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Horrible company! My advice is stay away! Their services are overpriced. They lock you into a one year contract that includes a $174 "maintenance fee." Their phone support is terrible. You are kept on phone interminably listening to information on all sorts of software products that do not even vaguely apply to you. After holding for as much as ten minutes, you sometimes get an answer service! The reps lie to get you as a customer, then tell more lies to get you to sign up to pay for services that are free elsewhere, then treat you like a number. One ability they DON'T have is to treat others as they would like to be treated. It's called The Golden Rule. They apparently have never heard of it. Before signing with them, I was able to use PC Ace with no problem. When you sign with them, they change PC Ace by putting a password requirement into it for quarterly updates, then don't send you the password! So they have control of YOUR claim data and then hold you hostage. There apparently is no venue to register a customer complaint. My objective is to distance myself from them ASAP. I'll probably break open a bottle of champagne when that day comes! If I could give zero stars, I would.

I signed up with Md Online in 2014 and all was well. I had the right contract I needed at the time. On 8/10/18, I received an email from Ruhul Ahmed/ Account Executive at Ability Network regarding a SOFTWARE update because I supposedly had an old MD-Online Software which he stated was outdated and the new “myAbility Platform” is what we are transitioning our customers over to at a lower discounted rate." Feeling stuck, I accepted tehier offer for 2 free months and then $125.00 per month thereafter.

Immediately I began having issues first with the amount quoted:
Ruhul, You quoted me $125 per month going forward but it also says $150.00. Which is it? It is for $125 a month because you get 2 FREE months of service which pro-rated drops down your monthly cost to $125 a month.

10/9 bill received $165.00
12/18/18 $272.19
On 12/18/18 I emailed regarding my dissatisfaction with the fee. I emailed Ability:
"After reviewing my usage for the service, I realize that the price exceeds my usage. Am I able to revert my old software or is there a different price offered for the number of claims I send within a month which is between 5-9 a month? I like the eligibility verification, but again the cost for the amount of time I actually use this program is way too much for me at this time. If nothing else is available to lower my fee, I will have to terminate this program. Please let me know via email as I will be unavailable by phone until after the new years.

12/20/18, I will have Customer Success reach out to you. They handle downgrades in services provided.
1/3/19 Good Morning. My name is Mark Jelinek and I am a customer success manager here at ABILITY Network.
I received a note you had some questions about your account and the service level you’re on. In reviewing your account it looks like you have a nice package where you are getting your services for less than we typically would give. I’m not seeing a lower level of service we could put you on, but please let me know what you are thinking and I can see how I can help.

Kind Regards,
Mark Jelinek
Customer Success Manager

1/8/19- Good Morning. I wanted to follow up again on my email below to make sure you had no unanswered questions regarding your account and the service level you’re on.
Please let me know by Friday if you do as I’ll be closing my case then.
Kind Regards,
Mark Jelinek
Customer Success Manager

1/8/19- my response: It’s troubling I am unable to have the option to switch back. I don’t use the eligibility much since most of my patients are cash pay. Furthermore, I don’t often see the Copay and especially the mental health benefits of patients. I guess I’ll have to remain stuck with paying $150 for the services until I find a different program.
Thank you

1/23/19- Hi ,
I am sorry that I missed your call. I would like to schedule a time to discuss account options. I have availability tomorrow and Friday 10:00 AM CT - 3:00 PM CT or Monday 10:00 AM CT – 1:00PM CT. Please let me know which day and time works best for you.
Heidi Pieper

2/6 Hi S,
I am still working on your account and wanted to just touch base and let you know! Have a great day!
Heidi Pieper
Customer Success Manager

Hi Heidi. How do I close my account? I need to close my account immediately. I’ve decided to go with another company.

2/11/19 Heidi Pieper responds:
Dear S,
I am sorry that we will be losing your business. I have processed the cancellation of your ABILITY services as the Service Agreement allows. Services will remain available to you through to the contract end date of 11/30/19.

2/21/19: Billed $150.00
2/2019 Invoice for $163.51 ABILITY | Revenue Cycle Management Essentials for Professional Service Period: 02/01/2019 - 02/28/2019

Please help me resolve this matter.

We apologize for the misunderstanding in regards to this service- CHOICE All Payer Claims. It does look there was a miscommunication between the sale rep ( who is no longer with the company)We are putting through a credit for the full amount that is disputed. Again, we apologize for
this issue and hope you find the solution satisfactory. Thank you

We understand that you did not read the contract prior to signing. We did try on numerous occasions to get the service installed. We also have tried to meet you halfway by offering a credit, which you rejected. We do understand that you are upset about the interaction. We apologize that we couldn't come to an agreement. Thank you

We are sorry that you had a frustrating experience with our companyThe day termination policy was not a termination policy created by ABILITY, but MDOLThe reason for the day termination policy is for our providers to finish residual billing with us and access patient information while they
transition to a new software or close the businessThe account was terminated on 2/29/per the policy that was agreed to by utilizing the services according to the MDOL user agreement attachedWe will credit back the $as requested for customer satisfaction

We have called and spoken to *** about her complaint. I have told her that we are working on providing the eligibility service that she was told she would have at no charge to her for year. *** is willing to work with us. I believe this issue can be settled. Thank
you,Asta ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/05/18) */
ABILITY Network, ***, has reached out to the customer to discuss the issue on 5/7/and not received a responseWe would like to set a time to discuss with the customer to come to resolution
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8,
2015/05/28) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
untrue statement ability could not get software connect to the state systemThey could not get connected to the state systemAs I advise them before and they said we are sure we can get you connectedI never used the systemNever connectedIf this is untrue they would be able to show that I used there system , which they can notWhy should I pay for a service that I was not able to utilize
Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2015/06/05) */
In July 2013, customer signed an annual contract for several services with ABILITY NetworkAll of these services require that the customer obtain & maintain current DDE credentials with Medicare
As part of our standard operating procedure, the customer was contacted several times by the Implementation technician via email and phone, to install the contracted servicesThe customer was non responsive
On 8/15/13, our technician worked with the customer (***) and was able to set them up with two of the contracted services (myABILITY and CHOICE)These services were used August 2013, February and July
The technician left one of several messages regarding the remaining install of the last contracted serviceABILITY EASEOn 8/20/13, we found that the customer (***) did not have valid DDE credentialsWe instructed her to contact Medicare for these credentialsThis process can take approximately daysThe technician informed the customer we would reconnect in approximately days after they had applied and received their credentials
On 1/3/14, the customer requested a discount on the services due to the inability to obtain credentials from Palmetto GBAOn 1/14/14, *** advised Brad with our Customer Relations Team that everything was fine and wanted to complete the install for the remaining contracted service
In addition, as a courtesy, on 2/26/14, we credited months of invoices for a total of $2,This credit reset the customer's annual contract to a service date of 7/1/
After numerous attempts, we were able to reach the customerThe purpose of this call was to view the customer as they login to the system in an effort to troubleshoot why she could not loginAt that time, the technician determined the customer still did not have valid credentials and was unable to login
Again technicians called and sent emails through 7/31/with no responseA technician was finally able to connect with the customerThey again attempted to use the customer's credentials to login, but determined they were not authorizedPalmetto GBA was conferenced on the call and confirmed that the credentials were denied due to the wrong line of business being listed on the application the customer has submitted
Beginning January 2014, multiple calls were made from a Customer Relations representative, and emails were sent from our Collections department advising the customer that they were past dueThere was no response from the customerThe customer did have usage, in August 2013, February and July
On 11/21/14, the account was cancelled for non-payment and an invoice was sent for the remaining balance of the annual agreement in the amount of $
ABILITY Network has made significant effort to work with the customer to implement their services and discuss paymentIn addition, ABILITY provided a significant courtesy credit for an issue that was of no fault of ABILITY
The customer has breached the signed contract by not paying for the services they agreed toThe account was placed with an outside collection agency in December for $Upon receiving the initial complaint, the Collections Manager reached out again to try to negotiate an agreementNo responseAt this time the payment is due based on the contract the customer signed

We apologize that the customer did not receive the service that she expected from our companyThe ICD-to ICD transition was a challenging time for many of our customersWe did have some issues during that time that lead to long hold times and mapping issuesThese issues have since been
addressed and customers have been able to utilize the productAccording to the Terms and Conditions of the click through agreement the customer agreed to the day termination policythe reason why we have the day count down is so that our customers can access their data and finish up residual billing with us if they are cancelling the accountThe account has been terminated and a credit request has been submitted for the customer in the amount disputed of $

I am rejecting this response because:
I cancelled my account in marchtheir representative didn't notate in the system.I reminded them each month.I paid through of the charges on the bill was a $renewal fee that I told them I didn't want to pay since I would not be renewing.there is another charge of $for late fee since they were billing me past my cancellation date.I hung up on their representative because she was terribly rude.naturally I will pay for the months I used the service, but my bank shows that those months were paid.if they remove the "renewal fee" and the late fee of $i will pay for one month of service
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Thank you very much for your quick response and assistanceThis is all I have ever wanted from the start

I am rejecting this response because:
I am rejecting the business response for paymentI was not aware with the papers I signed that I was bound to any service, in speaking with the representative, I was under the understanding that I was signing an agreement to the cost of services SHOULD I choose to utilize They had a special for set-up, however I never had the service installed, nor initiated any set-up I should not be held to payment

Thank you for the responseWe have ceased the billing on the account and will not issue a refund

We are sorry to hear that we did not meet your service needsYou signed the contract on 4/4/and we reached out to syour account the next dayThe account was not fully suntil you submitted a live claim to us which was over a month after our initial outreach to you. If there
was an issue with enrolling with BCBS, we do not have any documentation to support that claim; however, we are willing to rescind the account from collections and credit out the balance due as a concession

I am
rejecting this response because: Ability company have not contacted me back as they statedSomeone call me on Tuesday, June 5th stating they will call back on ThursdayThe person apologized for their mistake and stated they were going to make the amendments, however, They have not follow thruI am afraid they will not follow thru to fix the problem

I am rejecting this response because: First, A policy of days is not a contractSecond, I do not accept this is a contract, and despite the company emailing me documents with my name printed in an italicized font to look like a signature Third, My account has already been cancelled BEFORE the last invoice was sent out and I do not have (nor want) access to it for the month they are billing me forSo to pay them for a month of service which already has been cancelled makes no sense. Fourth, I was ignored after two phone calls and an email for weeks, which although the Customer Success Rep assured me was not a tactic to delay cancellation and was due to training new employees, I seem to find numerous complaints about ignoring customers on the website and on their own Facebook page - I have been an MDOL customer for several years and always paid on-time, even after Ability took overI have paid what I owed, and want nothing more from them, especially anymore

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have called and discussed this issue with Rossana. We are in the process of addressing this complaint internally and *** is aware that we will be speaking about this again on June 7, with our resolution .Thank you

I am rejecting this response because: I was held responsible for payment to 2/1/16, let them provide proof that I used the service after 8/1/16. Termination was requested and again requested in October 2015. It should have been days from the last use of claims sent with themSincerely,Linda ***

Good afternoon,I had spoken to this customer and did tell her that I would be back in touch, however the document I was looking for had taken a extra day to be delivered to me. I have attached the contract that was signed to this email and will be sending the customer a copy of this as well. She had mentioned that she was not licensed to submit claims, yet she signed a contract for just that servicePlease let me know the next steps to resolve this issue. Thank you

I am rejecting this response because:
the contract has no start or end dateThe signer has not worked or represented the company for several years and has no holdingThe finance department does not recognize said contract as being legal, binding, or approved by them at any timeThe contract is annual yet has not been communicated about for yearsTherefore the contract ended one year after the fax date in and does not apply to 2014-

Dear Sir, We Apologize for the misinformation; however, we are indeed a clearinghouseI understand that you are upset about this issue and I would like to research this further regarding who told you this and how we can resolve this dispute

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