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Affordable Dentures

210 Cherokee Place, Cartersville, Georgia, United States, 30121

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• May 25, 2023

crappy dentures and implants
I went to affordable dentures on may 13th 2020 spent 5,955.00 on dentures and 2 implants . these things will not engage they fall out top and bottom. I go through 3 tubes of glue a day im tired eating glue for lunch. I cant eat anything but mush. they are suppose to care about your smile I havent had a smile since 2020. you call and go in to cartersville ,ga. affordable dentures and they want more money or they are just rude. I want my smile fixed or all of my money back. I want them fixed or my money back

• May 25, 2023

my husband is the one with the crappy dentures and implants I wrote this for him

Unsatisfied with quality of work and customer service. Requested a refund over a week ago which was approved but have to wait to get it.
Went on 9/6/2019 for appointment got back in reasonable time and they took my money. Told to come back at 11:45 for a try in waited 30 minutes. Had to ask 2 times how much longer it was going to take before I got an answer.They said 10 more minutes. I had to go to work so had to schedule an appointment for 10 on Monday 9/9. I was told I would get right back. Got there sat for over an hour. Went back for tryin finally. It looked terrible so I was told to come back in the next day which was 9/10. Sat for over an hour before I got back. did not like the looks told them what needed to be changed. They came back with a paper for me to initial that said I was satisfied with the look that when I got it if anything wasn't right would have to pay to fix. I refused to initial. They told me I had to come back and try in again. I asked them to just give me a refund. They told me they were to busy to give me a refund that some one would have to call me. I called wed about 11 . They told me they would send her a message to contact me. I told them it would have to be between 9 am and 12 because I work. She finally called 9/12 at about 2 and left a message. She said that she was busy in the morning the best time to get in touch with her was in the afternoon. I went in there Friday 9/13 I was told I need to sit down and wait or make an appointment. I finally got back was told I was getting a full refund but that they had to send it off to corporate for approval. Sasha told me she would call me wed. Wed 11/XX XX:XX I hear from no one so I call them you don't get them you talk to someone else to send them a message. By 4:30 that afternoon I hear from no one again so I called them of course you don't get them. This lady tells me she is sending the compliant on up to the next level They called me right away on 11/19 of course we are no where again. They have to message but said the lady was out and would get in touch with me tomorrow which is 9/20. When they were suppose to get in touch with me yesterday. You have to make an appointment but funny when someone comes in complaining about there dentures and they get right back and you have sat there over an hour from your appointment time. They are quick to take your money but they have no time to give you your money back.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund. They need to treat people like they are customers not dollars to them. Need to show more professionalism and be honest with the customers. They realize it's cheap dentures extraction etc. customers cannot afford to go to a real dentist so they are going to come no matter what.

Customer Response • Oct 05, 2019

I did receive a refund from the business

I went to Affordable Dentures and Implants for 4 pegs for a snap- on lower denture. Dr A extracted my lower teeth and I was given, what they called, a " healing denture " to wear for 6 months until my bone meshed with the pegs. Then I would be fitted with a snap on denture. I told them more than 3 times, at the time of fitting, that the fit was not right! Each time I said it didn't fit, they would grind it down a little. I kept insisting that the healing denture did not fit but they finally said they couldn't grind it anymore and brushed off what I said and told me it would get better. But it never has! The healing denture flops around painfully in my mouth and is totally and completely useless! Because the healing denture is such a horrible fit, I was extremely concerned about the final denture blending with my upper teeth so I requested, in writing, an assurance that I would be happy and satisfied with the final denture. They refused and offered to give me a $2500 refund and dropped me as a patient!!! Now I have to find another dentist who will remove the pegs put in my mouth by Dr A and begin the process all over again from scratch.
I have been harmed in many ways! I have been without lower teeth since February which has caused me no end of embarrassment, social withdrawal, depression, nutritional deficiencies and fear and frustration as to what I should do and could do about this situation!
I am on a fixed income, raising my grandson, and I have very limited options. I cannot afford to pay this dental office $4400 for pegs that will have to be removed and pay a new dentist what it will cost to have a stable lower denture put in.
How can an unfair and unethical dentist stay in business and take advantage of mostly older, lower income patients'
I am sincerely appreciative of any assistance you are able to give me,

Desired Outcome

Refund I want a full refund of$6900 not a partial refund of $2500

On November 14th 2018, I purchased Dentures from the above-listed company. I was told they would be ready the following Friday and when I returned they were not ready they told me to come back the Friday after. I did as they said and the third Friday mice Dentures were still not ready and I got a little aggravated & was referred to the back to the Doctor Who informed me that they wouldn't be ready till after 2 but it was already after 2 she was making excuses in my opinion. I then asked for a refund from Sasha the office manager and she told me to call Monday I called Monday and was told she was out of the office. I called Tuesday and was told she was out of the office. I called W. My friend *** ask for Sasha W and she was there she was just avoiding my phone calls upon finding out I called the 1-800 number and complained as well I have asked for a refund and still to date I have not received such I paid $4,000 for a pair of dentures and they're holding my money I have my receipt I have the statement of services rendered as well. this company promised to have my dentures within a week and did not follow through with their word and then treated me like dirt and is holding my money still please help. I've been in pain since November due to my condition and need a resolution to this matter I can no longer eat I'm losing weight I need help
Order_Number: Invoice 7
Account_Number: XXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like a refund as soon as possible in that they've had since November 14th 2018 to return my money for my dentures one of the two and now that I'm so disgusted with this place I no longer want the Dentures I'll go elsewhere I just want my money back.

All we want is the dental care we paid for.2 weeks cant reach anyone.been told by answering service they'd have the doctor or nurse call us right back.all phone numbers run in loops with automated message..becoming more and more posted as I watch my wife suffer through painter..anybody reading this ***.I will fill you in on our experience with affordable dentures and thing is we only paid close to 5000.00 to get ignored.

purchased a set of dentures on May 14th 2018. did not fit properly and had to leave overnight. picked up dentures and tried to wear them until I could get an appointment on july 10h. went back on this day and they worked on them again and still could not wear them. made sores in mouth and went back on august 7th for more adjustments. told to take home and let gums heal an see if I could wear them. they still made my gums sore. returned on august 30th and was told there was nothing they could do. I asked if I could get a new set of teeth or get my money back. they said no. was told they would make me a new bottom denture which they did. I left upper and lower dentures with them and was to return september 6th to get my dentures. at this visit was told that they did not have my upper denture. I told them that I had left them on my last visit which they replied that they did not have them that I must have lost them. they said they was not responsible. until I found my top teeth there is nothing they could do. I am out $841+ and my teeth. I would like to have my teeth or my money back.
Product_Or_Service: set of dentures

Desired Outcome

Refund refund my money or finish my teeth so i can wear them

5/16/17, went to Affordable Dentures to have an implant placed on front tooth #8. Dentist did a bone graft and implant on initial visit. Paid $1,970. On 12/1/17, day to order tooth. Dr. ***, dentist/practice owner, saw me and I showed her implant was placed above *** line of other front tooth causing gums to be drawn up and exposing inside edges of conjoining teeth above gum line. She offered to order tooth & have lab color top of tooth pink to blend in better with my gums. Offered me another option to refer me to another Oral surgeon and she would pay for an evaluation of what they recommended needed to be done to fix it. Went to that appt. and was told she did not pay so didn't have anything done. On my own, paying myself, I went to 2 oral surgeons to have consultations and CT scans done. Found by both that the implant was placed not only too high but too far forward, that there's no bone covering outside of implant. Told if tooth was placed on implant as it was, it would stick out further than my other teeth. To fix the mistakes, it would require implant removed, bone graft, implant placed lower and further back, requiring skin grafts and one recommended having other front tooth, #9, which is a cap, implanted to same height as #8 to make it look natural. Told the work would take another year to complete. 2/8/18, went back to Dr. *** (A.D.) and she did not want to take responsibility for work done at her business. Front desk gave me a form to sign to clear her of all responsibility for work done in the past or present. I refused to sign. I've made multiple calls to the Corporate Office. No one is working with me to have them pay for dental work done to repair major mistakes done by Affordable Dentures to my mouth. 10 months so far with only a plastic tooth and no end in sight. I hate how I look. Affordable Dentures integrity and professional ethics is nonexistent. Their commercial slogan is, "One Call And One Day Can Change Your Tomorrow". My call led me to a nightmare of problems.
Product_Or_Service: Dental Implant
Account_Number: Chart #

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I expect Affordable Denture to pay for a reputable dentist to do all the work needed to redo my teeth to look natural.

I purchased a set of dentures on December 11, 2017.
Originally, they told me I had to buy the same ones I had on the top (which is a lot more money)
I told them that I did not want to do that and to make me the least expensive ones.
I was told that they would do nothing with them if they were not good. That once they made them, that was it!
These teeth are not worth putting in my mouth because first of all, they stick out on the sides and will look like I am chewing tobacco.
I have left them messages to contact me so I could return them or give them a chance to make a better product, but no return phone call as of yet.
I am a cancer patient and need teeth to eat with. These are of such lousy quality, they will surely break.
I was told by their (rude) employees that they will NOT do anything about this.
All I want from them is my money back or to make a decent denture that will not make me look like a monkey. I took my old ones in so they could make the mold correctly.
I purchased the top dentures from them and they are also poor quality.
The ones on the top are so small that my tongue has nowhere to fit in my mouth. When I complained about this, they told me that they would only adjust them and would not fix them other than that.
They have already broken and they would not fix them when I was in there on the 11th
Product_Or_Service: 12-11-2017

Desired Outcome

Replacement To either refund my money (since these are poor quality)

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