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Each allegation will be addressedMrs*** explanation is ambiguous/Obscure(All over the place).Clarification is necessary in order to proceed.Tracy Legal Typing, SerLDA-Received $from Mrs*** to prepare a divorce W/Marital Settlement AgreementMy fee, No court feesI am never
“Hired” by anyoneWe enter a contract for services.Mrs*** came to my office in a traumatic conditionHappensNature of my businessDivorce, Bankruptcy, Restraining orders, Accounting/Tax Preparation.Also, I am a Legal Document Assistant/Paralegal/Accountant.Mrs*** is not qualifiedDoes not understand the processDoes not pay attentionFrom one subject to an unrelated “Take me for a ride in your Car”.Her Calls and Txt were constantEvery dayThroughout the day for monthsTook her (3)three months,(90)days to acquire paystubs for a fee waiver she did not qualifyAttitudes change quickly during a divorce processCircumstances change.I had no idea of her income until I physically received her current paystubs30 days worthMonth“Consecutive”GovSecForm FW -001.was provided to Mrs*** upon our 1st appointmentLine (b.) represents family income limitsMrs*** was aware she did not qualifyI type these for free for those that need itIf they don’t…..,., She misrepresented her financesOn purposeFor (90)days.Documents were typed, personally delivered to the court for filingShe was in a hurryThese documents had to get OK’d by the judgePlaced a return envelope with the fillingI never saw the documents after thatFor months she called and txted me asking where the documents wereWe are at (5)five months.Mrs*** intercepted these documents from the court moments after I delivered themWhat she did with them? I have no ideaProbably modified.Mrs*** asked questions every call, Then, Would switch to hitting on me.I don’t date clients.I pulled her file over 20x’s in this month periodtimes is normalmonths is ridiculous The divorce W/Agreement can be finalized in months. I get a call from Mrs***The documents were servedShe would send over the server to sign the “Proof of Service”.Payment, June 22nd,to this call in November of .I have none of the copies of documents I preparedIf it was filedI have no case #.Mrs*** took over the case when she intercepted my filing. The party that came in to sign as the server had no idea when it was servedNo idea where it was served, Or, What was served.I have no idea if, or, when the documents were filedThat date given to me by the server was before I took them to the court to be filedCan't serve any papers until after they are filed.I believe Mrs*** has mental issuesNot my professionShe wants her divorce for free after I filled out all the paper work and educated her on the process.Her case became a contested issue(Changed)No more agreementIn that case, ALL my work would need to be “Amended”. Re-filed and served,AgainAnother entire case.In another entire direction.Same forms, Just done all over in a different waySTART OVER.I did not type the Marital Settlement AgreementI had a feeling conditions might changeI owe her $for the agreementThe rest of it was doneBy law I don’t have to work for free.Mrs*** never gave me the terms of the agreement. All the work I did was approved by the clerk when I took it to the clerk for filing.If it was “Wrong”, It would not be accepted.When the clerk saw the paystubs, She told me it would have to be cleared by the judge as to the fee waiverReason I left a return envelopeI’m sure the waiver was denied.Then she took the papers and made a mess of them. I will not address the rest of the slander/ allegations statedThe druggie, cat pee smelling, lost file, stumbling lost in my office while binging on drugs and, Not doing anything at all part. 90% of her statement is smutt. After all, She won’t contact meNever asked for a refund and has said some terrible things about me and my office.Again, I owe her for the agreement that was never going to happen.I was informed, By Mrs***, That in fact; When her husband found out about the divorce, He got physicalThis was stated after I delivered the documents for filing.Mrs*** wants the "Proof of Service". I won't be a party to that fraud.Mrs*** has threatened me with sending someone to collect that "Proof of Service" documentSaid she would send a Sheriff, or, pay someone.I will not release it to her. I will be more than happy to run off a copy if The Sheriff comes to seize it.Knowing it is falseKnowing she will use it to commit an act of fraud. Knowing it is a lie like her entire statement to the business could not exist since We know better

Upon further investigation, Tracy Legal Typing Ser.,My Tax Lady owes [redacted] -0-.It was brought to my attention that [redacted] placed a review on "[redacted]" in order to cost my business income.Statements made by her are considered Slanderous. Defamation of Character.Statements made by her are not worth my business defending. I am appalled, Shocked by the content.[redacted] is quite aware of how she acted during our business transaction. She destroyed her case from the beginning.My hands were tied when she took all the documents I prepared and hid them from me. Then came back with the fraudulent server as if nothing happened.Then this under My Tax Lady,Tracy,Ca in "[redacted]".The profile she constructed of me and my business makes no sense. If I was what she stated, How would she get such information and, evidently, It would have been apparent when we first met.Any of the things she said would have been obvious if they  were true. Yet she kept coming back.I can't believe I am defending myself against such accusations.She needs to be restrained from this type of behavior. I won't allow it.I will file against her and one other individual for inflammatory statements made to the public because they have no other recourse. Can't be proven, Unsubstantiated slander.The involvement of The will be paramount at this point. This person is going to cost me more than The cost of her agreement. Probably already has.

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