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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2015/10/10) */
We have responded to the clients requestThe client was informed of medical family issuesthree hours from GSO and on return the client was made aware of training new admin staff memberWe have offer to make repairsClient is looking into
means of getting information for repairs as of 10/9/
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 11, 2015/10/14) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Three weeks went by and no word about the family emergencyThen another week when he was in the office and too busyAnother missed appointmentSeveral more weeks before I heard back that he would pay for the repairI am waiting to get a quote next Monday and hope that he will make good on the offer to have it fixed
Final Business Response /* (4000, 28, 2015/12/16) */
Maids of Honor has offered to replace the carpef reported
Bleached out in thebath vanity area seperate room and spaceOr dollars towards bleached out specks and small splatter from leaking spray bottle I assume from photos
I do not feel or think any anyother rooms should be replaced at
Expense of maids of honor and that doing so would be an over reach of the extent of the care and custody of that space know as vanity within bathroom and not bedroom
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 30, 2015/12/17) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Two vendors said we will not be able to match the carpet in bedroom and walk in closetThe vanity area is contiguous to the bedroom with no door to separate the spacesIf we ONLY replace the vanity area it will look bad
They have not made a suggestion which will take care of this problem
I would like to be given a check for the amount quoted of $so we can move onThis has been dragging on for months

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 11, 2015/12/16) */
There has been probably 25 emails in correspondence reference this isuue
The caller failed to follow through with the agreement during the process of service at rental property . Caller did not want to give credit card to place order....

Said she would be there to pay by check even though that is not our policy. It was agreed at time order was placed she wold meet and check out work to satisfaction and pay the cleaners. The caller met the ladies when they called her and she showed them around and then added duty of washing all baseboards in large older rental house in [redacted] and was adamant and did not want to go into over time she told ladies. The caller who placed the order then keft property When maids called two ti three times to have caller for service to return the reply was she was too busy. So the maids had no recourse but to leave without approval of work to the standards caller of service desired .
However shortly after maids left property the caller for service returned to property. The agreements made by caller when irder was placed was broken Upon learning of caller issue I called the following morning and no reply and another text was sent no reply. The following day I try again and after another try on second day I received a text reply . Maids of Honor offered to return to property location to get things like caller wanted and to hrr standards as in orginal agreement , however we would bill for that labor due to the fact we were charging by the hour to preform services which caller accepted at time order was placed. The caller was willing to let ladies return but at no charge. That does not make sense plus if the result were that unsatisfactory why would the caller want staff to return but only if their labor was free.
Points in fact are : the caller did not inform me painters were there and not just in one area as stated per maids, one tenant not completely moved out however caller said she was not an obstical same as for painters. But not likely the case and best situation for cleaners. Also one door was stuck and difficulth getting caller/ landlord to return call. This was not the agreement we have with caller and rhen assume all liability.
Its stated by landlord property was not in bad shape. Ut has been my experience not the case when we get work orders from student rentals in [redacted] area and the maids reported it was dirty as well . But we clean dirty properties that our business.
The landlord has not provided a billing address nor a credit card information and has been ask and ignored by caller .
Landloard lives in another town and maybe state and I feel put too many vendors scheduled and not returning to property as agreed has created a complictsd mess and wishes nit to take liability for neglence but order the work with an agreement.
That is we were contracted by the hour and she was to return to property for work approval when finished and pay for services. . The caller feels by stopping the clock of labor our return should be free labor even after adding on at least 2 labors hous washing baseboards. This property owner is back at home in another town collecting rents and we assisted in helping with tenant turnover timely .
No once gas caller talked about how much time that was spent getting things to hef standards but willing to pay less than labor cost and all the waste if my time in hopes to get services for free . I have been in this business 38 yrs and the cleaners each have 10 yrs + in experience. But the fact remains the caller did not do anything that was agreed upon. She even to maids to call when finished and she was just a short distance away.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 17, 2016/02/17) */
[redacted]Please see attached emails as additional information.[redacted]
From: [redacted]
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 2:08 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: REBUTTAL: Please reopen complaint
Dear Ms. [redacted],

I am not satisfied with the response and would like to continue this valid complaint. Here is my Rebuttal.

(As well, Could you please alert me to the prefix or subject heading with which it will come under so that I will not miss correspondence with my email filters (I need to add the address it will be sent from again apparently).)

As you will note, I have sent you the entire text chain and picture/video set. It is obvious the work was not done. Do you need me to resend anything? If so, don't hesitate to let me know.

1) I was not informed of any credit card payment needed prior to arrival. I have never heard of cleaners charging before they perform work. Here is the text he sent to confirm information: [redacted] ---------
Hi [redacted]. Gene at Maidsofhonor
Quote is 79 hr 2 cleaners each hour
Prorated. Average time 2-3 hrs depending on condition. Carpets to be sch at 90$ three rooms straight cleaning
All to be sch mob or tues. u get call 8 ish day of for approx arrival and 30 minutes upon arrival. Byes for caking MOH [redacted]
40 yrs in service
A+ Member

2) On painters and girl having boxes in carpeted areas: The two women who arrived to clean the apartment walked around the entire place with me. If they felt anything was in their way (which it wasn't), they could have told me so then. They did not even mention it. The tenants boxes (10 or so small ones in a pile) were on carpeted areas in her bedroom and living room which the cleaners weren't cleaning or vacuuming due to the scheduled carpet cleaners the next day.

3) We discussed the baseboards when I showed them the cleaners the [redacted]'s Wood Soap and [redacted] had in hand. They showed me theirs and said likely would not have time to do baseboards, which is when we discussed the priority list of cleaning. When I spoke to them as they were leaving to "check out"--I asked, "Were you able to clean the kitchens, bathrooms and mop?" They answered, "Yes." (, please note: there was NO FURNITURE in this space). The women did not ask me to come back and look at the place. As well, I spoke to the exactly at their exit time (so no long waiting or phone tag as L[redacted] tries to state). Mr. L[redacted] never informed me I had to bethere at a check out. I trusted that a company who had a name like theirs and had long standing presence would, in fact, be honorable.

4) On payment: I had every intention of paying. Please note the following text exchange between L[redacted] and me. (Also, please note in the entirety of the text emails that I canceled the carpet cleaning I booked through him because I could not trust the work would be done; if his argument about my "trying to get free services" were true, then I would have used the carpet cleaner and not paid him for that, but I would NEVER employ someone I had no intention of paying. I am honest. I expect work to be done. As you can see from the images I shared, it was not. Please see the full text exchange below and note Aug. 4th.

5) I am the one who called about the "stuck" door. It was my error. I thought for a moment that the women had locked me out. Mr. L[redacted] is using this issue to cloud the was the doorway to the apartment which I entered with the ladies and where I left them to begin their cleaning (upstairs 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 bath space--of which, the living room and two bedrooms were carpeted--leaving only wipe out duties and kitchen/bath cleaning).

6) I usually clean the place myself but had run into issues because my childcare for a 2 and 4 year old fell through and I had them in tow. The work is not difficult, as I usually do it myself. It is simple cleaning (as you can see from the video where I merely wipe the floor with a wet rag and pull up filthy dirt). The cleaning women refused my cleaning product for the floors and showed me their own, which I approved, so there was NO DOUBT that mopping was expected.

7) Please note in the email chain that Mr. L[redacted] mentions that there was another complaint from the same week. What I find interesting is his lack of acknowledging that his workers were obviously problematic (even if they were good other weeks). Stated in Nov. 6th email: "Another persons on same week did the same thing you are attempting. This is pretty low in doing business."

8) Of course I did not provide credit card information. The job was not complete. I called right before the text at 16:18 (see text chain below) on Aug.3rd to pay with a credit card and told him his voicemail was full. (I do not text my credit card.) The next morning when I went inside place, this is what I wrote:
I need to speak with you immediately. I would like you to come and see a three hour job. You probably should.
The upstairs fridge and freezer are not even cleaned out.

9) I do live out of town, but have taken care of this property for 8 years and never have I had a problem like this. I was a Greensboro resident for 11 years. As well, the rooms were in the same shape as you're seeing in the pictures because they weren't cleaned (in other words, in need of cleaning but not trashed or difficult to clean). If the cleaning women were concerned about the two painters in ONE room, which I texted L[redacted] about on Aug. 3 at 11:21, then they could have spoken up. That text stated: "They are cleaning upstairs whole painters paint downstairs green room (which they can skip)." Whole--should read WHILE. Also note, Gene was made aware of the fact I told them to skip green room (because I'd already cleaned it myself).

I have casually polled a group I'm in with 6,000 members on facebook--six man hours of cleaning fully cleans a FURNISHED large (2,500-4,000 ft) home. Asking clean three small bathrooms and two small kitchens and leave this space CLEAN in three hours (not q-tip clean, but simply wiped clean) should not be a problem. Please view the videos to see that it wasn't even wiped clean, not even with a mop or damp, simply by definition, involves this.

Thank you for your time.

Final Business Response /* (1000, 28, 2016/06/09) */

From: Gene (mailto:[redacted]
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2016 10:44 AM
To: [redacted]
Subject: Re: Open Complaint - [redacted]

Hello [redacted],

An acceptance of $90, is to close this matter, but in no way is [redacted] right and feel she is taking advantage of
the honor system most service companies must operate within. [redacted] was to return to her rental property to make approval before staff left, which they did call her three times, and make payment for services rendered. On third call, [redacted] said she was too busy to return but came shortly after maids left and then wanted maids to return at no cost to her. She accepted hourly rate for services and when maids arrived [redacted] requested, not on work order ,to wash all baseboards in large older rental apartment house where rooms are rented out to college students. The next two days Maids of Honor called and texted [redacted] and at the end of third day we finally got her reply, only return if it was to be free. On the initial order and call, [redacted] would not give credit card said that she would be there to write them a check when they finish. Later I learn she resides in Georgia, another state. Ive been in business for 40 yrs and this is a typical scam by a call in person, living out of state; a property investor seeking to take advantage of vendors.
Gene L[redacted]
Maids of Honor Services, Inc.

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