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6421 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40291-3040

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In July, one of ADT representatives visited my home with an offer of a FREE 3-month trial of alarm system services. I stated very clearly to him that I wanted NO CONTRACTS and would not sign a contract, but would be interested in trying out the system for the 3 months. On October I called ADT requesting to disconnect the alarm system because I wasn't satisfied and to my surprise they tell me that I can't because I signed a contract for 3 years or I should pay for 3 years of service.
What I signed at that time was what I believed to be an agreement for the 3-month trial, and not a 3 year agreement. I am certain that the representative was aware of this. If what I did sign for him was not for a trial period, then this was clearly misrepresented to me and I was taken advantage of.

ALL-IN-ONE SECURITY Response • Nov 19, 2019

All-In-One Security complaint response:I believe there may have been some misundertanding that there is a 3 DAY cancelation period. We have never offered or represented a 3 month trial period. The agreement that was signed by the customer shows in 5 different places that it is a 36 month term. It was also initialed by the customer next to the section titled Cancellation Right that details that the tranaction can be canceled at any time prior to midnight of the 3rd business day. Section 2 of the Imprtant Terms and Conditons is titled Early Termination of the Contract. Here it shows 3 times that this is a 36 month term and that the cancelation amount is 75% of the remaining total mothly service charges. At no point prior to wanting to cancel this agreement did the customer call with any dissatisfaction. The customer was emailed a copy of the entire contract at the time of signing. All-In-One Security stands behind the terms of this contract. Respectfully, ***ALL-IN-ONESecurity & Home Entertainment

Customer Response • Nov 22, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[This is all about how sales representative went to my house and sold me the idea of installing the Alarm System. He offered me things that were not true. A sales representative has the firm conviction of how to make the sale, and that's why he knocked on my door on two different occasions. The first time I said no. The second time, he explained to me that since I already have the box and 2 alarms that were already on 2 doors and the equipment that he could install the alarms on 3 windows and I would be under a 3 month trial period. I agreed and he asked me to initial in one spot, electronically to verify my name and address information and I did initial that one spot. I NEVER SIGNED MY NAME.He knows what he did with lies in his favor in what he promised me and also how he engaged me with a contract that does not have my signature. I INSIST THAT IS NOT MY SIGNATURE.The response from All-In One Security Company stated that it was a misunderstanding that there is only a 3 day cancellation period. My response to that statement is, why did I receive a check on July 27th for $85.85? The first invoice that I received had a check attached for $85.85 so I called the number on the invoice and asked them what to do with the check. I was told to deposit the check and then send them a check for $85.85, from me. It was to cover the trail period and All-In-One Security had paid for Services for Period 07/05/19 through 08/31/19.You also indicated that at no time did I call to cancel this agreement, but I did call ADT to cancel and was told there was a SIGNED 3 year contract for this service and I KNEW I NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT. I got from them the manager name and I called on October 7/19 asking to clarify the situation because I never signed any contract and he told me that he has no answer at the moment but wait for a call back, and he never did. Then I found online the company’s email address and it has been the only way to communicate with All –In One Security.Thank you,***]


ALL-IN-ONE SECURITY Response • Jan 02, 2020

2nd Response - December 23, 2019All-In-One Security stands behind the terms of the contract electronically signed by the customer. The customer received a copy of the signed contract before the installation of the equipment. It states 5 times that it is a 36 month agreement and that there is a 3 day right of cancellation. No where does it state that there is a 3 month trial period. Respectfully, ***ALL-IN-ONESecurity & Home Entertainment

Customer Response • Jan 10, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[I am still waiting for the explanation of why I received a check for $85.85 on July 29/19 from All-In-One.
It is not true that All-In-One sent me a contract, I requested when I called ADT asking to cancel the services. I want to clarify that the only equipment that was installed was 3 small sensors in the 3 Windows because I had the rest in my new house, and that was when the Rep asked me to initial in a single spot. I was far from thinking that he set me a trap to put my initials in your supposed contract.

Thank you



ALL-IN-ONE SECURITY Response • Feb 05, 2020

In response to ***'s last response. Our position remains the same. Our system automatically sends a copy of the signed contract once the electronic DocuSign signatures are completed. The email comes from Docusign. The rep offered three-month free monitoring as a promotion. You were issued a check for $134.97 to cover three months of free monitoring of the 36-month contract. We are open for discussion to help make Ms. happy with her system, but not in a change in the contract. Best Regards, ***ALL-IN-ONESecurity & Home Entertainment

We had them install a security system and camera system in our office and they were also supposed to install voice recording but never did. I did not pay the last part of our bill because they did not finish the work they were supposed to do and the cameras they sold us were junk and we had had nothing but issues out of them. None of the cameras are currently working.

ALL-IN-ONE SECURITY Response • Apr 23, 2018

I am attaching the order sheet signed by the customer. You will see that there is no voice recording on the order.This would be because ALL-IN-ONE Security does not offer voice recording on any job. We simply do not do it. You can see by the order that it is not listed and he signed it. You will also find that the customer initialed that the installation was complete and satisfactory. They were showed how to use the system. If the cameras are not working then they may need a service call. We can't fix what we don't know isn't working. We have not received a call from this customer. We only sell and install quality equipment. They stopped paying for the equipment prior to completing their agreement so their account was turned over to the collection company we work with. They can settle the debt with the collection company. Until the debt is paid in full they will not take it off of his credit report. We will be happy to schedule a service call with the customer if they wish once the debt is paid. Please confirm receipt. Best regards, ***

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Address: 6421 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40291-3040


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