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Businesses response via phone conversation:The sheetrock was damaged prior to visit and was saturated with water due to the washing machine overflowingThe technician that went out to the job was the owner and talked to Mr***

Action plumbing ageeed to come to house 8an Wednesday


Action plumbing was sent to service our water heater by *** *** *** The owner, Quentin ***, came out on Friday, said he needed to order a part, a thermocouple and that one of plumbers that works for him would do the installationA different plumber returned Monday and informed us we needed yet another (unspecified) part They would have to order itWe contacted Quentin that day and he told us that his initial diagnosis was made without actually opening anything up because he didn't need to He could just tell without looking He explained that the other plumber found the damage when he opened the water heater It's aggravating, especially for the kids when there is no hot water for showers Not really a big deal at this pointLater in the day we were contacted by *** and informed that our warranty was void because, according to Action Plumbing, the fitting to the thermocouple was stripped out, indicating damage caused by customer Replacement of the entire water was the only option because it couldn't be fixed Cost in addition to the $service fee would be over $ Now it's a big dealProblem is, no one has ever touched the water heater since it was installed except to re-light the pilot a couple of times If anything was damaged, it had to have been caused by the plumber There is absolutely no way it was customer damageWe contacted Quentin again We were thinking that this was some mistakeUnfortunately, he refused to change his report He insisted the fitting was stripped out before they touched it*** offered a second opinion If the next plumber they sent in agrees with Action Plumbing's assessment, we would have to pay another bucks service fee If he didn't agree with Action's assessment *** would payWhen the next plumber came out for he informed us that he checked everything out and everything looks good He lit the pilot we now have hot water He said it appeared he was the first person to open the water heater Also said that nothing was stripped and there were not even any wrench marks on the fittings

Dear [redacted],      In April of this year AHS began using a new dispatch software and looking back I have no record of receiving a service request with the mention address. There have been a few occasions where the AHS representative did not use the new software on sending the dispatch and...

the request was missed but as the customer is informed, if they do not hear from the service technician within 24 hours, they are to call AHS. I apologize for her inconvenience but AHS is her contractor and she should have contacted AHS notifying them of her complaint because AHS would have contacted us to find out what happened or sent the service request to another plumbing company, also when she put in her service request she is given the company's info phone number ect.Thank you,[redacted](409)[redacted]

Complaint: 10790938
I am rejecting this response...

The sheet was not damaged prior to the plumber comming out. The equipment used by the plumbing company tore the top of the sheet rock. It has since been repaired. I am not seaking damages. Just thought they would repair the portion damaged.

After the follow up  on friday with mediation( between Us and action plumbing.  Have sent 2 messages to them ( they had stated parts would be around 100$) and that they could maybe come monday.  No response.

It always amazes me how people who live in influential subdivisions always want to bully the little guy. Mr. [redacted] states the water heater was not installed to code. The only change to the water heater code since the house was built is the requirement of an expansion tank, which we installed along...

with the water heater. As for his second claim that we sold him a damaged tank, this is also untrue. This was a brand new water heater right out of the box. The water heater has preformed perfectly. Water heaters have a tank where the water is stored, that is wrapped with insulation, and that is covered with the outer protective jacket. This protective jacket of sheet metal has nothing to do with the functionafity of the water heater. This installation was in the attic. It is possible while getting it up the ladder and over to its position that it might have gotten a dent in the outer jacket. Once again let me state this has nothing to do with the functionality of the heater. This is not equivalent to purchasing scratched furniture or say a refrigerator. This is a water heater in an attic that is functioning perfectly. Included please find attached a copy of this invoice. The front page is the proposal that gives the size of the water heater to be replaced, and the addition of the required expansion tank. Mr. [redacted] initialed this, authorizing the work. The back page is the collection page. At the bottom of the page is the acceptance of work preformed. Mr. [redacted] has signed his name here. I feel that we have fulfilled our obligation to Mr. [redacted]. If I can be any further assistance in this matter please feel free to contact me at [redacted]. God bless and remember, I can do all things in God who strengthens me.Sincerely,[redacted] I accept the gentlemans response it would not have been necessary if multiple emails and phone callswere responded to. You basically ignored my requestIt always amazes me that people who quote bible verses are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. An honorable 'man of god' would have made a simple call. God would be ashamed of you. This has nothing to do with bullying. It has everything to do with being and acting honorably. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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Address: 1152 Black Creek Rd, Columbus, Mississippi, United States, 39705-8140


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