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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
We have not received a refund from Ace yest. Although they said they refunded us!

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
At this point it seems as though it is my word against the drivers... clearly he is going to say he had been doing his job and emptying my can, when in fact he emptied it the first two weeks when I had only the recycling can but then stopped after that. I continued to leave garbage in the can hoping the company would pick it up, but they didn't. it came to the point that the bags had been in there so long that they were frozen to the bottom of the can and it was difficult to remove them when I started to have my boyfriend take them to the [redacted] Town dump. the absolutely abhorrent customer service at Ace Carting made this ridiculous situation into the mess that is has become. I called so many times I have lost count, and I only reached a person maybe a handful of times. if the phones were answered and problems solved in a timely manner I would have enrolled in auto pay like I was trying to do and monthly payments wouldn't have been a problem anymore. My main issue is the lack of communication from Ace Carting. One week my account will be cleared of old charges due to non-service and my cans returned, the next week I only find out my cans were taken and account closed because a collection agency called my cell phone. My "delinquent" account needs to be removed from the collection agency and I will make monthly payments to Ace Carting itself, this is my final offer.

We apologize for the service issues Ms [redacted] experienced.  The account has been closed, the dumpster removed, all necessary adjustments made and a refund has been issued.

To answer Mr. [redacted] issue #1, Customer Service – Trash Collection.  Unfortunately  there have been delays on the Trash route that Mr [redacted] is on due to weather and unforeseen truck issues.  We do call the customers to make them aware of the delay and typically we service them within...

24 hours.  There was a delay due to a snow storm in March of 2017 and our area was declared a state of emergency.  Our Corporate Management made the decision to cancel all routes for that day and the following day we would continue on regular schedule, servicing customers for the reminder of the week on their normal day but the customers that we could not service the day of the storm would be serviced the following week.  The Company felt that with all the issues and delays due to the snow storm, it was a more productive option to push one day to the next week then push every route in the off chance we had continued bad weather. All customers affected by this were called to let them know. All drivers are instructed to take any extra trash a customer might have due to any delays we have for any reason.  Customers can place the extra trash on the top of the can or in another container to keep it contained.  Issue #2, Customer Service – Billing/Collection.  Mr [redacted] did have an online bill pay account and it is something that is customer monitored and controlled.  Due to security, we have limited access and can only assist a customer but cannot make any changes that are sensitive such as update any credit card info.  If a customer has a payment rejected, an email is sent to the email they put on their profile to advise them.  On a couple occasions Mr [redacted] CC was rejected and an email notification was sent to him and instructed him to log on to make changes and to view and pay open invoices.  Mr [redacted] called in on multiple occasions and was given assistance with his online account – dates are 6/13/15, 4/7/2016 and 5/10/2017(this day by both email and phone). We did our best to assist Mr [redacted] so he understood the online bill pay systems and recurring payments. Mr [redacted] called to cancel on 6/28/2017 due to an unexpected delay that we had not had a chance to call all customers to advise. Should you need any additional information please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you! Katherine R. Office Manager Ace Carting a Waste Connections Company

We are in receipt of the above referenced complaint. Here is our reply to the complaint: [redacted] has had an account with us since 2014. In June of 2015, her account was closed due to non payment, the trash and recycling containers were removed - since they are the property of Ace Carting -...

and the balance sent to a Collection Agency to recover. In August of 2015, [redacted] paid the outstanding balance and services were resumed. When the services were resumed, a Recycling container was delivered, the trash container to be delivered soon after. As agreed, [redacted] used the recycling container for both the trash and recycling while waiting for delivery of the trash container. Our service price is for trash pick up. Recycling is currently a complimentary service we offer. The driver was aware that he would be servicing [redacted] with one container for the time being. The driver resumed weekly pick in August of 2015 and this has been confirmed by the driver as well as [redacted]. In December of 2015, [redacted] again had a service interruption due to nonpayment and in January of 2016 the account was closed as a result of the nonpayment, container removed and the balance sent to a Collection Agency. [redacted] received a letter about her outstanding balance and called our office to dispute the balance. At the time of the phone call there was some confusion about the account since [redacted] told the CSR who answered the call that she had not received a pick up at all since August, she had taken all the trash to the dump and that she should receive a credit for no service/ no can. At that time a delivery order was put in for delivery of the can. After further review of the account, it was determined that [redacted] was not entitled to a credit since the driver confirmed he had been servicing [redacted] from August until she went on a service stop for nonpayment in December and the trash container was not to be delivered and the account to stay in collection status. The most recent conversation with [redacted] was on Feb 10th and at that time she confirmed she had been getting picked up since August until the services stopped in January. Attached you will find notes that provide a chronological record of activity on the account. The balance [redacted] owes is valid and still with the Collection Agency. Should you need any additional information, please let me know. Regards, Katherine R. Office Manager, Ace Carting

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