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• Jul 05, 2024

It's awful
Wish we would have never went with aerocare it's awful put my husbands account on hold refuse to give him his oxygen supplies he has to have he is on round the clock oxygen

• Aug 21, 2023

Worst company ever
No stars I give them … everytime I call to replace my sons O2 tanks … I’m waiting for over a hour to talk to someone then , leave message no one calls back… when I finally get someone on the phone I always always get transfer to another person and have to wait another hour… this is ridiculous…. I hate this company soooo much … definitely looking for another company to go thur asap

Horrible customer service!
It's no wonder that this company has such poor reviews! My doctor placed an order for a wheelchair and a quad cane from AeroCare several weeks ago. Last week I called AeroCare to find out the status of my order. I was told by a customer service rep that the order was not being processed because my doctor "did not fill out the form correctly". I asked the rep how come no one from their office alerted me or my doctor to get this issue resolved. The rep responded that "someone should have called you". I asked the rep to please resend the form to my doctor and she said that she would. On yesterday I called AeroCare again to find out the status of my order. The rep advised me that they had received the corrected form back from my doctor but that the order was not being processed. They rep did not know why and said that she was going to send a message to her supervisor to call me and of course the supervisor never called.

Non existent customer service
Needed to change mask type due to facial surgery. Dr. sent new Rx and I placed the order. They sent the same mask as before. Tried to call them 4 times, my call was transferred to local office then back to the resupply office and the phone went dead. Called back 2 more times and after giving my info I was trasnsfered and the phone went dead. When I called back again and explain the lost calls was told it was my fault. transferring to a new provider.

Horrible experience
Local office presented me with new mask. Within 1 hour of use, it was so painful that I had to revert back to previous old mask. Office would not accept it after opened and attempted to use. I tried to pay for the mask online and was required for "auto ship" of other supplies, monthly. 9:20 a.m. on 2/20/23 I called Aerocare, talked with "Cedric" with assurance that I can pay through him and my account would have no further shipments, no future billings, charges. With his guarantee, I paid for the failed item!


Aero not Care is the name for what it stands for, therefore I am sick dealing with incompetence and lack of understanding. What they do care is money and billing their customer literally like air is theirs. Will take my business elsewhere.
Thank you for your disservice


Wrong supplies!
Aerocare sent an email listing the supplies I would need for my CPAP. Little did I know all of these parts were the wrong ones for my machine. When I went to get them replaced or a refund they said there was only a 30 day return policy on these parts. I won't be using them anymore.


Aero are Service
I've been using them since 2017 & they have been so nice & helpful to me. They have gone above & beyond to help me through this whole thing with oxygen. Elaine is so knowledgeable about everything & educates me about anything I want to know. She is truly an angel!


Poor customer service. I am told that all calls go to a call center and not to the actual office.
I called five times thinking I was speaking with someone at a current location and found out it is a call center. The people working there have no idea what they are talking about, they lie to you and you speak with a different person with each call. You guys may need to rethink the call center because these people have no idea about insurance, peoples needs or customer service. They yawn on the phone, make noises, and when you call them on it they become rude.
They tell you you will get a call and you do not. They tell you that they have not received an order and they have. Just so many lies and inconsistencies that it is unreal.


Worst customer service. Incompetent
Don't use aerocare. They are the worst company ever. It's taken them 6 months to get authorization for a cpap machine. I called to cancel appointment on April 1 and called to reschedule and they say I never c a lied. So they canceled my order and have to start all over. It's been a year since my sleep study. Horrible customer service, no communication between co workers. Rude employees.


Deceptive and Misleading
Show me a company with multiple customer service phone numbers, multiple home offices, and “coding” used as a billing practice, and I will show you a fraudulent organization. If you are a CPAP user, be advised that EVERYTHING you need (except the machine itself) can be purchased online WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION...and paying outright to a legitimate company is still much cheaper than your portion of the supply costs after AeroCare gouges your insurance company. As an added bonus, buying online enables you to avoid the incompetence of AeroCare employees.


Oxygen machine (disgusting)
Look At the pictures it says it all ! That is the inside of my oxygen machine after they refused to bring me one that worked Would you want your loved ones breathing this in 🤮


Excellent Customer Service - 1806 33rd Street, Orlando
I could not be happier with the customer service I have received from AeroCare since I started using a CPAP machine in October 2020. From the first day, the staff at AeroCare treated me with an abundance of respect, thoughtfulness, care, concern, and patience in explaining how to properly use the various pieces of equipment. When the delivery person brings the equipment, it is usually overwhelming and obviously, since they aren't mind readers, there are often a lot of questions to be asked and answered later by calling the Customer Service number.

A week ago, my doctor ordered supplemental oxygen therapy for me and I was beyond overwhelmed when the delivery person brought the large home condenser unit and the smaller portable condenser. I had no idea what questions to ask until the following morning when I called AeroCare and spoke with a wonderful young lady, TaShay S (CSR), who was fantastic! TaShay responded to most of my questions and referred me to someone else who had all the answers. She never left me waiting and emailed and called me to ensure me I felt comfortable using the oxygen. Thank you, TaShay!

Unfortunately, the home condenser unit they delivered was extremely noisy and made loud clanging sounds, which was a huge distraction. Then I encountered the "runny nose" condition which most people on supplemental oxygen encounter so I called AeroCare to see what could be done and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Lisa S, the team leader for the supplemental oxygen. Immediately, Lisa apologized for the inconvenience of having a malfunctioning home condenser unit and said she would make sure that another condenser, which was quieter and had a humidifier bottle (to help with the runny nose) was sent to me that same day. She offered to mail another type of cannula which would also help but it would take a few days to reach me so I offered to pick it up.

When I arrived at their offices in downtown Orlando (33rd Street), Lisa greeted me as if I were her only client! She explained everything to me, which allayed my fears about using supplemental oxygen. Lisa was extremely knowledgeable about the use of oxygen and it was obvious she loves her job and enjoys working at AeroCare, which made me feel very safe and secure. I left there with the new cannulas she gave me, feeling as if I truly mattered to AeroCare! Thank you, Lisa!

True to Lisa's promise for me to have a new home condenser unit that same day, Sammy arrived at my home and exchanged the malfunctioning home condenser unit for a much quieter one with the humidifier bottle and explained how to use it. Thank you, Sammy!

I've had nothing but excellent customer service from AeroCare. Holly Waters has also been tremendous in sorting through some minor billing issues. Thank you, Holly!



Heartless b[censored]
I have had 13 spinal surgeries and the United States military veteran I barely sleep three hours a night there are times I go without sleep for 48 hours I use my mask religiously when I do get sleep I am in the rating of the 80% usage yet to get called by arrow care threatening to shut down my service and have my machine removed because I don’t use it enough. Literally had an arrow care representative tell me well “why don’t you just wear the mask for four hours a day whether you’re sleeping or not”. All this company cares about is if they get paid they don’t wanna work for their money they don’t want to discuss the client the patient to the insurance at all when each patient has a different set of situations they just want to give you a machine and take your money when I did my set up they screwed up their paperwork and tried to charge me $470 for the set up fee if I had not questioned it they would’ve just taken that money and been a happy camper when I questioned it it was supposed to be $47 this company is a rip off their thieves and they should not be in healthcare I was in healthcare for 20 years and I am embarrassed by this company. If I could rate them lower than one*I would I would rate them -10 stars


Fraudulent Business Practices
Horrible, awful, fraudulent and shameful business practices, I could go on but you get the point.

They took 6 weeks to get me my much needed oxygen equipment after the doctor ordered them and I called them multiple times during that 6 weeks. They even hung up on me when I complained about how long it was taking, they HUNG UP on me. Then they took money out of my bank account without any sending me a bill first. They stated they sent both a hard copy of the bill and an email bill, none of which I received. When I called back 2 days later to tell them I reported with my bank that the charge was fraudulent they then stated they wouldn't have sent a hard copy because that's not in the contract. When I told them the last person I talked to was adamant a hard copy was sent, she said she doesn't know why that statement was made because a copy would not have been sent out. I told Aerocare to come get their equipment, thinking it would take a minimum of a few days considering it took 6 weeks to even get the equipment, and they were at my house within 5 hours of my call. Seriously, they were there within 5 hours!

Stay away from this company if you value your time and your money, they will rob you of both!


I just notified Medicaid of their fraudulent billing. Tried to get them to retrieve the equipment nearly a year ago, was hung up on repeatadly and when I was able to speak to them was treated with rudeness.

Supplies shipped to the wrong address
AeroCare doesn't care about customer service or the fact they made a mistake in shipping the supplies. Calls and emails to AeroCare is to people who don't care about the problem. I see why this company has a one star rating. Too bad I couldn't give them a zero star rating.


My apps doesn't pick data from my CPAP
Very bad customer service (except one that name El** in Houston). I have problem with my CPAP and don't know where to get the answer. I called the customer service and were told that I should call the office where I got it from (in this case Houston). The problem, whenever I tried to call the lady that give me the CPAP (her name is D** in Houston), she never call me back. Tried to call the operator with Houston local number, it took almost 30 minutes before somebody in other state answer, and switch me back to Houston and still not connecting with the operator


The customer service in Houston via phone is a joke. I've left numerous messages to order a new head gear for face mask. I called the resupply people 1st and they stated it would have to be private pay because I wasn't eligible for a new one for 6 months. I said I would pay for it myself so they said I would have to speak to "Debbie". I've left her messages with no return call. VERY frustrating. Seriously thinking about changing services. I will complain to my insurance provider.

Aerocare Does Not Care
Has been 38 days since my doctor order a Bipap machine. I have called Aerocare 4 weeks in a row and each time they have an excuse - I feel I am being lied too.


Aero Care complaint about customer service representive
Very bad experience with representative named Dani.


Phone call today, 7/11/20
I called 866-660-2487 today. I was trying to make them understand that they are trying to collect 3 months of $20.80 dating back to 2017. That was the first I had heard this! I turned the equipment back in in 2017. They are showing that the equipment was turned back in on Sept. 2019. That is not TRUE! It was turned back in at least 2017. I was transferred to a Rep named Dani, She was very hateful to me, I said "crap" once and she said she was going to hang up on me, and THEN SHE WENT ON TALKING and finally she I was not listening to her and HUNG UP ON ME. She is lacking in customer service. I have never been hung up on before and treated to so rudely. I am 71 years old and do not appreciate the way she handled the call. Nancy S. Verne, 804--314-1988. DOB 4/8/1949, 521 Old Hundred Road, Midlothian. VA 23114

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