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Alan Kunsman Roofing & Siding, Inc.

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July 10, Dear *** ***:
This letter is in response to the customer complaint regarding an estimate; please see enclosed estimate and photos.I went to the homeowner's house regarding a leaking problemPreviously, he had a company inspect his roof prior to buying the
propertyHe asked me to rectify the leaking problemI told him we would have to go on the roof to check the chimney, which as you can see from the enclosed pictures, is quite highA two man crew was sent to check it outThe homeowner never asked whether there would be a charge for that work; nor did I mention at that time anything about a costIn order to help him, we had to find the cause of the leak before it could be repairedTherefore, certain materials have to be removed to determine the cause of the problemPictures were taken and an estimate was sent detailing the work that would have to be done in order to correct the problemAs stated in his estimate, if the homeowner proceeded with the work, the cost of the invoice to investigate the problem, would be deducted from the estimate.I told the customer to disregard the invoice and to return the pictures and estimatePlease call me if you have any questions; I can be reached at ###-###-####Sincerely,
Alan K

I spent $18,000.00 to replace my roof and gutters. I am very unhappy with the service I received from Alan Kunsman Roofing and Siding, Inc. My gutters leak horribly. In the winter, I have huge icicles that hang off of the leaking gutters. I have tried repeatedly to get this company to remedy the situation. They advertise a life time warranty. They have not stood by their work and refuse to fix the problems that I continue to experience. I would not recommend this roofing company.

Dear,Alan Kunsman Roofing replaced the roof on the customers home after a hail storm in May 2010.  All of the work was performed as per the hail damage insurance claim that was paid through [redacted] Insurance.  Upon completion of the work there was a leak around a skylight in the...

bathroom. This leak was addressed immediately when we were notified by the customer. Four years later, during the record winter of 2014, we were contacted about a leak in the foyer of the customers home. Again we responded immediately. Upon arriving at the home it was clear that an ice dam had formed on the front wall area of the house where the laminated stone wall meets the roof.  The ice dam extended onto the exterior wall and over the area where the stain occurred in the foyer. We have photos that show the ice dam in this area. We removed the ice from this wall area which stopped the leak.  
  The wall area was then inspected by a professional masonry installation company who determined that the "kick out" or diverter flashing that was installed behind the stone by the original masonry contractor was, over time, causing the leak to occur. This was not the result of the roofing installation.  The leak occurred again after the record snow last month, January 2016,  when the ice formed on the wall as the snow melted during the day and refroze at night. Again the leak stopped when the snow and ice was removed from this wall area.
   The customer had the masonry company replace the stone and "kick out" flashing in this area. At that time, photos were taken that show  the roof deck in this area is clean and free of water stains. Also showing that the roof installation was not leaking.  The leak has never occurred from rain.
I understand the customer's frustration over this but this is not a leak that was caused by our workmanship. The customer believes we are "passing the buck" on this issue but the reality is that we can not be responsible for an issue that we did not create. We have always responded to the customer in a timely and professional manner and have tried to help as much as possible to resolve this issue. 
Donald L[redacted]
Alan Kunsman Roofing and Siding

We stand behind our initial response and have photo documentation to support that response. 
Donald L[redacted]
Alan Kunsman Roofing and Siding Inc.
[redacted] Street
Freemansburg, Pa 18017

Review: November 13, 2013


I am writing to file a complaint about Alan Kunsman Roofing, 203 Washington Street, Freemansburg, PA [redacted].

In April, 2004 I signed a maintenance agreement with Alan Kunsman Roofing and [redacted], the “field representative“. The maintenance agreement was to provide “roofing maintenance services“, not to exceed $300.00 without my (the customer) personal approval.

The agreement also provides the additional service to “inform the customer” if additional repair is needed. Each year they would come to my home and … clean the gutters of leaves. They did not inform me of any problems. They did do some repairs, early in our relationship, and then, simply stopped. Not physically getting on my roof to check the “checkers”, I had no idea the roof was in disrepair and getting worse. I DID know there were no leaves in the gutters.

A leak in the second floor bedroom, in August, 2013, alerted me to a problem. My contractor got on the roof for me. What he saw was a roof with worn slates, holes, rusted nails and cracked slates. We took photos.

I then contacted Alan Kunsman Roofing and spoke to [redacted]. I was informed Alan Kunsman no longer dealt with the day-to-day business. He has been described to me as “retired”. **. Alan Kunsman did agree to come to my home with [redacted] for them to look at my roof ,with me. When they arrived, they would not let me on my roof. **. Alan Kunsman didn’t want me falling off his ladder. I said I was in good shape and would not fall. I then asked, and **. Kunsman agreed, to put the ladder on the South face of the roof where the leaks were. [redacted], instead, and against **. Kunsman’s protests, took the ladder to the North face of the roof and placed it over an open set of cement stairs, leading to a full basement door. In spite of that far more dangerous an intimidating position, I DID get up on the roof with **. Kunsman and crossed the top of the roof pitch, down to the South side where the leak was. I refused to let [redacted] on the roof with me. He had physically challenged me just moments before, as he was placing the ladder over the open steps. He charged me, yelling that I did not know what I was doing, and shoved his finger at my face. Aware that my back was to my open driveway, I stepped away, slowly and figured I could run if I needed to. **. Kunsman, in fact, grabbed [redacted]’s arm and told him to stop. My contractor, who was working at the front door at the time, came out to the back porch after hearing the altercation, to see if everything was OK

This episode ended with me asking **. Kunsman for an estimate to fix the roof. There really was no fixing it, at this time, due to damage. We agreed it would need to be replaced. **. Kunsman then sent me a letter, where he apologized for the fact that the roof was not “addressed earlier”. He offered to reimburse me for $868.30 for maintenance not done, but ONLY if he replaced the roof. I, of course, have been getting other estimates, as well.

I have decided not to use Alan Kunsman Roofing. because of the fact that I would have to get on that roof and check the work, myself, as I have little trust in Alan Kunsman Roofing. I cannot have [redacted] as a foreman. I will not allow him on my property, again. I wrote **. Kunsman about this and he called me, assuring me he would be the supervisor on the job, though not at all times. He would stop by once or twice a day. He told me this on a phone message I still have recorded.

Because I am not using him to replace the roof, he is refusing to reimburse me the $868.30 for the

“maintenance” not done according to his own agreement. I asked him for a compromise of $430.00. He refused. The unusual thing is, if he had simply done what he promised to in the maintenance contract, (inform me of roofing deterioration and the need to repair it) he would have had the money for a good roof, all along, as the slates and nails were slowly replaced over nine years.

I sent out some emails to my neighbors and found an unusual coincidence. They have had similar problems with Alan Kunsman Roofing. Repair that was just gutter cleaning. Leaks blamed on chimneys (he blamed mine on humidity, which is almost unheard of in older, 1940 homes) and the description of [redacted] as “aggressive, intimidating and a real bully”. Most of them have moved to [redacted] Roofing.

Knowing that roofing is a rough business, one that most property owners don’t get up to inspect, and filled with possibilities to leave homeowners unaware, I am not asking for a free roof replacement, although sticking to the contract on **. Alan Kunsman’s part would certainly avoided a replaced slate roof for me. I would simply like the $868.30 for the maintenance agreement that was not met. I have reviewed the report on Alan Kunsman Roofing, and see, that like my neighbors, problems have indeed occurred AFTER Alan Kunsman stopped with the day-to-day business of running things, himself.


[redacted] PA [redacted]

I have the copy of my original maintenance agreement, photos taken, letters to Alan Kunsman, his written apology, and the recorded phone message he left me should you require them.Desired Settlement: $868.30 for maintenance not preformed.



November 27, 2013

Dear **. [redacted]:

This letter is in response to a complaint which was brought by one of our former customers: Customer states:

1. They did not inform me of any problems. They did some repairs, early ....and then simply stopped.

2. I had no idea the roof was in disrepair and getting worse.......A leak in the second floor bedroom, in August 2013, alerted me to a problem.

3. Her contractor saw worn slates, holes, rusted nails and cracked slates.

4. She was not informed of roofing deterioration and need to repair it.

Enclosed please find a copy of the maintenance agreement, invoices since 2004 for work performed, a letter dated November 18, 2008 notifying the customer the slate roof needed repairs and a check receipt for money refunded to the customer for past repairs. Lastly, there is a recent letter regarding my inspection of the roof and pictures of the roof.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns; I can be reached at ###-###-####.




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

1. I DID inform them of problems in 2012. They sent over someone to "look". He said it was OK. It was not. He came, again, and went into my attic WITH me. After repairs, it still leaked.

2. I was not aware that my roof was in bad shape. I assumed (incorrectly) that maintenance was being done. If none was being done, I was happy that the roof needed none. I also have these documents and can show you notes from the men, themselves, saying all was OK. I was never informed of any repair, or ever charged for any repair costing more than $300.00. This would suggest that only minor fixes were needed as the sums charged also included leaf removal from the downspouts. From my receipts, it appears that Alan Kunsman Roofing charges about $100.00 for downspout cleaning, although he does not separate that cost from "maintenance". "Maintenance, gutter cleaning, and checking over roof" are all in one category and cost me about $125.00, on average.

3. The "letter" Alan Kunsman refers to is, in fact, an estimate to REPLACE the roof that Alan Kunsman Roofing "maintained" for 10 years. I asked for that estimate to be sent to my home. The letter is a communication with Alan Kunsman. I also have photographs of my very damaged roof that I took when I went up to it, myself. In fact, I have a photograph of **. Kunsman on my roof.

[redacted] signed the maintenance agreement, in 2004. It states, clearly, in that agreement, that if repairs exceeding $300.00 are needed, "ALAN KUNSMAN ROOFING & SIDING will inform the customer." I was never informed and the roof deteriorated. I have the invoices that show when any work over $300.00 was done. In fact, NO work over $300.00 was ever done AFTER I signed the maintenance agreement. I have spoken many times with the receptionist at Alan Kunsman Roofing to schedule the maintenance. At no time during those conversations was any damage or expense, mentioned. Then the whole roof needs replacement AFTER **. Kunsman, himself, got up on it with me. If he could see damage that required replacement, is it possible his crew missed all that repair for nine years? Is it possible they missed it on April 3, 2013 when they "performed maintenance, cleaned out gutters and downspouts and checked over roof" for a charge of $140.25? This last maintenance was done just five months before **. Kunsman got on my roof and said it needed replacement.

4. [redacted] sent me a check for $267.75. I did not cash it for quite sometime. Alan Kunsman told me he did not know what the check was for. ( I do not communicate with [redacted] after his outburst at my home.) I also spoke with "[redacted]", who cuts the checks, and he did not know what it was about. I have all the documentation that came with the odd check from [redacted]. They do not indicate why I received it. The check came separately from the estimate. The estimate is dated September, 3, 2013. The check for $267.75 was dated September 30, 2013. It does not mention the estimate, nor does the estimate mention the check. I have copies of both the front and back of the check.

5. I have since been made aware that **. Kunsman appeared in court a few years ago, when [redacted] was sold. This home is behind me and I was informed it also was maintained by Alan Kunsman. When the new buyer took the seller to court over the roof in bad repair, I understand Alan Kunsman simply said the woman who owned the home (and had the maintenance agreement) was too old to know that she needed a new roof. It seems that when you have a maintenance agreement with Kunsman, inspection, not maintenance is being done. While this does not have anything to do with my roof, it suggests a pattern of service, or lack thereof, to me. Unlike hearsay, a court action is a matter of public record and could be reviewed.

May I suggest that all this is due to the turnover in management? I have reviewed the file on Alan Kunsman Roofing and see that complaints generated in 2011. That would be after **. Kunsman stopped being directly involved on a day-to-day basis.

I will accept the figure of $868.30, MINUS the mystery check of $267.75, for a total of $600.55 for a complaint response.

In **. Kunsman's estimate for replacement, he used the $868.30 figure to address the issue of maintenance not preformed. The idea that I will get reimbursement for work not done, ONLY if I let him repair the roof is unacceptable. I cannot have [redacted] here to be on site for the supervision because of his aggressive behavior to me. I deserve a complete crew for that job; a supervisor, and a crew I can trust. **. Kunsman's apology in his estimate tells me I cannot trust him. He has already failed at service. I was foolish not to check my roof to see that the maintenance repairs were needed and being done. Most people do not check the "checker", but I have learned a lesson. You need to when it is on the roof. That is the one place most homeowners don't go. I cannot be on my roof each day and watch a crew replace the roof. I would have to do that with Alan Kunsman Roofing after my bad experience with them, to this point, or hire another contractor to keep an eye on the job. None of the responses from **. Kunsman removes the fact (which **. Kunsman apologized for) that I paid for services not received.





December 13, 2013

Dear **. [redacted]:

This letter is in response to the second letter from our former customer:

1. Customer states in original complaint, dated 11/13/13, she was not informed of any problems when in fact a letter was sent to her in 2008; a copy of the letter was enclosed in our first response. It was also stated by customer, she had no idea the roof was in disrepair and getting worse until August 2013. In customer’s second letter, she states she informed Alan Kunsman Roofing of problems in 2012.

2. Maintenance includes removing debris from gutters and downspouts, refastening gutters and downspouts if needed, inspecting the slate roof and replacing broken/ badly deteriorated slates within a $300.00 budget, sealing flashings and vent pipes if needed. A total of 75 slates had been replaced. The gutters and downspouts were cleaned out in the spring and fall. Invoices sent to customer varied in cost from $125.00 to $269.00.

3. The letter, customer is referring to, is not the recent one dated 2013; it is the 2008 letter referred to above. The letter recently sent by Alan Kunsman states the whole roof does not need replacement; the south side of the main roof needs to be replaced. Seventy-five slates had been replaced in this area, however, compared to the rest of the roof, it is in poor condition.

4. The refund check sent to the customer, for $267.75, was reimbursement for the last two spring maintenance invoices; 4/2012 and 4/2013. Our estimator had a phone conversation with the customer’s husband, whereby it was mutually agreed, that a check would be sent in the above amount to resolve the August issue; her husband was extremely happy with the decision.

5. There has been no turnover in management.

I feel I have addressed this issue by trying to satisfy the customer; I do not think any further compensation is warranted.




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

1. The “letter” I have, dated 11/14/2008, is, in fact, a note. After maintenance, a note was left in the door.

A bill for $127.50 was with it. I paid that bill electronically on 12/02/2008. The note says nothing was needed or done but “cleaned gutters & downspouts”. At no time did anyone tell me (per the maintenance agreement) that I needed roof repair. See attachment.

2. MY maintenance agreement states that not only are bad or deteriorated slates to be replaced, but that if Alan Kunsman Roofing determines that additional maintenance or repair is required, they will inform the homeowner. I have receipts for gutter cleaning and minor repair for nine years after the agreement was signed. NO WORK exceeded $300.00. NO WORK was suggested. The roof, was repaired to the extent that Alana Kunsman Roofing felt appropriate. IF, they had let me know the roof needed major repair, or replacement, I would have done, so. But as late as 04/03/2013, the only work required was gutter clearing and “checking over”. See attachments.

3. The estimate I AM referring to, is indeed the 2013 estimate. The estimate is for the South side, only. The leaks exist, and roof replacement is also necessary on the North side of the roof. The very side of the roof, **. Alan Kunsman and I got up on to survey damage, as that is where [redacted] insisted on placing the ladder. 75 slates were replaced. I am not debating that. My complaint is that Alan Kunsman Roofing “checked over the roof” and never said or did more than $300.00 of repair, although now he says it was in poor condition. If it was in such poor condition in September, 2013, surely Alan Kunsman Roofing saw that in April, 2013, when they did NO REPAIR, and charged for no materials. See attachment.

4. I am unaware of any conversation Kunsman Roofing had with any “husband”, let alone a happy one. In fact., I am the sole owner of the home at [redacted], and therefore, am the only one able to give permission to do any work or repair. The maintenance agreement, indeed, is signed only be me, and [redacted]. As I have stated before, I am willing to deduct the check for $267.75 from compensation, but I am unwilling to pay for gutter cleaning called “inspection“. See attachment.

5. The issue is not this thorny back and forth about small repairs. The issue is that the Maintenance Agreement I signed with [redacted] was not performed. At no time, did anyone from Alan Kunsman Roofing tell me that my roof was in poor condition. In fact, I was paying them each year to KEEP it in good condition, and let me know of any problems. As late as April, 2013, there were no major problems and certainly none costing more than $300.00, according to those from Alan Kunsman Roofing. However, the roof was NOT in good condition, and had not been for years. That was confirmed by three other contractors (roofers) that came to inspect the roof in September, 2013. Is it possible that Alan Kunsman Roofing missed what everyone else saw? Is it possible that my roof went from needing a “check over” to replacement, in five short months?

I believe that my agreement was broken the very first time I was not informed of needed repair over $300.00. It is now rather obvious that the damage to the roof is consistent with wear over years of minimal maintenance, and neglect. I did not neglect my roof. I entered an agreement to inspect, repair and maintain the roof. That agreement was not handled in good faith by Alan Kunsman Roofing.

6. May I suggest that “turnover in management” can mean many things. In this case, **. Kunsman, himself, agreed to look at the roof after not seeing it for years. Perhaps, he delegated. Perhaps, not. Either way, both Alan Kunsman and [redacted] and their staff got on my roof, looked at it, and got off. Period. It is beyond question that they saw the slow deterioration of the roof, most recently, in April, 2013, but chose not to inform me, a service I was paying for. They did, however, clean the gutters, a job any yard service group could do. I believe I was “snookered“, to say the least. I will accept compensation for $868.30 (see estimate attachment) that is the price **. Alan Kunsman apologized for, minus the check for $267.75, for a total of $600.55. That is a small price to pay for a roof that was neglected and eventually needed replacement, while under contract with Alan Kunsman Roofing.


I spent $18,000.00 to replace my roof and gutters. I am very unhappy with the service I received from Alan Kunsman Roofing and Siding, Inc. My gutters leak horribly. In the winter, I have huge icicles that hang off of the leaking gutters. I have tried repeatedly to get this company to remedy the situation. They advertise a life time warranty. They have not stood by their work and refuse to fix the problems that I continue to experience. I would not recommend this roofing company.

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