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I am sorry for the misunderstanding, however, I was referring to *** *** when I stated "I am eager to restore your confidence in our company and regain your goodwill." As *** *** Stated, “I would welcome most anyone to look at my roof for another opinion on how to fix it.” As I previously stated in all prior responses, I have agreed to this requestI very much welcome a knowledgeable neutral party to look at the issues being addressed I highly recommend *** *** consult with the Virginia Prince William County Building Inspector, the best professional to address this situationThis is their profession, therefore, they will be neutral in determining any issues As stated in previous responses, if the Prince William County Building Inspector declares an issue with my Contractors' performance, then we will do what we can to make it right I am, once again, requesting the Prince William County Building Inspector inspect the roof, chimney, and leak If there is a cost associated with the Prince William County Building Inspection, I will pay the fee.Once again *** ***, for your convenience, to schedule our inspection with the Virginia Prince William County Building Inspector you may visit the online ePortal at phone number for Building Construction Inspections is ###-###-#### and the Building Permitting Services is ###-###-#### Please call them to schedule our appointmentI anticipate hearing back from you as soon as our appointment is scheduledLooking forward to participating in our appointment.Thank you,Cindy P***Operations Manager###-###-####[email protected] Cowboy RoofingVisit us at

I explained in one of my last rebuttals why I don't think a county inspection would be an 'end - all' answerTherefore, instead of relying on ACR (and knowing better than to believe anything they say - as evidenced by the situation we have been in for almost a year now), and to put an end to all their stalling and refusing to do anything even close to the right thing, I had contracted in Feb2016, at my own expense, a VA state certified, professional structural engineering inspectionAs this type of inspection is done almost daily, regular tests must be taken to keep up certification, and constant vigilant study to keep up on all building codes, a structural engineer is the perfect choice for my situation.Attached, please find this inspection report along with it's accompanying pictures(For some reason the attachment will only load at the very bottom of the email, below your note to me).Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything of meYou can, hopefully, understand that after all this time I just want to fix their roof leaks, and get a proper roof installed - one I can actually rely on.Thank you* *** ***

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:American Cowboy roofing keeps stating that Home Inspectors do not get on the roof.  Yet they had been out to my house including their owner on at least 3 different occasions and been on the roof for the inspection in 2 of those cases and clearly knew the height of my roof.  In one of their other responses they claim that when using a 60-foot ladder they require 2 people, yet the first two times they did work on my roof, they only sent 1 person.Also, they state “As to get the report faster [redacted]' inspection results were phone called from the Manassas location to the Reston location. At that time the inspector had not verbally informed the office that he was unable get on the roof when he called in the inspection over the phone.”  Which is wrong or means they are incompetent as the inspector arrived on Aug 2nd, at 12:44pm, yet I didn’t receive an email from ACR until August 3rd at 2pm.   So, they had over 24 hours to communicate with the different locations.  ACR also stated an inspection report was provided to myself, though all I received from them was 2 estimates, 1 for a complete roof replacement and 1 for a bunch of random repairs.  Now according to the roofer who was recently out to do work for me, my roof was in good condition and has a good 15 years left on it, so based off this information both a full roof replacement or a $1500 “repair” bill would have been a waste of money in my case. Also, I don’t see what my current [redacted] ratings have anything to do with ACR.  Each company had their own issues with the work done but only ACR actually lied to me.  As for an apology, I received 2 emails with apologies and that was it.   The only time I spoke to ACR on the phone is after I sent them the video showing that the roofer never actually went on the roof and I was told they were looking into it.  That was the only phone conversation I ever had with anyone at their company and I’m willing to prove that with phone logs.I don’t like when companies lie to me, especially one I trusted and had a good experience with in the past.  This whole situation could have been avoided if there was better communication between your company as well as contacting your customer by phone with an apology rather than sending an email.

As [redacted] is aware my office has sent [redacted] numerous emails as well as spoke to him in reference to his complaint.  [redacted] contacted the office asking for a roof inspection to be performed on his town house.  The last time we were at his home was over two years ago, March...

2014.  My Technician went to the house not realizing he would need a 60 foot ladder.  Steve, my technician, only had a 40 foot ladder. Had there been a deck he would have used the deck to place the ladder and then could have reached the roof.  Steve parked at the end of the cul-de-sac which is located at the farthest distance from [redacted] home at the end of the row of townhouses and walked around the back of the houses to get to [redacted]' home.  There was an old tree that Steve climbed on and using binoculars looked at the roof. Please note that the majority of home inspectors do not get on their client's roof tops. You should know this is not a false statement. The majority of Home Inspectors do not walk the roof tops. "The Standards of Practice of the home inspector association, InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), do not require that the inspector actually walk on the roof. “The inspector shall inspect from ground level or the eaves” is the way it is stated. Also, the standards note that “the inspector is not required to walk on any roof surface.” Other associations, such as ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors), have essentially the same standard."   Home Inspectors use binoculars from the ground to make their assessments of the roof tops. So not getting on a roof top for an evaluation is not uncommon.  We have two locations; one location in Manassas where the Technicians meet and one location in Reston where the office staff meets. As to get the report faster [redacted]' inspection results were phone called from the Manassas location to the Reston location. At that time the inspector had not verbally informed the office that he was unable get on the roof when he called in the inspection over the phone.The Inspection Fee was waived as soon as we were notified by that our technician had not gotten on the roof. Once the Reston location received the original paperwork from the Manassas location, we saw a note from the estimator that he was unable to get on the roof. Had our Reston office been aware of the fact that our estimator was unable to get on the roof, [redacted] would have never been charged the Inspection Fee to begin with. This invoice was VOIDED immediately with a verbal and written apology. This situation cost [redacted] no money and no time since he did not have take any time off of work to be home for this inspection. It was [redacted]' choice not to be home during the inspection.  An inspection results was provided to [redacted], the same way Home Inspectors provide a report to their paying clients. We attempted to rectify the situation by referring two of our competitors and apologized to [redacted] on several occasions both in email and over the phone. Please see the attached emails below.  The tape video [redacted] has at his driveway shows our Technician, Steve, driving his truck into his drive way, getting out of the truck, walking to the front door, leaving a door hanger on the door and walking back to the vehicle. [redacted]' video is not set at the back of his yard so there was no was to see our Technician being on his property. [redacted] has reported this incident to all social medias he is involved with; [redacted],, [redacted], [redacted], etc.  There was no charge to this client and had there been we would have gladly refunded his money. I am truly not sure what else I can do to help with [redacted]' dissatisfaction with American Cowboy Roofing. All of our ratings on [redacted],, and [redacted] are A's.  I do understand as a company we will, at times, cause a client to be dissatisfied and will attempt to rectify an issue but at this point in this particular situation I am not sure what else to do.  American Cowboy Roofing has been attempting to satisfy [redacted] and answer all of his complaints he put on various social media outlets,, and the Attorney General of Virginia. Please note [redacted] does report regularly on Social Media including 37 reviews on [redacted] giving 3 restaurants a 5 rating the highest rating available. [redacted] reviewed 33 service industries giving them 1 and 2 stars. I do wish I had the time to spend on giving companies reviews on a regular basis.American Cowboy Roofing has apologized to [redacted] six times in emails as well as several times by phone.  [redacted] has received his apologies numerous times.   At this time my Department considers this case closed.Thank you for your help in this matter.

American Cowboy Roofing installed a
partial roof replacement on 4/20/15.  When
Bill B[redacted], our General Contractor, went to look at the roof prior to us installing the partial roof
replacement, [redacted] was working on...

the chimney. Bill told him not to cement the faux stone to the chimney until we finished installing the roof so we could properly add the
metal flashing to the chimney.  The
flashing should have been placed behind the stone masonry wall. On 4/20/15 when
we arrived to install the roof, [redacted] had the chimney completed with the faux stone
already cemented and no flashing was present. This should have been the responsibility of the masonry contractor.  [redacted] said to install the new roof and stated it would be OK since the cement he personally used
would solve any possible issues.  The
existing issue is: when the chimney was built, the faux stone was put on the
chimney before the metal flashing could be installed properly.  The water is now penetrating the masonry.  We would like to have sealed the chimney to at least determine if this was the issue.
To attempt to stop any possible future leaking issues, due to
the situation with the chimney at the time of the partial roof replacement, my crews flashed the chimney as best as possible, as well as placed a cricket at the chimney to help divert the water away.  We offered to seal
the chimney with a commercial masonry clear coat sealant at the time of the roof replacement, however, [redacted] said he would have
his masonry company do it. This was never done.
We were contacted about a leak on 10/28/15.  At that time Bill B[redacted], my General Contractor, once again highly suggested the chimney masonry be sealed.  Bill B[redacted] (50 years roofing experience) and my
Jr Roof Technician (34 years experience)  looked at the roof where the leak is
originating from. The chimney was never sealed and appears to be the origination
of the leak.  We offered to seal the
chimney, however, [redacted] said no.  He does not believe this is the issue.  In an effort to keep good customer service relations, even though we are not responsible for the chimney issue, we offered to pay Lance $500 to have his Masonry Contractor seal the chimney. He also said no.  [redacted] began using foul language and said “I
do not want your dumb ____ ____ ___ contractors back on my property.”
[redacted] did call another roofing company to look at the work
we performed.  We were told by that company, due to the chimney circumstances, the work we performed was performed in a good quality workmanship manner. We are open to meet with a Prince William Building inspector to inspect the roof and the chimney to determine what a County Building inspector feels the issue may be.

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