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American Electric Power Company, Inc.

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I am rejecting this because what the business shown you is not what I received,after I told them I never signed anything and provided proof they were like well aep doesn't deal With that the lady acted as if I was lying.I was never shown anything stating that I only had weeks to come up with the payment and then I get a disconnect notice.The lady was like id advise u to contact the person u spoke with aep doesn't deal with that when I have emails saying the guy did go thru aep to get me started she lied

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find the resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

The $fee is a convenience fee that BillMatrix charges to process a payment to AEPIt is not an AEP charge; it is a fee charge by BillMatrix to provide the payment service for the customerThis fee is solely retained by the vendorThe customer could have mailed the payment
directly to AEP, which would have resulted in the cost of the stamp
Today, 11/30/15, an AEP credit coordinator attempted to contact Sudeep Shah at ###-###-####There was no answer therefore a message was left for MrShah
Please consider this issue resolved

1/9/AEP Ohio received a request for service from *** *** on 11/08/At that time, we advised Mr*** that there would be a $deposit required as well as an occupancy reviewOn 11/09/our occupancy review representative spoke with Mr*** and requested that he provide a copy of
his photo ID to verify that no ID theft was involvedWe also sent Mr*** a letter on 11/09/stating that additional information is needed and failure to contact AEP by 11/19/will result in the cancellation of service request (letter attached for review)Mr*** agreed to fax photo ID for verification of identity and approval of the order on 11/09/We received the $deposit payment on 11/18/2016, which completed the deposit requirement, but we had not yet received the customer's photo ID and the occupancy review was left uncompletedOn 12/30/2016, Mr***'s request for service was cancelled due to "Failure to Meet Requirements", and the meter was physically disconnected at 3:p.mon 1/3/The original deposit payment of $was refunded to the customerWe received a phone call from *** *** shortly after on 1/3/and a new request for service was enteredThe deposit for the second order was paid the same day, 1/3/17, completing the deposit requirement for serviceThe occupancy review was also completed on 1/4/2017, which released the new order for connectionMr***'s meter was reconnected on 1/4/at 3:p.mCustomer contact: On 1/4/and 1/5/an AEP credit representative called *** *** at ###-###-#### and left messages with a woman to have James call us back as soon as possibleOn 1/6/a letter was mailed to Mr*** requesting a return callPlease consider this issue resolvedThanks, Sherry

AEP Ohio initially responded to the on 11/23/from correspondence received on 11/18/
An AEP credit coordinator spoke with *** *** and discussed his concernThe coordinator explained to him that he was not able to find the debt that he was talking aboutThe coordinator asked about a specific account number which Mr*** was not able to provide for the debt discussed in his complaintMr*** advised that he thought the issue had been resolved previouslyHe was surprised that AEP would call on the issue nowThe coordinator agreed that this concern was resolved as he could not finding any information to substantiate Mr***'s claimThe coordinator apologized for any confusion and trouble with this issue that he has experienced
Sherry AEP Ohio

Mr*** also contacted the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regarding his concernAEP Ohio has provided a response directly to the PUCO for their reviewMr*** will need to contact his assigned compliance investigator and reference case ID # *** Thanks,
Sherry AEP Ohio

7/24/On 7/19/an AEP credit representative spoke with *** *** in regards of the complaintExplained the hold has been released and make sure breakers are offAdvised it could take to business days for power to be restored*** *** understandsAEP Ohio verified with the
landlord that *** *** is a new tenantPlease consider this issue resolvedThanks, Sherry AEP Ohio

Good afternoon
The attached documents were forwarded to the customer regarding his concerns
Please consider this matter complete
Thank you,

8/25/Service at this address had been disconnected for non-payment on 8/18/for the previous customerApplied for service to be effective 6/15/on 8/18/2017; Requirements for service: 1) payment of old debt: $(paid $on 8/18/2017); 2) verification of lease and ID (completed on
8/21/2017)Apparently, Ms*** had moved in previously but did not put service into her name until it was disconnected for non-payment under the previous customer's nameService connected 8/23/at 2:p.mWe have 1-business days to complete Ms***'s request for new service in her nameToday, 8/25/17, an AEP credit coordinator attempted to call *** *** - no answer, received message that she was not able to receive callsSent letter asking her to contact our credit coordinator at ***Thanks, Sherry AEP Ohio

They agreed to credit the $Problem solvedThank you

A payment research was entered on 4/21/This research was completed on 4/25/2016, and a refund in the amount of $was issued as a reversalThe funds will be returned to the customer's bank account within 3-banking days, starting 4/26/
On 4/29/a representative
from AEP's credit department explained that a payment reversal was approved 4/25/and funds will be returned to bank account within 3-banking daysCustomer stated the funds are pending in her bank account now
Please consider this issue resolved
Sherry AEP Ohio

Good afternoon The following information is provided in response to your inquiry based upon the customer’s concerns The customer’s meter was misread. On 9/20/2017, the customer provided a picture of her meter reading to the AEP Ohio Customer Service Representative (CSR)
assigned to her complaint. Based on the picture, the meter reading was correctedThe CSR completed the high bill order and the AEP Ohio billing department has corrected the bill and a new bill will print by 9/28/2017. The customer had stopped the payment for the original bill ($450.11) that came directly from her bank account on 9/11/resulting in a return check fee. The CSR removed the $return check fee because of the incorrect bill. Because the customer was able to stop the payment, there is no money that should be refunded to the customer. Additionally, the CSR placed an order to replace the customer’s meter with an AMR meter at the customer’s property on 9/25/at 6PM to prevent future meter reading errors. Please consider this matter resolved Thank you,Paula S

8/7/17On 8/2/an AEP Ohio supervisor went to site and confirmed that the pole was rotten and needed changed out. A crew was held-over to change the poleThe pole was successfully changed out and job was completed that evening. MrBenninger was happy with resultsPlease consider this
issue resovled.Thanks,Sherry AEP Ohio

3/14/17Please have Ms*** return the call to AEP's credit coordinator for possible renegotiation of the payment plan. The coordinator left his name and direct contact number on Ms***'s voice mail around 9:a.mthis morning.Thanks, Sherry AEP Ohio

Today, 1/11/2016, the account holder did provide the letter of credit from Ohio Edison via email to AEP Ohio, which meets our credit guidelinesThe deposit has been cancelled
Please consider this issue resolved
Thanks,Sherry AEP Ohio

Good Morning,I had filed a complaint on American Electric Power about unobtainable paymentsThey did resolve the paymentsThey now sent me to collections and it wasn’t even days past due he said that my bill was due till the 30th of every monthI had written down my last payment was on Jan so I thought I was done because they never sent me a bill on my progress madeNow they are claiming I still owe 7,there is no way I paid on time every monthThe man over billing said my last payment was Jan apparently it was in MarchPlease let me know what progress we can make.Thanks

Service was connected on Monday, 1/11/at 11:a.m(Service was disconnected on 1/8/at 12:p.mdue to requirements for service not being met.)
Today, 1/12/16, an AEP credit coordinator spoke with *** *** about her complaint. The coordinator advised that AEP did
attempt to contact her by phone on 11/30/about providing a lease and ID. Advised Ms*** that we left a message on her "home" phone. She said that she does not have a "home" phone. The phone number we are showing as a "home" phone is actually her cell phone, so the message would have been left on her cell phone. The coordinator explained that until she meets all requirements for service, the account is not considered active. The service is subject to disconnect when the requirements are not met. Based on our discussion, the phone number type codes were corrected. She also had a concern that no one was available to assist with the verification of lease and identification. She called at 5:p.mon 1/8/2016. The group handling the verification process is only available Monday through Friday 7:a.mto 3:p.mcentral time. The coordinator advised that he would pass her concern onto management
Please consider this issue resolved
Sherry AEP Ohio

Good afternoon This information is provided in response to your inquiry based on the customer’s concern Ms*** scheduled the payment of $to be made on 10/20/2017. The payment was processed as she requested. The extension she requested does not change the
payment that she had scheduled. To have changed the payment, Ms*** would need to have cancelled the payment that she previously had scheduled on the account On 10/26/2017, the AEP Ohio Credit and Payment Coordinator attempted to contact Ms*** and left a message with his contact information Thank you, Paula SI**Regulatory Consultant PRINAEP Ohio

1/3/Today, 1/3/18, an AEP Ohio customer service representative called and left a voicemail message for Mr***Explained that it appears that his meter was misread on 8/1/as he was only billed for KWH, when he normally uses around 2,KWH during that time of the yearExplained bills
were coded and estimated for September, October and November due to a dog at the propertyWe are not sure if the customer has recently gotten a dog or it is possible that we have someone new reading the route in that area who heard a dog and is not comfortable reading the meter with a dog presentMeter readers are not required to enter a yard if they hear a dog barking even if that dog may be inside since a lot of customers have doggie doors where the dog can exit the house at any time and possibly bite the meter readerThe bills were estimated based off of the low August 1, reading which appears to have been possibly misread since it is much lower than the customers history at this property during that time frameThe bills were way out of line and much lower than what his bills run during this time based off of the customers historyThe bill reflected each month that they were estimated and the customer did not contact us to inquire on why the bills were so low during that time frameWe were able to obtain an actual reading on 12/8/of and we corrected the under estimated bills and sent out a corrected bill on 12/13/The customer provided us with a reading on 12/23/of which would confirm that the 12/8/reading was correctInformed the customer that we did receive the payment of $and we can of course set up a payment arrangement for him and either split the remaining balance up over the next months plus the actual bill each month after or we can take the remaining balance and break it up over the next months and then put him on a budget which would begin at $a monthThe CSR provided her direct contact information to contact her should he be interested in setting up either of these arrangementsPlease consider this issue resolvedThanks, Sherry

On 10/12/an AEP Ohio CSR called and talked to customers (Mr& Mrs***) in regard to them not receiving a $rebate check for recycling their refrigeratorCustomer states her refrigerator was picked up on August 11, Customer says she was told that it could take up to
six weeks to receive her paymentWhen customer did not receive the check by September 22nd, which is six weeks past pidate, she began calling to find out what happenedCustomer states she was mostly unable to get an answer and never a return callCustomer says she did receive a call from a gentleman this morning (10/12/15) telling her that her check was cut and mailed todayCustomer was told she will have the check by Friday (10/16/15)Customer did not remember the name of the man who called, and is unsure about whether to trust that the check has been mailedCustomer states that somebody told her the same thing last weekIt has been nine weeks since customer turned in the refrigeratorCSR advised that the AEP Program Manager for the Refrigerator Recycling Program has been made aware of the situation, and is in the process of figuring out what is going on with her rebateCSR apologized for customer's experience and advised that follcontact will be made once more information is available regarding the status of her rebateCSR provided direct dial number for customer to contact as needed

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