that the credit check was done without permission and authorization obtained over the telephone, it was the salesperson's belief that based on their conversation the complainant had approved a credit check. In addition, it is our understanding that Manitoba Legislation permits an authorization to be provided over the telephone.
Regarding the request to "reverse my credit score", we would ask to be provided with a copy of the complainant's current credit bureau she refers to, in order to assess whether anything may be done with respect to an amendment to the credit bureau, if permissible under the credit bureau guidelines, to assist the complainant.
We look forward to hearing from you further regarding this matter in the near future.
Your truly,
Kayla ***
Administrative Assistance

Went to AutoList of Canada to purchase a vehicle. I was looking at Hyundai but they had told me that I was not able to get financing and they tried putting me in CRUZE and I had thought I was ok with it. The whole transaction was very rushed. They kept on asking sign the contract. Signed the paperwork and drove it for a few days until the paperwork went though. The vehicle was not even clean and I found photos from the previous owner. A few days later I found out that I lost my job and I couldn't afford the car. I had not even insured it in my name. Since I could not longer afford the car in these troubling times with the COVID -19 virus. I took the vehicle back to the dealer since I didn't want it to be repo'd. I explained the situation and all they wanted was for me to insure the vehicle. They even faxed it over and the dealer was adamant that the insurance get done even though I was returning the vehicle. Luckily the insurance place called me to confirm and I explained to them that I did not want to insure a vehicle that I could not drive since it was returned. *** I ended up calling the finance company since the dealer wouldn't dissolve the contract. *** asked me if I still wanted to go through the contract and I said no. Thankfully I have used them before and they were outstanding. The dealer on the other hand was very upset that I contacted the finance company. The vice president of AutoList of Canada told me that I should have talked with him before contacting the finance company. He was very *** when we talked about it. *** dissolved the contract and the dealer was mad ***. The VP told me that they contacted my work and that I still had a job with them. I showed the VP my ROE indicating that I no longer worked for them but he wanted to contact my employer while I was there but I no longer have a job. Story kept changing. They took all the paperwork and told me to leave the building. I left the car there and spoke to the dealer a few times. Hard to get a hold of someone to deal with it. Even when I was going through the purchase the dealer was very*** and very rushed. I didn't even have a copy of the paperwork and they kept a $1500 deposit on the vehicle. I contacted them concerning the deposit. I was told that they would hold it for me for when I wanted to come back to purchase another vehicle from them. I informed him that I wouldn't be returning after all the due to my bad experience. He told me that I breached contract and threatened to sue me. Not sure how that would be possible considering I do not have a job. So now I do not have a car or a job or my $1500.00. The vehicle was originally priced $12,995 but when I went down there about the financing they changed the price on me to $15,900 and I had to fight with them to even get the listed price of $14,650 that was advertised in a flyer from them.

My experience with them was horrible. Double talk, prices changed on a moments notice, and they are rude and ***. They rush you *** Horrible experience during a extremely difficult time in my life. I won't be able to find a job due to COVID. I will never use them after my experience.

Desired Outcome

I would like to get my deposit back.

AAR-Auto List Of Canada (1999) Response • Apr 22, 2020

April 22, 2020
Consumer complaint #***
By way of background, this consumer initially attended our business on March 20, 20202. He indicated that he was looking to purchase a vehicle but was extremely credit challenged.
After test driving a motor vehicle, he declined the terms proposed to him and advised that he could do better elsewhere.
On March 23, 2020, we received an email from the consumer indicating that, after attempting to make deals with other dealerships and lenders, we were his best option.
Within a day or so he returned to the dealership and test drove the vehicle in question and was pleased with it and the terms offered. He provided us with a $1,500,00 down payment. He signed all the required documentation to complete the transaction and was thankful for the assistance he had received.
On or about March 30, 2020, he attended our premises to pick up the vehicle and register same with Autopac. Shortly there after he discovered that he owed money through a collection agency for certain fines and needed approximately $1,000.00 to pay these fines in order to register the vehicle. He advised that he did not have the funds, and we attempted to arrange financing for him through an affiliated company. In the meantime, we sold him an interim sticker for a 7-day permit so that he could drive the vehicle.
A few day later the consumer emailed us, indicating that he had lost his employments and would like to return the vehicle and cancel the deal. In the email he indicated that "I know you guys helped me a lot and I can never thank you guys enough for do so".
Later that day he came to the dealership and advised that he was now in a position to register the vehicle and would do so. However, before registration of the vehicle into his name was completed, we became aware that he called the lender he was using to finance the transaction directly and had the deal cancelled.
As part of the documentation the consumer had signed with respect to the transaction, he signed a document confirming that the deposit is not refundable and should he choose not to proceed with the transaction it would not be refunded to him.
We had indicated to him that despite this, if once he returned to work and he wished to acquire another vehicle we would apply the deposit towards another vehicle of his choosing from our inventory.
We remain ready and willing to work with the customer in that regard.
Yours truly,
Claudia ***
Administrative Assistant

Fantastic Company.

AAR-Auto List Of Canada (1999) Response • Mar 27, 2018

Thank you for your review Lana, We at Auto List of Canada, are happy to know that you had a pleasant experience and was provided the service you deserve. Come back soon!

Dealt with this place. They have a wonderful staff to deal with. They helped out in finding a right vehicle for me. Will recommend this place to everyone.

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Address: 823 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2C 3A7


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