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AFox Physical Therapy, PC

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Threats and demands were continually made by this cus***er and her friend ***, including on the very day that I and our technician went to her homeAs we have stated before, we have gone over and above for this cus***er, and they are still not satisfied, and they still continue to make threats and demands.We also never once informed the cus***er that we would be here until PM on Saturday for the Memorial Day weekend, as the part that was being delivered was supposed to come in between 8am and 9amWe informed the cus***er that the latest we could be here was 11am because we had a planned family event, and then the cus***er rudely informed us that the people who were coming to see the trailer would be here for noon and that we had to stay open for them, as they were driving in from another cityWe once again informed the cus***er that we had to leave by 11am, but could stay no later than 11:30am, as we had family who were waiting on us to pick them up.Considering the previous actions and comments by this cus***er [redacted] and her friend ***, we have reason to believe that the supposed buyers were not who they were claiming to be, and were actually personal friends of hers that she would try to use as witnesses in a court case.As we have stated before, we feel that we have done everything that we can do to satisfy this cus***erUnfortunately, the only thing that we believe will satisfy this cus***er is to not have to pay for the repairs that have already been done.Our stance is that the initial cus***er complaint that "the roof is leaking" is no longer a valid complaint, as the cus***er herself has even stated that the roof is no longer leaking, so the requested service was in fact performed and completed necessitating no refund

Prior to this cus***er dropping off their trailer to us, we received several phone calls from [redacted] about the repair where she stated that she had to sell her trailer because of "financial hardships" and that she wanted to have the leaky roof repaired in order to be able to sell it.The cus***ers in question ( [redacted] ***) originally dropped off their trailer to us on 03-25-2016, with an "Authorization For Service and Agreement" signed by [redacted] for the roof repair, as the roof was leaking and the rubber roof membrane on the top was rippedThe cus***er also checked off the selection marked "Complete necessary repairs with NO additional authorization or limits on the final cost."This type of repair is not a quick repair, as it does takes time to complete, and is also dependent on the weatherIf it rains, it delays the repairs due to condensation and moisture that can directly affect the curing of the rubber roof membrane and the sealants used to adhere it, as well as these types of repairs have to be performed inside a covered enclosure away from the elements, and our inside space is limitedThe cus***ers were made well aware of this before leaving their trailer with us and understoodAlso, to be able to give an accurate estimate of repairs on RV/Trailer roof damage, the roof membrane MUST be opened to quote an accurate priceThere is no RV shop that we know of that can give an accurate estimate of roof repairs without first seeing if there are any additional or hidden damages beneath the rubber roof membrane, wood joists, etcIt would be similar to quoting a price to repair an engine without ever starting it or opening the hood to inspect it.Once the roof was initially opened and the extent of the damages could be seen, and after an estimate and photos of the visible damage was sent to her via email, she debated on which additional items that her and her friend [redacted] could possibly do themselves to reduce the costThen she and her friend [redacted] came to our shop to see if the inside ceiling was something that could be done by them on their ownPlease note that the roof damage was fully open and fully visible at that timeShe then gave authorization to continue with the repairs, with the exception of the inside bathroom ceilingThe repairs were completed and the cus***er paid via check ($- Check # 7383) and picked up her trailer on 04-21-We even made special arrangements for the cus***er to pick up after hours on our own personal time, and due to her "financial hardships" we did not even charge the cus***er for the full labor hours that it took to perform the repairs, although it exceeded the original quoted estimate[redacted] then contacted us weeks later on 05-11-claiming that after her and her friend [redacted] (who is supposedly a "professional contractor", yet he couldn't tell the difference between pressure treated wood and non-pressure treated wood) tore the inside ceiling out, as they wanted to change the inside ceiling out that had been water stained by the leak, and that she had found more rotted woodAs we did NOT go into the inside of the trailer to perform the roof repair (which is common practice in RV/Trailer roof repair), our technician would not have seen the rotten wood as it was underneath the insulation and the surround of the lower part of the skylightAlso, both [redacted] and her friend [redacted] came to our shop numerous times to see the progress of the repairs, went inside the trailer to obtain personal items, etc., and they never once mentioned the hidden damage that they saw on the inside of the trailer.In good faith, myself and one of our Technicians, drove to ***'s house and inspected the situation on the trailer that she was describingWhile the damage she was referring to was NOT seen or included in the original estimate for repairs, or even necessary to stop the water leak, I offered in good faith to repair/replace the rotted wood and to the area of the roof that we had originally re-coated and re-sealed - All at MY cost and at NO cost to herPlease also note the items that we were installed on the cus***ers trailer - FREE of charge (Elevation Gear, Worm Gear, Vent Lid) due to this inconvenience.While the repair was being re-done, we had to open the roof further than before and we found additional hidden rotten woodWe immediately made the cus***er [redacted] aware of this and we held off on continuing the repairs until she was able to come in and see the hidden damage [redacted] came in, with [redacted] in tow, saw the hidden damage and then authorized the additional repairs (the $which was for Labor ONLY - and not any additional material costs which was absorbed by Stepper RV Services)We also freely gave the cus***er a special electrical connector ($35) for her to be able to bring the trailer back to us, so that the lights would work while it was being towed, and we even stayed after hours (9pm) for them to come and pick up the special connector from us.Also, while the repairs were being done, the cus***er [redacted] insisted that we open up on Saturday (we're closed on Saturdays and Sundays) to allow her to be able to show the trailer to a potential buyerAs we were trying in good faith to satisfy this cus***er, we agreedWe then came in on Saturday to allow her to show the trailer, and we missed a planned family event by doing so, and had to pay a technician to come in on his off day on a Holiday weekend, and [redacted] never once bothered to thank us for opening up for her to be able to show it.At that point the entire repair was not completed yet, but it was fully completed on Tuesday afternoon, 05-31-The trailer was then placed outside in the elements and water tested with no possible leaks, for the second timeThe cus***er then came in on 06-03-2016, paid via credit card ($806.40), and then picked up the trailer later that evening.Contrary to the cus***ers accusations, the exterior trim on the corner that was repaired WAS coated in LAP sealant (standard caulk and silicone should never be used on an RV/Trailer roof)The cus***er also brought up the fact that we are on contract with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's OfficeYes, we are on contract with them, along with numerous other parish, state, and federal agencies, including RV rental companies, and as such our wacus***ers are made aware that sometimes there are delays in the repair times to their units due to these contracted companies getting their repairs done firstIt is now almost weeks later and we're suddenly receiving a credit card charge back (via her Credit Card company) from the cus***er in regards to the payment of these repairs, and now she's filing a complaint with the - all with NO contact (phone/email/etc) from her in those two weeksThe cus***er also stated that she paid for a job to get done - to stop the water leak - and said job was completed the very first time, and on the second time.Also, had the cus***er actually read the Authorization that they signed, it clearly states: "Recreational vehicle water leaks - By nature of construction, RV’s have various roof mounted equipment, screws, and joints where water may penetrate the roof if a water tight seal is not maintainedRoof-top sealants are subject to expansion and contraction from temperature changes and outside elements which may cause cracking, which could result in a water leakAs a result of this, Stepper Enterprises, LLC / Stepper RV Services does not guarantee repairs for sealing water leaks to motor homes or travel trailersIt is the cus***ers’ responsibility to have these seams periodically checked and maintained to prevent future water leaks."In closing, we have gone well over and above for this cus***er, and yet she and her friend [redacted] have been extremely rude, made threats of legal action, have now demanded that she wants all of her money back, have made threats of extortion (refund her fully or she will leave bad reviews), etcAt this point we feel that we have done everything that we can do to satisfy this cus***er, but unfortunately this cus***er appears to be beyond satisfying

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