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All American Roofing, Inc

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Unfair Billing and Service Repair Practices
On July 25, a contractor for Huntsville Utilities came out and dug in my yard (We have photos)
Towards the end of September we received a bill that over $higher than it usualSo I started to compare my bills and noticed that the only change was on the water and sewerThe water and sewer portion of our bill had increased from Gals of Water (July) to Gal (Aug) to gal (Sept) and we also noticed that the pavement where my kids play basketball was consistently wet as if it had rained and it had not
I called Huntsville Utilities Dispatch department on 10/05/and spoke with a gentleman and he stated that he would send someone outDuring that conversation I also informed him that my water bill had increased, and he stated that it if the leak was on their side of the meter that it would not affect my bill however if it was on my side that it would I also informed him about the visit that we received in Jul

I have resided in an independent living facility for Seniors with low income for yearsMy monthly bill has never been over $a monthIn August I got a bill for $130.00, I was told pay it in fullIn January I got a bill for $paid in full againI would like someone to check on this meterAs I am not getting anywhere with them and get my light bill back to normal

I requested a close account due to a re-location of my businessThe account was not closed and I was billed for two months at a location I was not at
On March 27, I went to the Huntsville Utilities commercial office to request a transfer of my business account and services for the account XXXXXXXXXXXX at *** *** *** Madison, Alabama XXXXX, which I had established more than years priorI was told by Huntsville Utilities employee, *** ***, that I would have to establish a new account because I needed service at two locations for an overlap month in AprilI paid a new deposit of dollars and filled out the paper work for my new location at ** *** Street, ***, Al XXXXX with new account XXXXXXXXXXXXI was told the old account would be disconnected on my request date of April 30, and my initial deposit for that account would be returned when the balance was zeroIn May I was billed for this accountI thought it was for the last month service a

The practice that Huntsville Utilities uses is unfair to customers when it comes to processing payments
On 5/16/at about 10:06a.mmy services were interruptedMy payment had been in since the opening of business at 7:30a.mI came home, saw that my lights were off and immediately contacted Huntsville UtilitiesThe representative I spoke with was very courteousI explained to him that I put my payment in the drop box Friday afternoon when I got off workHe informed that the payment was not processed in time and that's why my services were interruptedI was on lunch at the time so I had to call back later that eveningI actually got the same representative later that eveningHe was still courteous in our second conversationI requested to speak with a manager but none were available at the time so I was told that one would contact me in the morningThe representative I spoke on today(5/17/@ 11:15a.m.) informed me that due to me putting the payment in the drop box an

We were billed for gallons of water! We have no leaks, and has never left the water running!
We were billed for gallons of water! We had two plumbers come check our building for leaks! Both plumbers said there are no indications of a leak! I have called customer service several times only to be told, I have to have a leak! We were also told maybe a child left the water runningThis location is a Boutique, I open and close! There is only one bathroom, toilet, sink! I am only there days a week! The water was never left running! I did not cut the water off from the meter, because I believed both plumbers to be correct! From the last meter reading on 1/23/to today 2/14/we have only used gallons of water!!!! When I asked if the meter could have malfunctioned we were told their meters don't and was ensured we have a leak! When I asked if our prior meter readings may have been estimates, we were told no, and we have to have a leak! They did state the came to rere

May 2016, I spent the month in B-ham going thru Chemo and radiation treatmentI would come home on Friday evening and return to B-ham early Monday morningOnce I got bill for that month, they reported I used gals of waterThe same type billing continued more monthsI'm the only person at my address and it's one bedroom, no washer and I don't eat at homeThis is simply outrageous and I want my money backI live at Arbor Park Apartments off Airport Road

Their website and automated service does not workI cannot get reach a live personI am being charged add'l fees and my service being cut off
I have been trying to make a payment both online and over the phone since WednesdayI kept getting loading errors on the website and it wouldn't let me process a bank transaction or credit/debit payment
When I called I was not able to get a hold of a live person and the automated system kept looping me around saying I didn't have an account
I was finally able to get the website to work only through western union after multiple attemptsWhen I logged in the account said it was scheduled to be discountedI made a payment for the previous billing amount
I need to insure that my services are not going to be cut off due to an error on your companies partI have had an issue with my account not being found or recognized multiple times since I have movedEvery time I go to log in I have to reset my password because it says it cannot

Huntsville Utilities cut down a tree at the back of our property at Polk Drive and was supposed to grind the stump but they haven't
Huntsville Utilities cut down a tree under power lines at the back of our property at *** Huntsville, Al quite some time ago and they were supposed to come back and grind the stump but they haven'tI have had to keep this area mowed and weed eated and I have been having to mow and weed eat around this stump instead of being able to easily mow the whole area if the stump was already removed like it should have been a long time agoMaybe I messed up by not making Huntsville Utilities do it right away but that's no excuse for them to not come back out and do it, it only shows lack of responsibility on their partWe have paid our utility bills on time every month that we have owned this house and we have paid our property taxes

I went down to Huntsville Utilities on September and paid my bill in full and asked when I would receive my security deposit back They said two weeks and it has been four weeks now
My old address was *** *** Rd SW Huntsville, Alabama,

On military orders out of town for monthGot back and power was cut offWhy do I have to pay a reconnect fee?
Was sent out of town on military orders last minuteI had no one to receive mail or take care of anythingI am being charged a reconnect fee for something I literally have no control overIt shows me how your company views the military and supports itI received my notice of disconnect on 8/30/

The billing system Huntsville Utilities has in place is extremely difficult to work with a scheduleWhen I receive my bill I do not have a month to pay it like I do with all my other billsAdditionally, I did not receive a bill in the mail this last time and got a notice this past Saturday that my utilities were subject to being cut off if payment was not received by todayThat did not allow sufficient time for payment to mailed, at minimum they should have provided at least a week in this situation and customers should have a month to pay regularly scheduled billsMy mortgage is due once a month, my credit cards are due once a month, I pay my bills once a month but cannot pay my Huntsville Utilities bill at the same time I pay my other bills because of their billing cycleIf I could choose which utility service I could have it would not be Huntsville Utilities but we are forced to use them since they are the only utility service in the area!

Charged for $Trip fee regarding late bill multiple times, Have only received notice twiceAlso have never witnessed anyone reading meter
I have received multiple trip fees regarding late payments, I have been paying these due to the fact that I was late on my billToday while discussing why my bill had been so high the customer service reptells me that I have received another Trip fee when NO ONE came to my house yesterday, I also did not receive any noticeSo they can just say they came out there and charge me for itI have been charged at least five times and have only received a notice twiceMy bill is always different when no adjustments are made to the heating unit or my work schedule, I have never seen anyone from there to read my meterOnce I start to bring all this to the attention of the service repshe began to be hateful and have an attitude, she would no longer let me finish a sentence and kept trying to over talk me when I questioned the processI have no

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