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AB Stone Innovation

114 Skylab Dr NW, Huntsville, Alabama, United States, 35806-3720

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• Aug 18, 2020

This is NOT a good company!! They sell inferior products and do not stand behind their work.
After 2 months since install, I've had other masonry workers come through my house and comment on the poor quality, cuts and installation of the granite.
I was constantly lied to, as they took my money and kept rescheduling. They do not do refunds.
I was conned into purchasing cabinets because mine were "too big", they said that they would cut me a deal to get a correct setup. However, the cabinets were too small and needed to be returned. It has been over a month and the company still have not credited my account.
DO NOT expect return calls unless it is a new installation because they want your money, but they will not contact you back. I have left several calls for complaints and was guaranteed a call back each time and never received any response. I was told that I would receive a gift card for leaving a good review and I never received it. I guess that was another lie. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

Worst experience I ever had when dealing with supposedly professionals. They never keep appointments and didn't clean up staging area after job done and job wasn't finished on time. Spent near $10000 to update kitchen etc and got amateur job. Screws showing through kitchen cabinets which prohibits some to close. Missed some spots that were supposed to be painted and I have some type of dust coming from under my granite countertops which were installed by AB Stone. They say they would correct problems but stopped returning messages. Big ripoff and definitely wouldn't recommend to anyone.

I had new granite bought and installed thru AB Stone Innovation
after installation I noticed what appeared to be cracks in the granite I reached out to the company several times with no luck of getting any help after writing on their Facebook I had someone reach out to me and at this time made appointment to come out to the house their rep Jordan came out and saw the issues and schedule their repair guy to come to the house.
The repairman did come out and tried to fix the issues however he told me he was unable to fix the issues.
Then I talk with *** several times about our option he actually told me he was looking to find my same granite as far as color .
I gave him several days and we text several times and still was promised he was working on my case.
Finally I spoke with him in then informed me someone else would be calling me.
No one called me at all. Then next conversation I had with Jordan he then told me That the company did not want to fix any of my issues with my cracked granite.
I drove over to their office the exact same day met with a guy named *** which assured me he would resolve my issues. Form that point they refuse to take my calls and have advised their staff not to talk to me . My granite are still under warranty .Not sure why a company would take 1800.00 dollars for the granite which had to be paid up front to them In which I gave the money in good faith that I would get the granite installed with a year warranty .
I would appreciate any help to get my issues solved caused by their installers or the guys cutting the granite .

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like to have new granite installed with no cracks or a full refund .

AB Stone Innovation Response • Jan 22, 2019

AB Stone Innovation has received the subject complaint and provides the following response. We sincerely, apologize for the inconvenience with Ms. project. Customer feedback is very important to us and every attempt is made to resolve workmanship concerns. The customer's initial warranty response was delayed due to a combination of lack of information and unavailability. The requested forms were not completed by the customer to properly triage the warranty claim for a backsplash concern. Our initial attempts to visit the home were unsuccessful because the customer was unavailable due to regular travel. After a period of non-response from the customer, the customer reached out via Facebook with a whole new set of warranty claims. Although not unreasonable to have multiple warranty claims, the claims appeared suspicious and did not connect with the original claim. However, a team was dispatched in an attempt to accommodate the customer's concerns. The customer was not satisfied with the result and stated that legal action will be taken. To assist with her complaint process, we provided the contact information. Customer experience is our utmost priority and we sincerely apologize for any dissatisfaction.

This comes down to the company decided I didn't deserve any rework or compensation for reversing my granite color on countertops.
The tech arrived for my quote but was in a hurry and set a 24 hour limit on a discount in order to increase the pressure to buy. The price was good but he seemed more interested in selling remnants and what was in stock than what I wanted. He suggested the brown Venetian for the baths and the Surf white for the kitchen.After accepting the quote I decided the colors should be reversed to match the tile . White in the bath with gray tile and brown in the kitchen with brown tile. I was told they didn't have enough brown to do the kitchen so I called their office and instructed them to use the white on all the countertops if they couldn't do the brown in the kitchen. It got on the invoice but not to the fabricators. I found out when it was delivered that they failed to honor the change. I filed a complaint and it comes down to they refuse to make any repairs or compensation. We exchanged a few emails and they claim I waited too long to make the change. It was on the invoice mailed to me before delivery but they claim it was after the fact. That's a lie. Also I was planning to install tile backsplashes but they installed stone which they said was included free but it actually is charged extra by the square foot at $39 /sq ft. This company has no regard for the truth and their solution was to counsel their staff. I was asking for a $300 compensation which covers some of the cost of the backsplash and also the fact they didn't do the right job. I would encourage any other victims to pursue small claims court if they don't resolve it on here.

Desired Outcome

I am willing to accept $300 for the backsplash and the fact they disregarded my changes. It is also unfair to set time limits in such short time which encourages mistakes and not having time to absorb everything involved.

AB Stone Innovation Response • Oct 05, 2018

AB Stone Innovation has received the subject complaint and provides the following response. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience with your project. Customer feedback is very important to us and every attempt is made to resolve workmanship concerns. Our employees have been counseled on change order procedures and when change orders are allowed to be accepted. Unfortunately, the requested change orders for the subject project could not be accepted because the existing job order was already processed. No compensation was offered since the project was properly installed and there were no workmanship issues. The customer was, however, offered free faucets per his request ($250 value), but later declined the faucets. Customer experience is our utmost priority and we sincerely apologize for any dissatisfaction.

Customer Response • Oct 10, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This was clearly their problem for not getting the change to their workers. How they think this is my fault is bewildering to me. I have the text offering new faucets at a claimed value of $250 but when I decided I'd rather choose my own faucets with the cash instead of their choices they backed out. This offer would not have been offered if they knew they had done no wrong. This is poor public relations. Also they offered the faucets in return for positive reviews on several of their chosen sites. I will make it my priority to post negative on all those sites and follow up with a small claims suit. Nice job ABStone

AB Stone Innovation Response • Nov 19, 2018

I apologize - I'd like to offer $150 to smooth things out but every negative review that posts by *** on yelp, Facebook, or in any website or social media that allowed him to leave a negative review for AB Stone Innovation to be taken out - under his name, nickname, or alias. Please send us all the print out/copy of the social media and website for proof.

Once again, our company sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but hopeful Mr. to find this offer as the way to appreciate his business.

Customer Response • Nov 20, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Your original offer was $250 for faucets you claimed to have spent on them. I prefer to choose my own faucets. Furthermore you denied any compensation before I posted any negative reviews.
I am not sure how I would copy a review that has been removed. There will be no removal until I receive the $250 compensation.
It would cost you considerably more if I retained a lawyer to have you replace the granite with the correct tops.
Accept this and I will remove the reviews. If not I'm content to renew them when they expire.

Cabinets installed 1/2 on carpet 1/2 on vinyl flooring
Purchased over 7K worth of kitchen cabinets, back splash, counter tops. Cabinets were installed half way on carpet and half way on vinyl. Plastic dividers were put under cabinets to make them level. Insurance company refuses to insure crappy workmanship. Asked them to reinstall and put all on vinyl, currently want $1650 more to fix it. Also did not inform me that I need a vent to go over the stove. Found out from electrician.

Desired Outcome

I want the cabinets placed all on the vinyl flooring. The way the cabinets are they will not last and USAA will not ensure. This issue has been going on for months.

AB Stone Innovation Response

On April 30th, 2017, *** (wife), *** (husband), and our cabinet team member had a meeting to finalize the design of their cabinet at their residence (Address: *** Huntsville AL XXXXX). They both went over everything prior to finalizing the contract.

On Tuesday May 2nd, 2017, ***, ***, and our cabinet team member, ***, had a follow up meeting in our office to finalize the cabinet design on the computer, which was a crucial part prior to ordering the cabinet. *** requested some changes on the design to which *** made them aware about the position of the cabinet that will hit the area where the carpet will be. They approved the cabinet position where the cabinet will be on top of the carpet area. After the meeting, we recapped all possible issues and made sure that they were aware of everything.

After they went back and checked on everything at his residence address, they came back to our office on April 5th 2017, to finalize the contract. *** signed a contract consisting of a Purchase Order, Fabrication Form, and Final kitchen cabinet draft. Once he put a deposit down as confirmation, we ordered the cabinet for installation process (see sales order ***). They both acknowledged that anything outside of cabinet, granite & tile, would be their responsibility to coordinate with another contractor.

On May 5th, 2017, our office sent him a tentative schedule for the cabinet, granite and tile back splash installation (See Tentative Schedule Sent).

On May 9th, 2017, prior to installation day, *** signed an agreement in our office about an adjustment to the granite design, which he signed to confirm (See Granite Design Adjustment).
We started the installation on May 11th, 2017. Prior to finishing the cabinet installation, *** asked for an adjustment on the cabinet design on May 12, 2017. We did exactly how he wanted it, and sent him the Granite design, Price adjustment and 3D Final Cabinet design. (See Adjustment Sent)

As we were very close to finishing the cabinet installation on May 13th, 2017 we sent confirmation of the adjustment. He replied on May 14th, 2017, he quoted "Everything looks great. This is our confirmation. Thank you for going the extra mile". (See Confirmation Reply).

The rest of the Granite and tile backsplash and minor cabinet touch up were done smoothly without any questions from him, which was a strong indication that they approved the Cabinet design and Installation.

His complaint regarding the cabinet design is not justified based on his approval on the email that we received on May 14th, 2017. AB Stone was not going to install his kitchen cabinet without his consent, and if he required any adjustment, we were not going to proceed without his approval. If he wanted to have his cabinet adjusted, we always consulted with him first and had his approval for any additional fee if required. *** (wife) complained based on what the insurance said, however we signed the contract with him (*** not with their insurance. The insurance paid to them, not to us. We only received the payment from him which was a sign that they both agreed to proceed.

All we did for *** and her husband was to help the family get their kitchen back together based on their specifications. If she requested a change to the cabinet design after we finished, then they are responsible for the cost of any changes that applied. Sometime in the beginning of September 2017, *** came to our shop and asked about how much it was to do an adjustment on the Granite design. We sent him a quote on September 7th, 2017 (See Request Adjustment). It showed that he wanted to have an adjustment at his cost.

Her complaint about the vent over the stove does not affect the contract he had. We never had a contract for the vent hood. She was supposed to coordinate that with the Vent hood supplier and have her electrician install it for her. Her husband came to our shop on October 2nd, 2017 and asked for an electrician quote, but he was advised that we do not do electrical jobs.

In conclusion, her complaint about our workmanship with the cabinet installation is invalid. We did the job according to their requests and specifications, and always got approval on any adjustments and/or cost implications prior to doing any such work. *** was also aware that anything else outside of cabinet, granite & tile, would be their responsibility to coordinate with another contractor. They have also not paid the last balance to AB Stone in the amount of $3,103.74.

Warmest Regard

Customer Response

ched is the only document we have that resembles a contract. The cabinets ordered were too large for the original kitchen layout. I am not sure who made the decision to place the cabinets on the carpet. We entered into an agreement with AB Stone trusting they were licensed contractors and knew how to install cabinets, etc. *** told us he was a licensed contractor. We paid him not only to perform the work but also for his knowledge and expertise.

Please let me know if additional information is required.

Thank you

AB Stone Innovation Response • Feb 08, 2018

added info about binding arbitration to business rebuttal. *** also suggested arbitration to *** on the phone 2-7-18

Customer Response • Feb 20, 2018

Nothing has been sent by consumer *** used this to reopen the complaint.

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Address: 114 Skylab Dr NW, Huntsville, Alabama, United States, 35806-3720


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