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• Sep 14, 2020

Aerocare Does Not Care
Has been 38 days since my doctor order a Bipap machine. I have called Aerocare 4 weeks in a row and each time they have an excuse - I feel I am being lied too.

• Aug 11, 2020

Aero Care complaint about customer service representive
Very bad experience with representative named Dani.

• Aug 11, 2020

Phone call today, 7/11/20
I called 866-660-2487 today. I was trying to make them understand that they are trying to collect 3 months of $20.80 dating back to 2017. That was the first I had heard this! I turned the equipment back in in 2017. They are showing that the equipment was turned back in on Sept. 2019. That is not TRUE! It was turned back in at least 2017. I was transferred to a Rep named Dani, She was very hateful to me, I said "crap" once and she said she was going to hang up on me, and THEN SHE WENT ON TALKING and finally she I was not listening to her and HUNG UP ON ME. She is lacking in customer service. I have never been hung up on before and treated to so rudely. I am 71 years old and do not appreciate the way she handled the call. Nancy S. Verne, 804--314-1988. DOB 4/8/1949, 521 Old Hundred Road, Midlothian. VA 23114

AEROCARE, San Antonio, TX and Waco, TX offices saved us from a horrible company, APRIA in San Antonio, TX. We needed an oxygen concentrator and portable oxygen which my husband urgently needed due to acute COPD. Our first contact was Erin of AeroCare Waco, TX who accommodated us with urgency. Loren and Missy from San Antonio, TX attended to my subsequent requests with genuine care and attention. My husband needed a pocket nebulizer and Loren was quick to coordinate with their Waco office due this item was not available in San Antonio. Then our need for the oxygen concentrator and portable oxygen. Missy and Erin were quick to process our request and have the equipment delivered to us even past their workhours. Indeed, AeroCAre truly keeps their promise. John,the AeroCare technician, came to our home to install the oxygen equipment. John was very patient to show us step by step on how to operate the equipment. He provided us with the best practices on how to operate the equipment with accuracy and efficiency. We love AeroCare!

Gloria and Orlando Dizon

• Jul 07, 2020

Let's Get Our Money Back!
All of the customers that have suffered because money was taken out of their checking accounts unexpectedly, without any warning, should join together in small claims court and get back what is rightfully ours! This Aero Care company is taking advantage of people left and right according to their reviews. They have taken me for approximately $500.00 including my overdrafts. The manager won't even return my calls. I was so broke the last 2 weeks of the month we ran out of everything. We were hungry and had nothing to drink but water! Plus, it's the principle of the thing, right? I would rate them with no stars if it would let me submit this...

I would like to know who is in charge of the CPAP resupply center. Whoever it is needs to be fired and AeroCare needs to hire someone who can get orders that are right to customers who depend on these supplies. They also need their customer service representatives to learn the words CUSTOMER SERVICE

Use to be a good supplier
I’ve been getting my cpap supplies for many years but for the last year they have done nothing but screw up my order. I take a large mask with headgear but when I open my box there’s a small box with no headgear. When I call to complain they tell me their computer says I got a large mask with headgear and if the computer says it it has to be so.
I really don’t know if they can’t read, can’t understand or just don’t give a damn.

• Apr 15, 2020

I have been with AeroCare for my CPAP supplier for over a year, and have yet to receive my supplies ever in less than a 3 week delay beyond the time they say I will get them. I am also typically on hold for 30-45 mins before getting through to a representative.

• Nov 22, 2019

Good morning! I wanted to reply to the complaint received in our office in Silverthorne [redacted] is the owner of Rocky Mountain Aire, an oxygen company that has made the decision to abandon their oxygen and PAP patients AeroCare has taken over the care of those patients, but had no responsibility for this complaint I have called Mr [redacted] though and have taken care of his needs He was very happy with the resolution and has informed me that he will be using AeroCare in the future If you would like to discuss any of this with me, please call me on my cell phone anytime! Thank you!! [redacted] , MBA, RRT Regional Manager AeroCare Farabaugh Lane Pueblo, CO Phone (719)544- FAX (719)544- Cell (719)251-

Since I have had this company for my oxygen needs it takes months to get supplies. Using oxygen and using the same line and nose pieces continually one they lose some of their performance and according to my doctor is not healthy due to germs. If my unit went out I can't even imagine how long I would have to go without oxygen before someone come out to fix it. I had Lincare in the past and they were wonderful but are no longer available thru my insurance plan. Shame on these people for taking advantage of someone who needs their product for medical needs.

[email protected]

My husband started using AeroCare last December, I have been getting statements from our secondary insurance saying there is no out of pocket expense on our part. Well the end of June I received a statement from AeroCare for $173.61. They are trying to bill me for the amount that my insurance said was the companies write-off amount. Have called 3 times the first time was the Monday after I received the bill on Friday afternoon, spoke with a lady said she would check on it and email me back and if I had not heard from them to call back on Friday which I did keep getting this guy out of the country that said he would have the first girl I spoke with first call me, NO CALL. So I called back again this morning got the same guy that was out of the country giving me around around reason why my insurance said I had -0- responsibility, but they were still owed the $173.00, I told him I did not understand what he was sayings and ask for a person from the US to call me. He said they would call within the hour, 2 hours have pasted still no call. Please BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY THEY WILL TRY AND GET MONEY THEY ARE NOT OWED. AEROCARE USA, IS NOT A AMERICAN COMPANY!

Since their billing department is incapable and spent 6 months taking money from both my insurance and my bank account I have been evicted. They got double paid for six months with about 30 hours of trying to fix this situation and the result is they took my rent out of my bank account and now we are homeless. I brought it up to their company and only got yelled at. Stay away at all COSTS!

• Jul 06, 2020

I want my money back.
This is why I came to the review, to see if anyone else has been done like I have. There was a lady that told me if I didn't have a credit card or a debit card, I had to give her my bank account number. So if I wanted to be able to breathe, I had to give out my account # on line! Just last month they, without my knowledge, jerked $358.00 out of my almost zero account plus it cost me 4 overdrafts. WHAT A UNBELIEVABLE 'WHY ME MESS'. I want my money back..."

I was impressed initially with the New Braunfels office who were working diligently to navigate the ridiculous hoops of Medicare's requirements for a CPAP. They had new staff and coordination/communication with the military health care system was proving to be challenging. Then we get a call that despite all of the work done by the initial staff and ourselves, they had determined that my husband did not meet the criteria...basing it off the last Sleep Study. We turned in the CPAP and came home. Reading over the sleep study later, it says very clearly on page two that my husband has severe sleep apnea. I rarely am angry, but Brandon (borrowed from the San Antonio Office) has truly made that happen. How he could look me in the eye and tell me that sleep study said he didn't meet the criteria...I am furious. Under no circumstance would I recommend this agency. From the staff turnover in the year we worked with them, I can guess they have more management issues as well as customer service problems.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***,
and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

I have been trying to get Matrix to return my call and every time I call they put me to voice mail. I leave the information the require and no call back. I called last Thursday (left a message), called Friday (left the same message) called again today (left the same message) and no call back. I went through the sane ordeal when I was trying to get in touch with them in May because I was travelling and nothing, I am tired of this run around. Not a way to run a business. I would appreciate and answer from you.
Dianne Stuart
[email protected]

Good morning!
I wanted to reply to the complaint received in our office in Silverthorne.  [redacted] is the owner of Rocky Mountain Aire, an oxygen company that has made the decision to abandon their oxygen and PAP patients.  AeroCare has taken over the care of those...

patients, but had no responsibility for this complaint.  I have called Mr. [redacted] though and have taken care of his needs.  He was very happy with the resolution and has informed me that he will be using AeroCare in the future.  If you would like to discuss any of this with me, please call me on my cell phone anytime! 
Thank you!!
[redacted], MBA, RRT
Regional Manager
3010 Farabaugh Lane
Pueblo, CO  81005
Phone (719)544-9984
FAX (719)544-9985
Cell (719)251-6961

Have been a customer through medicare with this company since December 2016. Gave them $146 in December to get a CPAP and was still having to make deductible payments at doctor visits. AeroCare said that medicare had not approved the unit. Called medicare and was told unit was approved and that they had made 2 payments to the company. My supplemental carrier had also made 2 payments. I called the company and asked about my $146, because they where going to hand me over to a collection agency for my part of the 2 payments. I asked why they did not use my $146 and got a huge run around. Spoke to a supervisor had the portion taken out of the original $146 I had to give them (which is my medicare deductible for a year) and asked them to refund to me the remainder which is around $80. Called a second time and asked for the refund after 2 months and was told it was being sent to me. Well here it is 9 months into 2016 still waiting and have yet to receive any supplies for my CPAP on top of my money. One crooked company if you ask me with horrible customer service as a medicare DME supplier, should not be allowed to service medicare members.

All money has been refunded

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