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American Furniture Warehouse Lifestyle Furniture

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Even if there are marble inlays, water will damage wood and is not covered under warranty. Instructions on cleaning wood products can be found online or by calling AFW customer service if cleaning instructions are lost or missing.

We apologize in that Our Ft Colllins store employees miss communicated among one another...we do transfer merchandise from store to store as long as the store is in Colorado; however we do not transfer merchandise in from Phoenix AZ from our two stores there. The reason is that the with our...

very low margins (markups) transferring merchandise (furniture is big and heavy) from AZ to CO could cost more than the furniture or at least any profits whatsoever. In other words if we transfer merchandise in from AZ to CO to fill backorders we would lose money. This being said if a manger ok'd the transfer it was without realizing the request as it was. We understand that the customer took some [redacted]e before deciding on merchandise to purchase that we found out to be out of stock at our Colorado Locations (However shipments are coming in as I understand it) and with our apologies we offered $30.00 for the inconvenience of having to key in different merchandise for the customer. We almost never discount furniture due to our small margins...because we sell everything a true discounted prices up front. We felt that $30.00 would be more than fair for the extra [redacted]e our miss communications cause as minimal as the extra [redacted]e was.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11095959, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Water damage is not covered under warranty. All wood products will be affected by repeated exposure to excessive or long periods of moisture.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

[redacted] purchased a sofa from us from our clearance center which was sold as a "one only"...a 1-only represents merchandise...

that is marked down and usually means we won't be carrying it anymore and it is sold "as is", which was the case here. [redacted] was concerned with some issues after 3 months and although is was sold "as is" which would indicate "without warranty" we agreed to see if we could address the issues as outlined. We brought the sofa into our shop to have it worked on and then delivered it back out to the customer with a free pick up and delivery although the customer was unhappy that we wouldn't deliver it at a specific time of day as he requested rather than our normal deliveries (the customer lives 40 miles east of [redacted] and the deliveries come from [redacted] - [redacted] lives in a area that is out of the metro area.) The customer found a loose thread, some pin holes in the leather and a small scuff on the back side corner and told us the recliner wasn't working. We had unwrapped the sofa as it was wrapped by our repair shop if front of the customer when all of this was found. To our disbelief we apologized and offered the customer a full refund (we couldn't replace the sofa as we no longer carry it). The customer didn't want a full refund (purchase price)...he wanted the same sofa so we suggested that he visit our store which he did and found a sofa for about $100 less and purchased a picture along with it that sells for about $100. [redacted] posted bad reviews which we responded to asking for his customer information to see if there was anything more we could do. [redacted] wasn't real happy with the sofa he selected to replace his 1-only sofa with so we suggested that to avoid yet another trip into our store, he could look over our website to see if there was something he could reselect to that was more to his liking. [redacted] found 3 sofas he liked however they were almost double in price (better quality sofas). RECAP: [redacted]'s original sofa being slightly less than $500 and the sofa's he was looking at now were $850-$950. The sofa that [redacted] choose that we were reserving for him was approximately $400. [redacted] was now wanting the much more expensive sofa with no addition charges to him which we would not agree to however we did offer him an additional $125 -$150 discount in addition to offering full credit for the original sofa. [redacted] choose to stay with the $400 sofa.

Our records show that the frame and box spring damage looked to have been from something going on in the home as in someone jumping on the bed...regardless we allowed the customer to reselect with credit for the  returns. The reselect invoice shows a credit for the return Mattress (a full size...

mattress) and tax and a charge for two newly purchases (a full size and a king size mattress) plus tax. No delivery charge was charged.

We received the warranty packet from the customer and sent a letter back to the customer...we don't see where the customer ever called into our customer service department in regards to the claim so with the notification we will contact the customer in regards to the mattress warranty...

claim and go over the available options with the customer. Thank you. AFW

Mr [redacted] is very much a valued customer and on behalf of American Furniture Warehouse and myself I apologize that we have disappointed Mr. [redacted]. Referring to the complaint, a sofa set that was purchase in May of 2016 was not up to Mr. [redacted]'s expectations in quality (as per our evaluation...

comments). Other than a leg that was troublesome that we could replace or fix Mr [redacted] had other issues that we described as how the set was (not as sturdy as the customer would like and was getting worse)...when Mr. [redacted] wanted it to be replaced with the same merchandise we informed him that replacing the set with the same merchandise would not resolve his concerns. We suggested that he reselect to something that was better to his liking. I don't see where we stated (in our comments) that he wasn't allowed to return the set for a refund (that would not be our policy so we hope that was never said) but I do see that Mr. [redacted] was given a full refund on the returned merchandise (we did ask that the customer remove the dog hair prior to our drivers picking it up) and the new merchandise (at a lesser price) was delivered out and a refund for the difference was processed for $276.17. I will forward Mr. [redacted]'s concerns on how he was treated to our [redacted] management team as that is not how we want our customers to feel. I will also put in comments in the new merchandise that it is ok if Mr. [redacted] would like to return the new set immediately for a full refund. (we do have comments referring to Mr. [redacted] mentioning that he may want to return it in 3 months for a refund which is would be ok if he were to do it now). Our thanks to Mr. [redacted] for being such a great customer! [redacted] AFW

Our apologies that our salesperson made a mistake...we do require 20% down on financed "special orders"; we have forwarded this complaint over to the stores management team so that they can use it to make sure everyone including our new salespeople are informed. Thank you. AFW

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/07/02) */
Our records show that the purchase was made on X-XX-XX and was picked up by the customer on 3-17-12, and that when asking for the receipt that the customer referred to (X-XX-XX) showing the purchase was made on X-XXXX the customer refused to...

send us a copy (by email would be ok). Even if we had the order number on the receipt that would help. We have no record of the customer calling in, in 2014 or any record of addressing anything that may have been a problem at that time - going back to our records we show the customer calling in on X-XX-XX at which time we sent out a service tech to evaluate the chair (at no cost to the customer). The evaluation stated that there were no manufacturing defects however the chair was showing wear and tear through use. This chair has a one year warranty on the cover so if it was purchased in 2012 or 2013, either way the cover would be out of warranty even if it had been a manufacturing defect which it is not according to the evaluation. We would like to see the receipt that[redacted] has referred to as we had mentioned to him when working with him recently.
Complaint Response Date bumped because: Holiday

We have been calling and will continue to call...we can resolve this. We are happy to give the customer a full refund with the return of the merchandise.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
There has been so resolution and AFW has not responded even after I sent pictures of the damage.

Initial Business Response /[redacted]/
With our apologies we offered this valued customer on X-XX-XXXX a full refund (without any fees) due to the factory delays. We also offered to pick up the furniture that she had already received at no charge and with a full refund (no restocking...

or delivery fee's).

[redacted] called our customer service department after the delivery team left his residence on 07/30/16 claiming damage was done to his home. Mr. [redacted] was contacted by the claims department on 08/02/16 informing him that the claim was in the review process. Please keep in mind that in most...

cases when damages occur during the delivery, the delivery team notifies our customer service department immediately. When the customer calls to claim damages, it is necessary to review the  claim before the claim is either approved or denied. The claims manager completed the review of the claim and spoke with Mrs. [redacted] on 08/11/16 and offered to either settle the claim or to have the damages repaired. Mrs. [redacted] wanted to speak with her husband and offered to call back the claims department with their decision on how they would prefer to resolve the claim.

We called this customer yesterday to make arrangements to exchange the piece as requested...we left a message on her voicemail. AFW

The financing contract that the customer has to sign off on saying that the customer agrees to the terms is through [redacted]; it indicates that the loan must be paid within 12 months of the contract or interest will be charged to the customers account from the purchase date... in this case the...

contract was processed on 3-13-15. Not knowing what a customer feels may have been verbally said or what a customer may think or remember or assume; our only position is that we have to refer back to the financing contract that was agreed upon, and signed by the customer.   03/13/15 16:44:36 - 54YR - Finance Plan: WF12 Auth Nbr: [redacted] Finance Amount                                          2618.17                           No Interest if Paid in Full within 12 Months with                                          regular monthly payments. If the                                          purchase balance is not paid in full                                          within 12 months, interest will be                                          charged to your account from the                                          purchase date at a rate of 27.99%.                                          This APR will vary with the market                                          based on the U.S. Prime Rate.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: that is not true. They never called me. Phone records can prove that. I did not ask for a refund. They told me it was to late because the check was already in the mail but it wasn’t, a manager from another store called the department that sends out the checks and stoped it. 
Corey [redacted]

We are under the understanding that we were ([redacted] and AFW) able to come to agreement during a phone conversation yesterday (4-12-18). Thank you, AFW
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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