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Dear In response to Linda Falk and CompIaint ID [redacted] I have attached the quote that I provided to Linda as well as her original email requests for that specific make and model on December 30, I stated in my quote to Linda that our equipment is brought back to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Specifications (OEM) That means we refurbish the product back to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications, which includes: complete inspection, replacement of necessary parts, disassembly, cleaning, repair, recalibration, cosmetic maintenance, and confirmation that the equipment is in working orderEverything that I just stated is on the note section of my quote to Linda It clearly states that “All equipment comes with a ONE YEAR Warranty on PARTS and LABOR including FREE Lifetime Technical Phone Support unless otherwise mentionedAll our equipment is brought to original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications through disassembly, inspection, cleaning, repair, replacement of necessary parts and calibration, including special cosmetic restoration giving all equipment a quality finish.” If this was a new piece of equipment why would it have to be repaired, disassembled, inspected, cleaned and having to replace any necessary parts on the unit and also go thru a cosmetic restoration? All of these steps are the refurbishing processesI never once stated to Linda or on my quote that this equipment was newI quoted her that all our equipment is brought back to the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATIONS (OEM) Per the terms and conditions that Linda says she was not aware ofThe terms and conditions link is clearly located on the bottom right of my quoteWe do have a company policy on returns of 25% for a restocking feeThe terms and conditions are also very accessible on our website where Linda first went and found the product she requested a quote forOn Linda’s second response she never mentioned any damage to the product at all which she first stated on her initial claim and why they returned the itemI personally inspected the unit before it left Soma Technology and then personally inspected the unit when it arrived back at Soma TechnologyLet me make it very clear the unit was not damaged, the product was in good condition and working properlyWith this all being said to appease Linda we did return her 75% of the purchase price to Linda right awayEven though we did nothing wrong as a company When Linda and her counterpart Dr [redacted] who both had requested this product went online and searched for itThey would have seen that make and model is no longer selling new because it has not been manufactured for over yearsWhen I first spoke with Linda on the phone, Linda expressed to me that they were in a hurry to purchase the unit because it was the end of the year and they had extra funds and had to purchase the unit right away because they would loose these funds if not spentAfter the quote was sent to Linda she then emailed me back requesting to purchase this productThen Linda called me from her cell phone on her day off and gave me the credit card information to process the order and wanted to make sure that the invoice was dated December 31st That was Linda’s only request which I fulfilled for herI did attach those emails as well Regards, Soma Technology

Dear, I have already mailed a response on 2/20/to this claim but in summary here is what happenedOn December 30th I received a phone call from Linda Falk from Friends of the ZooShe told me that they went on our website and saw the Philips HP PageWriter and wanted a quote on that refurbished unitOn December 31st the customer called back and told me that they received my quote and wanted to place the order right awayI never quoted them a new Philips HP Pagewriter 200, I quoted them a refurbished unitIn fact this particular product has not been manufactured for over yearsSo even if I wanted too sell them a new one I couldn't because they are no longer being manufactured I personally inspected the unit before it was shipped and it was in very good condition as well as the box that it was shipped inThere was no damage to this unit or its shipping containerIn fact we have a year warranty on ALL PARTS and LABORIf there was any damage to this unit we would have repaired it right away at no cost to the customerOn our Terms and Conditions that is located on our quote it does state we do have a 25% restocking fee chargeTo appease the customer we refunded 75% of the cost to the customer right away even though we did everything we were obligated to do If you can please respond at your earliest convenience that would be greatly appreciated Sincerely, Soma Technology

Complaint: I am rejecting this response because: Only parts of the response from Soma Technology are correct 1) It is correct that on 10/10/I contacted Soma Technology requesting a quotation for a VentilatorAs confirmed in the response to the by Soma Technology I stated in my request that the ventilator needed to fulfil two criteria1) I need to be a transport ventilator, and 2) It need to be able to ventilate neonatal patients 2) Soma Technology responded to my request for a quotation on 10/10/and offered me an Oxylog or a [redacted] Plus ventilatorI am familiar with the Oxylog product and declined the quotation as it could not fulfil the criteria mentioned above that the unit be able to ventilate neonatal patientsI was not as familiar with the [redacted] Plus and as such I asked two questions from Soma Technology1) Was the unit suitable for transport and 2) did the unit have a built in battery backup 3) As confirmed by Soma Technology in their response to the, Soma Tech notified me in writing that the unit filled both criteria and had 1) a battery backup and 2) was suitable for the transport environment 4) Based on the response from Soma Technology that the [redacted] would meet the criteria mentioned above I confirmed the order and made payment for the unit 5) It has since come to light that Soma Technology was not truthful in their response as described in point 3) above, and as confirmed in writing to the by Soma Technology [redacted] , the manufacturer of the units has provided me with written confirmation that the [redacted] has neither a battery backup, and that the [redacted] is not suitable for use in the transport environmentI have this email available to forward to the on request and have previously forwarded the statements from [redacted] to Soma TechTo date they have not responded to this email from me 6) I contest the statement from Soma Technology to the that they have done nothing wrongClearly Soma Tech were totally dishonest about the features and capabilities of the [redacted] Plus when they sold the unit to meI am now sitting with a unit that does not meet the requirements of my client and can do nothing with the product as it is not a transport ventilator which is the only type of ventilator that we trade in 7) I am not prepared to pay either a restocking fee or pay for the return transportation fees for the [redacted] and believe that Soma Technology should cover these fees as the unit was sold to me due to their error in describing the capabilities of the unit, and not due to any misunderstanding on my part 8) I would be prepared to accept both a [redacted] Oxylog as well as an monophasic Zoll M Series lead manual defibrillator with hard paddles, as well as shipment to South Africa in exchange for the [redacted] Plus, as the sale price for the [redacted] Plus is what I can pay for both the Oxylog and the Codemaster which a different supplierAn option of an exchange has not been offered to me my Soma Tech until this point Sincerely, Oliver Wright

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