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All Dry Water & Fire Damage Experts

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When we were contacted by [redacted] for a mold remediation job we were informed that due to a lawsuit he was involved in regarding the mold that was being remediated, he would not be able to pay the balance right after the work was done and that he could only move forward unless a payment plan was...

offered.  I spoke with him directly and told him we could move forward with payments of $500.00 a month to start but because the balance was going to be rather high, and that it would take years to pay off the balance at $500.00 a month, that eventually we would need to start receiving higher monthly payments.  Our customer, [redacted], agreed to these conditions.  We performed the work at his property in July 2016, which was done thoroughly and according to all standards set by our industry.  We were informed by [redacted] as well that we had done an excellent job.  Payments for the work started in July of 2016 with $500.00 a month.  In March of 2017 they missed a payment and we had to make multiple calls over a few weeks time to convince them to get back on schedule with payments.  They made one last payment of $500.00 in April 2017.  Again, we made numerous attempts at reaching them to get permission to make another payment on their credit card.  We were finally called back after several weeks and informed that they were going to be taking a break from paying us due to the level of debt they had found themselves in with the lawsuit they were pursuing.  This was not acceptable to our company.  We were willing to work with the customer on very minimal payments for a long period of time as we felt compassion for his situation and were trying to be helpful.  We had been promised full payment regardless of how his lawsuit turned out and now we were not receiving any payment at all after fronting the labor hours and expense for product close to a year prior! I did contact my lawyer at this point for advice and he suggested to place a lien on the property to help protect us.  At this point this is what we did.  After many more months with no payment attempts by our customer, we had to take the next step by starting court proceedings.The customer stated in his complaint that he was charged double than what he was told.  This is not accurate.  He had asked my project manager what the rental price would be for a negative air machine and my project manager informed him of this rate.  He asked for two of these machines to start his project and of course, it was this rate x2 because there were two machines running.  He also states that he was charged nearly double the originally quoted fee and that the invoice went from 10,000 to 18,000.  This is also not accurate.  I have attached the original estimates that were sent to him.  There were two sections of the home we worked on and we did a separate estimate for each.  Due to it being an estimate of work, sometimes, especially with mold, you can start the work and find more work than you had originally found once drywall is removed etc.  One of the estimates originally provided was for $5,222.29.  In the end this estimate was lowered to $4,246.10 due to less work/product being needed than originally planned.  The second estimate was for $9,042.17.  In the end this estimate was raised to $12,989.77 due to more mold being found after work got started.  I would like to note that any time a change is made due to more work being found the customer is informed of this and a revised estimate provided to them to review before the extra work is completed.  So the final invoices were for $4,246.10 and $12,989.77.  Any additional money owed above and beyond that are late fees since he has not made a payment since April of 2017, as well as charges for legal fees (per outlined in our contract signed by [redacted]) we are accruing in pursuing getting paid what we are due for the work we completed.The customer is under the impression that our company was somehow working with the people he was suing for the mold in his house.  He has sent me an email, along with his complaint, accusing me of working with them and telling them that he was way overdue in his payments.  To this day I don't even know the names of the people he was suing and those people never contacted me or anyone who works for my company asking any questions about the work we did.  If they had contacted me, I would not have provided information to them that would have hurt [redacted]'s case as it was in our best interest for [redacted] to win the case as if he had he would have been more likely to get us paid quicker for the work we performed!  He continues to accuse us of being the reason he lost the case.  We were never contacted by the other party, not once.  We had nothing to do with him losing his court case he was pursuing.I am perplexed by the "desired settlement" of "full refund and for her to drop her baseless lawsuit."  We provided an estimate to the customer which was accepted by the customer.  We performed the work.  We are now not getting paid for the work we performed.  We are following our plan recommended by our lawyer which is to place a lien on the debtor's property and to pursue justice in court to try to get paid.  I am unsure what the customer would want a "full refund" for...he never paid us what he owes us.  Where does a refund come in?  His request to drop a "baseless lawsuit"...we performed a service for him and then were not paid for that service.  This is not a baseless lawsuit.  We are owed the money that we are due for the services that we performed which the customer was very happy with until they lost a lot of money pursuing a lawsuit and then did not win that lawsuit and ended up in debt due to lawyer fees, etc.  We are still due the balance for the work we performed.

HelloCustomer left phone in taxi.  Taxi driver could not find that. Taxi company does not responsible for any passenger's lost and found. Generally, taxi driver gives any passenger forget item to our call center but in this case driver did not find any phone.  Regency cab is not...

responsible for mistake of taxi driver because they are self-employed. refund is not possible.Arvind S[redacted]Comptroller and Manager Finance

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This website was reported to be associated with All Dry Water & Fire Damage Experts.


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