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Advanced Water Treatment, Inc.

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Paying For Personal Loan that was sent by CFE directly to the wrong institution (company) and address
Having a terrible experience with a personal loanThey issued a check to the wrong institution and address and holding me responsible even though I w
I have been waiting and paying since April (loan was issued on March 12th) in a resolution and have been calling 1-per weekNothing is being doneThis is a legal scam!

CFE transfered $from my checking to my savings account causing my account to overdraft and then charged my account an overdraft fee of $
I asked Michelle if they could please waive the fee because they caused my account to overdraftMichelle said that she would be able to waive half of the feeI then asked to speak to a supervisorAt first the supervisor Gia didn't even want to come to the phone and finally after demanding to speak to a supervisor, the supervisor Gia finally comes to the phone and tells me that she's not going to waive any of the fee and starts talking to me about refinancing my car when that has nothing to do with the reason I calledHer customer service was horrible and then when I mentioned Michelle said they were going to waive half of the fee, Gia said that Michelle was gone for the night which I know was a lie because it was 6:13pmI have been with this bank for ten years and never had issues until recentlyAll I wanted was the $fee to be

Denial of statements and payment coupons
I have contacted the credit union on numerous occasions to have a replacement coupon book for my vehicle loan and a monthly statement to be provided I have sent emails, written letters, and called and have had no information provided via the Postal Service I cannot access online any of my account information as well it has been blocked or erased The account# in question for a vehicle is *** The last phone call I made was on 5/7/again asking for a coupon book and a monthly statement I have yet to receive anything If has been over months that I have been requesting this information and have had nothing provided

Rude and inconvenient customer service
I contacted member services on 12/for account number *** because my account was overdrawn by no account of my own Member services confirmed a outside party had recreated a debit card and pin number to overdrawn the account, however the bank did not restore the money in my account while they investigated unlike years ago where in one day my account was credited I called again on 12/and was told by an customer service manager rudely that it would be days before $is put back into my account I explained they are FDIC insured, they know my account was overdrawn by an outside party, why am I being inconvenient?

The amount of $was transferred to my credit card by the Lake Mary Branch on 1/17/
The amount of $was transferred to my credit card by the Lake Mary Branch on 1/17/I have call the branch several times to dispute the transactionThe branch or customer service is unable to tell me the name, address, and phone number to the company the funds was transferredI paid this month toward my credit card and interest and unable to find out where the fund went toThe bank is unable to give me the information that was put in the system

They're reported a late payment on my creditThe payment was made in the branch, prior to the 3o day window
I had an auto loan through CFE on a Toyota AvalonIn December I traded in the vehicle to ***
For some reason, the dealership took longer than expected to payoff the loan, so I went into the branch in Lake Mary, FL to inquire about the transaction and the rep was kind enough to let me know that they hadn't received the payoff, but that the day late payment window was days outShe advised that I make a payment, and when the payoff was received they'd reimburse me any overagesThat's precisely what I did, I made a payment
A couple of weeks later I get a notification from the credit bureaus stating that CFE is reporting a late payment
I go back into the branch and I spoke with the same rep who helped me the first time, as well, as with another rep and they got instructions from the Collections department to get that removed, which was prett

Truly disappointed in CFE Federal Credit UnionMy college age son has been being charged $a month since October "since he turned due to the lack of a $minimum balance requirement" THAT WE HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE AWARE OF according to Dan S***, Vice President at CFEWe have been members at cfe for nearly years and are truly disappointed by thisThe account was opened as a children's account over years agoAT NO POINT was there EVER any mention of this charge or minimum balance requirement requirementThey took over $from his accountIt's hard enough for college students to make ends meetWhen the credit union you have trusted for years hurts you like this, it is very dishearteningBEWARE OF YOU HAVE A CHILDREN'S ACCOUNTYOUR CHILD MAY BE NEXT

I was never billed a letter or phone call concerning my remaining balance on a car loanI was put in collections and no attempt was made to bill me
My car was totaled and 1st insurance company paid amount the car was deemed worthI received bill with remaining balanceSent in gap insurance claim they paid and I received paperwork from USA gap insurance that the amount was paid in fullI received nothing from Central Florida Educators' Credit Union acknowledging payment or requesting payment of extra fees that were added on (never have found out what these fees are for) I check my credit report and found a late payment was attached to my name from CFECUI called them in August when I found this to inquiry(Assuming they had made a mistake)I was still at this point not informed that I owed any money, but was told to send in a written complaint and that they would take it off my reportAfter I sent in the letter, I received a letter that stated that their account of a late pa

My credit card strip was stolen
CFE found of fraudulent charges Refunded the 3, will not ack the additional Keep dropping the ball
My credit cards magnetic stripe was stolen back in the beginning of April (likely through a gas station) Over the course of the month fraudulent charges were made on my card My credit union caught notice of of them and notified me of the issue and suspended my card I was able to verify those three charges, to which they then cancelled the card and sent a new one along with starting the process of refunding the three charges
I then checked my statement and noticed the additional charges which were missed On May 8th I opened the second inquiry to start the ball rolling on getting the additional charges reversed
I keep calling every couple of weeks, but every time I get the same, we are working on it and it will take some time I called again about weeks ago, and they found no record of anyone working on the

I was scammed $and CFEFCU did not help me to get the money returned to my accountI completed & signed all the forms they requested only to be told wrong formSo then CFEFCU filled in the form & sent it to me to sign & mail in, which I did, only to be told it's the wrong form! How can it be wrong when CFE is the one who sent it to me?! Then they told me too much time had passed to refund meI feel like I've been robbed twiceDo NOT bank hereThey do not care about doing the right thing & they do not care about their customers!

payoff check misappliedContact attempted to resolve issue
Payoff check for credit card misapplied in November resulting in late fees and interest charges accruing as well as negative impacts to my creditNo contact was made to me to attempt to resolve the issueI ran a credit check which is when I discover the issueI am us military station in japan and unable to communicate by phone attempted email contact which has been ineffective in resolving the issueI am also a former employee and would've expected better customer service

Fraudulent charges/withdraws
on 12/13/ I noticed on my account withdraws of $and plus fees respectively , I contacted the institution and reported this transactions as fraudulenti expected a reverse of the charges since is protected by visa fraud protection
after business days I again contacted the institution to inquire about the reversal of the charges, they told me that was denied the claim because they are legit
they allege that since I removed the country block and the withdrawals happened in that country the are valid transactions
my card was cloned and therefore used to withdraw money intil I caught it and cancelled the card and reinstated the county block
I explained that we did not have this money and was a scheme and would like to have the amount and the fees reversed based on their commitment in offering fraud protection
they can investigate and use the cameras to certify that is not me or my wife utilizing said ATM machine

As you can see by my account the balance reflected does not state avail or unavailable and I was charge a $courtesy fee!
I first called the membership line and rep was very polite and addressed my complaint so I decided to visit the branch in St Cloud and show what I could not over the phoneJanet the rep at the branch

on 04-16-2017, CFE improperly rejected an debit from Fidelity Investments for my Roth IRA
On 04-16-2017, the CFE automated computer system improperly rejected a debit transaction from Fidelity Investments for my contribution to my Roth IRA The system gave the improper error code that my account could not be located My account has existed since And, I gave Fidelity the correct account number, the correct numeric code for the checking account, and the correct routing number THERE WAS NO REASON FOR THIS ERROR EXCEPT FOR A COMPUTER ERROR OR A SOFTWARE ERROR CFE did NOT have my permission to screw up my IRA contribution and my Income taxes in this manner CFE absolutely did NOT have my permission to do this very giant and serious screw up The $5,was never delivered to Fidelty Investments by CFE Credit Union because of this computer error NOT ACCEPTABLE THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT ACCEPTABLE NOW, MY IRA AND MY INCOME TAXES ARE ALL SCREWED UP YOU

CFE has failed to return money to my account and every time I call there is a different waiting period
on 05/09, I ordered Euros through the customer service numberThe representative was unable to provide definite information regarding the exchange rate but agreed it would be comparable to .88, I read onlineI was told it would take 2-weeks to receive the money which I agreed was okOn 05/12, I received a call stating the money was available for pick up at the Kissimmee branchOn 05/16, I went to the Kissimmee branch and waited for minutes before I started approaching the representatives walking aroundI was seated with Jacqueline who said she would get assistance to obtain the EurosThe head teller, Jomari came in with the Euros freely in her hand and a receiptShe asked me to sign the receipt which stated I was being provided Euros for my payment of $at an exchange rate of I advised her these terms were not what was agreed upon and I refused to sign f

CFE Credit Union
this review is for the company as a whole not the sole location
They state to be a Credit Union for the consumer as listed on their website "People helping people" but is actually the opposite after all they are only concerned about themselvesLack of professionalism from Managers such as Sharon the Supervisor Manager and Dan Ccatching attitudes and a nasty tone of voice not willing to help the customerLocation Managers are a joke as they have the ability to do nothing
Worst mistake Ive made so far was stepping into this organizationwilling to lose thousands of dollars due to a waiver of $If you are reading this don't do business here take your business else where
Quick to ruin your credit but no care whatsoever in trying to help it
Waiting on a call from the CEO Kevin M*** to see if he represents the company in a different manner than his assosiates

Unable to have a new debit card sent to my current addressUnable to receive any communication other than refusal to assist
My debit card was cancelled without my knowledgeI am working outside of Florida so I am unable to visit a branch officeI have called "repeatedly", they can't help me...sent messages on their website "repeatedly", Savannah Gonly responds with call the numberI send a message and it takes 7-days to receive a responseI have asked "repeatedly" to have someone contact me and all I'm told is call the numberI was told I have addresses on fileI changed my address on the website but that's not my "mailing" address? They "refuse" to send me a new debit cardSavannah said I had to print a form and return itI DIDBut they still refuse to send me a new debit card OR have anyone contact me to discussSavannah writes I have to download "another" form and have it noterizedWhy does it cost me money to change my address??????????? I AM UNABLE TO ACCESS MY

Pay close attention to your bank accounts with CFE!!! I am filing a complaint with the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) There are unauthorized duplicate transactions on my account due to their bank system errorCFE Federal Credit Union claims that they are working on fixing the problemIn the meantime, I am out of funds that should be available to me for the second day nowI need my money now! My funds were illegally deducted by the bank, and is now being illegally held up by the bank CFE said that there is nothing they can do to make it right, and I'll just have to wait for them to restore my fundsI was told that they don't have a timeline as to when this will be resolvedThere isn't anything in place to protect clients from bank errorsOn the other hand, banks will impose fees for all sorts of things to protect themselvesWhat about the customers when the bank inconveniences their lives because of a system error? We are a family of ten, and on a strict budgetI can't afford bank system errorsWe need to eat nowCFE Federal Credit Union's system glitch caused a great inconvenience for usI am sure the corporate executives eat wellWhat about us!?! I've been getting the run around for the past two days
CFE customer service is the worst Several customer service reps hung up the phone on me after I inquired as to why the charges could not be reversed immediately During a third call I spoke with a customer service rep who by my request, transferred me to a manager I spoke with the manager, Sharon who listened to my appeal to reverse the charges, and in the middle of the conversation, the phone call was disconnected Sharon did not make any attempt to call me back Mind you, the bank does have my contact information on file, yet no attempt was made to call me back When I called back again, another CFE representative put me on hold, and returned saying that Sharon was either away from her desk, or on another call I left several messages for the Director, Dan as well During one of my calls to the bank, the customer service rep informed me that Dan said he would call me back He never did After waiting for three hours, I called him againDan told me that due to the system glitch there are over 10,transactions that they are trying to resolve Dan said that he, and his staff are stressed out because they are dealing with a higher volume of calls today I am sorry that the staff at CFE is stressed out, but it was inappropriate of Dan to share that with me After all, he, and his staff are compensated for being there and doing their jobs On the other hand, I am experiencing the negative effects, and stress from their system glitch for free Dan also shared with me that there are "actually" customers who are in a negative balance that they are trying to help, minimizing my issue He also informed me that I could draw from my other accounts as well I felt that Dan was out of line because I shouldn't have to draw from any other accounts, or credit cards, going outside of my budgetary plan to accommodate a bank system glitchI did not sign up for that The bank is certainly not trying to accommodate me right now I had funds available to me in my checking account until CFE approved transaction that I did not make Their system glitched duplicating, and approving unauthorized transactions against my account on two separate days I also left a detailed message for Kevin, who is supposed to be in a higher position than Dan I have no hopes that he will call me back either Bottom line, CFE is unable to reverse the charges at this time, and they have no idea when my funds will be restored CFE has poor customer service from the reps to the directorThey are under way too much stress to treat me like a valued customer, and I certainly don't feel like my money is safe at CFE It is scary to know how fallible and vulnerable their electronic banking system is It has wreaked havoc for thousands of customers CFE Federal Credit Union is not anymoreMoving to another bank!!

I have been looking for a LOCAL credit union or bank that actually has weekend hours, since these 8-bankers hours don't work for some people's livesI finally found CFE which has a Lake Mary branch, which a Drive Through open on SaturdayI started the application process online week agoThis morning I finally got the confirmation email that my process is complete
I go to their website, only to find a brand new news story, that tells me that they are doing away with the Saturday Hours at their Lake Mary locationSeriously??
There was reason you got my business, and you are getting rid of that reason on the day my account was finally opened
I will be closing both accounts immediately, and I will be pursuing whatever means I need to, in order to get my $fee refunded, since this is the equivalent of Bait And Switch

My account was setup for auto transfers from my checking to several internal savings accounts for myself and my childrenOn this occasion, my account did not have enough funds to cover all of the transfersInstead of the transfers being cancelled, they were processed and I was charged a $fee for each transferThis resulted in almost $in overdraft fees(I am with another credit union and have been with one in the pastAs well, I currently have accounts with a bankWhen this occurs, the transfers are always cancelled and never processed, so I did not question this when my account was setup) There was nothing noted in any documentation or explained to me when the account was set up that I would incur fees for internal transfers Eventually, my checking account was closed and my other accounts are being restricted from useI have made attempts to go into the local institution and also contact the Headquarters twice by phoneI keep being told that I would be contacted and as

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