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[redacted] *** [redacted] ** [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] This letter is in response to the additional information received for the complaint filed with your agency by [redacted] regarding her automobile policy [redacted] ***’s policy was a semi-annual policy that began effective February 28, 2014, and cancelled at the request of the policyholder effective May 28, The policy declarations pages provided by the policyholder indicate she obtained alternate insurance effective May 28, Nationwide charged $in premium for the time the policy was active, plus one $late fee, for a total amount due of $ Nationwide received three monthly installment payments totaling $781.30, which left a balance due of $ The collection balance of $is owed for the coverage providedThere is no additional premium adjustment available for [redacted] *** If you should have any other requests or questions regarding this matter, please contact Colleen Flack at 1-888-999-0263, ext489- Sincerely, [redacted] Nationwide Insurance Companies

I have already sought out another insurance company because I could not let the lapse continue any longer on my lease nor afford having my car off the roadI had made multiple attempts through nationwide (local office, customer service, and spoke to an underwriter directly) to try getting them to realize the public record was not correct and that I wanted the cancellation to be reversed but they refused saying that after days it could not be reversedNow after my complaint they say it can be reversedAll I want is for nationwide to reimburse me for the $i had to pay the DMV for my lapse fine that nationwide caused me Regards, [redacted]

[redacted] [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted] This letter is in response to your inquiry dated July 30, 2014, regarding the above referenced automobile policy If I do not provide the information you need for this matter, please do not hesitate to let me know Regarding policy cancellation While Road Side Assistance is considered to be an important coverage we offer to our members, if it is utilized excessively within a short period of time the policy will be cancelled per our underwriting guidelinesWhen the policy was reviewed it came to our attention that between 06/29/and 03/22/ten claims were reported The underwriting guidelines in [redacted] state we may take underwriting action on a policy if there are seven or more roadside claims in a month period These guidelines are approved by the [redacted] Department of Insurance Our records show that RSA claims were reported on the following dates: 03/22/14, 08/26/13, 05/06/13, 03/23/13, 01/30/13, 01/09/13, 06/30/12, 12/12/11, 12/10/11, and 06/29/ Nationwide understands when an unexpected vehicle breakdown occurs, this coverage is important to our members and we want to be of assistance when they need it Each time a call is made for Roadside Assistance, this is considered a claim on the policy and is counted towards general claims frequency Claim frequency can result in underwriting action being taken against a policy We will be unable to extend coverage on this policy through 7/04/due to the fact that our policy terms are for six months The policy was cancelled on 6/22/14, at the end of the term, and the cancellation can not be reversed to extend it for additional time Regarding Notification A cancellation letter was mailed to the address on the policy on 05/12/giving thirty days notice of cancellation Regarding roadside coverage We did not include the word "unlimited," in any marketing, endorsement, etc as we were aware that due to underwriting guidelines, it might become necessary to remove the coverage We also have removed from the marketing information the phrase "call us as many times as you need," as we felt it was misleading for our members Based on my review, this was properly handled We strive to meet our customer’s needs, but understand that sometimes we are unable to do so If you should have any questions or wish to discuss the matter further, please feel free to call me Enclosed: Notice of cancellation Proof of mailing Sincerely, [redacted] ###-###-#### [redacted]

I already sent an answer about weeks ago! Nationwide auto in finally paid me the illegal $fee they owed me since Feb2014, for pretending I had never made a Febpremium payment -- when they had already fraudulently deposited it in an employee's accountThey finally send me the $investigation fee I paid last March to half the federal government prove what bank account they deposited my Febpayment in Wow, how do I get Nationwide to reverse the fraudulent damage they did to my payment history? [redacted] Oct21,

[redacted] I am in receipt of the online complaint received on August 18, 2014, regarding [redacted] ’ automobile policy Review of our records shows on February 14, 2014, [redacted] contacted our service department and requested to cancel her automobile policy effective February 14, [redacted] was advised a Policy Cancellation Form would be sent to her complete electronically via emailShe was advised her estimated refund would be $31.95, once the policy cancelledDuring this call, [redacted] expressed that she did not wish to cancel her tenant policy; therefore, the automatic monthly withdrawals were not stopped Per our current process, once the electronic Policy Cancellation Form is returned it is then assigned to a member of our Processing Team to process the cancellationUnfortunately, the cancellation was not processed On March 1, 2014, [redacted] contacted our service department to inquire why her policy had not been cancelledThe signed Policy Cancellation Form was located in our system and she was advised the policy would be cancelled, per her request, effective February 14, She was advised we were unable to stop the automatic deduction of $which was scheduled to be deducted from her bank account that dayThis installment included $for the automobile policy and $for the tenant policy [redacted] was advised she could place a stop payment with her bank and if she were charged a stop payment fee, she would be reimbursed due to agent error On March 4, 2014, the automobile policy was cancelled effective March 14, Unfortunately, the representative submitted the request with the wrong date On March 5, 2014, a refund of $was issued for the unearned premium on the automobile policy On March 5, 2014, an installment bill was issued for the tenant policy for $due on March 30, On March 6, 2014, the payment of $received on March 1, 2014, was returned by [redacted] ’s bank due to her placing a stop payment on the fundsA $non-sufficient fund fee was assessed on her account On March 8, 2014, a Notice of Cancellation was issued for the tenant policy which advised a payment of $would be needed by March 29, 2014, to prevent cancellation effective March 30, On March 11, 2014, a Final Bill was issued for $for the automobile policyThis bill was issued due to the returned payment for March 1, The bill included the $non-sufficient fund fee On April 1, 2014, a Collection Letter was issued to the [redacted] which advised of the final balance owed of $for the automobile policy On April 2, 2014, due to no payment being received the tenant policy was cancelled effective March 30, On, April 4, 2014, a Final bill for $was issued for the tenant policyThis bill represents the balance owed for coverage provided through the cancellation date On April 5, 2014, [redacted] contacted our service department to advise her automobile policy was supposed to be cancelled effective February 14, [redacted] was advised the cancellation date on her policy would be adjusted and she would receive a follow up call regarding any final balance due On April 15, 2014, the cancellation date on the automobile policy was adjusted to February 14, This change resulted in a premium decrease of $which reduced the collection owed to $ On April 16, 2014, a voice message was left for the member that advised the cancellation date on the automobile policy had been adjusted to February 14, 2014, and the new balance owed was adjusted to $ On June 18, 2014, [redacted] spoke with our Service Department regarding the collections owed on her policiesA payment of $was taken to clear the outstanding balance owed on the tenant policy [redacted] was advised the $non-sufficient fund fee had been waived, therefore, leaving no balance due on the automobile policyUnfortunately, this information was inaccurate as the final balance owed had been reduced to $with removing the non-sufficient fund fee [redacted] was advised an email would be sent which explained the collections had been taken care of On August 13, 2014, [redacted] contacted our service department as a result of being notified by Credit Collection Services (CCS) of the outstanding balance owed for $on the automobile policy On August 18, 2014, a member of our Escalations Team approved writing off the $collection on [redacted] automobile policy due to agent error [redacted] automobile and tenant policies reflect a zero balanceI contacted CCS today to confirm both account have been closedThe balance on the tenant policy had not been previously reported to the credit bureaus; however, the $balance on the automobile policy had been reportedCCS will have the item removed from [redacted] ’ credit which could take upward of days to be completedIf [redacted] has any questions regarding this process she may contact CCS directly at ###-###-#### I apologize for inconvenience or frustration we may have caused [redacted] ’s due to the delay in processing her cancellation request and for any misinformation providedWe take customer service very seriously and continuously strive to improve our serviceFeedback has been provided for each representative who mishandled her policy If further assistance is needed in this matter, please contact me directly at ###-###-#### Sincerely, [redacted] (Customer Resolution & Response Team) Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company Email: [redacted]

[redacted] *** I am in receipt of the member's question dated October 14, I am providing you with the following information: ? Policy Declarations Policy ######### was bound effective August 1, to August 1, 2013, with a term premium of $The policy premium was paid in full at the time it was bound On August 31, 2012, the Home Purchase Discount was removed effective August 1, The Home Purchase Discount is available to New Business customers who have purchased their home within months of their policy effective dateDuring the discovery period, it was determined that there was prior insurance on the property, which qualified the policy for the Years with Prior Carrier Discount; therefore, the policy did not qualify for the Home Purchase [redacted] DiscountThe change increased the term premium by $and a Revised Declarations was mailed to the address on file A total down payment of $was received on July 27, Of this payment, $was applied to the automobile policy, $was applied to the property policy, and $was applied to the installment feeA credit of $remained on the billing accountOur system does not bill out for anything less than $10.00; therefore, the first opportunity the system had to bill for the premium increase to the property policy was with the February 1, 2013, installmentThe $credit was applied to the $balance and an underpayment of $was added to the February 1, billThe payment of $that was received on January 29, 2013, paid the underpayment of $and the February, March, April, May, and June installments of $for a total of $The July installment of $was paid with the payments that were received on July 26, Thank you for bringing this matter to our attentionWe trust this will resolve all pending concernsIf you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, at ###-###-####, ext######## Sincerely, [redacted] Nationwide Insurance Company [redacted] ###-###-####, ext###### [redacted]

This letter is in response to the complaint filed with your agency by [redacted] regarding her Automobile policy. 1. In regards to the address and name change on the billing account and Auto policy. a. The original address when the policy was... written showed: [redacted] b. On March 6, 2013 the address was updated to: [redacted] ***. This was also updated on the billing account on March 5, 2013. This was a request from the member when she called the Service Center. c. On January 31, 2014, the name field was updated to show the member’s full name: [redacted] . The address was updated to: [redacted] ***. This was an update from the agency. d. On March 31, 2014 the billing address on the account was updated from [redacted] *** to 1 [redacted] ***. This was an update from the member calling in regarding a letter in the mail. e. On May 1, 2014 the billing address on the account was updated from [redacted] *** to [redacted] ***. This was an update from the agency. 2. In regards to the Notice of Expiration and Notice of Cancellation the member received. a. The Notice of Expiration was sent on February 25, 2014 for $91.20. At the time the notice was sent we were unaware that a payment had been made as it was applied to another account. A payment of $91.20 was received on March 5, 2014 which removed the warning status on the policy. b. The Notice of Cancellation was sent on March 25, 2014 for $85.30. A payment of $85.30 was received on April 7, 2014 which removed the warning status on the policy. c. On April 9, 2014 the payment of $90.43 that was sent in on February 11, 2014 was located and moved to the correct billing account. The $10.00 late fee that was charged was also removed. 3. In regards to a refund, there was no overpayment on the account. The policy renewal premium for February 19, 2014 was increased by $10.20 from the previous renewal. The reason for the increase was due to the Advance Quote discount diminishing. a. The six month premium for February 19, 2014 was $522.80 which is $87.13 per month. On February 4, 2014 the address was updated and a credit of $45.10 was applied to the account. This change lowered the current February 22, 2014 bill to $81.20. b. The Notice of Expiration was sent for $91.20 which included a $10.00 late fee. The payment of $90.43 would not have been enough to cover the February bill had it been applied correctly. c. A payment of $91.20 was received on March 5, 2014 which paid the total February bill in full. 4. The bill due April 19, 2014 for $82.80 was paid using the misapplied payment of $90.43. The difference of $7.63 was applied to the policy balance which lowered the three installment amounts. I have issued a check for $6.00 to reimburse the member for obtaining a copy of the money order she acquired. The check will be sent via mail and will take 7-10 business days to reach her. I have also included a copy of the Policy Declarations and a billing breakdown for your review. If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Relations Coordinator, [redacted] , at ###-###-#### or by email at [redacted] . Sincerely, [redacted] ###-###-####, Ext. #####

There is no mention of the fact that I was told the documentation I submitted was sufficient and that the policy was being retained, so perhaps the rep I spoke to that staturday should be told not to tell peopole lies you mention the several calls you received from me but there is no mention of the two months I spent submitting documents or that I was told I was only missing Dec 2013- Dec this is no better than the lies I was told over the phone im so disgusted with nationwide and to think I told the rep that told me the policy was being retained I loved nationwide it truly is a thin line between love and hate ive moved on to [redacted] but I will remain unhappy with this disgusting company

I do dispute that the entire damage on my property was caused by sewage back-up, and that sewage baonly occurred because of flooding from the re-grading of the back alley by the rear neighbor, [redacted] When the storm really ramped up at 7:p.mon August 11, 2014, the first thing I did was check my basement, and this is what I reported to [redacted] , and numerous representatives of Nationwide That no sooner had I ascended the steps of my basement which was dry, water began pouring through my side door like a waterfall down my basement steps When [redacted] visited my home on August 14, he looked at a damp floor (particularly damp around the floor drain), but his determination for sewer babegan prior to inspection and explanation, and inspection and explanation were completely ignored I took [redacted] out to the back alley, and showed him the incline and ditch caused by [redacted] re-grading with dump trucks full of dirt I showed [redacted] the side alley where all water flowed during this storm causing the west end drain to be overwhelmed I showed [redacted] that only the west end of the alley was still damp while the east end was bone dry I showed [redacted] the water marks on the glass of my side door, and the water marks on the glass block windows (above grade of the foundation) I showed [redacted] the weatherstripping ripped from the bottom of my side security door from the pressure of water entering my side door I explained how my house sat in a pond for hours causing the rear wall of my basement to bow, and for collapses to happen above grade of my foundation (tongue and groove cedar ceiling installed 2013, stone window well and portion of wall, separation in dry wall ceiling) I explained to [redacted] that the only reason my house was still standing was the steel beam construction which I also showed There are more details When I questioned the provisions of my policy, I was told by all representatives of Nationwide that HOdoes not cover any of this However, in the wording of my policy (which I was unable to submit electronically, so I submitted via UPS), there are exceptions to HOlisted on page of 28, and one of these exceptions covers flooding if it was caused by "zoning or grading" Although I sent this policy portion to via UPS, it is not attached to my complaint I will quote it here: "Special Provisions in Michigan" ...beginning on page of 28: "Section I: Perils Insured Against This Section Also Contains Exceptions and Exclusions From Coverage" In the section containing "exclusions", "weight of water" is excluded "Flooding, water damage etal" are excluded However, page of offers "exceptions" "B We do not insure for loss to property described in Coverages A and B caused by any of the following However, any ensuing loss to property described in Coverages A and B not precluded in Section I - Exclusions in A above is covered Weather conditions However, this exclusion only applies if weather conditions contribute in any way with a cause or event excluded in Ato produce the loss Acts or decisions, including the failure to act or decide, of any person, group, organization or governmental body Faulty, inadequate or defective: a Planning, zoning, development, surveying, siting b Design, specifications, workmanship, repair, construction, renovation, remodeling, grading, compaction c Materials used in repair, construction, renovation or remodeling: or d Maintenance Of part or all of any property whether on or off the 'residence premises'." HOdoes not cover the event I have explained, however, these exceptions found on page of 28, seem to make exception to my experience and insurance coverage Part B, section 1, weather conditions contributed via record rainfall causing my home to sit in a pond for hours The result was a bowed rear basement wall, collapsed stone window well, collapsed tongue and groove cedar ceiling (installed 2013)cracked drywall ceiling ( installed 2013), discolored and cracked mortar joints to an interior glazed brick wall, loss of electric panel (installed during kitchen / bath remodels), entire rear wall still saturated at this writing Part B, section 2, acts or decisions by a block club comprised of residents (still remaining on block), [redacted] (Dresden), Omar Porter (Bradford), and witnessed by Mark Guarnieri (Bradford) to re- grade this back alley Part B, section 3, b, the grading of this back alley caused my entire property to become a catch basin during this record storm When Cory Osborne, Nationwide's Catastrophe Specialist came to my home on September 3, 2014, I was issued a second claim number for the same loss MrOsborn came with a ladder, and wanted to inspect my roof inspect, and upper floor I begged him to photograph the basement wall, which I have had a temporary repair placed to to avoid further collapse I asked [redacted] e to explain the portion of my policy listed above MrOsborn insisted, as did [redacted] ***, MrRodriguez, Mr, Middlebrook, etal., that the words "exception" and "exclusion" meant the same thing, and that those "exceptions" listed in part "B" only applied to "grading on my premise" even though the wording is "whether on or off premises" I did, on September 3, explain to [redacted] , that a flood clecrew was brought into the home immediately They steamed and disinfected everything Personal belongings were discarded However, an odor lingered My nose led me to the electrical panel, mounted above foundation grade I called an electrician The wall behind this panel was saturated, and the panel was pulled The wall was then treated with Hydraulic cement Within hours of the hydraulic cement application, the wall bloomed mold Nationwide agents explained to me that the "Fungi - Bacteria" rider is never paid as "mold takes years to grow" I have photographs taken of this basement in June of There were no maintenance issues This was a beautifully finished basement with new mechanics The walls were a glazed brick with white mortar joints in the laundry / mechanical area There were no mold or dirt issues It is true, I have experienced great difficulty communicating with Nationwide Due to lack of hot water (finally restored with new tank on Monday, September 8), lack of furnace a/c during periods of extreme heat and cold, and having to go to a laundromat on crutches (degenerative arthrosis); I have developed a bronchial infection treated by my doctor September I have felt feverish for weeks I have lost the comforts of my home which was well appointed prior to this event I am not well, and spent a lot of money making certain my handicapped needs were met in this house I spent a great deal of money having the best furnace, finishes, and maintained property I thought I was insured All I want from Nationwide is to show me in my policy where it is specifically stated the things I have been told by their representatives Those things, are, once again, where does it say in my insurance document: that, "sewer bacancels out HO3", where does it say: that "fungi-bacteria rider is never paid", and where does it say anywhere on this earth that"exclusion means the same thing as exception"? [redacted] ***, as well as other Nationwide representatives, keep telling me things I already know and can read, but continually sidestep the wording of what I have listed above I am hoping their next response can address the above wording more specifically I do believe that I said this in my original complaint, "where does it say on this sewer barider that all other provisions of the policy are cancelled out?" [redacted] , in his redress does define that HOand HO apply to exclusion for rental and condominium properties under this rider HOand HO^exclusions do not apply to me I am a homeowner No-where is it stated that HOis excluded No-where Regards, [redacted] ***

[redacted] *** [redacted] *** [redacted] ** [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted] This letter is in response to the inquiry received from your office on September 29, This file has been referred to me for review of matters relating to the claims handlingAfter reviewing the inquiry submitted by [redacted] , AMCO Insurance Company understands that [redacted] primary concerns are no return phone calls, poor service, inadequate information provided and the need for a different claims associate to handle [redacted] ’ claim to conclusion On September 3, 2014, [redacted] reported the above mentioned loss to AMCO Insurance Company; this loss was assigned to [redacted] the same day [redacted] cleared coverage and called and left a message for [redacted] to discuss this claim on the day it was reported [redacted] continued to move this claim to conclusion by securing a recorded interview from the other party involved in this loss, [redacted] [redacted] reported that he was traveling behind [redacted] in stop and go traffic [redacted] stopped and [redacted] was unable to stop and rear ended [redacted] [redacted] received a citation for no insurance and agreed that he was at fault for rear ending [redacted] [redacted] advised [redacted] that he was at fault for this loss and as it appeared [redacted] was not insured, AMCO Insurance would pursue [redacted] personally for the damages he caused as a result of the above mentioned loss On September 4, 2014, [redacted] searched our database to confirm ownership of the vehicle [redacted] was driving at the time of loss and to confirm that this vehicle was uninsured [redacted] then called and secured a recorded interview from [redacted] [redacted] confirmed the facts of this loss previously reported by the other party, [redacted] [redacted] set the expectations with [redacted] that he was not at fault for this loss and if the other party did not have insurance, AMCO Insurance would waive [redacted] $deductible [redacted] concluded her conversation with [redacted] by arranging an estimate to be completed on [redacted] vehicle In addition, [redacted] clearly advised [redacted] that her portion of the file was concluded and would now be handled by another associate A review of the phone recording confirms that she was clear on this point [redacted] confirmed that he understood that her portion was complete On September 4, 2014, the results of [redacted] ’s search for insurance on [redacted] ’s vehicle came back identifying an insurance company, [redacted] [redacted] filed a claim with this company and concluded her liability decision, finding [redacted] 100% at fault for this loss On September 19, 2014, an estimate for the cost of repairs of $ was completed on [redacted] ’ vehicle for the damages caused in the above mentioned loss On September 22, 2014, [redacted] called AMCO Insurance Company and spoke with Claims Associate, [redacted] about getting a second opinion on the damages to his vehicle and he inquired about getting his car seats replaced [redacted] arranged for another inspection for [redacted] vehicle and advised [redacted] that as the car seats were neither damaged nor occupied, nor positioned near the area of impact, AMCO Insurance Company would not be replacing his car seats [redacted] acknowledged that he understood and did not request to speak to myself or [redacted] in regards to this claim On September 22, 2014, a supplemental appraisal was completed on [redacted] vehicle On September 30, 2014, I called [redacted] and left three messages to return my calls to discuss his concerns regarding this claimIn addition, I reassigned this claim to Claims Associate, [redacted] , who also called [redacted] on September 30th and left a message to call back to discuss this loss On October 1, 2014, I called and spoke with [redacted] about this claim and his concerns [redacted] indicated that he was very disappointed that he called eight times to [redacted] , leaving four messages with no return calls [redacted] advised that he did receive my information but never called me and “bypassed” me to complain directly to the Revdex.comI acknowledged [redacted] ’s frustration and expressed that I wished he would have come to me directly when he obtained my information as I would have made sure he was taken care ofI advised [redacted] that his claim is now reassigned per his request and that any future communication would be handled by his new claims associate, [redacted] I then inquired if there was anything further I could assist with while I had him in the phone [redacted] inquired about his car seat replacementsI advised that this was previously discussed with him and that I agreed with what had already been communicated to [redacted] by Claims Associate, [redacted] ; as the car seats had neither been damaged nor were they occupied, nor were they positioned near the area of impact, AMCO Insurance Company would not be replacing his car seats [redacted] confirmed that he understood and agreed that nothing further was needed from me On October 1, 2014, Claims Associate, [redacted] called him to discuss this loss and to assist him with this claim [redacted] inquired again with [redacted] about the replacement of his car seats [redacted] reiterated to [redacted] what was previously communicated to him by me and Mr [redacted] ; as the car seats had neither been damaged nor were they occupied, nor were they positioned near the area of impact, AMCO Insurance Company would not be replacing his car seats [redacted] concluded her call with [redacted] advising that she will follow up with the other insurance carrier and determine if there is an active insurance policyShe also advised him that if there is no insurance that his $deductible would be waivedIf there is insurance, [redacted] will facilitate the repairs of [redacted] vehicle through this company [redacted] confirmed he understood and had no further questions If you require further assistance in this matter, please contact our Customer Relations Coordinator, [redacted] , toll-free at ###-###-####, Ext##### or by email at [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted] AMCO Insurance Company Phone: ###-###-#### Email Address: [redacted]

Some documents and photos were sent via UPS with hope they clarify some points I have hundreds of pages of work orders, receipts, photos (the tree branch [redacted] lifted with one arm), and correspondence with local and state government agencies The complete report is being compiled for FEMA as they have an interest in why my insurance provided no coverage I will cut to the sections I have sent via UPS Section #1: AT&T report of tree branch hitting house Knocked box into an open position This box was damaged by impact This box was installed in August when I switched from Comcast to AT&T The technician came out, and installed new box on 9-22- He left the damaged box on the air-conditioning compressor for [redacted] and [redacted] to see I did ask [redacted] and [redacted] to photograph this damaged box It was not included in [redacted] or [redacted] 's report Section#2: Some photographs of my home taken during an inspection on 6-30- These photos were given to Detroit Water and Sewerage, FEMA, DIFS, Nationwide; and shown to two representatives of Detroit Building and Engineering, City Council Representative from District (who knows this property well), and to other agencies and people Many people and workers have been in this house My family consists of teachers, authors, nurses, business owners, surgeons, engineers, artists and other professionals This is a family home, and it has been maintained, and visited Section #3: First picture is Laundry area on 6-30- Second picture is result of water damage from area impacted by tree branch above Water came in cracks, and saturated the electric panel When the original panel was lifted, it was noted that the wall beneath was saturated Black spots on pink and grey areas of upper wall are mold bloom When Adjuster [redacted] visited property on 8-14-14, these wall areas were badly discolored By [redacted] 's visit on 9-3-14, the wall looked like this None of the photos I made [redacted] take are included in [redacted] or [redacted] 's reports Third picture is mortar effervescence Hydraulic cement had to be poured through the holes in the top of these structural stones to capture and eliminate the water that had filled the wall from above the level of the foundation These mortar joints needed to be ground out twice to eliminate the effervescence Also need for exterior excavation The water did not enter from the foundation The water entered through the center of the foundation from the large mortar cracks outside Section #4: My backyard on July 1, Second picture is part of the collapse of my stone and cement walkway Center of yard was a pool I could not get out of house because I could not walk through water to get to my car I am crippled in my left leg and foot When I told [redacted] and [redacted] about water lines on the basement windows, I did not mean there was water that high in yard There was nothing about grading or anything else about yard that would make water stand alone at that height The water passing through yard because of neighbor's re-grading was being blown up to wall But, I have had this discussion about static flooding in previous reponse Water damage to interior walls began four feet above ground as evidenced by staining around first floor bedroom window where bedroom floor was also soaked Section # Statements given to [redacted] about rear neighbor re-grading the back alley This re-grading caused pooling in center of back yard as well as torrent of water to west end storm drain of side alley Because side alley drain became overwhelmed, standing water was pushed through my side door by wind The epoxy floor installed in my garage in was also damaged by this side alley flooding Section #6: Reports were filed with City Ombudsperson, Detroit Water and Sewerage, the City Assessor, and other agencies about the actions of [redacted] of [redacted] (the rear neighbor) With great effort, I did walk [redacted] and [redacted] down my side of the street I pointed out to [redacted] and [redacted] that all of the garages on my side of the street were tilted because of [redacted] building a hill in the back alley, and running a ditch behind my neighbor's garages I did point out that all of the garages on the west side of the street looked like they were built in the last ten years I did add that many of those nice looking garages hadn't even been painted in the last years...yet they look nice I did also walk [redacted] and [redacted] across the street to see what an alley grade should look like Section #7: The condition of my winter bedroom on 6-30- The X marks the area that has yellowed This room was painted in with three coats as witnessed by [redacted] of [redacted] The X also marks the spot where the tree limb was found It also is just above the AT&T box and electric panel Section #8: Some [redacted] *** workers doing preliminary repairs They are re-attaching stones that fell off wall These areas were left to set up until 9-21-when MrMortar returned to grind out discolored mortar These ground out sections did then have to sit for several days while exterior excavation began so water would be released from being trapped in wall Section #9: Although Adjuster [redacted] was shown many areas of damage, he did not catalog, document or photograph Because of the unattended water in this back wall, great humidity developed in the basement This humidity caused both the buckling of this wood (this worsened as days passed...there are other photos), the bowing of the rear wall (structural stone), the bowing of the wall in the stairwall, and the cracking in the drywall [redacted] believed the house had to shift No-one else (including FEMA) agrees with [redacted] This buckled portion was shown to [redacted] on 9-3- I asked him to photograph it Section #10: The [redacted] showed up on property on 1-25-to inspect for Allied They did not like the trees, so I spent $to have them removed Other than that, they found the house to be in "acceptable condition" On the second page, they listed: "Reconstruction Cost w/o Debris Removal $254,349" Pictures of this inspection show no issues with maintenance or "age and deterioration" No issues are sited about "grading" Section #11: This is the Laundry area where mold broke out on upper walls and heavy discoloration happened to mortar joints Heavy plastic tarp was stapled and taped to both the ceiling and floor The masons needed to wear expensive mask equipment to do this job The vented glass blocks had to be opened with extruding fans placed outside of these vents to draw dust out while grinding took place There was one slit for exit where [redacted] stood at the time of the inspection There was no other way in or out This plastic came off a massive, continuous roll This area was only feet wide as the area in front of the workbench was where the tarp was stapled The staples are still in the ceiling I am leaving them in place until FEMA comes back out I stood midway in this area where the X / arrow is placed [redacted] was at the XX, or far back corner [redacted] was supposed to be measuring the back wall When he activated his laser level, he directed it at a degree angle away from the back wall, three feet above the area he was to measure, and directly into the corner of my left eye at the o'clock position This laser beam pierced my eye upward from o'clock position on the outside of my eye to o'clock position of nose side of iris It felt like a needle had pierced through my eye, and despite my crutches, I nearly fell from it He said, "oops" Section #12: The section of my policy that I have asked explanation of since Adjuster ***'s visit Page of "Collapse" The window well did collapse into the pipes of the laundry basin It was pushed back into place So much water flowed from above this area that the cement got saturated In [redacted] 's report, he shows one of Adjuster ***'s photos of this area I am in the picture I am on platform crutches, and have a cell phone in my hand I did take photos of how this window well and attached structural stone lifted with no effort with the application of turning a putty knife I asked Adjuster [redacted] to photograph what I was showing him, but he, like [redacted] ***, [redacted] , and [redacted] must have just pretended to photograph as none of these things appear in any of their reports Several structural stones fell out the wall, and had to be replaced Page of "Windstorm or Hail" Adjuster [redacted] stated in his inspection report that the cause of my damages were "Wind" Yet, I was only paid for sewer back-up There was an opening in my wall Mortar was missing [redacted] and [redacted] were told that the condenser cabling was inspected by Andy's ARS technician Eric on 6-20- That the air-conditioner condenser cabling was installed and mortared in Yet, [redacted] 's report lists this missing mortar as caused by "age and deterioration" It was four years old, and there is a big chunky hole there now I asked [redacted] and [redacted] to pull the stuffing out of the wall to see the depth of these cracks Why didn't I do it myself? I am crippled Plus, these two men were absolutely ignoring everything I said to them Besides, there is nothing in this policy language about "old or new cracks" It just says an opening in the roof or wall AT&T recognizes that something impacted their equipment [redacted] and [redacted] brag that [redacted] could lift the branch with one hand I have photos of a tree branch that is at least feet long Laws of physics would dictate that [redacted] would need two hands to actually lift In another report (either or DIFS), [redacted] says [redacted] could"pivot" the branch with one hand That is entirely different than "lifting" The way the wind was blowing on August 11, a penny could have hit the wall and damaged it My policy does not state how or why an opening in the wall exists, but it does state that I have coverage if wind drove water through an opening Page of "Decay that is hidden from view" I did not know of a mortar issue Andy's ARS didn't know of a mortar issue There is a second picture in [redacted] 's report that was taken by Adjuster *** It is of the rear of the house Had I seen this photo sooner, I would have discovered the tree branch sooner There was no big bush in the right hand corner by the damaged bedroom window the area surrounding the compressor was always kept clear Of course, the first month after this storm, I could not leave my house as my wooden side door was so swollen from humidity that it would not close I had to remain in a house where I had no hot water, could not cook, had no air conditioning and no laundry I developed a bronchial infection, and when I thought things might start to get better, I get shot in the eye with a laser level Sections #13, 14, 15: [redacted] and [redacted] 's reports in which I noted that everything I told these men was completely ignored Half of what I asked to be photographed was not included Section #16: What my leg looks like when I am forced to be on my feet for longer than I can physically endure Partial Summary (I am conserving my energy and documents to be presented to FEMA in entirety): My home was not livable for the first month following this storm The heat and humidity were unbearable I could not cook because I had no hot water I could not bathe The house could not be secured because the side door was swollen I lost at least pounds which did not help me The only weight problem I ever had was trying to keep weight on During that time, I spent money and did all the work I could manage myself to keep further damage from happening With two exceptions, everyone I hired treated me with kindness and compassion [redacted] and [redacted] are one of the exceptions As the weather turned cold, the house was unbearable to me I am anemic I also feared pipes might freeze as several nights were at freezing tempsI spent $on space heaters, but they didn't help much Because of repeated attempts to control fungi bloom on upper walls, I could not justify having the furnace installed Applications of hydraulic cement had to be applied If it bloomed, it had to be chiseled back off, and re-applied Week after week, I had to postpone the furnace installation I did not have heat until October The washer / dryer could not be installed because of the wall behind their placement All effort was directed at that wall The washer / dryer were installed on October However, the side walls are still not controlled completely Until these side walls are abated, the alarm box cannot be placed back on the wall Once again, I have to make sure that someone watches the house when I go out That usually costs me money Through this entire time (August to October 20), I had to spend hours twice a week at a laundromat, on crutches, to wash only the basics The mortar grinding (despite the heavy tarps) caused such a dust through my home I had the ducts cleaned, but need an additional cleaning as running the furnace is an important step to duct cleaningThe carpet through my home is filthy It is years old at most The humidity of the earlier time has caused the whole house to have a sticky yellowness to it All of my upholstered furniture was purchased in I told you before that every room in this house was painted in the last four years Now everything in here is filth Daily work crews have been here for over two months, and there is still so much to do I have spent the little time I have to contact all of the people who have worked on this house They are all willing to give their professional testimonial to the condition of this house and property I have never known such exhaustion or desperation I was a teacher for years, and have three graduate degrees My father and I ran an engineering company together for years With all my experience with people, I have never met the likes of [redacted] and [redacted] They have not been nice or helpful I do not appreciate [redacted] ***'s repeated abuse of me or my family's name I could call [redacted] some names myself, but as a teacher, as a Roman Catholic, as a human being, I truly believe that such nonsense has no place on this earth Life is hard enough, [redacted] *** Your foolishness is revolting Regards, [redacted] ***

[redacted] *** This letter serves as our response to your November 26, correspondence concerning the above captioned claim.Our investigation into this matter was completed in SeptemberAt that time we reviewed all information collected, including the witness statements, and reached a no liability positionA denial letter was mailed to all claimants on September 25, 2014.Please be advised that [redacted] has recently contacted our offices directly to dispute the location of the fireworks displayHe indicated that the location we had identified is inaccurateAs such, we have reopened our claim fileWe have directed our independent adjuster to reopen their file in order to confirm the location of the displayWe informed [redacted] that we will respond to all claimants in writing as soon as this additional investigation is complete, and will similarly advise you as well.In addition, [redacted] requested copies of our recorded statementsWe explained to him that the statements are part of our work product, and we do not release them.We trust this explains our handling of this claim to date.Should you require any further assistance in this matter, please contact our Customer Relations Coordinator, [redacted] ***, at ###-###-#### or via email at [redacted] .Sincerely, [redacted] ###-###-####, extension ####

We have agreed to remove policyholder's son, [redacted] , since he lives at a different address as shown on his driver's licenseA second proof of residence for [redacted] such as utility bill, voter registration, or tax records has been requested per our standard procedureA note has been sent to [redacted] in agent's office to remove [redacted] as a driver [redacted] can contact his agent if he has any further questions Sincerely, [redacted]

First, there was no admittance to wrongdoing, only saying that now they have taken some action, All of these actions happened AFTER this claim was filedI would like a formal apology from Nationwide regarding their bad faith Furthermore, I would like the entire matter to be finalized and settled before closing this case as they only now have changed their stance based on this claim and in fact refused and did not take any action priorIt appears that we are on the right track with [redacted] , but until it is settled and there are not other issues I would like to keep this case pendingMany times insurance companies use delay tactics to force the insured to make a bad decision and I want to ensure this does not happen as it is apparent that Nationwide is very capable of bad faith and has indeed acted in bad faith and is only now trying to rectify the problem but in no way in this response admitted to their faulty actions Regards, [redacted]

[redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] ** [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] This letter is in response to the inquiry received from your office on July 28, This claim regards an accident on 6/19/ We accepted liability for [redacted] ’s vehicle damage on 7/1/ We inspected the vehicle on 7/3/and, due to the extent of damage, the vehicle was deemed to be a total loss and the property damage claim was assigned to [redacted] in our department to settle with [redacted] On 7/15/14, we presented two settlement options to [redacted] : Nationwide Retains Salvage Actual Cash Value $1, Condition Adjustment $ (Prior Damage Identified $1,478.74) Prior Damage Applied -$ Sales Tax 9.2000% $ Tag/Title Fee $ Net Settlement $1, Owner Retains Salvage Actual Cash Value $1, Condition Adjustment $ (Prior Damage Identified $1,478.74) Prior Damage Applied -$ Sales Tax 9.2000% $ Tag/Title Fee $ Salvage Value -$ Net Settlement $1, On 7/15/14, we sent an e-mail to [redacted] with a copy of the market valuation for the vehicle On 7/16/14, [redacted] rejected our offer via e-mail and provided several comparable vehicles as well as several receipts for vehicle maintenance We evaluated the comparable vehicles but we were not able to include them in our valuation as each vehicle was located over 2,miles away, and we notified her of this that day We submitted the maintenance receipts to CCC, the vendor that provides our market valuations, so that they could be considered in the vehicle value Because of the impact of the maintenance receipts on our market valuation, we modified our offer as follows: Nationwide Retains Salvage Actual Cash Value $1, Condition Adjustment $ (Prior Damage Identified $1,478.74) Prior Damage Applied -$ Sales Tax 9.2000% $ Tag/Title Fee $ Net Settlement $1, Owner Retains Salvage Actual Cash Value $1, Condition/Maintenance Adjustment $ (Prior Damage Identified $1,478.74) Prior Damage Applied -$ Sales Tax 9.2000% $ Tag/Title Fee $ Salvage Value -$ Net Settlement $1, We called [redacted] on 7/to present the revised offer but she was not available, so we sent the offer to via e-mail She responded that day with additional receipts for maintenance, and we revised our offer to include a post-tax concession of $to reach amicable settlement: Nationwide Retains Salvage Actual Cash Value $1, Condition/Maintenance Adjustment $ (Prior Damage Identified $1,478.74) Prior Damage Applied -$ Sales Tax 9.2000% $ Tag/Title Fee $ Post-tax Concession $ Net Settlement $1, Owner Retains Salvage Actual Cash Value $1, Condition/Maintenance Adjustment $ (Prior Damage Identified $1,478.74) Prior Damage Applied -$ Sales Tax 9.2000% $ Tag/Title Fee $ Post-tax Concession $ Salvage Value -$ Net Settlement $1, We e-mailed the revised offer to [redacted] on 7/16/and reiterated the offer by e-mail on 7/18/ On 7/21/14, Claim Manager, [redacted] y, received an e-mail from a co-worker, Claim Manager, [redacted] , where [redacted] indicated that she did not get a response from an e-mail sent to [redacted] The e-mail trail shows that [redacted] ’s e-mail address was incorrect, so he had no opportunity to reply [redacted] contacted [redacted] that day and attempted to resolve her questions [redacted] was not satisfied with [redacted] ’s responses, and she asked for the claim to be elevated to me [redacted] provided my contact information by e-mail on the evening of 7/21/14, and I contacted [redacted] on 7/22/ I explained to her the vehicle evaluation process and how the maintenance records affect the vehicle value I made an additional post-tax concession of $200, for a total post-tax concession of $over the vehicle’s actual cash value of $1, She asked for a rental extension, and I told her that I would extend the rental until Friday, 7/25/ On 7/23/14, I spoke with [redacted] and she indicated that she had identified a car that she may purchase She said that she planned to return the rental that day, and I reminded her that I had extended the rental until 7/25/ I told her that I would increase the concession by $to $500, net settlement $2, She asked if I would agree to pay the taxes due for new vehicle, but she did not disclose the purchase price I informed her that we are responsible for the taxes based on her previous vehicle’s value, and I reminded her that we had already conceded $over the vehicle value of $1, She told me she would call me the next day, 7/24/14, to let me know if she purchased the vehicle I called and left messages without response on Thursday, 7/24/14, Friday, 7/25/14, twice Tuesday, 7/29/and Wednesday, 7/30/ I also sent her an e-mail on Tuesday, 7/29/and Wednesday, 7/30/ She responded to my e-mail on 7/31/14; she indicates that she did leave me a message on 7/24/and asserts that I have not left any messages for her Furthermore, she demands $2,for settlement of her claim I will respond to each of [redacted] ’s issues in the complaint: Issue 1: No return phone call- Claims Associate - [redacted] Timeline is provided above We have apologized to [redacted] for the time service, we have made monetary concessions to compensate, and we have coached the associate regarding our time service expectations Issue 2: Rental Car Not Provided We paid for days of rental for [redacted] We extended the rental through Friday, 7/25/14, and we let her know by phone on 7/23/14; she told me that day that she intended to return the rental on 7/23/14, and she did so Issue 3: Claim Manager not providing adequate information - [redacted] [redacted] was not involved in the claim except to cover [redacted] ’s voicemail in his absence Issue 4: No return phone call - Claim Manager [redacted] [redacted] was not involved in the claim except to cover [redacted] ’s voicemail in his absence She spoke to [redacted] once, and when she received an e-mail that [redacted] was trying to reach [redacted] , she forwarded that e-mail to [redacted] , who then responded promptly Issue 5: Claim Manager Rude - [redacted] y [redacted] attempted to employ active listening techniques by saying “Okay” or “I see” to acknowledge her concerns [redacted] told him he was being rude and he apologized and stopped doing so She demanded to elevate the claim to me and [redacted] did so Issue 6: Claims Associate Not providing Adequate information – [redacted] I spoke with [redacted] at great length on Wednesday, 7/23/14, and I was under the impression that we established solid rapport, that I answered her questions to her satisfaction, and that we were near a settlement As for the resolution of this claim, I regret that we have reached an impasse with [redacted] I responded to her most recent e-mail on the day it was received, 7/31/ I declined her demand for $2,and I reiterated our final offer of $2, I recognize that the difference is $200, but the $concession that we have already offered represents 29% above the actual cash value of the vehicle We can make no additional concessions In the same e-mail, I offered to pay her up front for her deductible in the event that she chooses to utilize the collision coverage with her own insurance carrier If you require further assistance in this matter, please contact our Customer Relations Coordinator, [redacted] , toll-free at ###-###-####, Ext#### or by email at [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted] Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company Phone: ###-###-#### Fax: ###-###-#### Email Address: [redacted]

[redacted] This letter is in response to the complaint filed with your agency by [redacted] regarding the balance due on her Auto policy After receiving the proof of insurance on the Jeep Liberty, the balance due has been adjusted to reflect a $balance The amount of $has been removed from collections and no further activity will occur to collect the balance If you should have any other requests or questions regarding this matter, please contact me at ###-###-####, Ext#### Sincerely, [redacted] CSSS Customer Resolution & Response Nationwide Insurance Companies

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ###### and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to review and respond to our customer’s inquiry The police report attached to [redacted] 's complaint is the verification we had been requesting but did not receive in our office With this verification, the October 29, accident will be updated to not at fault as per Safe Drive Insurance PlanChange will be made effective August, 15, which is date it was placed on policy If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Relations Coordinator at ###-###-#### Sincerely,

[redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted] This letter is in response to the complaint filed with your agency by [redacted] regarding the balance due on her Auto policy Ms [redacted] initiated an Auto policy in [redacted] effective July 31, This policy has been serviced by the [redacted] *nsurance Group in [redacted] This agency is not licensed in [redacted] , so they are unable to service the member for a new policy in that state The notes on the policy state that [redacted] attempted to make a policy change on February 26, via the internet; however, the change could not be processed due to the vehicles being garaged out of state [redacted] was advised to contact her local Nationwide agent or call ##### (###-###-####) The notes state that she called the Service Department and was transferred to the [redacted] *nsurance Group for additional assistance The agency submitted a request for the Auto policy to be internally transferred from [redacted] to [redacted] On March 6, 2014, a note was placed on the [redacted] Auto policy advising that an internal transfer of the Auto policy from [redacted] to [redacted] could not be completed The states are located in two different regions and need to be written in two different Nationwide companies The [redacted] policy is written through “Nationwide” where as the [redacted] policy would need to be written through “Allied” appropriately The notes states that a communication was sent to Nationwide’s retention team to assist the member with this request An outbound call was made to [redacted] on March 20, by a Retention agent regarding the transfer of the Auto policy A voicemail was left congratulating [redacted] on her move to [redacted] The agent advised that her policy was ready, but a returned call was requested to discuss the premium and make the member aware of some changes on the Auto policy A returned call from [redacted] to discuss the finalization of the Auto policy was not identified In the meantime, [redacted] continued to make policy changes online and worked with her local agent in [redacted] per additional notes on the policy The Auto policy renewal date was January 31, and was cancelled effective July 26, During this time period a total of $was charged for coverage provided A total of $was received in payments and three $service fees were charged The total charged of $plus $in fees minus $total payments received equals $ A balance due bill was sent on August 1, which we have included with the response If you should have any other requests or questions regarding this matter, please contact me at ###-###-####, Ext#### Sincerely, [redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ####### I am unsurprised by this resolution, as the business has previously refused to refund the entire premium, any portion thereof, or otherwise compensate me for the distress this situation caused I am neither accepting nor rejecting the business's response to the complaint; rejecting it will not change the decision and I decline to accept, for form's sake, an apology that was given merely for form's sake As the only satisfaction it seems is available at this point is to know that I can warn others about my experience with this business, I request that my complaint remain on your website Regards, [redacted]

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