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American Home Health Care

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We apologize for the delay in resolving the warranty for our customer. All warranties are submitted for manufacturer approval pending their inspection. Once the manufacturer has completed a full evaluation of the product, the warranty will be closed. Warranty inspections can
take several weeks to complete and we are working close with the manufacturer to resolve this claim as quickly as possible. Again, we apologize for the delay and inconvenience

I sit here in total disbelief that a company this incompetent remains open for business and is not ran by the gov.
I ordered rock rails for a wrangler 7 days ago off eBay because they had a 97% positive feed back. I received the package surprisingly fast. I opened the box the next day to mount the rail/steps and boom only one rail is shipped. there is a pic on the box and says 1of 2 by the company, however ups shipping slip says 1of1. no phone number on the packing slip and nothing is clearly stated as far as order number.
I find the number online call customer service (if thats what you can call it) long story short I'm told to mount the step I have to confirm the what side needs to be shipped. I do so. taylor is the customer service rep that I was dealing with. she was even kind enough to send an email to confirm which side needs to be shipped. this is where the story turns into a botched abortion.
I send an email confirming I need the passenger side. I get no response I wait several hours and I call back as I have not received any further info on a passenger step being sent out. I did not get the name of this customer service rep I spoke with this time however she assured me it was sent out as a pair and ups either lost or damaged it and the mistake is not on their end and completely out of their control. ( I'm not unreasonable and not pointing the finger but I am a customer and just want what I paid for in full) here comes [redacted] this customer service rep says in order for them to file a claim with ups they need to schedule a pick of the step that I was told to mount, and that they can and wound not ship out and fulfill the order until that step in my possession (now mounted at their request) is picked up by ups. you can imagine my disappointment. I ask if they can confirm that both boxes left their warehouse. they said yes both box left. I asked as to why if both left I wasn't given 2 tracking numbers the back peddling begins and ends with I just work in the office. then she tell me taylor left me a voice mail (which is a lie as I had my phone on me and no call from them where received and no vm was left) that vm must be with my missing step. so I unmount dumpster dive to get the original packaging back and tape the box back up. fast forward to the next day I email tall;or and asked if ups has a time slot that they will be picking up the package. she responded with a no. not her fault but I live in a large condo in downtown chicago so it not like I can just leave a jeep rock rail sitting in my lobby. it would have been nice if I the inconvenienced customer was given the option to drop it off at a location. an hr after taylor response to my email I get an from ups saying a package is set for delivery from 4wheeldrivehardwear. I call and ask if this is my passenger side now the guy I'm talking with can't tell me if this is their pick up generated tracking number or my rail. they later confirm this is the pick up tracking. ok fine.
then I get a very polite and helpful eBay message. whoever sent it should get a job in customer service and taylor and her band of flunkies should all be fired. because the wharehouse guy says hey sorry but we have your rail/step in the warehouse it was never shipped. they say please don't unmount we can ship you the passenger side and fulfill the order. I forward this message to taylor. I get a response back my computer shows 0 accounted for that was sent in error. [redacted] can this many incompetent people possibly all work at the same place? how is that possible. just for humor sake I respond back with yes ship me the rail. now I get another eBay message stating taylor's computer read 0 available because it took into account that the set was shipped. however the box never left the warehouse they have it its accounted for and they will sip it. still waiting for a tracking idk if I should be holding my breath or filing a claim with paypal at this point.
it seems to me that the customer service people they have are incompetent as they are inept, extremely unhelpful and frankly have no business working behind the desk dealing with the public. I'm extremely disappointed with the service and its unacceptable that the companies inner department failed with each other. if the customer service can't properly communicate with the warehouse or is too lazy to communicate with them thats a problem. I could only assume their management would be equally as disappointed. maybe not, this could be a direct reflection of the management.

Like the two previous negative reviews, I had a similar experience. Horrible customer service, misleading and conflicting stories as to why they held my money for 1 month without any expected shipment dates. Still took over 25 minutes just to cancel the order. Not only would I never do business with this company, I would STRONGLY urge others to avoid this company.

Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Total run around. Very long wait times on hold. Parts not ordered. Told on last order 3-5 business days today told 1-2 weeks. Then it goes to no control over the other vendors they deal with. Cancelled order. Would never deal with this company again or their affiliate in California. Very very poor customer service.

Horrible customer service and shipping.
Ordered a part and two days later it said shipped wait 10 business days no part called them on the 11th day they said it would be shipped in four days. Should have offered me a discount or shipped it next day. Never will I buy from them again. I asked them if they could get something for their delayed service and they offered me a gift card but, never responded to my email.

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