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Review: Issue left side pulley came loose the door would not operate. The results of the same day service call:

The cable was re-installed on the pulley, the door frame was re-adjusted, new rollers were installed, longer pins on the top and bottom on each side & the door was not connected to the opener. Garage door was not functioning door at the end of the service call, after the fact the tech admitting to adjusting the tension on the door, and now he would not connect to the garage door opener. The technician recommended NOT re-connecting the opener due to tension on the door indicating that the wrong springs were installed. The technician collected a check for $380 for the service and rollers. The technician recommended that we should go back to the original installer to verify the correct springs were installed. He did determine for an additional change of $380 he could replace the unbroken springs to remediate the issue. I explained to the tech that the tension springs were new not broken, installed by another company less than 2 years ago.

I spoke with the owner [redacted] the following morning and communicated we were not satisfied with the service performed and suspected non-ethical/deceptive practices that were misleading. We indicated the personal check in the amount of $380 would have a stop payment order, and any payment would be delayed until we determined the root cause of the new issue. We indicated another service company will be on-site Monday morning to adjust the springs and lubricate the rails. We asked him to stop calling with threats to take us to court.

To remediate the issue we dispatched out another company; $150 for normal service call. The issue was fixed by simple adjustments to the tension springs and lubrication enabling us to re-connect and resume normal operation with the garage door opener.Desired Settlement: The current situation is that I contend that the repair verbal agreement simply did not reach the same understanding regarding the terms and conditions of the alleged verbal agreement. I intend to challenge our verbal agreement due to the services rendered did not met my requirements to fix a broken garage door. Since there was no exchange of acceptable services rendered, there is no binding verbal agreement. The root cause of the issue created by the repair service was the tension springs were incorrectly adjusted: The right side 9 turns the left side 10 turns. ( 8 foot door)

Corrective action performed by the other service provider was the lubrication & adjustment of the tension springs to the correct number turns on both sides - 7 1/2 on each side. W or the garage door to resume normal operations.

Seeking compensation in the amount of the additional charges incurred with the second service company.



February 10,2014

Dear **. [redacted],

I am sending this letter in response to a complaint that The received on behalf of my company All Garage Door Services.

On January 12,2014 my technician was sent out to the customers home. This was a Sunday, which would be a up charge for the Sunday service call. Normal business hours consist of Monday- Friday. The customer agreed to this additional charge prior to the technician’s arrival. My technician installed new rollers and the customer was only charged for the Sunday service call and the price for the new rollers. We did not even charge for the labor for the technician. Our company advised the customer that the incorrect springs were attached and instructed the customer to contact the original company to rectify this situation, my company could’ve installed the correct size springs, but we do not take advantage of customers. The customer agreed to this and at no time during the service call did he have an issue with this. The technician did not want to charge the customer for a service that should’ve been included with the original purchase.

Again, at no time did the customer seem upset or unsatisfied with the service he was provided. The next day Monday January 13,2014 the customer contacted my technician stating that he put a stop payment on the check and that he was not going to pay for the service he was provided. I then contacted the customer in which I left a message about the payment for the service. I have since filed a civil complaint in [redacted] county court for the Amount Due $380.00 plus filing fees 85.03 and travel expenses to file the lawsuit which are $250.00 for a total amount of $725.03. This customer still has the new rollers which were installed on his garage door. I don’t understand why he feels like he does not owe for a service that was provided to him.

My company prides itself on great customer service and honesty with the customers. I am appalled that this customer is trying to ruin my company’s great reputation- Thank you for you time and attention in this matter.

Thank you very much,



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this attempt at a response because the technician from ALL GARAGE DOOR SERVICES told me that he adjusted the tension on the torsion springs creating the second issue. We are not satisfied with any of the services provided including the the inoperability of the door at the end of the service call.

The next morning another garage door service company corrected the issue within 20 minutes caused by ALL GARAGE DOOR SERVICES, The second service repair company technician indicated that the unbalanced and high tension on the torsion springs was root cause of the issue. The second service repair company technician made adjustments to both sides of the the torsion springs balancing out the door and restored the garage door to fully functional operation with the garage door opener. When we connected the door back to to opener with no issues, I was extremely upset knowing the door was working for the past two years when a new a new set of torsion springs were installed in 2012.

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Description: Garage Doors & Openers, Overhead Garage Doors

Address: 4734 Garden St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19137-2203


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