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Advance Lawn Sprinklers & Landscaping

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Advance Lawn Sprinklers & Landscaping Reviews (5)

Review: Warranty work for plants that they planted need to be replaced , this was not acceptable to Advance L&S. They said it was wildlife issue which we do not have here on our property and there are not any tracks or proof that wildlife touched the plants. They say they did so they will not replace the 5 plants but the other 20 plants are fine and they are in front of these plants so it makes no sense. They are making a issue out of replacing 5 plants based on their warranty and an excuse that is inaccurate. I live in the home we don't have wildlife issues and I feel they are not taking care of this on their end. I had them stop and cancelled the rest of the work on them in January as there were issues I was not happy with and paid them what they requested and finished the work later without using them.This might be why they are not honoring their warranty I am not sure.Desired Settlement: Remove the initial plants planted and replace the 5 plants as per their warranty as requested. I paid them in full I would like them to honor their work as their mission statement states. I am fine with the other 20 plants they planted as they are alive and growing.


Response: spoke with the business. This customer's job took place in the fall of 2015. the business has been out to address the customer's concerns however it is clear that an animal, most likely a deer, is causing the damage. No warranty for the covers damage caused by an animal.

Review: In Jul 2014, I sustained a lightning strike to my house and was making all of the repairs myself before submitting claim to the insurance company. In Jul 2015 Advance Lawn (the company) contacted me from an Internet inquiry that I had made. Company advised of a $90 service fee to come out; nothing else. I expected there would be additional charges but at no time during the call nor during the visit was any information provided to me to make an informed decision. Company did some rewiring and tested the system. I was told that I still needed a new controller ($390). Company spent less than 2.5 hours on-site (I timed) and told me that the work done that day was $630.00. If you subtract the $90 service fee, that comes out to more than $216/hr for the labor (that is more that a mechanic charges, at least they will tell you the rate upfront). This was NEVER told nor would I have agreed to that, especially, not knowing what the insurance company would pay. I received a call later on 7/27/14, from I assumed was the office manger about the follow-up work and I told her no. I asked about the billing and she mentioned a sum of $130. I could not talk to her in detail as I was in the library at the time and could not obtain a clear telephone signal. If the $130 is the hourly rate then that would somewhat equal to the $630 billed as there were two individuals on-site (subtract out the $90 service fee). In my business, withholding vital information that impacts the decision-making ability of the client is called errors and omission. I sent the Company a letter (which I can provide) and I did receive a response but it was vague and did not address my concern nor did it provide me with the information that I requested. I sent the company another letter dated 9/25/15 to which I have not received a response as of 12 pm on 10/14/15. I now will need to hire someone to reevaluate the “work” done by Advance as I no longer have any trust in them especially since they cannot answer direct questions regarding there deceptive billing practices and the providing of information. My question is, what are you trying to hid and why? If you are charging $200+ an hour, then be upfront about that and let me make the decision to or not to hire you. Going forward, I will have a checklist of questions that I will ask and document before I allow any contractor to do any work for me.Desired Settlement: Since the company was not truthful in their disclosure, I want nothing further to do with them. Since I still have to hire someone to reevaluate my system, and the company has not provided the information to which I requested, I am willing to pay the $130/hr for labor (not for each individual) that I heard the office manager mention in our 7/27/14 telephone conversation for a total of $325.00 for the 2.5 hours on-site. Again, I am only offering this resolution because Advance did come out and spend time on-site. Additionally, I want to end this sad chapter and not have to look into other possible courses of action



I responded to Mr. [redacted] previously with the [redacted] letter. After receiving this notice, I realize he is asking for the labor breakdown. We charged Mr. [redacted] $135/hr for one man & $75/hr for the second man. The total billable time was for 3 hours. We do not bill for partial hours and the travel time to the job is part of the billable time. Therefore, the amount due is $630. The invoice is due the day services are rendered. Mr. [redacted] has not paid anything to date. He mentioned in his letter that he was going to submit all of his claims to his insurance company on August 3, 2015. I have not heard any results of those claims or received any questions from the insurance company in regard to the charges Mr. [redacted] incurred. Thank you for helping with this matter.[redacted]Advance Lawn Sprinklers



I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I

take this opportunity to thank Advance for finally providing me with

the information for which I clearly asked in my initial letter (“I

respectfully request a detailed bill and a response as to why this

valuable information that I mentioned above was never provided that

would have allowed me to make an informed decision.”). I

was never, I repeat, never, provided this information prior to your

doing so in your response through the


again I will ask the question. Why was this important

decision-making information not provided to me at the time that your

office manager contacted me nor did you convey the same to me when

you arrived at my residence. I never agreed to what you conveyed in

your response through the It is ironic that your office manager

stated that there would be a $90 service charge for coming out but

your response said that “We

do not bill for partial hours and the travel time to the job is part

of the billable time.“

Here is a simple question. If your response is correct, then why is

your office manger not providing the correct information? As I

interpret your billing charges, if you arrived and stayed five

minutes, then I would be billed a minimum of $210; that is a big

disconnect from a $90 service charge if you came and then immediately

left. I based my decision on the information that I was provided. I

will not be held responsible for the failure on Advance's part to

provide the correct information and I do not know if it was a

misdirect, an omission, a slight of hands or whatever. What I agreed

to was not what I was provided.


the insurance claim submission that you cited, I had intended to have

everything completed and file for my reimbursement on August 3d but

since I learned that I had two years in which to file my claim

instead of one, I went on vacation instead and did not file it. I

had been having the repairs made systematically and paying for them

as I go and then I would submit the final completed claim to the

insurance company for review.


do not misunderstand my intent here. I am not trying to steal

anything from Advance. My issue is that Advance was negligent in its

practices which had I known, I would not have agreed to use your

service. Once again, I will make an offer to resolve this issue. I

will agree to pay the $135/hr for only 2.5 hours ($338 rounded up) of

time since the omission was on Advance's part. As I stated before, I

still will need someone to reinspect the system to affect the

necessary repairs. I think this is more than reasonable on my part

as I believe that I would have the legal backing on my side if I

chose not to pay your erroneous invoice considering that Advance

withheld critical decision-making information. This is my final

offer to resolve this matter. If you agree, please send me a new

bill clearly breaking down the charges and I will immediately remit

the payment to you. If you do not agree then I will review other

options that avail themselves to me.


Review: I moved into a new home and wanted to use my water sprinkler. I called the company that installed the system and inquired about how one turns on the water to the system. Since it is their system I assumed they would be the best place to call. Over the phone I described what was under my house and was told to turn on both valves. The backflow leaked considerably. I was given information on how I could repair this myself. Since the system is still under warranty (according to the paperwork I did find) I didn't want to to this myself. When the tech arrived he stated that he was there to show me how to turn the water on and program the system which was not why I called. I said no there is a leak. He turned the water back on and I said what about the second valve, your supposed to turn that too (per the information I got on the phone). He said, no you never turn that one on. We started doing that two years ago as an added protection to the backlfow. Then he left. No other service was provided. He was at my home a total of one minute. They did warm me the service call was $90, and since I thought there was a legitimate problem, I had no problem with that. I got the bill yesterday for the service call, fine, I'll pay what they say I owe as there is an additional threat at the bottom if unpaid that it will be sent to collection and attorney fees will apply. My issue is that no problem existed and I think they knew that. How could they not, it is their system and they have been putting in two valves for TWO years. When I called this morning I was asked if the leak was fixed, very smart like. So they will get their $90.00 service call fee, she is right, it was "fixed".Desired Settlement: I want you to know how they do business.


Response: spoke with [redacted] from the company and he stated that everything in the complaint was exactly how it was. The consumer was trying to do something over the phone and stated that there was water coming out of one of the pipes. [redacted] stated that every home is different and it is hard to tell someone what to do without looking at it. [redacted] stated that they had no idea what could be going on and that is why the service call and fee was charged.



I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


You miss the point. You don't know your system. She pulled the file. You got your money and I consider this matter closed. Just know you shorted yourself out of a ton of future business.

Best wishes peace out

Review: I recently had Advanced install an irrigation system. They offer a service that involves them coming to your home to turn on the faucets for the sprinkler system for the summer which I never agreed to. Advanced called my home and spoke to my grandmother that is 85 years old and was told that I couldn't come to the phone. So the next day without my knowledge they came to my home and performed the activation service and left a bill on my door. I immediately called them and told them that I did not authorize this. After some discussion they told me that they would come back and turn off the sprinkler faucets. I just got a bill in the mail for 92 dollars which includes a late fee. Please help me to resolve this issue as I know that I am being charged for services that I did not authorize.Desired Settlement: Dismissal of bill for unauthorized services.



It has been our practice, for the last 21 years, to mail a post card to the homeowner prior to routine maintenance being done on the irrigation system at their home; ie-winter shut-down/spring start-up. The post card states, "It's time to service your irrigation system. We will be at your home on NOV 13, 2012 to complete this service. We need access to your garage, so if this date is inconvenient for you or you do NOT want us to service the system, please contact us at [redacted]."

After installing a new system for the homeowner in July 2012, we contacted the homeowner in October 2012 with a post card to inform them we would be winterizing their new system on November 13, 2012. The service was completed as scheduled and the invoice was left at the time of service. The invoice was due at the time of service. However the bill was paid 2 months after the service was done.

I had Advance Lawn install my sprinklers about 6 years ago and have the spring turn on and fall turnoff service. They also did my patio and walkway in brick and it's wonderful. I receive excellent friendly service on the rare occasions I have called. The lady there was excellent in explaining about the sprinkler covers that wear off over time and the cost of replacement when after 5 years I actually ran over head with the mower. Replacement was done without issues. A leak at overflow valve after turn-on was fixed a friendly call and no issue after. It is a pleasure to pay the for my twice a year service.

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