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Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2017 10:16 AM Subject: Re: #[redacted] Good Morning, [...] December 2016 I Angel at Allied Septic Service received a call from Ms. [redacted]. She wanted to schedule a pump out as soon as we could being the Christmas Season was unsure if it would be next day or when....

She explained to me in detail her particular situation. What I mean by this is...she told me times were hard for her that she had a lot of things going on. To the extinct of her having issues with her home plumbing/water. That She physically turned all her water off and turned it back on to flush toilet etc. That She lived by herself and didn't Mind. Then the conversation went to how much it would cost to pump one tank then the two tanks. I gave her a fair price since all her money issues that She would have to use her Christmas money that her Sister was giving her to do anything regarding her home. Is what she told me.  I always inform our customers when they inform me that that have issues on their septic system. Especially when they haven't had system pumped for a long period and or years. I told her pros and cons and ballpark prices of inlet to tank and tank to outlet, explaining in detail how system is designed to work properly. She expressed she could only afford to do pumping. And would prefer to do one and not both tanks if possible. I explained when system is at capacity, if we pump one tank as the pressure relieves the secondary tank liquid is flowing back into primary tank. So it really needed both done. BUT would confirm both tanks needed servicing when truck got there.   She said she wanted to be called before the truck was to come out since I couldn't give her an approximate time on the day of schedule besides a 2 to 3 hour window of schedule. I told her dispatch or myself would keep her in the loop. Note: as explained to her in this Business some jobs are a simple Pump out, some the customer isn't sure where tanks are located or more work is needed to be put back online to an operable state. That on occasions we have an overflow truck take care of our customers for pump outs. Just to be sure She was also taken care of. And the Holiday season we are really Blessed by a lot of customers wanting tanks cleaned so not to have backups with the Holiday Party's, She understood.   Dispatch had phoned Ms. [redacted] that truck would be running behind. She appreciated the call. It was around 5 PM, When the driver and helper showed up to do her job they were parked on the road starting to drop hoses etc. Ms. [redacted] told them they could back up in her drive area. Which they did at customers request. Please note customer seen both tanks being cleaned as she herself was at the tank and seen it was full.  When job was done, the customer had a check already made out for $60.00 less than agreed price to pump out up to 1,000 gallons. Long situation short, She felt she shouldn't have to pay full price since they were late. I spoke with her as truck was waiting for payment on the toad. She paid balance by credit card.   January 2017 Ms. [redacted] called to get ballpark prices to tell her Sister what would be needed to redo the system. And make it work. I thoroughly explained the process of an upgrade to the Aerobic System she said that was not an option she said is there anyway that we can do the lines as you give me options of in December and I went over in detail that is not a guarantee that flushing the lines which we call hydro jetting/flushing is basically the last resort before an upgrade that there is no guarantee. She said she will get back with me after she speaks with her sister. A day or two went by she did call me back wanting the best bottom dollar price which I did give her around $400 discount simply because her particular circumstances of money issues. And she was a repeat customer. And we were there the month before. And she couldn't afford it the first go-around barely able to do the pump out. I told her I would have to confirm and get back with her on the bottom dollar confirmation, which I did the following day. We agreed to take care of everything that needed to get cleaned, excluding replacement repair or upgrade. I thoroughly explained a couple times on the phone. I even offered to explain to her sister if she wanted to call me because I understand this is a lot to process when you're new to the septic and I do this every day being four Generations it's natural for me to thoroughly explain everything of how it works she really appreciated that offer. She said not necessary that she would tell her sister. When we spoke on the phone I told her that we would pump out again up to 1,000 gallons on both tanks if needed. We would do the inlet which is the house Plumbing to the tank if needed. Hydro flush up to 100 feet of her field line of needed. And to make a note that she nor I knew if there was a second field line on the second tank that we would include that line if it did exist to hydro flush that as well up to 100 feet. I explained that when you hydro flush what is in the lines backwash into the tanks so basically we're still pumping as the lines are getting cleaned she understood .  That's why I told her up to 1,000 gallons She was ecstatic about the major price discount and our company bending over backwards per say. And I told her give me a call 2 or 3 days after it has not rained so we can go out there and pump it out and we will be pumping septic and not rain water going back into her tanks. Again she understood because I thoroughly explained. She said she will call me and was very happy that we were doing this for her and she mentioned the ruts in her yard that she had told the guys they could back up so she felt it was really her fault so she didn't want to complain about it she just wanted me to be aware that it happened and I told her I was sorry about that I said that's why they were on the road. And she knows She told them to park there. She told me she will call me when she received a check from her sister I told her wonderful we would be happy to take care of her.  Mid-January we went out there we took care of everything that we told her we would do my driver told her that second tank wasn't needing any pumping she was fine with that as explained we were to pump up to 1,000 gallons she understood. She called me a couple days after the fact being very appreciative that the system worked great and apologized again for the situation in December for not paying everything until I called her I told her not to worry about it I'm glad everything got taken care of everything was great.  Note: SIGNED INVOICE STATES NO GUARANTEE. February 2017 Mid February Ms. [redacted]'s sister calls me and told me that her sister had said she was still having issues with her septic system. I told her that I was not in the office that I was out of town that I would contact her the next morning that if she didn't hear from me too please call me around 10 a.m. in the morning. She said she would she went on to say on this phone call that it was still not working properly and I told her I don't recall the date but I do recall what we offered to do for her and I didn't have the exact amount because we gave her such a drastic discount that I do recall what we offered to do and until this phone call was I unaware that there was any problems. That's the last time I spoke with Ms. [redacted] everything was great she was happy and everything was good so the sister said she would call me or Ms. [redacted] would call me the next morning. To my knowledge no one has contacted me so I assumed system started working fine again. Last of February 2017 complaint. March 6, 2017 Ms. [redacted] calls me tells me did I think because of all the rain, and her yard being wet with rain that her tanks could be full again? I said Ms. [redacted] you've already made a complaint against us which was not right to the and we have already started the process at the and we are having it investigated and I wasn't going to be able to talk with her at this time. To see what the outcome was going to be.  She smirkly said with her voice, "okay that's another thing that I can call and report to the that you're not going to talk to me!" click she hung up on me. I did tell this to you on the phone on the 6th of March 2017. I do hope the goes through this situation understands that this is our first complaint and it should have never happened it is not right that the customer would try to smear our name when we did do everything legally, verbally, and physically to take care of Ms. [redacted]. I if needed can request a printed call log and text log between customer and myself.  Angel @ Allied Septic Service Office 281-399-2738 Cell 832-401-4271 [email protected]

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