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Affordable Kustomz Llc

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To Whom It May Concern[redacted] was a personal friend who brought his truck here as a friend, not a customer, therefor a receipt was not provided[redacted] provided a Rough Country Leveling Kit to be installed, and asked us to repair his shift cable[redacted] dropped his truck off, first of...

all, not informing us that there was no "reverse". Secondly, his truck was dropped off to us completely covered (caked) in mud, which he was aware may cause problems for any repair work. We asked [redacted] to come and take his truck through the car wash before any kind of work was done to it[redacted] promised to come and clean his truck, and the vehicle sat for a week without being touched, no word from [redacted], and it was never washed. After a week, the vehicle was brought in and a leveling kit (provided by [redacted]) was installed. In order for a leveling kit to be installed, the tires do NOT need to be removed. However, [redacted] also asked us to purchase new tires for him. Obviously the old rims/tires must be removed in order for this to take place. We then attempted to mount and balance the new tires on his old rims, however, they were so covered and filled with mud (because he uses this vehicle for off-roading, and we can provide any and all proof of this), that we were unable to properly balance the tires and mount them to the rims. The "new" rims that were given to him were the same rims, and off of a newer vehicle that we had inside of the shop and did not need. They were completely/properly inspected to make sure the were 100% safe to be used. This was completely free of charge, and his old rims were also given back to him in case he did not want to use the "new" rims. In order to use the original rims, the mud needs to be completely cleaned out so that they can be properly installed back on the truck. With mud inside of them, it can push out the bolts/lug nuts, causing the wheel to loosen up[redacted] contacted us 2 days after he picked up his vehicle, letting us know he would like to bring it to us to check out because his steering was rough and he heard an odd noise underneath while driving. At that point, we let him know he can bring it in to be checked out (proof can be provided). Just a few minutes later, he called my personal cell phone and told me that his wheel fell off on Amwell Rd., in Hillsborough, NJ. He then proceeded to yell and hang up on us. I texted [redacted] and asked him if he would like us to come there to help him (we own a company tow truck that we have 24/7 access to), but he declined our offer and told us he had someone else coming already. Very shortly after our conversation, he called my personal cell phone again and explained he wanted his vehicle to be fixed right now. We then told him it couldn't be done right now (this was on Father's Day, and we were out of town for dinner), but if he needed to, he could take it to another shop in the area and they would be able to help him out[redacted] then responded by screaming obscenities, and hanging up the phone, leaving us unable to finish our conversation. Throughout this day, he hung up on us 3 times. However, we would try to call him back, and he ignored all of the phone calls (proof can be provided). After the last phone conversation, is when [redacted] decided to post his version of what happened on social media, slandering our business, and has been going on with this for close to a week (proof can be provided). Personal text messages between myself and [redacted] were exchanged throughout this time. In these text messages, he informed me that over the last 2 days, he has driven a few hundred miles - including Middlesex, NJ, Stockton, NJ, Hillsborough, NJ, Hunterdon, NJ, and Manville, NJ (proof can be provided). We then learned that [redacted] had also taken his vehicle "off-roading" (proof can be provided). With this much driving involved, and driving into large holes and mud puddles, etc., (off-roading), a wheel with loose lug nuts would not have remained intact[redacted]'s vehicle was properly checked over and test driven, before he picked it up, Saturday, June 17th[redacted] would have felt the issue, and the wheel would have fell off within the first couple of miles if this issue was a shop defect. The words "not our problem", were not used. We let [redacted] know that this was definitely not something caused by our shop, and that something must have occurred for this issue to happen after it left our property (proof can be provided). Lastly, in the personal text messages exchanged between myself and [redacted], I have personally offered 6 times to help him fix the issue, and that we could come and meet him, or he can bring the vehicle to us. This offer was both declined, and then he chose to no longer respond to my messages (proof can be provided). After we learned about [redacted] taking his vehicle "off-roading", we also learned that before that, he spray painted his truck, including his "new" rims (proof can be provided). We are unsure whether or not he removed the rims from the truck to paint them, but because they were altered after leaving our property, we cannot tell what the exact issue was[redacted]'s truck is now fixed, without our offered help. However, we know that [redacted] did not take his truck to another shop (during business hours), but had his friends help him repair the issue themselves, just as we did for [redacted], as a friend, after hours. Therefore, there is also no shop receipt to show any repairs (proof can be provided). We have spoken to [redacted] which is who towed and stored [redacted]'s vehicle after the wheel fell off. Richie himself checked all 3 of the other wheels, and informed us that all of the lug nuts were very tight, and exactly how we left them (other than paint, done by [redacted] and his friends) (proof can be provided). Without a response, we were unable to dispute the original issue, and were not given a chance to look over the vehicle before any alterations/repairs were made to determine the fault. Thank you for acknowledging our side of the story. Sincerely, Haylee S[redacted]

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