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Alpha Automation

11923 NE Sumner St Ste 801853, Portland, Oregon, United States, 97250

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Worst company I have ever dealt with. Their website states: A guarantee
We're so convinced you'll love our products - we offer 100% free worldwide shipping on many items; and also a 100% satisfaction warranty. Don't enjoy something that you purchased? Tell us, and we'll be delighted to issue a full refund. We also make sure that you get the best product and are always satisfied.

Don't believe it. They give you the runaround and then rip you off. I had to go through Paypal to file a claim. After a month they awarded me a return authorization. They provided shipping address and then after I shipped it (costing me over $300 in shipping costs) they added additional requirements (live providing a video of why I want a refund). Now I realize they provided a bad address and the product won't be delivered and won't be returned to me unless I pay another $400 to have it shipped back to me.

These guys are criminals. Do not buy from them.

Not as advertised. Company stalling on refund. Claims 100 Satisfaction and 180 Day money back on the home website - continues to delay on that commitment. 24/7 Customer service is also misleading - merely a check the block as they refer you to their customer support which is less then responsive and bureaucratic in their diagnostic efforts to resolve the problem. Product instructions are plenty but unclear. Hardware and software interface is complicated depending on foreign (China) open source software creating vulnerabilities. Product has not worked and company is less than responsive to fully rectify or provide refund.

We ordered an engraver from them that had a messed up controller board, after a month, we got them to replace it. Now it's not working again, this time the laser is failing. They have asked us to email them a video. We did. They said the software we are using IS supported but they only work with another software (Benbox) - benbox will not load on my computer. Antivirus blocks it - the more files I removed from quarantine and exclude from the scan - the more it blocks. I have asked multiple times about the return policy that they feature so well on their website and cannot get an answer. I now don't have my money OR a machine that works.

Alpha Automation Response time Mar 24, 2020

Dear Customer,Please be assured we already sent you the replacement board on your initial complaint.If you still have issues and already downloaded Benbox in your laptop/PC, please let us know with the video of the problem to let us investigate and act accordingly.Please be assured, we really intended to resolve the problem to optimise the usage of the product you purchased.

Customer Response time Mar 24, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: It's like you have not even ready any of my emails or viewed any of the many photos and videos I have sent showing how Benbox is not working. I have software that works perfectly, the engraver does not. It's like the diode has gone out in a weeks time.


Currently, all engravers at this price range are unpolished products, but this one shines because of the service the company provides to make sure everything is right. The setup wasn't without hiccups, but the support was there every step of the way, from a well documented wiki with an updated assembly video, to being responsive and thorough over email.

The engineering of the mechanical components is superb. The rails, the attachments, are all very well engineered. However the electronics leave a lot to be desired.

The mechanical operation works smoothly, and acceptably quickly. The several engravings done so far take time, obviously affected by the density of the coverage, but not too much. The laser would have to be far more powerful to complete a piece in just a minute or 5. The price / performance ratio is certainly just fine. You will get some quality engineering for your money.

The electronics are all exposed. In a workshop, sawdust or other particulates will land in and around the circuit boards. The USB connector is unsupported. Any flex in the connector will break the solder joints and render the controller inoperable. Ask me how I know! The controller should be in a box, and the box should fully support the USB and 12v power ports - plus have the box seal the board from environmental contaminants. I have moved the engraver into my home from the shop, and we will have to tolerate the aroma of burnt wood.

The laser controller is even more suspect. It is simply zip-tied to the laser carriage - there has to be some better way to attach the board rather than balancing it on an edge expecting a zip tie to hold it. It is even more wide open to the elements than the main controller. The laser on-off switch, while not needed during operation, is flimsy. It is certainly not a component designed for frequent use. The software will engage the laser, so it need only be switched on once and left there, but it is an apparent weak spot. ALser intensity is controlled by a knob on the controller board - a function I would think should be software controlled. Nothing more than an annoyance as once set the intensity should be good for most projects.

The system requires a pair of 12v converters. This makes the whole design look like 2 independent groups decided to merge their designs - the x/y controller group did their thing, and the laser group did theirs. Then they merged their designs without thought to a coordinated approach - that's what it looks like.

However tech support was exemplary. Accepting the time zone differences between China and the US, Charlie was always responsive, and always had a list of things for me to do. When it was finally clear it was a hardware issue with the controller, he promptly shipped a replacement. Full marks! Full marks indeed!

In sum, I give the device a very decent 5 stars - the price performance is right there, and this gives me, as a semi-pro woodworker, an ability to embellish my customer's work I couldn't get for twice the price anywhere else. Everything mechanical looks very robust and well designed. The extruded rails are well anodized, and any exposed edges rounded, not sharp - an important detail! Assembly is straightforward enough.

The Customer service is absolutely the best online experience I have ever had, I have bought from a lot of sites and it is scary putting out big money and not knowing if the reviews are true or not. But I am telling you. I am horrible at using my Macbook pro but I use it because it is the best, So the laser works on a Microsoft based program. I had so much trouble instaling a VirtualBox program so I can put Windows 10 on my laptop just to run the program to run the laser. Even with the youtube video, they supplied, 12 hours later I lose it. Geek squad wanted ridiculous money. The local guy wanted to charge me $80 with a 4-hour expectation. So I contacted universalengraver and they set up a time at 8 AM on a Sunday so they can do it for me remote. They took over my laptop and did it all for me. I honestly thought after install I would have problems with the laser operation but nope. runs smoothly. The laser is still running now and it is so cool. Do not be afraid of pulling the trigger on this purchase. You will LOVE IT!!!

Tried to return product after receiving it without even opening it. Product expectations were not met. Horrible company to deal with. American Express is handling it from here. Very shady business practices. Do not order from this online retailer.

They are buying cheap Chinese products and reselling asst a crazy price.

The $40 eleksRotate is $300 from this company

They charge and OUTRAGEOUS 30% restocking fee to cancel an item before it even ships! I ordered an engraver and then replied to the confirmation email within a couple of hours that I wanted to cancel BEFORE they did any work processing the order and they say "it's in the policy". Just con artists. For example: you pay 1,000 for an engraver, change your mind and then you have to pay 300.00 to cancel. Just do yourself a favor and don't bother.

Received my laser engraver. Instructions are terrible. The text instructions say to watch the video, the video doesn't provide step by step and goes too fast to follow along. At the point where we are missing pieces so we can't go any further with the assembly. Their customer support asked for a picture, I sent them pictures and they said that all pieces are there. They recommend us finish the assembly. We can't finish the assembly because we don't have all the pieces. I asked to return the machine and they are telling me no. This is at their fault. They didn't even send me the safety goggles that are advertised to come with it.

Alpha Automation Response time Sep 24, 2019

the assembly instructions has already been provided. here are the assembly instructions " " . No parts are missing as we have already checked it in the email that customer has sent to us. Engravers goes through strict quality check before sending. Googles are missing which we have already processed and will reach customer soon. If customer is having any trouble in assembling we request him to send a small video of how much assembly is done and what all is left in parts and we will help him personally to assembly.

Customer Response time Sep 24, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because they sent me instructions on how to fix a machine that hasn't been fully assembled. I can't finish assembly with missing pieces. :


I purchased an engraver, it didn’t work. After weeks of back and forth emails with no solution. I asked for a refund, they refused and sent out a replacement. The replacement wasn’t the same as the one I purchased. I had to assemble It, it didn’t come with the correct belts, so they sent out replacement belts. The first time to a wrong address and the second time they are still stuck in transit. I have asked many times for a refund, they just continue to tell me to be patient. This has been going on for over five months. I have two machines that do not work. There was no address on the website, but it was stated that they have warehouses in the US and overseas. But I have only been able to contact support through email and it takes some times too long for responses. They are refusing to give me a refund.

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Address: 11923 NE Sumner St Ste 801853, Portland, Oregon, United States, 97250


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