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Accu-Lube Quick Lube, Inc.

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We searched our records on this account The consumer has called our office times from her work number ***We have called that number for the first time on 5/16/at 10:19AM We were not aware that it is her work phone until that time.Consumer called us on 5/16/at 6:23PM
and asked us to only call her mobile phone after 4PM We marked her other phones as do no call as she requestedShe told us that she had already complained to the prior to asking us not to call We asked her if she would like to speak with our quality control department and she refused.There will be no more calls to her work as she requested

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Thank you for your help
*** ***

Our collector erred in the settlement amount that was offered and sent in the letter.However, we offered the settlement and it should have been honored We have counseled our associate in the proper procedure when an error is discovered. We will accept the settlement as originally
offered.Please call our quality control department at 888-846-

Resolution: Account #*** Our phone number to reach an associate is ***. The number is in serviceWe have been sending monthly payment reminder notifications via e-mail to *** as you requested and was not returned Please check your spam filterWe
received your fax on 1/10/requesting a statement of your account. It was mailed to you via regular mail on 1/13/All matters have been handled within State and Federal regulations

The complainant set up monthly payments on her balance of $of $and requested payments as she stated. We received the first payment in Feb of 2015. The Second payment was declined. She sent us her check #in March of and then set up the auto payments again for
an additional months. As a result The January payment of $overpaid the account leaving a credit balance of -$and more payments scheduled Our processor charged an additional $on the credit card on February 16th, 2016. On February 17th we saw that it overpaid the account we went to our processor and VOIDED the charge and did not post it to the account. The complainant called our office on February 16th (she received our email reminding her of the payment) and the person she spoke with did not see the Feb payment on the account as we VOIDED it and did not post it. Our representative saw the -$overpayment and mistakenly thought she wanted that last payment reversed. She notified our cash department and the January payment was reversed on February 17th also leaving a balance due on the account of $The complainant called us on 2/to make sure all the payments were cancelled. We deleted the last payment that she had scheduledThe payments were voided and reversed respectively on February 17th, prior to the complaint and there are no more automatic payments scheduledThere is however, a balance due on the account of $

This debt is for $to *** *** *** *** ***, date of service 3/6/ The account was placed with our office on 7/1/2014.Attached is a listing of every call that was made to the complainant All of our phone calls are digitally monitored into the system
These are the only calls that were made We have sent her letters One on July 2, and one on October 2nd, 2014.We do not have her place of employment on file nor their phone number Our offices are not open during the hours that she claims that we have called. We have never spoken to her or anyone else regarding this bill Any contacts would be notated on the account and calls would have been recorded There have been other accounts placed with us in the past for the complainant All of those accounts were settled in full in October of 2012.All matters were handled within FDCPA and FCRA guidelines.You may pay your bill online at or phone our office at 800-*** to speak with our representative
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI am glad they honored their original letter and amount for payment in full settlementIf I was dealing with a business, I may have accepted the fact that an error was made, but given the bad history of the debt collection industry, it just made me wonder how often they might use this tactic
*** ***

Our records do not indicate that we have received any phone messages from you. Our client asked us to close and return all accounts that were more than 1 year old.  We cannot accept payments on accounts that have been returned to our client.   If they are still interested in...

pursuing the balance they will contact you.

13 bills have been referred to our office for [redacted] (spouse of the complainant). 
These bills were placed with our office from June of 2014 through
October of 2014.  Each bill has a unique
account number from our client and a unique file number in our office. The...

current balance due is $1037.00.
Our records indicate that you have made payments between the
8th and the 31st  of each month ranging from $25 to $100
by check and also by credit card.
We sent you a complete itemization on 5/29/15 via the email
address that you provided to us.  We show
that the email was opened on 6/3/15. 
We have set your account for no more phone calls as you have
We have set your account for $50/month payment plan with
payments due by the 30th each month. 
  You will receive a reminder each
month via the email address that you provided us. 
All matters were handled within FDCPA and FCRA guidelines.

Our client [redacted] University Faculty Associates placed the account with our office on 1/5/16 for $4,728.01 with a Date of Service of 4/3/15.  We had an account with the same date of service and balance that was placed with us on 8/3/15, and settled in full for $3208.51.  However...

the accounts have different Client account invoice numbers so our system would not consider them as duplicates. The complainant called our office on 1/14/16 and took all the information and told us he would get back to us..  He called us again on the 15th and told us this was a possible duplicate.  Our associate failed to forward the account to the proper supervisor for follow up.  The associate is being coached so that this does not happen again. When he spoke to our manager a few days later the account was put on hold as is our standard procedure for disputed accounts.  No more calls or letters were sent to the complainant and all collection activity ceased.  The account was forwarded to our client services department and removed from collection. We have been in contact with our client who is attempting to research the source of this second bill.  They had not responded to our request at the time we received an email from the complainant on February 18th, 2016. We responded to the complainant on February 19th, 2016 and assured him that the account was on hold in our office pending confirmation from our client.  At that point we assumed that the issue was resolved as the account was no longer in collection just pending a formality from our client and we had informed the complainant of the status. We received another email from the complainant on March 16th, 2016.  We responded to him the same day assuring him that the account was closed. We received this complaint on March 17th, 2016.  Based on the above information we consider the complaint to have been resolved prior to receiving it.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Statements made by JP Recovery are a complete lie.  I have did not call them, they called me. I informed them that I have requested several times not to call my work and as as of this last time I filed a complaint with  When offered for quality control to call me I said yes after 4pm.  I was to receive that call and did not receive the call.  I never refused to talk to quality control supervisor.  You need to go back and listen to your recorded calls. If I have returned there messages from my work number you pulled that number off caller id not from me and a call would ha fe been made on my break or lunch. Our whole company called Id shows 1 general number.  So are you telling me if I call from a friends house you will pull a caller id number to contact me?  Looks like I need to block the number I call you back from if you are going to be dishonest.  Listen to the 5/16 call and correct your lies. 

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
 I have a phone log and they left messages on  my work number at my place of employment on 6/2/15 at 3pm, 5/29/15 at 1:07pm, 5/14/15 and 5/13/15 so their response is untrue and I do not owe the debt. of the JP Recovery agents Colleen B[redacted] (c[redacted] emailed me to say that this balance had been closed with JP Recovery. Although I did not receive something official on paper by mail, I will accept their email and will use it to suffice for something official.

Our records indicate that although we attempted to speak to the consumer by phone several times we have only spoken to him once on 3/14/18 when he called our office.  The consumer called our office and refused to identify himself by providing his address to our associate as is required by...

Federal Law. Our associate was unable to provide the consumer any information as it would be a violation of FDCPA and HIPAA laws to disclose without identification.I have ordered an itemization sent to the consumer as he requested.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 
I would like clarify the record regarding JP Recovery's statement that Mon (3/14/18) was the only time they spoke to me.  That is incorrect.  I had an earlier telephone conversation with a representative of JP Recovery.  At that time, I asked why were they contacting me.  They would not provide any specifics and I refused to give out personal information without knowing the nature their call.  I do not give out personal information unless I know who I am talking to and why they are calling.  I did not document the date of the initial telephone conversation I will be glad to take care of any legitimate and verifiable outstanding debt.  I need the itemized listing that was mentioned in JP Recovery's response. [redacted]

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We will correct our records.

See attached response

Review: I took my vehicle to Accu Lube for a full service oil change. While checking the air pressure in my 2008 Chrysler Town and Country they snapped the tire pressure valve in my front driver side tire. My van has a air pressure sensor system so they replaced the valve with a cheap one and told me to contact the last person who put on the tires to have it fixed as it was an accident that it snapped but it was their fault. I was there with my 2 children and I am not the most knowledgeable person about cars and repairs. When I came home and told my husband what had happened he called them and during the call [redacted] at Acculube agreed to split the cost of the sensor (97.00 he advised me, however the invoice shows 89.99) and do the labor for free. So the next day after work I went to Accu Lube again and dropped off my 2008 Chrysler and was give a older Dodge vehicle with front end damage and the check engine light on to drive while they fixed my vehicle. The said it should only take a couple hours tops. I dropped my car at 3:15PM. I called them at 5:45 as I knew they closed at 6PM and asked if I should come get my van and if it was completed. He explained that he had gotten the part to fix the front driver side sensor and while testing the system he had to check the tire pressure in all 4 wheels. While doing so he snapped the front passenger side tire pressure valve also so they had to go back to the dealership to get another sensor to fix that broken one also. We hung up and I went to get my vehicle. When I got there he told me the total was 137.24 as he had to get another sensor. So he took 100 off the total. Well I told him he should have contacted me prior to doing more work on the vehicle to approve the additional amount. He agreed, however I still had to pay the amount or how else would I have gotten my van. A place of business especially a vehicle repair facility should know better than to do more work on a vehicle than what is agreed on to pay without contacting the vehicle owner.Desired Settlement: I believe as he broke the piece in the first place that I should not have had to pay at all for the cost of the part or the labor to put it in the vehicle. I especially should not have to pay more than the $45.00 that was agreed upon. He did not have approval from myself or my husband to do any more work than that



My name is [redacted], I am the Owner/Operator of Accu-lube Quick lube Inc. we are a full automotive

repair shop in Appleton WI. and have been in business for over 17 years now.

On April 23rd [redacted] came into my shop as a new customer, to have a full service oil change, done on

her 2008 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van. Part of our full service oil change is to check all four tires for proper

air pressure, and in doing so, I had her drivers front valve stem/ tire pressure monitor system sensor or (TPMS), fall

apart in my hand. Since She was waiting with a couple small children, I offered to install a regular rubber valve

stem in her rim, so they wouldn't have to wait any longer, since I don't have the TPMS Sensors in stock, they need

to be ordered from the dealership. I explained to her that these valve stems get corroded over time and especially

the Dodge and Chrysler TPMS Sensors seem to fall apart quiet often, due to Wisconsin Harsh Winters, research on

line and you can find thousands of complaints about them failing. She seemed to be ok with me putting a rubber

valve stem Into her rim, as she didn't want to sit with her children In my waiting room any longer. So completely

free of any charges we took her tire off the rim, installed a regular valve stem, bead sealed the rim and rebalanced

her tire and got her on her way. I explained to her the tire pressure monitor system light on her dash would stay

light up until she got the sensor from the dealership and had it installed.

On April 24th [redacted]'s husband called me and was very upset about this whole situation and wanted the sensor

fixed asap, so he and I agreed he would pay for the valve stem/sensor and I would install it completely free of


On April 25th [redacted] brought her van in to have the new sensor installed, at the time we were extremely busy,

so I told her she could wait for a hour or so or I could loan her one of my cars to use free of charge, so she didn't

have to wait or be bothered while I was working on getting her van fixed She took the loaner car and left. As soon

as we got caught up I got the new sensor installed in her rim and put the tire on her van. One of my staff members

while resetting her TPMS system went around the van to check all four tire pressures and the passenger front

valve stem broke apart in his hand. The first thing I did was try to call [redacted] but didn't get an answer, there was

only about 45 minutes left in the day and the dealership would be closed, so I sent one of my crew to the

dealership to get a second sensor. I figured [redacted] might be mad about two broken sensors, but that she would be

even more mad if she didn't get her van back that day, so I installed the second sensor, once again completely free

of charge. Near the end of the work day she called me and I explained what happened with the second sensor and

, told her we got the second sensor fixed and she could come to pick up her van. I honored the agreement her

husband and' had, by not charging her for any of the labor in this matter, and actually sold [redacted] both sensors

under my cost at the dealership, she only paid $137.24 in total for sensors that cost me more than that just to get

them for her from the dealership.

These Valve stems brake quite often and the dealerships sell a lot of these sensors, because of age, time and

corrosion not because of anything we did wrong, if you do little research on line you will find thousands of

complaints about them. I am afraid [redacted]'s other two sensors may fail as well, as they are all corroded. I did

mention this to her and I feel she should have them changed. I did what I thought was in the best interest of my

customer at the time, and I feel myself and my company did more than enough in this matter to try to keep [redacted]

and her family safe and on the road in as timely a manner as possible.



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Description: Auto Repair & Service, Lubricating Service - Automotive, Tire Dealers

Address: 20220 CENTER RIDGE ROAD #200, Appleton, Wisconsin, United States, 44116


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