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Tell us why here...Customer requested for Alamo Toyota to cancel her extended warranty ...the initial request was made via email on Saturday Jan 3...Alamo responded back on Mon Jan 5...the correspondence is attached of what was requested and how it was responded toAlamo Toyota has cancelled the
warranty and has informed the customerAs far as Alamo Toyota is concerned this matter is closed...any questions regarding this matter can be made directly to me..*** *** at Alamo Toyota at ***Thank you

Tell us why here..As per our previous response and the attachments provided,we consider this case closed.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:The response came from Alamo only after I complained to you and after you sent your message to them. They dis not respond to the calls I made and do not even retrun the call even after leaving a message in their voicemail box. That shows their customer care. Until I get my due money back, I cannot close this. I hope that Alamo sees that I get my money back which is their duty as promised by them at the time of purchase of the vehicle and the warranty. 

Tell us why here...Alamo Toyota processed the refund to Ms [redacted]'s bank card last night 3/15/2016. If Ms [redacted] has any issue with the availability of those funds that is between her and her bank...not Alamo Toyota. We consider this issue closed as far as Alamo Toyota is concerned.Thank you.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I still do not have my money. I am unable to purchase a car until it is back in my account.  They could at least check with thier bank to find out approximately when it might be posted.  I have contacted my bank who says the don't see it anywhere.  Just because a small hand held old school devise says it processed doesn't make it factual.  So in the mean time I am without a vehicle, I'm out the expense of two useless trips roughly a hundred miles each way.  And above all, they are advertising vehicles they don't have and lying to people to get them to the car lot.

Tell us why here...Mr [redacted] is in the office 2-3 days a week and will make every effort to respond back to Mr [redacted]. The vehicle in question did in fact pass the safety inspection as required by the state. As I mentioned before, it is unfortunate when something breaks on a car...(that's why we have every customer sign an "as-is" form with every used car purchase), but as a dealer that has been in business for over 43 years we try to assist as best we can and as fairly as possible. Mr [redacted] has been made aware of the issue and will contact Mr [redacted] directly.

I have personally taken a look at the images along with our head of security and assure you the technician didn’t remove the fender liner in question nor did he adjust it in anyway. Coupled with the fact that the opposite side fender liner is all together missing and the middle splash shield is being held on by zip ties I think it is more than fair to come to the conclusion that we have done nothing wrong. Therefore, as per our discussion, we will not be offering any assistance in replacing the damaged fender liner. As much as would always want business we completely respect your choice to buy from Universal Toyota... but, don't tell [redacted] you bought there as he does not own that dealership or have any affiliation with them. Thanks, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I should get back my money and Alamo Toyota's responsibility is very much there that I get my money since they sold the warranty to me.

Customer called on 10/17/2016 at 9:30 am stating her fog lamps were not working and the parking sensor was going off.Informed  customer it was test driven before delivery and was not acting at the time.Scheduled appointment with customer to bring her vehicle to address...

her concerns on 10/18/2016 at 11:am.Customer did not show up for appointment.Will call customer to reschedule appointment.

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: No images have been uploaded as proof. To reiterate, no service was performed to the vehicle in between Universal Toyota and Alamo Toyota. Please offer a reasonable explanation to how the drivers side liner was not secured to the bottom engine cover following service performed at Alamo Toyota. My intelligence cannot accept your argument that climate conditions pulled the drivers liner down when there are no rips or tears in the drivers side liner mounting points. Lastly, it is quite obvious that my neighbor [redacted] does not own Universal Toyota but seems reasonable that I need to clarify this statement for you. If [redacted] did own a Toyota Dealership I would a purchase a Toyota  from him. I hope that makes sense to you now.

Attached are copies of paid checks and the cancellation invoice. Alamo Toyota has cancelled all products in a timely manner.Sincerely[redacted]Alamo Toyota

Customer was informed that her battery was covered for one year unlimited miles. Unfortunately, she had surpassed the warranty coverage that was given to her from Alamo 410 and we could not warranty the battery. Alamo Toyota did inform her and apologized for the inconvenience and offered to try and...

get her a battery at a discounted rate... she began cursing and stormed out of the dealership. At this point we were unable to help the customer any further. Sincerely,[redacted]Service ManagerAlamo Toyota

Mrs. [redacted],
Thank you for being an Alamo Toyota Customer.
Your refunds have been processed. The Scion xB's extended warranty was sent from Alamo Toyota 3/15/2016 to SACU. The xB's Prepaid Maintenance was cancelled on 3/29/16 and Gulf States Toyota refunded to SACU. Lastly the xB's...

GAP insurance was sent 6/2/2016 also to SACU. The Scion iQ's GAP insurance was processed cancelled on 5/28/2106 and Gulf States Toyota will send refund directly to you.
I will be happy to assist in any other requests in this matter.
Best Regards,
Finance Director

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