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All Star Air Conditioning And Heating

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User Reviewer9059033 time 27.04.2018

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2016/07/05) */
We have received this complaint and wish to explain our side of the matter. On 6/20/16 our office received a call from Mr. [redacted] expressing the urgency to replace his HVAC system because the current unit he owned was too old and had been...

condemned by another AC company. He was interested in the Hero program and wanted to apply asap. We ran his application with his consent and was approved. We scheduled a walk thru and sales call for the following day. On 6/21/16 during the 3 hour sales call both Mr [redacted] and his wife were present and everything was explained to them step by step in Spanish which was is their primary language. They both agreed that they wanted to get the job done asap because of the severe hot weather. We explained in order for us to begin the work due to the urgency we would need them to waive the 3 day to cancel option and they both agreed verbally and on the contract it was marked waived in red in ink. Immediately after we ordered equipment, scheduled our install crew, ordered city permits. We ordered financing docs from Hero. We put Mr. [redacted] on the schedule for an install for Monday 6/27/16 and he agreed.
Early on 6/23/16 our office contacted Mr. [redacted] to remind him of the schedule. He mentioned that due to the high heat his wife became ill and therefore he called a repairman to repair his old ac unit (which he said was condemned) and he wanted to postpone the install until the hot weather would pass, we agreed on a few days because we already had purchased equipment and would be delivered on 6/27/16. He then asked to change the equipment because he did not want us to install it in the attic after all. We explained how this should've been done sooner and how a change order might be too late. He insisted so our office spend all day with the distributer changing the order. Everything remained on schedule and at approximately 7 p.m on 6/23/16 we received a call from Mr. [redacted] daughter and then his son trying to cancel the install. We explained it was too late but they would not have it. They were very persistent and we explained it was a breach of contract since Mr. [redacted] had waived the 3 day right to cancel. The conversations got escalated because the accused us forcing their parents but that was not the case. Mr. [redacted] is a very healthy strong looking individual capable of making his own mind about legal matter. We feel after he made his choice, he changed his mind disregarding the legality of a contract and hiding behind his children. In addition he used his wife's health as an excuse to to sign the contract and waive the 3 day to cancel. Then again to postpone the install and then to cancel. Very irresponsible behavior. We also were lied to because he first said his unit was condemned by another AC company and then he said he got it repaired due to the emergency of his wives illness and then we found out it was never repaired and he was just trying to get out of the contract. Contracts are designed to protect both the contractor and the consumer. It was signed by both parties and Mr. [redacted] was in breach of the contract because he waived the 3 day right to cancel and and then cancelled. As a family owned service company we all agreed not to pursue legal action against Mr. [redacted] even though it is our right do so but then we received this bad complaint against our company anyway.

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Address: 5808 Hellman Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91737-2124

Website: http://www.allstar-air.com/

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