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American Sewing & Vacuum Center

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We are sorry for the inconvenience, however this case was closed.  We granted the customer a full refund.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I am rejecting this response because it is not true.  The truth is that around Thanksgiving my son brought two vacuums that were under warranty to American Sewing and Vacuum of Princeton, which [redacted] said was the nearest authorized service center.  At that time, the person who took the vacuums said they’d be repaired in about 2-4 weeks, but also made it clear he does not like performing warranty repairs.  In three weeks (about the week before Christmas) I called American Sewing to check on the status.   The person who answered the phone (Monica) said they were not repaired yet.  She said warrantee repairs take 3-6 weeks (not 2-4) but should be finished by the end of the year.  She also stated that they don’t like doing warranty repairs, especially when the machine was purchased elsewhere.  I then called back approximately Dec 26 (because we needed our vacuum cleaners to clean the house), was told the parts were in, but the repairs had not been begun.  She said the repairs were “difficult fixes” but still expected that they’d be done by the end of the year.  On Dec 31, I called again.   After was put on hold twice for over 5 minutes.   When I called back a third time I was told by Mark that they were not done and one might be done in early January.  At this point I got angry and voiced my opinion that we were being put off and they did not seem to have any intention of ever fixing the vacuums.  Mark then demanded I pick up the vacuums by the end of that day.  Instead I reported the business to the  I also contacted [redacted] who said since American Sewing and Vacuum had filed a claim the center was obligated to repair or replace the vacuums.    Two weeks later I again called the service center.  Only at this point did Monica state that the vacuums were not under warranty because I had damaged them.  This is untrue.  Both machines had the exact same thing happen to them so I believe it is a faulty part.  If the service center honestly felt that there was damage they would not have filed the claim, ordered the broken parts, and stated they were difficult fixes.  They made up the part about the damage to the machines after [redacted] called them to investigate why they were refusing to fix the machines.  In fact a representative from [redacted] subsequently called me to state she was treated by American Sewing and Vacuum the the same way I was treated, apologized to me for their poor performance, told me they were removing American Sewing and Vacuum from their list of authorized service centers, and sent us two new machines without charge.  They would not have done this unless [redacted] was ashamed of the performance of American Sewing and Vacuum and thus the version provided to the by American Sewing and Vacuum was false.    

The customer purchasd the vacuum in February on [redacted].  The purchase was on her credit card statement, and she claims she did not purchase it.  If she did not purchase the vacuum she needs to call her credit card company and [redacted].  We do not pay for return labels and its been over...

3 months now.

Review: I ordered a vacuum through their website, on July 17, 2013. I did not receive a confirmation email or package so I contacted them on July 27th to see where my package was because my paypal account had been charged. They emailed and said it was to be shipped on the 31st and gave me a tracking number. A package arrived on August 5th. It was the wrong model. I contacted them and was told that the model I had ordered had been discontinued but it was easily fixed. They would order a light assembly kit and install it on a new vacuum and ship it out. They sent a return label through UPS who picked up the wrong vacuum on August 16th. While this was going on I had initiated a dispute with paypal, which was to be kicked up to an unresolved case on the 19th if not solved. I let them know this. On the 19th [redacted] from American Sew-Vac Center called to say that I should give them about 6 days. They had the light assembly kit and were waiting for the new vacuum. The same day I received an email from [redacted] at American Sew-Vac. She asked "Can you please take the dispute off of Paypal since we have worked it out." I replied that it had not been worked out. I still had no vacuum and they still had my money. I filed a complaint with BillMeLater who my paypal account had given the bill to. I contacted them a couple more times and on Sept 24th received an email which said,"The light assembly will not fit. We are still trying to get one to fit. We issued you a refund 9/14/13." It is now October 5th and I still do not have a refund. I have been more than patient.Desired Settlement: I would like a complete refund of $348.95 back to my paypal account.



This refund was applied on the date we told her orginally. See below:

We have told her this more than once. It was applied back to the card that she used to pay. We tried to make the vacuum work the way she had wanted and when we realized that it would not work, we told her and then went ahead and issued a refund.

If you need anything else from us, let me know.

You sent a paymentTransaction ID: [redacted]Dear American Sew-Vac Center,You sent a payment for $348.95 USD to Mary Rees.Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.View the details of this transaction online

Your monthly account statement is available anytime; just log in to your account [redacted]. To correct any errors, please contact us through our Help Center at [redacted]

Amount:$348.95 USDSent on:September 14, 2013Sincerely,


I ordered a new sewing machine on Jan. 4, 2016 on the online site. I had called before ordering to make sure they had the machine and to see how long it would take to be delivered. They said 7 to 10 days. After waiting 2 weeks I called to check on it. I was told they had no idea when it would ship and maybe they were back ordered. After getting story after story for 6 weeks I had them cancel the order and was very disappointed. They did refund my money quickly.

Review: I LEFT TWO SEWING MACHINES AT THIS LOCATION BOTH WERE SINGER SEWING MACHINES HE REPAIRED ON I PICKED IT UP - I WENT BACK TO PAY FOR THE SECOND MACHINE HE TRANSFERREDM MY SECOND SEWING MACHINE TO A WAREHOUSE HE PROMISED TO FIND IT AND I COULD PICK IT UP I made a series of phone calls he left messages and basically stole my mother's machine I asked him to leave the machine on the top floor so I could pay for the repair and pick it up I spoke to his staff on 6-7 occasions to get my machine back I want the machine returned to me I want him to find it and return it to me if I do not receive any satistfaction I will file against him in civil court - I waited two months for the return of the machine his staff can confirm that I came to the store on 6 occasions to pick up the machine.He needs to find my machine and return it to me. I am wiling to pay any charges I want my mother's machine returned to me the only repair he did was replace the sewing threader which was under $100 my phone calls and visits confirmed I WAS WILLING TO PICK IT UP AND PAY FOR THE REPAIRS he moved it to a warehouse and then refused to find it and was nasty and belligerent went I sought to get the machine back. HIS STAFF CAN CONFIFRM THAT I TRIED REPEATED TO SPEAK WITH HIM, PICK UP THE MACHINE AND GET THIS RESOLVED I am going to sue him next in civil court if I do not get satisfaction here the sewing machine is my mothers the ticket # is [redacted] this was the second machine of two repaired there. I paid for the first went back for the second and he moved it toa warehouse after I told him I would be there the next week to pick the machine up.Desired Settlement: I want the owner to find my machine so I can pay for the storage and the repair which was under $100 the ticket #of my machine is [redacted] I WANT HIM TO FIND MY MOTHER'S MACHINE IN THE WAREHOUSE AND I WILL PAY THE REPAIR TICKET AND STORAGE I WANT the machine back my mother is deceased it is a family heirloom which he does not have the right to keep. I called and went to the store to pick up my machine he said he would find it and did not find it it had a ticket I told him I would pick it up



We told customer to bring her instruction book or claim check into the store for clarification. We never heard from customer after that. We do not want to keep her machine, we would like her to have it back.

Review: I brought my vacuum here to be repaired. They charged me $135 and when I brought it home, I was still having the same problem. So I called and was told to bring my vacuum back with the receipt. When I went there the owner told me that they will have to charge me again to fix it. I paid them $135 and I still have a vacuum that is not usable.Desired Settlement: I would prefer to have my money refunded. I don't really want to do business with this store. If that is not possible to have my vacuum repaired.



The customer started using profanity and was possibly using vacuum commercially. It was not regular household dirt appearance.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The vacuum was only used in my home, I was told to bring the vacuum with the receipt to the store. I paid for the vacuum to be fixed and it is still not working properly.


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Description: Sewing Machines - Dealers, Vacuum Cleaners - Household - Dealers

Address: 301 North Harrison Street, Princeton, New Jersey, United States, 08540


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