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1900 Tigertail Blvd, Dania Beach, Florida, United States, 33004-2127

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• May 14, 2024

Unreliable owner
Esther, the owner, was polite and seemed very professional at the beginning of the transaction. Needless to say that her products and advice are excellent. So are her installers.
HOWEVER, if unreturned calls and overcharging are contrary to the definition of a true professional, then Esther, the owner, is not a true professional. According to our calculation, we were overcharged ( an amount in the four digits ) for work not done. One of those instances occurred when we cancelled the removal of tiles by All Floorzz, which meant a significant refund. Also, two of the three instalments were given to Esther in cash and NO receipts were issued for the third instalment. Again, overcharge according to our calculation and Esther did not offer an explanation so far. Esther is apparently looking into this matter and informed us that a refund is coming, but will not tell us how much the refund will be. This has been dragging on for 3 weeks, I.e. beginning of April 2024. Calls and texts are very rarely returned and physical visits to the store have been, since the beginning, our main communication vehicles. As we are snowbirds, we have now returned north and have no way to get her attention.
Will we ever receive the overpayment that is owed? If so, how much and when? Who knows? However, this has been a stressful and time consuming process. I believe that communication in a situation like this one is the
key in resolving issues. I am disappointed in the effort put forward to discuss the issue. I will be more cautious in the future with business transactions.
May 14, 2024
We are now in mid -May 2024 and the request for refund has been going on since early April. Texts and phone calls have been made and we were able to reach Esther once in the last two weeks. We were told by Esther that she needs to talk to her accountant before she can give us any information. She says that she cannot contact him because she broke her leg. Our patience has limits. Always a reason for not giving a straight answer.
More to come

• Jul 20, 2023

The owner (Esther) is leaving herself 5 star reviews. This company is terrible. Customer service is atrocious, we will have to pursue legal action because they take no accountability for anything. They sent us the wrong product, it was the same color and material but instead of all 8' planks, we discovered (after it was installed, because installation happened in 1 day) that the planks came in 3 different sizes. We had no idea. We asked for a refund and she blamed us for not looking through every piece in every box. We paid over $22,000 for the floors. She is a bad person, read the reviews they are all true. We will be pursuing legal action.

• Jul 12, 2023

Very satisfied .amazing staff nl
Beautiful large selection recently recieved new samples and very competitive prices .delivered materials on time.very happy with customer service .thank you

Paid for floors that we're not delivered, they agreed on a full refund and still 4 months they have not given me the money back
Back in March I ordered floors and this company told me two sister companies were going to charge me in two parts the $ 4,900.
After that I waited Two months and with no delivery on site and many excuses thst started with COVID and went on to lost tricks and shut down railroads I cancelled Order and their representative that referred to herself as the owner (***) agreed in writing to a refund with check but refused to credit my credit card . Their check never arrived , I got An attorney involved and still no response
Finally I started A dispute with my credit card Company in which one of the so called sister companies showed proof that some floors (not the ones I actually ordered) were delivered to Floorzz and More three days after they charged my credit card. Still waiting to see if the second company also refutes my claim ,
Seems that Floorzz and more used my credit card to buy product maybe for another client because my invoice shows a different product and a different price than what their sister company shows .
It's been four months and I still don't have the money that they agreed on giving me back . I have Emails and a trail of 70 text messages between Floorzz and lore and myself .

Desired Outcome

I am seeking for this company to refund me in full the $ 4,928.42 As per their agreement via email . I also Have more text messages as proof of their lies and deceptive practices

All Floorzz & More Response • Jul 20, 2020

Whatever charges that were charged to the credit card have been agreed to be credited back she disputed the charges and - our vendor has been paid directly in order for her to receive her credits back

Customer Response • Jul 20, 2020

See attachment
Good morning:
I am sending via fax more information on this claim (invoice and emails between myself, my attorney and this company All Floorzz and MOre but here you also have a trail of messages that show I have never received the floors I paid for.
To this day I have not received a refund either.
Thank you, I truly hope they can be stopped from doing this to others.

All Floorzz & More Response • Jul 21, 2020

I have paid the vendor for the charges that were put onto your card so they should not be refusing your dispute - I had asked you to please wait a little while longer and I would have given you a direct refund - now that I have paid them the credit needs to come back thru your credit card process - you will get the refund it may just take a little longer then expected - *** is a very nice customer and I have always liked her - please tell her that I am sorry this order turned out the way it did, Thank you

Customer Response • Jul 22, 2020

Good morning
I'm attaching my response to All Floorzz and More argument of why two months after my cancellation of this non delivered order they have not returned my money .
Thank you .

On 6/30/20 my husband and I gave a down payment of $2,695. to setup date. now we have COVID-19 and need refund and they want 30% but no contract.
My husband and I gave $2,695 check# 205 down and we would be signing the contact and date to start the work. My husband is now at the hospital with COVID-19 and I am under quarantine until the 14th for testing. I have requested with ***, that they refund us in full because I don't know if my husband who is 84 will make it out so we are in need of this money, and they want to keep 30% of it when nothing was ever done or even a date set. This is very inhumane and the lady was very rude. I'm reaching out for help please!!! my husbands infection has spread all over his body and I need to order home care in case he is released. Please, I thank you for anything you can do for us. Stay safe.

Desired Outcome

We would just like the full refund back please.

All Floorzz & More Response • Jul 08, 2020

Hello we have been in touch with this client
we explained that she canceled her order and the material had shipped to another warehouse waiting for us to start the installation she canceled and we told her that either she can accept the material or it will be returned to te warehouse stock with restocking charges and she was not satisfied with the response -
we even said that we will hold in the warehouse untill she is ready or she canaccept the check back with restocking charges included

There have been many obsticles with orders and deliverys from warehouses due to their schedules since crono virus has started - we kneew that she wanted the installation asap so we accomadated the order and asked the warehouse to send out asap we have it held for her know in the warehouse waiting for further instructions
Thank you

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It's simply not true. If I was in such a hurry to get it done we would of set a date. Nothing was explained or informed. Other than giving a down oayment.

All Floorzz & More Response • Jul 10, 2020

Good afternoon, I read the response from the customer and yes there was a date set - the customer even said that she would start moving around things to get ready for the installation everything was clearly explained and we had a very long conversation about this -Thank you

Customer Response • Jul 13, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Not true at all. If that was true they would have a signed contract which we never signed. It's difficult for us to set dates because of all our medical appointments and during these times its very hard to get so there was no date set.

All Floorzz & More Response • Jul 27, 2020

As of today we have sent 2 responses back answers back about this customer - she has 2 options -
1- recieve refund of deposit less restocking cancellation fee
2- accept the materials to either install or to do with whatever she wants
this has been a very hard time for everyone and we are trying to work with our customers as best as we can the warehouses also have been holding her materials and are waiting for what to do next - pleas advise?

Customer Response • Jul 28, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I will accept the restocking fee but not the cancellation fee. There were no dates set because they had no idea when they would be able to get the floors so no, I don't accept them trying to stab me for money when there's nothing signed or set. Restocking fee sure. But not cancellation fee they are now coming up with.

Ordered placed and paid on 22nd Nov. 2019. To date has not been delivered, the supplier now won't return calls or answer emails and refused to refund
An order was place and paid for in full on 22nd November 2019, attached is the invoice and the wire transfer details of the payment. The sale rep and registered agent of the company *** has continuously over the past several months been making and breaking delivery dates of the product which was to be exported to our international office located in the Bahamas for a project we are working on there. This had caused us to not meet our contracted completion date.

There has been several attempts to contact this supplier via email, telephone with no replies and there have been several attempts by members of staff going there and the sales rep. *** was rude and stated she has no information to give on it and when asked for a refund she stated that she wasn't going to issue one.

The items ordered was wood flooring and underlayment padding. The invoice *** and the amount paid was $4,847.66 which was wired to the supplier.

The supplier is refusing to deliver the products, refund payment and now ended all communications.

Desired Outcome

It is very simple, we wish to receive the products that was paid for almost 8 months ago or a complete refund.

All Floorzz & More Response • Jul 16, 2020

Mr *** ordered many different items all of which he recieved except for the wood flooring that prior to cronvirus he was told was special order and still needed to come in from the factory . Then cronovirus happenned and all containers from the warehouse stopped infact that warehouse is still working remotly nobody is working in the offices - We have comminicaed with Mr *** and his representatives and we still have an open door to recieve this material in the near future - Please convey that to Mr *** as soon as it arrives we will contact him
Thank you

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Address: 1900 Tigertail Blvd, Dania Beach, Florida, United States, 33004-2127


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