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AJM Nuisance Animal Control

9780 East 500 North, Grovertown, Indiana, United States, 46531

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I had AJM come out to one of my rental properties to help me with a potential chippy in my attic. Joe, the owner, told me it was $175 to come out I said ok. He came out and put an estimate together for around $1700. I asked him to come down in price he said no, so I told him to stop all work on my project. I received my first invoice from this business on Friday, April 5th. At this point, I messaged the business owner explaining that I did not feel comfortable giving him my credit card information because of my interaction with him up to this point. We had talked about payment types before he came out for the estimate. He told me he accepted card and check. I have no trust that he is a man of integrity so therefore the payment would be via cashiers check. My preference.
He left a chippy trap at my house so that had to go back to him. His business is 2 and a half hours from my house, which he had said was his service area. I told him that I am busy, which is why I called to use his services so I wasn't going to be in his area any time soon and that if he had a job close by, we could meet and he would get his check and the trap because I need a receipt. He then sent me a message saying he has a record of all phone calls and his attourney will handle it and he is putting a lein on my house in 5 days. I sent him a message back saying I could come to drop stuff off on Sunday if that would clear everything up, that way we can both move on. I called his business number multiple times to work something out all on Friday April 5th, the day I received the invoice. He sent me a text today, April 6th telling me to stop calling and harassing him and to stop leaving voice messages about his message. I have mailed the check and trap with a confirmation receipt, but am filing the complaint because I feel the business owner is emotional about being rejected and will still try to file a mechanics lein on my property unfairly.

AJM Nuisance Animal Control Response time Apr 08, 2019

I will not take down pictures. It is a job that I went out on and I took the pictures. Contacting me 12 times in one day to argue, yelling at me for preparing prices for you, inspecting the house and driving over an hour there and an hour back is way to excessive. I provide great service to my customers that pay their bills and treat me with respect. You are telling me that you have Chipmunks but for one chipmChip almost always are found close to the ground not in attics. They come out and are active during the day. The noises were being heard at night and way after dark. The house has so many holes in it that bats, rats, mice, flying squirrels or a raccoon on the roof trying to get in to have babies are the likely critters since the noise was hear at night and they are night time creatures that are found up high. The house has a cathedral ceiling and is a manufactured home and it is birthing season. I gave you prices to prevent any of those critters from getting into the house. You could have went with anything that you wanted but decided to tell me that I was wrong, untrustworthy and way to over priced. Well it's obvious that you visited my website and Facebook page so you had to see all the jobs that I have done and all the happy customers that have been charged the same way that I charged you. I gave you a list of the DNR website and other companies that do the same type of work but are not even thankful for me doing that. I have to work 15 hours a day 7 days a week so I am not at all concerned about losing a job that I don't have time for. Leaving the trap was to catch multiple Chipmunks and or rats because of the obvious holes under the porch that you told me was done by rain. I did that because I couldn't get a hold of you for any confirmation because you are to busy. I was under the impression that you were going to have me do something to prevent the noises. I do have cameras that I can use to tell exactly what is going on the roof but you don't want to spend any money to do that. From what I can tell is that you didn't set enough money aside from your renter and you have no idea what it costs for upkeep on a a house and you just don't want to pay for anything to be done. All imI concerned about is getting paid and getting rid of a bad customer to leave time for the better ones. When I get that you will never have to deal with me again. I don't think that charging you for only a trip charge is unreasonable nor is telling you to stop contacting me and harassing me. I had a trip there. There's is nothing wrong with charging for that. What is wrong is not charging you for the rest of my time spent in dealing with the inspection, the estimate and this.

Customer Response time Apr 14, 2019

Still have not received a receipt for the payment. It was $175 for driving out to my house and putting together an estimate only. No work was done. I need a receipt or confirmation of zero dollar balance.

AJM Nuisance Animal Control Response time Apr 23, 2019

I have my trap, my payment and I provided Receipt. I believe that the issue is resolved.

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Address: 9780 East 500 North, Grovertown, Indiana, United States, 46531


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