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American Commodore Tuxedo

4130 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid, Ohio, United States, 44121-3091

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• Jun 07, 2021

Wedding June 6, 2021
Don't ever go here. Worst rental tuxedo shop in North Olmsted, Ohio. We had a party of 9 guys and something was wrong with every single one of the tuxedos. The measurement were way off and the manager Antoine was no help and very rude. Isaiah was the only one that we above an beyond to try and fix the problem. At the end 1 groomsmen did not get his suit right. Everything was wrong and had to go to JCP to get him one. Store manger Antoine and the lady that took the measurement did nothing to help. Someone needs to contact me asap. Antoine would not give me district managers phone number. Please if you need to rent suits go somewhere else.

On 1/20/20, my daughter and I placed a dress for her senior prom in the layaway. We made payments (a total of $380.81) every two weeks with the intent to purchase the dress,until *** mandated that all non essential businesses, schools, events, be closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. A stay at home order was issued This state mandate resulted in the school's prom being canceled as well as many others across the country. I have attempted to reach the company to inquire about a refund. I was told by the customer care center rep. on 4/7/20 that I would get a refund due to the pandemic and the store would be in touch with me to process the refund. No one ever called, I attempted several times to reach the store, I emailed the corporate office, no response. After personally going to the store on 6/1/20, The store manager was told no refunds are being issued that is their policy, I told her I understood their policy but I did not cancel my order or forfeit my payments, Covid-19 and *** did. The dress is still on their store's premises and was told by customer care I would get a refund due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. The manager stated she would have to get permission to process a refund. on 6/1/20 the district manager called me to tell me no refunds are being given and I could get a gift card and suggested I sell it to get my money back, or take the dress. This response was totally unacceptable to me. My problem is I did not cancel my order, the store still has the dress that could be sold for full retail price of $470.00. I have requested that this company refund the entire amount of payments. Why should I be stuck with a gift card o that is only good for 1yr and worry about trying to sell it or a dress for cash? Covid-19 pandemic created un-normal circumstances for everyone. The Federal Gov. created special programs and funding to help businesses, consumers had no options. There is no guarantee that there will be a prom next year or any weddings. My daughter who is special needs saved her money to buy a special dress for her senior prom and this company wants to keep her and my money. I have no use for a gift card to a formal shop, this money could be used for bills, food and or towards her college expenses. All I want is my money back and for this company to do the right ethical thing during these unprecedented times. A family owned business should not have the right to take advantage of people during times of global crisis.

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

This notice is to inform you that the above complaint has been resolved as of 7/9/2020. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

On March 2 I paid $194.38 for a tux rental for my son's wedding to be held on May 9. I have contacted the store headquarters repeatedly asking for a refund since the closure. I was finally able to get in contact with someone at the store on June 1 and he told me I lost my money just as well as the lost, we both have to take a lost. He name was *** and he said he could not refund me my money. I called headquarters and was told someone would get back with me I have not received any call or refund as of yet. Please help me resolve this issue. Thank you very much.

American Commodore Tuxedo Response • Jul 09, 2020

Attached is a copy of the credit we issued to the customer in the full amount of $194.38 on 6-1-2020.

My husband and I rented our groomsmen tuxedos from American Commodore at the Polaris Mall in Columbus, Ohio. We selected this company because they had the color tuxedo vest that we based our entire wedding color scheme around. We were told numerous times that they had us down for the correct color vest. We double and triple checked with them because when one of our groomsmen went into get sized they told him they had him down for another color. When we confirmed the color with the manager he told us the correct color and then told us that the employee that was working that day the groomsmen came in didn’t know what he was doing or talking about.
To find out 30 minutes before the wedding that he groomsmen had the wrong color vest was not something I wanted to deal with at that time. My husband and I called and visited the shop the day after the wedding (10/21/18) where we were told that our groomsmen would receive money back for their mistake (that they said should have been avoided). I spoke with the district manager, Heather, who told me that our groomsmen would be receiving half of their money back and one of them all of their money. This was on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Heather also told me that I would receive a call back from herself or her boss, who was one of the owners by the end of the week. I left a message with Heather on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 asking for a call back that I was told I would receive as well as when our groomsmen could expect to get their refund. A week later and I still have not gotten a call back nor any of our groomsmen have gotten their money back.

My fiancee and I have been calling American Commodore, located in the Great lakes mall, every week up until a month ago to make sure that everyone in my wedding party was sized and fitted for my wedding. All nine of my groomsman and I were unable to pick up our tuxedo until today and 5:00 pm, two days before my wedding. When I went to pick up my tuxedo, they told me that they did not have my measurements in the system. Even though my measurements were taken when I chose the style and gave them my groomsman information. They didn't loose my account information. It was also not mentioned during my numerous calls that I was not in the system. So there was not a tuxedo for me, two days before my wedding. I contacted my Groomsman and only two out of nine of them were properly sized and given a tuxedo that were not stained or damaged. So out of 10 men in my wedding party only 20% of them can make my wedding rehearsal. I am reporting this two days before my wedding and hope that American Commodore cares about their end user and will settle this.

What really made me angry was when I asked to speak to a manager, I was told that there was not one available today and that I was the third groom this has happened too in the last week. I am contacting the to get in touch with a manager before American Commodore Tuxedo ruins my wedding. My groomsman are paying $180 per Tuxedo. I find it highly coincidental that the day you are supposed to pick up a tuxedo there isn't a manager to be found. This is completely unprofessional and not what I agreed to.

I am currently getting married next week August 18th 2018. I have had nothing but issues with this company since March when I went in to set everything up. Everytime a groomsman goes in for some reason they can't find any information on the rentals and purchases. Once I speak with someone there everything is supposedly fixed. Then it happens all over again. This company is a joke.

American Commodore Tuxedo Response • Aug 09, 2018

I called and spoke with the Bride yesterday morning. We went through any issues regarding her upcoming wedding next week. The problem stemmed from a lack of communication with our *** location which has been addressed and resolved. We reviewed all of the details of the upcoming wedding on the phone as I referenced the information in our computer system, acknowledged that everything is now in order for the event. I apologized for the confusion and extended a refund to the bride for the inconvenience, which she did accept as a satisfactory resolution to the problem. We also discounted a suit purchase by an additional $40.00 for a member of the wedding party that was dealing with some of the confusion. We apologize again and appreciate the opportunity to service your wedding!

I recently rented a tuxedo for a wedding on 7/6/18. When I arrived at the *** location for my fitting, the young lady was extremely confused and unaware of her duties during the fitting. When I showed up last week for my final fitting, my tuxedo was not in the store and there was no record of me in the system. I was then asked if I was the father of the bride. The father of the brides tuxedo had already been picked up and wasn't in your store any longer. After 20 minutes of the employees searching the system and researching the issue, they came to find the tux had never made it to the studio. I was told I would have to come back the next day to pick it up and had to express that was impossible because I drove an hour to pick it up and didn't have time with the rehearsal and other errands for the wedding previously schedule the following day. *** agreed to drop my tux off and call me when it was at the hotel in *** I was able to accept this as an acceptable option for the issue at hand. On Thursday, I never received a call from anyone at *** At 5:00 p.m. as I left to go to the rehearsal, I asked the front desk staff if they had any delivery for me and they said, "yes, this arrived around 9:30-10:00 a.m. this morning" I appreciate the effort made my *** dropping the tux off, but at 5:00 p.m. to find the tux, continue with the scheduled events for the wedding, and then try on my tux, I did not have any interest in calling when I found it didn't fit. I didn't have time to try the tux on until 10:00 p.m. after all stores were closed. Then based on the customer service and policy, I was NOT going to drive to *** the day of the wedding, as the brother of the groom, to pick up the correct pieces that would "hopefully" fit. I was never told, until this morning by ***, that If I didn't have anything fit, to please call ASAP and we would get anything to you. The reason this wasn't communicated was because I didn't have a traditional final fitting. I was offered a 50% discounted refund, but with the way this all played out, I don't believe 50% is sufficient enough. I am not married, and there were 12 groomsmen in the wedding party. I know I still have and may forever have a bad taste in my mouth with ***, but so do 12 other men and women in the wedding. I ask that the owners or manager above *** contact me as I shared with him I would be contacting his boss because although he is willing to accept the initial issue of my tuxedo not being in the store, he is unwilling to accept the fall on Thursday when I never received a call when the tux was dropped off and I was on property. I have wasted a lot of valuable time on this matter and feel disrespected that my time is not worth any more than 50% of the $160 cost.

Our experience wasn't very good! We had our wedding on Friday the 15th and leading up to that 3 out of the 5 suits were totally wrong! The bride check with them to make sure that everything was going to be right as did I the groom! My fiance at the time went 5 days prior to the wedding and personally checked to see if everything was going to be okay, Corrections were made for the groom's and best man's tuxedos. One day prior the groom was informed shoes were not included and an additional $27 charge would be made for each suit. The bride called and was told the shoes were included but did not appear because prom season had just passed and the shoes were not available at that time. The emplyee stated that the shoes would appear after prom season, but for some reason the computer didn't generate them properly. Possibly because the computer system is antiquated.At that point the employee said everything was going to be correct.
So I'll get to the groom first. My package came with no jacket, the tie was wrong twice and the vest and shirt were way too tight! My best man, his tie was initially appearing in the computer system in the wrong color and after receiving the suit, the jacket, shirt and vest where ridiculously too small! For my son who came from New Jersey the jacket was way too small. Now mind you that my best man and my son's sizes we're measured ahead of time at Men's Wearhouse locations in New Jersey and South Carolina. The information was sent to me via email and I printed it out and presented it to the people at the store, thinking it would be fine. So I called again to double check just to make sure, because we were getting close to the wedding day. At that point I was told there were no shoes included with any of the five packages!! Understand, all of the packages we're prepaid and we had a receipt that stated the packages included shoes and socks. The groom's total was $170 roughly oh and the others were comparable. When I, the groom, went to the counter to make sure everything was good, one of the employees was doing the happy dance because he got a new job at *** I thought that was quite ridiculous. The overall experience was truly horrible!! Never again!

One of the suits purchased at the Polaris Store location, had a large stain on the crotch area of the pant. The stain was very dark on the tan colored pant. It appeared as a large urine stain that was not cleaned approx 5x8 inches. It was noticeable in pictures and by several of our guest. This was very frustrating that all the grooms suits were not in idea shape. This groomsmen had to angle himself differently during the ceremony and pictures to hide the stain. This affected the pictures, the experience, and mood of the night.

I went in to American Commodore Tuxedo to get a dress for my son's wedding. I saw I dress I really like on a mannequin. The mannequin sat up high but I was told that the dress on it was not in my size. Size 22. The staff took my measurement and then tried another dress on me that was suppose to be similar to the dress I was ordering. The dress I tried on had a back to it. so what happen when I got my beautiful dress back not only did it fall off me literally (a label inside said size 26) this dress had no back at all. The dress was so low cut in the back it showed the top of my behind. What 65 year old mother you know would wear anything like that to her son's wedding. I paid extra for extra length on the dress and for rush job. When I went to explain the discrepancies to the manager she never gave me a chance in fact before I could say anything the manager stated (nastily) all sales are final. She didn't even look at the dress or let me explain. close to 250 dollars down the drain. Had to spend another 200 for a new dress. It appears that American Commodore does not stand behind the quality of their work.

American Commodore Tuxedo Response • Feb 19, 2018

We are very sorry for any misunderstanding. American Commodore has a very specific process in place for special ordering product for our customers. Through each step of the process we make sure to have the customer's acknowledgement and permission to proceed by having them read and sign our order forms. I have attached the signed measurement acknowledgement form along with the signed special order form used to order the dress for *** The ordering process has to be very specific and thorough since our suppliers do not take returns on dresses ordered in error. Our actual sales receipt also states that all sales are final and I have attached a copy of that as well.

Ms. N came in our store to try the dress on and pick it up on Friday, February 9, 2018. She left with the dress and everything was fine at that point. It wasn't until she took the dress home that we received a call from her expressing her dissatisfaction. She came in with her husband the next morning to speak with our store manager and left the store angrily when we tried to explain our policies.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to have served Ms. N

Customer Response • Feb 19, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
This is not exactly truthful I tried on a dress which was suppose to be similar to the dress I was ordering. The dress I tried on had a back to it. I agreed because the dress I tried on was suppose to be similar to the dress I was getting. I would not have agreed to a dress that was 2 dress sizes too big. (and I am a big woman) As for leaving the store. The manager was not there I was told to take the dress with me and speak to the manager when she became available which was not until Monday. Now I picked up that dress on a Friday after having visited the physician's office so I already know that I had not lost or gained any weight What I understood the store is not responsible if the person lost or gain weight it didn't say what happens when the measurements are grossly off. [


I have contacted this company THREE times about the same issue regarding 3 tuxedo orders. First, we were never even contacted and told that the tuxes were ready for final fitting. So we cancelled two of them and received 2 refunds minus $80. I would like this $80 refunded as well due to the company's failure to perform. Second, on the tux that we didn't cancel, my son was given a shirt that was too tight and pants that were too short. He had to keep his tux jacket on and buttoned the entire evening since the buttons were stretched to the point of almost popping. He complained that the shirt was too tight and was told that he had "plenty of room" by the female at the *** location. I do have pictures that I will be happy to share. I would like that $121.92 refunded immediately too. Their customer service is horrible. I contacted the main office, was told that I would receive a call from the *** store manager, and never received a call. When I did call the *** store to speak to the manager, she hung up on me!

American Commodore Tuxedo Response

Our Rental Agreement that is created with each of our customers on the initial consultation has all of our critical timelines and policies (by necessity) to ensure a smooth final fit process the week of the event. I have attached the three contracts that were signed by the customer agreeing to our terms and conditions. We make a point to notify our customers if the garments arrive in store prior to the guaranteed fitting date that they may receive a call to come in earlier for the final fitting if it is more convenient for them. Although, our contract specifies in writing the date and time that we guarantee them in store for the customer.

All three garments were produced and shipped to our ***, Great Lakes Mall location and were available for pick up and final fittings. The cancellation and refund policies are also clearly stated on the signed rental agreements. On the two orders that were cancelled last minute there was a $40.00 fee on each and the remaining balances were refunded accordingly. We will gladly refund the balance less the $40.00 cancellation charge ($81.92) on the rental that was taken from our location and used for the event. We would hope to catch any ill fitting garments during the in store final fitting process and replace/fix them accordingly.

We apologize for any inconvenience and for the dissatisfaction with our store and staff!

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