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Alpine: the Peak of Comfort, a Heating & Air Conditioning Co

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Reviews Alpine: the Peak of Comfort, a Heating & Air Conditioning Co

Alpine: the Peak of Comfort, a Heating & Air Conditioning Co Reviews (5)

Brand new system installed and elec bill was not reduced by 30-40% as guaranteed by company.I reached out to the company to figure out when someone was coming out to look at my system and the president sent me an email that said "Alpine is closed. Filed bankruptcy. I wushu the best". They have voided my contract with them and have not submitted correct information in order for me to get my rebate from Duke Energy.Desired SettlementI would like the refund difference for the 10 year warranty that they promised in the contract as well as the difference in the monthly bill that has not been reduced 30-40% as advertised on their website and in the contract.

Payment was made to company to order parts and perform repair on HVAC at [redacted] NC XXXXX.Service was not redered. Made payment of 504.95, check [redacted] checking account in my name, [redacted], to repairman, [redacted] of Alpine-Call Slip number [redacted] on 1/17-brand Good, Model #PHO241B Serial Number XXXXXXXXX. Received call on 1/23 stating parts were in. We made an appointment for repair on 1/31. On 1/31 a HVAC company came, Enhance heating and air, and stated that they had taken over Alpine's customer base and that Alpine was no longer in business. They had the part and stated I would have to pay them for installation. After I explained I had paid Alpine already, the serviceman got the ok from his supervisor to install at no charge. So he proceeded. Upon installation he discovered the part was the wrong part.I called his supervisor to try and get more details. Turns out Alpine never ordered the part-. This company did, based on the service slip information Alpine had filled out on 1/31. So, now the current company has agreed to give me a free reassessment on my HVAC and 20% off any repairs. I contacted the owner of Alpine to try and get my $504.95 refunded since they did not order parts or do the service. The owner, [redacted], refuses to refund. I asked to settle this calmly with out having to take further action. He told me to do what I must. He will not return any of my calls or text messages at this time. In essence Alpine never performed service or ordered parts. This is obtaining payment under false pretence. I just want my $504.95 returned. I now have to pay another company to do the work and order the parts which I paid Alpine to do.Desired Settlementsettlement of $504.95.Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/This has been resolved by owner.

they charged my dad $266 for a $30 part. then said furnace leaking, and tried to sell him $6000 new furnace,nothing wrong with furnace, not leakingmy dads furnace went out. Jan.3,2014 [redacted] nc.XXXXX XXX XXX-XXXX. my sister called apline heating. technician came out replace pilot ignitor. $30 part and charged him $266.00. after got furnace running, turns off gas and puts lighter up to hot burner and says lighter jumps, that means heat exchanger leaking gas. then turs furnace off, says he hhas to by law. then calls sales rep to sell my dad $6000.00 new furnace. I called another service to go out check total furnace system out and all is okay. no leak. and said even if it did, which it didnt, that part was still under warranty. so they are thieves, $266 for $30 part, then lied says need new furnace, my dad is on social security that was all extra money he had for whole month, let alone 6000$ for new furnace, this is fruad, and like to get [email protected] back for lying and overcharging, and taking advantage of ederly peopleDesired Settlement$260.00 and apology for lying about furnace being badBusiness Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted] I don't see what the complaint is, supposing there was a complaint in there. 1- any work we do is confirmed with the homeowner with the total due at time of service, the homeowner can refuse for any reason no matter the reason at anytime. [redacted] has no idea what it cost to run a heating air co. as a matter of fact that charge is to low. I will look into why we only charged 266$. I do appreciate him pointing that out. 2-[redacted] implying in some way that my tech committed fraud is irresponsible of him. Reason enough for alpine to sue [redacted]. to accuse someone of fraud is a big step and he will get a big response. I hope it does not come to that and we can come to some understanding. people make mistakes. Our tech is human being working on a 15 year old hvac unit made by another human being, mistakes happen. Our guys are taught to confirm all problems with homeowner and give them all there options. its the homeowners money, they make the final call. so we find a problem or problems and give them the options in this case repair or replace. its the homeowners choice from there. 3- [redacted] implies we tried to take advantage of his father that is a flat out lie, another reason to involve my attorney. As I said I hope we can work this out but that is unacceptable. [redacted], his father [redacted], my tech, my project manager were all in the room. All the options were given to [redacted] directly.4- only thing my guys did not do was give option to do furnace only, that was a mistake on our part I will correct that. so options should be repair, replace furnace or replace entire system. it is the homeowners choice from there. there are several factors involved in repair or replace. like age of system, energy conservation, future issues, comfort, how long they plan to live in the house etc. many many variables as you can see. In this case the unit is a 1998 rheem, ancient, very inefficient and out of warranty. once you start replacing major parts you are throwing money down the drain. I will be happy to have my service manager, my tech meet [redacted] at [redacted]s house to pull out the heat exchanger and diagnosis again. if there is definitive proof of no hole or crack I will refund [redacted] the 266$. now if there isn't, then [redacted] must retract everything he has said and posted like with the and write a glowing review of alpine at a destination of our choosing. Regardless if he doesn't retract the fraud claim I will involve my attorney.

Company seems to have gone out of business. Seeking refund for 2 years of heating and cooling services that were paid in advance.We used to have a heating and cooling service contract with [redacted] heating and air who merged with Alpine, a peak of home comfort ( We called them to renew our service contract at which time they offered us a buy 2 year, get 1 year free offer at $275/year. Thus charged us a total of $550 on 12/14/2015.They came out for their first service and frankly didn't to any servicing except testing stuff and tried to sell us a bunch of stuff. At that time we made a decision to cancel the service contract, but with holidays and all it fell by the wayside. Today 2/3/2015 we tried to contact the company and the person on the other end said that Alpine was out of business. Thus we are seeking a refund for this.Some useful info:Website still seems to be up for now ( [redacted]Office Manager: [redacted]Contact #s:[redacted] (alpine)[redacted] (cozy bear)[redacted] (alpine at greenboro)[redacted] (rosanna who we worked with for the deal above)Thank you for any help you can provide!Desired SettlementWe are seeking a $550.00 refund

Prepaid for 2 years of service, and now company claims they went out of business.In September of 2014, our heating and cooling company ran a promotion. If you prepaid for one year of maintenance, you would receive a second year at no cost. (The yearly maintenance included a spring a/c tune up and a fall heating tune up.) Our current service plan ran through July 2015, so the promotion was $198 for maintenance from July 2015 to July 2017. We were having some work done on our home, and called to see about having a tech come for a service call. I was told by [redacted], Alpine ran the promotion as a last ditch effort prior to closing their doors. [redacted] said the new company will not honor any maintenance plans customers paid for to the old company. [redacted] recommended I try to dispute the charge with my bank, since I paid by credit card. However, [redacted] will only cover items within 90 days of purchase. I was not notified the old company had closed, so I was not aware of the issue until I called them about having service performed, and it was beyond 90 days. I would like a refund of the $198 I paid for the maintenance I will not receive.Desired SettlementI would like a refund of the $198 I paid for the maintenance I will not receive.

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