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Academy Of Canine Behavior Inc

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To Whom it May Concern,As stated, there are many sides to all issues. Yes, this dog was presented to us for training. Not only did we do a great deal of training on this dog, we brought it back in for an additional week at no cost to the client to make sure the training was in
place. Our program offers free life-time follow up private lessons. While the dog is in residence here, we also offer numerous private lessons working with the owner to insure the owner understands the training and is able to work with the dog. This client was resistant to following our direction during those visits. Twice we actually went to the owners place of residence to work with her and the dog to see why she felt she had issues there that we did not see when she worked with us here. I have video of the owner working the dog in the park across from where she lives with the dog acting in a very calm and respectful way. The last time I talked to the owner we left it that we would continue to work with her as long as it took to help her with her dog. We demonstrated beyond any question that the dog was very well behaved when it was expected of him and had a good grasp of his training. Again, we have video to prove it. The reason I personally became involved in this case is I needed to sort out if we did have an issue with the dog or whether this was more of an owner issue. It became apparent that the owner was not willing to work through this. I left the owner with a plan that involved her staying in contact and doing more private lessons to get beyond the issues that she felt she was having. The next phone call we got from her was that she wanted her money back not that she was willing to work with us.My staff put a great deal of time and effort into this dog. We feel the dog could be a nice little dog with proper work from the owner. The biggest regret is that the dog will ultimately be in trouble when that is not a necessary outcome. But the owner must realize that he is a living being that needs direction on a continuing bases while he is growing up. Even when we finished our last training session with the owner at the park she wanted to know if she could let the dog off leash. I explained that there is a leash law, the dog has already been citied for biting and it would be totally irresponsible for her to take him off leash. Her response to me was she already does that and has had no problem

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: I got the response from the owner and I have read it very carefully. However, I do not see any explanation regarding how they ignored me for good amount of time when I made a complaint and about how irresponsible the trainers were. I do understand that they offer lifetime follow up visits but that does matter for someone who could devote so much time in training their dog every week so that they can visit AOCB often. The website states that the board and training is for people who are especially short on time. I did not expect myself to visit them so many times after the program since I am "short on time." I am also moving far away in the states so that does not matter. The reason that I decided to stop the follow-up visits was because the trainers that I will meet every time would change and I would have to explain everything again and again. They simply showed me how to do same commands that the trainers taught my dog during the program. Also, my dog had stayed here for training, my dog would simply behave nice which many trainers including the owner is aware of.  I did not say that I already take my dog to the off-leash park after he went to the training program. I told the owner that I have taken him there when he was younger and asked if he could go now because I wanted to know. So this should not let you think that I am an irresponsible owner. If I was an irresponsible owner, I would not take my dog to the board and training camp paying almost $3000 and still contacting AOCB about the issue that my dog is having.  Non of the trainers told me that my dog needs to be in a different program or classes although the main trainer, Carie, told me the first day. I kept telling her and the other trainers that I am here because I am concerned with my dog's aggression. If my dog had been a really nice dog in the school, they should have wondered why I would keep telling them that he is aggressive if they were responsible trainers. Despite of this fact, the manager told me after months later that they cannot give me a refund since I did not enroll for the Intensive program. Non of the trainers recommended that program and also the explanation on the website for this program does not apply to my dog.  The owner is keep telling me that I am not willing to work with my dog's issue but that is totally not true. I am not willing to work with people who are not responsible, who would keep ignore me when they want to, and who is insisting that the dog is a good dog when they know that most of the dogs behave nicely in front of the trainers who have worked with them.  It is true that they offered me to take my dog for a week for another training. However, I was almost forced to make this choice because the owner said that she is not willing to talk about a refund if I do not give them another chance. The video that the owner has is when my dog is with the trainers which he definitely would behave very nice so that will not prove that my dog is a good dog. I also have a proof of the recorded file of when I first talked to the owner. She gave me the impression of how she would try to find the reason my dog is not behaving. However, they didn't and my dog was still the same as soon as he came back home. Carie, the main trainer, also seen how my dog changes instantly not listening to my commands as soon as he went in to the apartment building.   As a business, they do not consider a client's complaint seriously and would ignore as long as they would like unless I contact them every day. They are not responding to the issues of how the trainers were irresponsible during the 5 weeks board and train program that I PURCHASED. From this, you can automatically understand how they actually agree to the fact that I have problems with, and trying to insist that I am the irresponsible owner because I do not so any follow-up visits. Sincerely,[redacted]

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