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American Eagle Auto Glass

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/05/14) */
I am sorry to hear that Ms*** was not pleased with the service she received on May 12thUpon speaking with the manager and other staff working in the store at the time, I unfortunately received a different narrative
In an effort to
help determine what kind of breed/puppy a customer is looking for and to help keep the stress levels low on puppies, we may ask some simple questions prior to allowing customers to interact with the puppiesWhen Ms*** inquired if the puppies "can come out to play" the manager informed her that we strive to minimize the amount of stress on the puppies by limiting how often customers "play" with themThe manager then asked Ms*** if she was in the market for a puppy or just wanted to play with puppies and she stated she was unsureThe manager then informed Ms*** that we unfortunately do not take the puppies out "just to play." However, if Ms*** was looking for a puppy he would show her someI have been informed by two different employees in the store at this time that Ms*** became rather irate by this statement and stated "this place sucks!", to which the manager replied "Ok, have a nice day." Ms*** became more irate and began making a scene, at which point she was politely asked to leave the storeI am told that Ms*** then left the store and began knocking on the window and began making obscene gestures to the manager
Ms***'s statement that the "animals are all dirty." is preposterousIf the puppies were in fact "all filthy" why would she want to play with one? We have more than ample kennel staff to feed, clean and care for every puppy in our store
Ultimately, I am sorry that the situation unfolded the way it didHowever, the health of our puppies is our number one priority
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/05/14) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I will gladly respond point by point since the owner did not address the point of the conplaint
#The staff did not ask what kind of puppy or breed I was looking forHe did not come out from behind his counterHe stayed behind the counter the entire time I was looking at dogs with my husbandThis fact can not be disputed because there is a witnessMy husband
#When I approached the counter, I asked to "see a dog" Can you show us a dog? I never used the word playIf the owner and employee change what was actually requested verbally by stating we asked to play with a dog, it makes it easy for them to excuse why they didn't show us a dogBecuase they don't want to stress a dog out?We didn't ask to play with dogsPeriod that is not trueI am positive the word play wasn't usedI never used the word unsure at allThis part of their response is a complete falsehood the word unsure was never used
#There was never more than one person on the floor so the statement about two employees hearing a statement of "this place sucks" is not trueI said in the original complaint that I told the desk person that his remark about I don't show dogs unless you are interested to buy was ridiculous, I said of course we are here to buy- Why else would we be in the store? I also asked how can you sell dogs like this? To which he replied I have sold many dogs
#If there was any way that this staff member was interested in showing a dog or trying to make a sale he would of at that point used whatever customer service or sales skills he had and tried to work with the customer and sayI am sorry I would like to explain why we make that statement, or perhaps I didn't know if you were seriously lookingHe could have cared less about his comment or how he treated us, which I find to be offensive and discriminatoryIn fact when I told my husband lets leave he doesn't want to show us a dog, the desk person used his hand to wave us off, in other words, good bye, I am not helping youI ask again, what did we do up to this point to derserve this treatment?
Now after we have left the store I am feeling pretty bad that we had not once been treated like a real customer, with real intentions to look at a dog, without even a care from the person who would not budge from behind the counterMight I add face down to the cell phone!! when he managed to lift his head up was when I was out of the store and I did knock on the windowNo obscene gestureI said I will be reporting you this place is dirty and you were rudeThose were my exact words, I stand by those wordsThe place is
dirty, the dogs feet were standing in fecesThe staff was rudeTo state that there was an obscene gesture will move the attention back to me and divert from the real problemSorry but even though you are trying to say there was a rude gesture by me I believe the rude gesture is when your desk guy waved me off
I think what the ownners response is lacking any responsibilty for how his employees treat customersI think if you can't look objectively at what is happening in your store, you might be in denialIf the store was clean and the animals were kept in decent conditions there would be no reason to bring that upThen the complaint would just be about the employeesThe reason I am writing back is because the owners response is clearly standardIf the owner were in the store
at the time I was he might not be happy with the fact that dogs had feces on their feet and bottom of cage gratesIt wasn't one cageIf the owner was in the store and saw his front man on a cell phone and head down and never once coming out to greet a guest or ask if he could help, he might not be sending me this blanket standard statementThe last sentence about ultimately being sorry the situation unfolded does not really answer to his staff behavior or discriminatory treatment my husband and I receivedWho determines who is a prospective buyer? The guy with his head down that I said didn't budge from the counterThat is what the owner needs to address and that is a question he is dodging by stating the puppies are the number one priority
(Get a camera and see what your guy is doing)
Resonse from business owner unacceptable
Mrs*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

I spoke with Mrs. [redacted] regarding her Miniature Goldendoodle puppy on Monday, April 3rd.  As stated in her complaint, Mrs. [redacted] had concerns regarding the look and proportion of her puppy and she believes her puppy is part Dachshund or Corgi.   During our conversation I stressed...

to Mrs. [redacted] that not all Goldendoodles are going to have the same exact appearance or stature, especially Miniature Goldendoodles.  Mrs. [redacted] stated she was proceeding to get a DNA test done on her puppy and I informed her that should those results prove her puppy is not in fact a Goldendoodle we will issue her a full refund and allow her to keep her puppy.  Mrs. [redacted] agreed and stated she will contact me after she receives her results.

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Address: 13350 Savannah Drive, Walker, Louisiana, United States, 70785


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