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Alston Enterprises, Inc.| R A A

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Review: [redacted] Enterprises used dishonest, high pressure sale tactics to sell us a Kirby vacuum at 2 1/2 times the value of the machine.

Initally, two nice women came to the door and offered to clean a rug or piece of furniture and offered us a "free gift" (holiday candle). I said "yes" (what woman doesn't want something cleaned for free?!) Later, one woman returned and dropped off a man who was kind of "rough" in appearance, who gave me a spiel about how he was trying to sell vacuums to win a contest so he could earn a trip to Florida. Later I found out this was not true, from the manager at a local vacuum store, whom I have known for years, and I trust. At the time, I didn't realize this store sold the Kirby or I would have persued business with them. I found out 6 months or so after our purchase that the machine was sold for $700 locally. We were conned into believing they CUT the price down to $1780 for us (down from over $2000) and made us think they were just ADDING IN the EXTRAS (shampooer, wood floor refinisher, etc.) when in fact, the local store down the street sells ALL for $700. These "extras" are always included. When the sales man was there, he showed a number of different cleaning tactics to show me how much filth was in my rugs, mattresses, etc. After several hours (and into dinner time with my hungry children), when he was just about wrapping it up, I had to ask him if he was going to actually clean my furniture or area rug-- the entire reason I even let him in! I was interested in buying the Kirby, because I know they last and I've always had vacuum problems. I knew they were pricey, but had never researched it. Their price list listed them at about $2500 for the "all inclusive Kirby package." So he called in the "big guy," his boss. One of the women who originally came to the door and the boss, dressed very nicely, came in with overly-friendly greetings and befriended our family, welcoming us to the Kirby Family, after making me feel like I was getting an outstanding deal on this machine. They even "threw in the warranty!" (which comes with EVERY machine). Then on the way out the door, without prior notice, they tried to take a vacuum I had recently purchased worth a couple hundred dollars, as a "trade-in" that I wasn't even told I had to give up. I refused to let them have it, and gave them one that was broken instead. My friend at the local vacuum store later told me that all those Riccar vacuum trade-ins (as I had a Riccar) were sold back to their shop. He told me that the Florida trip was a lie also, and that he could have sold me a vacuum, everything included for $700, two and a half times less than the "deal" we were made by [redacted] Enterprises. Later, I came across the Kirby warranty card, which was supposed to be signed and filled out by the salesperson. I called them and told the boss, whose name I cannot recall ([redacted], I believe) and he filled out the warranty, signing Mark Goode's name for him (the salesperson) and mailing me my copy. He did not, however, mail Kirby's copy to them, as he told me he would. They didn't even have one on file for me when I called. They were pushy, dishonest and I feel greatly taken advantage of. They saw we had a large family, and obviously not a lot of money, as we had to finance the machine (so paying interest on this outrageous amount too!)Desired Settlement: I am seeking, if possible, a reimbursement of a great part of the cost of the machine. Since I found I could have purchased it in cash for $700 just down the street, I feel no more than $1000 would have been a fair price for them to sell to us. I am seeking a refund of $780.



Business' Initial Response

Kirby Vacuums are sold in 72 countries. We are a Authorized Factory Distributor. We are aware you were given incorrect information from the vacuum store. It is quite clear they wanted your business. They cannot offer the factory warranties. Kirby always has offered trips and other types of incentives for the installation of the equipment. There are several different models that change every several years, updated with new technology and different attachments. We have a (3) day cancellation period for any consumer whom chooses to change there mind. We strive to assist and help any of our customers with additional questions. At this time we cannot offer any type of reimbursement.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Most businesses follow a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. For instance "outperforming" other businesses FAIRLY and HONESTLY, and running the business with the highest INTEGRITY, as maintain TRUST in the company and to preserve their REPUTATION.

As [redacted] Enterprise may be an "authorized factory dealer," Kirby may not be aware of the way they choose to sell their vacuums. Regardless of what the vacuum store told me, THIS COMPANY WAS NOT HONEST WITH ME. Telling someone that the vacuum they are considering purchasing is worth close to $2600 is a BLATANT LIE and a RIDICULOUS sales tactic! More than quadupuling the "at-cost" price of a product is a coniving sales tactic. Also lying to me and saying that the attachments would make the machine cost more makes this business unworthy of reputable recognition. Telling me the WARRANTY will be "thrown in" is also ridiculous. And on top of this, not filling out the warranty card is careless. Then after I noticed that the company was supposed to fill out the warranty card, the company offered to forge the seller's name and fill out for me, then send to Kirby. Kirby never received it!

[redacted] Enterprise has FAILED to properly do their job. Something needs to be done to make it right. This isn't about "another vacuum store." This is about [redacted] Enterprise and the way they handle their business, which they obviously DON'T. This company lies to sell machines. They are high pressure, all lies, and on their way out, they want the "trade in" to take with them (so as to resell and make even more money off of their customers). As if making someone broke isn't enough, they want even more. Most companies want their customers to trust them and to refer people to them, but not [redacted] Enterprise; they couldn't care less about that. Terrible sales tactics, stealing, lying... And I will make it known.

Review: Kirby Vacuum purchase

In 2012 I purchased a Kirby Vacuum cleaner. I was informed of the 3 day return/change mind policy. After using the product, I wasn't satisfied fully with the amount of money that I was being charged. I financed this vacuum and have been making monthy payments. On my third day, I called to tell the company that I had changed my mind, I was told that they didn't think I could do anything because I had to "mail" my notice of intent to return within the three days. A few days later, the lady (can't remember her name) called me to tell me that she spoke with the manager and that there was nothing they could do because I didn't mail notice to return. I then went to CA consumers webpage and noted that I was allowed to make oral or written notice of intent to return. I made several calls back to the same lady who stated she didnt' know if she could return the vacuum because it was being "financed" and that she could give me "shampoo and bags". I again expressed my discontent, and she said she would find out what she could do. I never heard anything back. Over the next months to come, I had major life changes, new job, death in family and my mother being diagnosed with cancer. Everytime I use the vacuum I get more and more upset. I have spent a lot of money that I shouldn't have paid in the first place. The vacuum doesn't work well and does not live up to the expecations that a over 2k vacuum should. I think that I should have been able to return the vacuum and want to be refunded for the money that I have paid plus interest. In addition, they took a BRAND NEW Dyson vacuum that I had paid over $ 500 for. I told the lady that I wanted that back and to not be charged for Kriby. However, that never happened. [redacted]Desired Settlement: I am looking for refund of product, plus either the money or a new Dyson that they took. I should have never allowed them to take it.

In addition, interest reimbursed as well. Please help me in getting my money back and to have this not happen to others.

In addition, they should be held to CA state law that allows people to request a refund verbally. They should be trained accordingly.



Business' Initial Response

We have discussed this case with [redacted] previously, we are terribly sorry for the situation that is going on with the family. We cannot change any of the facts. We had requested if we could have a representative go over the cleaning tools with her and she had declined any further assistance. The vacuum was purchased based off the deep cleaning system for the entire home. Security agreements and contracts are put in place to make sure the consumer and business's have a written agreement that both parties can abide. This ensures the consumer has a right to a cooling off period by following the written guidelines.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Use of product isn't the issue. The fact that I called to cancel my purchase is the issue. I called within the 3 days and would have driven down to hand carry the notice as well. However, was told that you were "closing" and that you woudl have to speak with "management." Didn't hear back until several days later adn then of couse was told that there was nothing I could do. Issue is unhappy with product do not think it was worth amount paid. Please REFUND MY MONEY!!!!!!

Business' Final Response

We strive to assist our consumers with any assistance that is requested. We did not receive any 3-day cancellation for the product purchased. If you need any type of assistance with the unit or find it does not work to the cleaning ability we can offer our services to you ie warranty work/hands on assistance. If additional supplies are needed we can mail out. If requested we have a instructional DVD for viewing.

Review: The business returned wrong vacuum.

I had decided to cancel my purchase of a Kirby vacuum from this company. When we had spoke with the owner of the business, he had stated that they would bring my original vacuum back that they took for a trade-in. On 9-20-2012, They came and got the Kirby and dropped off what they said was my old vacuum. After they left I looked at the vacuum in depth and realized that the vacuum they brought, was not my vacuum. The vacuum they brought is Dirt Devil Ultra Vision Cyclonic. My vacuum was a Dirt Devil Ultra Vision Turbo. It looks similar, but is not the correct one. My Husband called and talked with the owner. The owner said that he would speak with the salesman and call back. We have not gotten any calls since.

In the contract it says they were supposed to return any monies or trade-ins within 10 days following receipt of cancellation. They did not do that.

Desired Settlement: I want my original vacuum back. I don't want a used replacement that they have lying around. My vacuum had a few characteristics that would guarantee it is mine. If they don't have my ORIGINAL vacuum, then I want a brand new one.



Business' Initial Response

This initial claim was resolved on Sept 20, 12

The Dirt devil was returned she reviewed it and said you cleaned up the machine and I stated yes we did we did not want any misunderstandings. she agreed it belonged to her. a week goes by, her spouse than calls stating it was another type of vacuum. I stated that is totally un-possible because we put their vacuum away the very next day and tagged it with a label. (We had a gut feeling that they were going to try something funny). They purchased a new kirby on Sept 1, 12 They called the same day a couple of hours later to cancel, we went to pick up the kirby and return the bissel once we got to their home they insisted no we have to cancel via mail and once you get our notice come back and pick up the machine and return our bissel then. on the contract if we do not pu the kirby in 10 business days they can keep it, they were hoping to keep our equipment. The issue has been resolved they have nothing better to do but create havoc. Im sorry to say they are not right

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

What this business claims is partially true. Yes we did cancel but not a few hours later. We called them to repair the kirby vacume that was already making strange noises. When the saleman came to fix it, he fixed it with duct tape. We also wanted them to come because when they sold us the kirby, they sold it to us for over 2400.00 and we saw the MSRP price on box that was less than 1550.00 we asked if they would sale it to us for the MSRP. They said no, and that when we canceled. We had spoke with the finance company and they said we had to cancel our contract via mail. We did as instructed. They got enxtremely upset and were very confrontational. I had to demand that the saleman leave after 30 minutes of argueing with them. After they received my cancelation, they were supposed to bring my vacume when they picked up the kirby. We recieved a call saying the saleman were on their way but had forgot my vacume, that they were going to send it via fed ex. Well no one showed up and no vacuum or tracking number like promised. Many days go by and we recieve another call that they were coming on the next weekend. We made arrangments for them to get kirby and return my vacuum. Yes when the receptionist brought my vacuum in I said o you guys cleaned it. I had kids running around bugging the lady, I was trying to get dinner done, for it was dinner time, and the lady was in a hurry to leave. At a glance it looked like my vacuum. Then I had a chance to look at it closer when everything calmed down. When I noticed that somethings werent right, I got my purchase receipt out and confirmed the vacuum is not the one we purchased. I then got online and checked and I was right. Also, the canister had tons of dirt in it and contained lots of black hair. We do not have any black hair. Not to mention there is 2 things wrong with my old vacuum that this vacuum does not have. Not to mention there are an additional 3 things that my vacuum model that I had purchased that the vacuum they had brought did not have. I stilk have the receipt to show this is not my vacuum and all recordings of conversations via telephone.

Review: The vacuum cleaner I purchased is defective. I have tried reaching someone about the problem to no avail. I want to return the item.

The vacuum cleaner is defective and no one can be reached at customer service or their office. The model is the Kirby Sentria II. It was purchased on 3/30/2013 and the problem occurred April 30,2013. I am paying $90.36 a month for 36 months by ACH. The interest rate is 22.81% and the total cost is $3252.24. The sales rep or the company is not reachable at any phone number. They are not living up to their warranty or their promise to always be there to fix the vacuum. Desired Settlement: I want the vacuum removed and any money that has been paid to them refunded and my contract cancelled.



Business' Initial Response

We will contact the consumer immediately to resolve this problem. We will have the warranty honored and arrange for pickup and delivery of the unit.

Thank you.

Review: Both the Kirby Co. and [redacted] Ent. have not

worked, or cared to resolve, ongoing repair issues.

Purchase date 2/15/2011

Model Kirby Sentria

Purchase price $1800

ORDER #[redacted]

payment is in installments of $69 a month for

36 months

Sales Rep [redacted] Enterprises

Problem date 10/01/2012

Almost immediately after purchase, the belt broke

on the vacuum. We replaced it ourselves even though it is under warranty. since then it has broken twice more. A call to Kirby main offices

directed us back to [redacted] Ent, who told us

a belts break

b that we would have to drop it off to him (60

mile round trip) and that we probably had put

the belt on wrong. When I asked him to come to my house in Paradise, to make sure that we were doing it right, he said that he couldnt afford

to. ( Yet he could drive up there to sell us a


c when I asked him why the belt kept breaking he said he didn't know (or seemed to care)Desired Settlement: As we are not at all happy with the product or the

company, we wish to cancel our contract and return

the vacuum. If this is not possible, we want

another vacuum, and if the problem persists we will

keep at it until we get a reliable one (as promised)



Business' Initial Response

The rep who spoke to [redacted] was trying to assist her over the phone. [redacted] insisted we get someone to her right away and really didnt want to try to resolve it herself being very upset about the belt breaking The brush roll must be inserted with the numbers one to one showing and the belt around it, if not the belt will continue to break We apologize for any misunderstanding that occured We tried to reach her on Monday Oct 8, several different times to arrange for assistance with the machine. [redacted] purchased the equipment on 2/2011 and this was the first time hearing about any complaint.

The vacuum cleaner I purchased is defective. I have tried reaching someone about the problem to no avail. I want to return the item.

The vacuum cleaner is defective and no one can be reached at customer service or their office. The model is the Kirby Sentria II. It was purchased on 3/30/2013 and the problem occurred April 30,2013. I am paying $90.36 a month for 36 months by ACH. The interest rate is 22.81% and the total cost is $3252.24. The sales rep or the company is not reachable at any phone number. They are not living up to their warranty or their promise to always be there to fix the vacuum.

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