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Affordable Dentures & Implants - Boise

1410 S Entertainment Ave, Boise, Idaho, United States, 83709-8306

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Dr Anne Steinberg is the best dentist I have ever seen. She has extensive experience, and she is very skilled and caring. She took me through difficult extractions, and provided me with dentures that fit extremely well for a very low price. She explained everything in advance, and I was never surprised. A person could not find a better dentist. I did not have any difficulties with insurance.

I was pleased with Dr. S and my implants. I had to return for a cracked upper plate and walked into a completely different staff and Dr. Initially they were fine and offered a replacement. I took time off work to get the replacement and was told take it or leave it by a technician that the Dr. was in sugury and wouldn't be able to make adjustments. I said it was unacceptable to not call upcoming appointments knowing they could not see them. Affordable Denture should have informed patients of the change in Staff and should work on customer service. Dr. Anne S was great find her and you won't be disappointed.

I had a bottom tooth and a full upper extraction on March 1, 2019. I paid my fees in full - $2956. I was given a form to turn in to my dental insurance. My insurance requested either digital x-rays or a printed set. I requested them from the dental office. I was told that they could not do that. The office manager said she could not print the x-rays (no ability to print, though they can print an invoice), nor could she send the file digitally. She gave me a DVR with the files. My insurance will not accept this because of fear of corruption. I could not open it. My brother, the IT professional, could not open the file, nor could his dentist or Kinkos. We told the office manager and took the file back (the format is Plano). This morning I received a call telling me that the file she gave me was corrupted and she made another saved in JPEG format. I came to the office, received the DRV, drove to Kinko to have the files printed. It was saved as Plano and they could not open it. I am out nearly $3K because I cannot get my insurance to reimburse, nor can I get reimbursed from my Health Insurance Account until the insurance pays or denies. She won't even send a JPEG format to my email because of HIPPA, though I have signed the HIPPA forms. It has been weeks of frustration.

Affordable Dentures & Implants - Boise Response time Jun 25, 2019

Mrs. was aware when she came to us that we do not bill insurance, but that we are happy to provide the information needed for the patient to do so themselves. She called after her treatment and stated that her insurance was refusing to process the claim at all without x-rays, and asked if we would mind sending them a copy. She was extremely frustrated because she claimed to know already that they were going to deny it anyway, but that they refused to do even that without the x-ray. She wanted a paper copy if possible. I explained that we are not set up to print paper copies that are imprinted with all of the information needed for the insurance company to accept them as a document. I explained that we do not deal with the insurance directly but that I would provide the x-ray on a disc for them to send in. She agreed to the disc. Her husband then called me, angry that we would not just send the copy to the insurance company. I again explained that we are not set up to deal with insurance but that I would go ahead and try to reach out for them since they were already so frustrated. After calling in to the number that the Grave's provided to me I was placed on an extensive hold. After reaching the point that I could no longer spend any time on it I called the *** back and offered to try the disc again, and they agreed to pick it up. Unfortunately there was an issue and the file would not open for them. I offered to try again as we hadn't had this problem before. Upon her request we did immediately provide another copy onto the same disc in a different format, but they were again unable to open the file. When she called back after discovering that the file would still not open we were very surprised because it was working perfectly in the office. At this point I apologized profusely and tried to offer several other options for the patient, however she was extremely upset and stated that she did not have time to deal with the situation. She stated that she was leaving town soon due to a personal tragedy and was "apparently just out all of her money", after which she disconnected the call. I then reached out by email, listing all of the options that we have and let her know they were ready for pickup in every format available to us, apologizing again for the trouble as I felt very badly about the repeat issue. I received no response. A week or so later I received a three way call with the insurance company and Mr.. He was again very angry that we would not "just send the insurance company the file" until the agent explained that we are unable to do that as we are not set up in their system as a provider. I explained to the agent that I had everything here waiting in a file for the patient to pick up and had relayed that information via email, but that I had not heard back from them. The agent asked Mr. if he could pick them up, he agreed and the call ended. Mr. came into the office a few days later and picked everything up. To my knowledge the situation is resolved.

The staff here is terrible. I was unable to reach them on the phone to schedule a consultation for my husband. I left a message and they didnt call back. That should have told me about their customer service. We had to go in to actually speak with some one to get an appointment. They requested that we send them xrays, which we did, but they didnt say they needed a certain kind. 2 days go by and my husband drives the 50 miles from our home to get there. The receptionist says that the xrays were the wrong kind and he would need to pay $90 for them to do the xray. Uh why? our insurance will cover it at our regular dentist. She refused to let him see the dentist. We explained that we were just there for a consultation and an estimate on a treatment plan. She then said to my husbands face, "well if paying $90 is a problem, then I dont think you would be a good fit for us. You should go to another dentist." She told us that they dont want business from people like us. I dont know kind of people were are, but she assumed we were poor and whatever else she didnt like. Not that it matters, but we are not poor, and I dont know what she didnt like about us. We are an average 30 something couple and she refused service to us. Why would we be there if we didnt want the service and werent planning to pay for it? she was so rude and hurtful! Wont be going back there ever again.

What an awesome doctor she is. I had bone grafts and all the other work done. It was done professionally and quickly. I checked many reviews before setting up this appointment and I wanted to add my own.
I strongly recommend affordable dentures in Boise. Great friendly staff, quick response to questions, many options given to me and under no pressure. Pricing was great it went from $10,000 from my regular dentist to $4,000 here.
I was told what was going on every moment and what to expect when done. I know what my options are after healing and what it will cost. I have never had the cost be what they said in the beginning.
Thank you and all of your staff.

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Address: 1410 S Entertainment Ave, Boise, Idaho, United States, 83709-8306


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