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Ace Moving & Storage Inc

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I give this moving company 0 stars. By far, the absolute WORST moving experience my family has ever had!!! I cannot warn future customers enough about this terrible business. I cannot warn future customers enough about this terrible business. The general manager is extremely apathetic, dishonest, and unresponsive when it comes to handling customer's issues. He promised time and time again that his crew would show up at our home at a certain time and of course they failed time and time again to do so. He would not return phone calls but instead, hid behind his secretary. At the end of the day, he is not a man of integrity. If you are looking for movers, please do yourself a favor and look for another company.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
1. The claim by the business  that " $0 was offered for this portion of the claim and was accepted by the complainant" is incorrect. The business attached document ([redacted]), is ONLY for the household goods ("items") and not the property (house wood floors) damaged. Per [redacted], damage to the residence must be handled separately and directly with the moving company. Again...all attempts to resolve, discuss, or assess the damage to the hard wood floors has been categorically rejected by the business.
2. In communications with the, the business has contradicted itself multiple times and has been obfuscating the issue. In previous communications with the, the business claims they were not notified of the damage in a timely manner, however, the latest documents (attached by the business no less) provides an assessment by [redacted] stating "There is no actual damage to the piano. The movers brought the piano in through the garage, through a small hallway, through the kitchen., into the living room. There is approximately 20 foot by half inch gouge the entire way across the hardwood floor. The floor would have to be refinished. Would require a third-party flooring company to inspect. Estimated third-party flooring inspection fee may be $100-$200." Additionally, an email from [redacted] on 31 August to Stan B[redacted], (attached by the business no less) notified them of the damage.
3. Per email from [redacted], dated 06 Oct, in reference to settling the claim of house hold goods damaged and consideration towards the damage to the hard wood floors, "Regarding the property damage, as this is not handled as a HHG claim there is not a cap. There is a cap on HHG claims at a maximum of $4 per pound of the shipment. This will not affect any property damage claim." 
4. Request, again, the business provide access to a claim process (a simple process that every moving company should provide) such that they send an assessor and/or contractor to inspect the hardwood floor and repair the same.

To Whom it May Concern
In response to the Complaint made by **. and [redacted] there is no proof that our crew made the damage to their hardwood floor. To date we have not received any pictures of the...

damage or even the quotes that [redacted] received to repair the floor. I have spoken to a floor covering vendor to inquire the extent of damage that would Warrant a $5000 repair. I was told that damage of that sort would be extensive and extremely noticeable since that is the cost to install a hardwood floor in a 20’ by 30’ area.
I have also attached the Form 1850 which is the DOD notification of loss and damage. Each military customer is given that form at the end of the move so that they have the opportunity to notate any damage. [redacted] filled out the form and listed that a platter, wine glass, football bank desk, and bedframe were damaged however there is no mention of floor damage. I don’t think it is reasonable that a person will notice that a wine glass is damaged but will neglect to make mention of hardwood floor damage that will cost $5000 to repair.
It is our position that this claim is fraudulent and this customer is either trying to have Ace moving pay for damage that occurred after we delivered their house hold goods of they are just attempting to receive a payout. They have failed to do so in the claims process that the SDDC has in place so now they just want to blemish the reputation of our company.

Review: On June 4, 2013 we moved to a new address and I had hired Ace Moving & Storage to move us. They delivered our belongings with the exception of a 4 ft. ladder. a mirror and a desk. They could not seem to find these three items and they finally bought a 4 ft. ladder from [redacted] and delivered that on this past Tuesday. I have made numerous calls to them regarding my desk and have been unsuccessful in getting it returned to me. First they told me a screw fell out of the desk, then they told me they had to take it to be repaired. All I want is my desk returned to me. This is a $500.00 desk. They keep giving me the run around and I'm about sick of it. I hope that you can help me retrieve my desk. I paid them a total of $1,290 for this move. Thank you,[redacted]. [redacted]email: [redacted]Desired Settlement: I want either the desk or a refund for the purchase price of the desk.



To whom it may concern:

[redacted]. [redacted] was moved on Tuesday June 4, 2013. During that move it is true that a ladder was lost and there was some minor damage to her desk. We contacted [redacted]. [redacted] on the day of her move and explained the damage done. We assured her that her desk will be repaired and delivered to her in 2-3 weeks depending on the schedule of the Furniture repairman. The desk was delivered to [redacted] in [redacted] VA to be repaired on June 5, 2013. The repairs were completed on Friday June 21 and we returned the desk to [redacted]. [redacted] the following Monday June 24, 2013. We replaced her ladder with a new one according to her specifications and delivered the ladder on Monday June 10, 2013.

It is my opinion that this complaint is fraudulent because we replaced the missing ladder and repaired the desk both in a timely fashion. Throughout this process we communicated with [redacted]. [redacted] as to the status of the desk repairs. According to the guidelines set in section 14708 of title 49, United States code, under the authority of the U.S. Department of Transportation, we have 30 days after the receipt of a claim to acknowledge it. Thereafter we have 120 days to pay, deny, repair, replace, make a settlement , and or inform the shipper about the status of such claim. We rectified this matter within a 20 day period; well within the legal timeframe set by the DOT. It should also be noted that a claim was not formerly submitted by [redacted]. [redacted]. We took it upon ourselves to inform her of the damage and voluntarily initiated the process to repair and replace those items. It is because of our transparent and straightforward business practices that we have not had a complaint in the past three years and why we maintain an A plus rating with the It is my hope that this complaint be deemed fraudulent and stricken from our clean record.

If there are any other questions I can be reached directly at [redacted]. Thank you.

Operations Manager

Ace Moving & Storage Inc.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


I have received a response from the concerning my complaint. First of all my complaint is not a fraudulent complaint. When my furniture was delivered on June 4, 2013 I was told that a screw fell out of my desk. They didn't tell me anything else about the desk. Second of all they never told me it would take 2-3 weeks to get my desk back. I kept having to call them to find out when I could get my desk back. So, that means it took ABC Moving two weeks to replace a screw in the desk. They did lose my ladder and finally they asked what kind of ladder it was and they went over to [redacted] and purchased another desk. Also, they lost my dresser mirror, I told them I wasn't to concerned about the mirror I was mainly interested in getting my desk back.

Thank you,

[redacted]. [redacted]

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