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Aguila Exploration Consultants Ltd.

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The first thing I would like to say is we have been in business since 1987 and this is the first complaint we have had with the, with that being said here are the facts.  [redacted] brought his 2002 S10 pickup to us  4/**/15, he wanted us to look it over for purchase.  We checked...

it over and told him it was in good shape for a truck with 153000 miles on it.  The only thing we noted was it had a suspension lowering kit in it & the a/c compressor was noisy.  [redacted] & the owner of the truck were there the whole time we checked the truck, the owner stated that it needed an a/c compressor.  At that time [redacted] thanked us and asked us to also do an oil change, He was not charged to check the truck over it was done as a courtesy, his total bill was $35.71 for the oil change.  On 5/**/15 [redacted] brought his truck in for a NY state inspection and a rattle, it passed inspection and the right front caliper bushings were replaced. The bill was $107.03 for the repair.  On 8/**/15 [redacted] called for a estimate to charge his air conditioner I asked him what was wrong and he said he changed the a/c compressor and needed it charged.  I asked if the compressor came with oil in it and he did not know.  I told him it would cost $144 plus dyed oil and freon.  He dropped it off, we connected it to our [redacted] air conditioning machine. This is a fully automatic machine.  The system is evacuated to remove all moisture, which means it brings the system down to 30 inches of vacuum, after it achieves 30 inches of vacuum it waits 5 minutes to see if it holds a vacuum.  Once it does the dyed oil & refrigerant are installed.  [redacted] stated that if it held vacuum why did the freon leak out.  The vacuum test is only good for major leaks not for slow leaks, when the system is running it builds pressures up to 300lbs, so if it had a small leak that’s when it would leak.  [redacted] also stated that it’s a hermetically sealed system so why did we add oil, its not a sealed system, the air compressor he removed had oil in it so we needed to add oil so the system would not be low on oil.  [redacted] did his own repair and asked to only charge the system, I was never asked to do any diagnosing.  The total bill was $209.71 for the a/c charge.  On 8/**/15 [redacted] dropped off truck and stated the a/c was not cold, We checked the system and it was low on freon, we checked system with ultra violet light and could not find a leak, I called and explained that we needed to remove components to get a better look at condenser & evaporator to find the leak and the charge would be $96 to do that.  He said leave truck alone and he would pick up.  The truck was dropped off Monday of that week and he said he did not need till Friday, that is why it was here all week.  When [redacted] picked his truck I explained what needed to be done again, he was not charged anything to check it out.  He took keys and left, he then came back in and asked what did we do to his tire that it was flat and on the rim, I asked him to bring it around and we would check it.  When we checked the tire it was low on air but not flat.  [redacted] started accusing me of flattening his tire and ripping him off.  He was acting out and asked to leave.  He claims we checked his truck and it needed $3000 in repairs.  I have only done $352.45 of repairs.  He claims he did some research and we are well known for screwing people I would like to see proof of that.  He claims that I am a crook, I would also like to see proof of that too.  He is unreasonable to deal with and if we did something wrong I would do whatever it takes to rectify.  I do not believe we did anything wrong.  I was asked to charge his air conditioning that he fixed why should I have to warranty his repair.   [redacted]

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Address: 112 S Main St, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 65714-9605


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