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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:The fact is Alpine never contacted me at anytime if so when and what dates because if you did contacted me I would have paid the Damn Bill.....So if you want paid call me if you claim you have my number Sincerely, Joseph *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that I appreciate them sending the deletion “again”, however they never asked for a copy of any inaccurate reporting, as I have two reports from [redacted] and [redacted] , two of the official credit bureau’s, not some unofficial companyI even explained on a different date that my bank showed me my “bona fide credit report” as they put itSo no, they didn’t request any info, didn’t offer any solutions except that I would have to go to the credit bureaus myself to dispute the fraudulent claims and did not even let me know they would resend the deletions againI did not refuse to listen to any explanation, I called saying I wanted to speak to someone about removing those fraudulent claims, and though my tone was curt I wasn’t unreasonable; all she said is that it was sent on the 28thHowever, I am not surprised, I could tell by their rude tone that Desiree, the supervisor was not pleased that I asked for her name, so I could make note of who I was in contact within this shady companyThe insinuations within their reply is clear, they have TERRIBLE customer serviceThe multiple comments I read online about their terrible customer service and fraudulent claims on credit histories only goes to confirm that this business is not performing wellThey should definitely not have an A+ rating from the Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Tell us why here...Mrs [redacted] is having a difficult time remembering this situationYes, the patient on the delinquent account was their minor childAnd yes, our client did assign the account for collection in their daughter’s nameWhen this error was brought to our attention we immediately corrected our client’s errorWe have discussed this account numerous times with both parents, and provided them with verification of the debt and they have refused to satisfy their legal obligationIn fact, Mrs [redacted] stated she would only pay the bill if we would delete the account from her creditWe advised her that we would not violate the law by doing so! Our client has also informed us that their primary insurance carrier and their secondary insurance carrier were both billed and billed correctlyThe insurances paid their portion and the remaining balance is the [redacted] ’s responsibilityThe original amount of the bill was $1,Their insurances paid $and there was a contractual write off of $The remaining balance of $is the [redacted] ’s responsibilityTheir failure to resolve this matter timely, as she admits has caused them in incur $in statutory interest for a current balance due of $We will not discount or reduce this balance and we will not violate the law by deleting the account from any credit bureaus

He can reject the response all he wants but the facts remain the sameHe also has not provided this office, or our client, notice of any bankruptcyWe will research the claim that he filed bankruptcyEven if this is true, that does not delete this delinquent account from his credit report

Mr [redacted] incurred this medical expense on May 20, His insurance was billed and they paid a portion of the billHe would have received an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from his insurance carrier advising him of his remaining balance dueThe medical provider in this case sent three statements requesting payment before his account was assigned for collection in September of This office sent it's validation notice to Mr***'s address as shown on his complaint on September 26, There was no mail returnedWe left a message on his phone to call us on October 30, Mr [redacted] has failed to respond to any of the aboveIf Mr [redacted] will contact this office and remit payment in full, his credit report will reflect the same and show the debt satisfiedThe item cannot be deleted

I Have no idea why she is complaining?? She has had delinquent accounts assigned to this agency for collection beginning in 2011!! She has made numerous promises to pay but never has fulfilled her promises She FINALLY contacted our office again on 9/14/because these accounts were apparently preventing her from obtaining creditShe still refused to establish a payment plan or pay her debts in full She requested verification of her debts and in fact my staff e-mailed that information to her at her request back on 8/2/17! My staff also went over her accounts with herWe certainly do have documentation of her accounts on file and did provide to her back in August..Her accounts will not be removed from the credit bureaus and will not show paid until she pays her obligations I still do not believe that I ever owed this debt, in order to relieve the impact to my credit report, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 12175114, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

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