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Affordable Service, Inc.

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June 9, 2016Mrs. [redacted]c/o Complaint I.D. #[redacted])To Whom it may concern:I had two homes serviced on Sept. 29, 2015, by Kurt. I paid to be able to receive warm water at the home first visited, at [redacted]. Rather than wait for the water temperature to warm up, we rushed over to the other house to correct a leaking kitchen sink. Do not confuse these two job locations/ scopes of work. Since I eve was satisfied with the work Kurt did at [redacted], I was promised that Kurt would revisit the location. An office lady never told me that I needed this accomplished within thirty days. Remember, my permanent address is in Southern California; and, important responsibilities caused me to stay in California way longer that I expected. The [redacted] home was empty.I have a new water-heater ready to be installed and the yard plants have to suffer because the/a  water-heater is not hooked-up. The wall connection has water flooding the garage if the water-heater is not hooked-up/installed.Please quit pointing the finger at me for being a problem. I have not spoken with all of your employees, as you say I have. Dennis G[redacted] answered my complaint, ranting on from unprofessional hearsay. Tell me what words your secretary claims she heard me speak.I come from highly awarded + rewarded business parents/husband. They knew that the customer is always right phrase. Any honest business, values its’ customers and protects its’ customers from harm (belittling, harassment) and danger. Your radio advertisement preaches: We have happy customers.”You accuse me of name-calling! I was not made aware of the thirty-day warranty on parts and labor. The repair was not satisfactory at all! Surely not operational! Where’s the circulation pump proposal?You deserve to have your credibility attacked, via complaints, complaints a plenty.It has been said to be successful in business you have to like people. And, a high percentage don’t do well because of their general dislike for people.Sincerely, Mrs. [redacted]

I spoke with Mr. [redacted] less than 15 minutes after he filed this compliant with our after answering service and apologized for the confusion that occurred between our technician and him during this project. I did give him a full refund for the difference of what he...

should have been charged. I also followed up with him on Friday to verify that we had completely satisfied his discrepancy and he did confirm that he was happy with the timely response to his concerns. Additionally he commented that he attempted to cancel the complaint after we spoke, but was unable to do so. At this time i believe we have satisfied all problems that may have arisen from this complaint.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution...

is satisfactory to me.

I would like to start by saying that I apologize to any customer that feels that they cannot resolve their grievance with ASPH through the internal channels we have set in-place to mitigate these rare, but possible cases of miscommunication. Unfortunately I was never contacted by Miss [redacted]...

regarding this issue as it was never pursued by Miss [redacted] beyond her conversation with our office manager. Our office manager was not able to continue the conversation with Miss [redacted] that she did have in May due to the fact that Miss [redacted] was using inappropriate langue and hateful name calling which all of our staff are trained to never let a customer speak to them with foul language and call them hateful names therefore the call was ended. If Miss [redacted] would have remained calm enough to speak to our staff appropriately I would have gladly spoken to her regarding this situation. So to reiterate the information that was given to Miss [redacted] by ASPH Technicians and Office manager, when we provided the repair on September 29th 2015 of the replacement of the pilot assembly for the 10 year old GE water heater Miss [redacted] elected to only have the minimum service provided as she understood that the water heater was 10 years old and in need of replacement soon. The document attached (with signature from Miss [redacted]) stated that she chose a "quick fix" level of repair which only includes a 30 day warranty on all parts and labor. The repair was done and the unit was operational at that time therefore Miss [redacted] paid in full as stated on the invoice. We did also provide Miss [redacted] a proposal to install a circulation pump to rectify the issues she was complaining about which was a "lack of hot water to a far reaching fixture in the home (Also attached to this document). As stated by the same technician the water heater was operating at its best  possible for the time being however it did require a substantial amount of time to reach its furthest fixture. At this point the job was complete per the written agreement of invoice [redacted] (9/30/15). Miss [redacted] was satisfied at this time and requested no further action on this property for this matter. Recently Miss [redacted] has contact the ASPH office and complained that the water heater referenced above is not working again and that she demands that the $189.52 she spent last October be now used to cover the installation of a new water heater she purchased her self. We obviously cannot make this happen as we are not responsible for the installation of a new water heater based on the fact that we provided a minor repair on the existing water heater 8 months ago. I understand she feels that because she is not happy she can demand that we do as she says or suffer an attack on our credibility via complaint however we stand firmly as we did the last phone conversation that we will not be bullied into free work based off of a customer threatening to file complain against us if we do not do as she demands. We have completed our agreed scope of work and acted according to our legal obligation per the written invoice attached ([redacted]) Miss [redacted] has been very vocal and outright disrespectful verbally to the ASPH staff and we do not require our staff to put up with that type of behavior. I unfortunately cannot service Miss [redacted] any longer as a customer because of her abusive attitude towards all ASPH staff. We have fulfilled our obligation to the invoice we billed her for and as stated in the exclusions of the invoice it clearly states that we are not liable for "Any and all work not included in the above scope of work...)We do thank her for her previous patronage however we cannot further the relationship out of fear of possible future unwarranted verbal abuse to our staff.Regards,Dennis G[redacted]General Manager###-###-####Affordable Service Plumbing and Heating

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