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Andersen Tree Expert Co Inc

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Review: [redacted] Andersen Tree's customer service is very unresponsive and unprofessional. When I had a tree removed, the company did some damage to the back door of my garage, which no longer closes fully (and so no longer locks). When I called to report the problem, I was treated as a hostile person who was making an unreasonable request. The office manager yelled at me and hung up on me (twice). I have never gotten my calls returned from Mr. Andersen.Desired Settlement: I am now planning on having the back door to my garage replaced. I would like to be reimbursed for this amount.



Dear B.B.B.

First and foremost I would like to say I am sorry for the delay in returning a response to you. We have been taking care of our customer as best we can considering the circumstances of the condition of a door we did no damage to. When [redacted] called we tried to assist her but she would not allow us to send anyone to her house and yelled at my assistant when we said we would send the insurance to check out the door. She yelled, you will do no such thing you will only send [redacted] and no insurance company at all. While it made this a very difficult time getting to see what was wrong and this is what has brought it to where we are today.

In regards to the complaint with [redacted] door. We have been to her

home and repaired the door. We have done everything in our power to help [redacted] in every way. We did not damaged the door it is a dilapidated door from water damage and inside door frame missing that

keeps it from staying and hanging square The Door frame 2 X 4's framing is half way cut off on the

inside of the garage. We took a tree down for [redacted] in her back

yard there was no way to get the wood out of the ally way except

through the garage door. [redacted] allowed us to go through the garage

with the wood, my guys carried the wood from the back yard through the

garage and out to the front yard onto the truck to load and haul it away.

The Job went along all day without one problem and was a very smooth

day. Upon completion of the job and all cleaned up to go, [redacted]

and I completed the bill and she paid me with a check and was a very

happy customer. I was getting ready to leave after talking to the guys

about what way we were leaving DC when [redacted] came out and called

my name , she said the back door would not close so we went into the

garage I looked at the door and the door threshold near the hinge side

had some wood shavings in the way so I cleaned out the area and the door

shut so then I opened and closed the door 10 times with out any

problems or issues with the door and [redacted] said thank you and we


Approximate a week later [redacted] called and said the

door would not shut again when the office advised me I told them to let [redacted] know I would have someone come

and look at the door for her, she said she wanted Me ( [redacted] Andersen)

to come and fix the door I had the office advise her that I would have

the Carpenter come and fix it for her but she demanded I come

to the house. I had the office contact her back to schedule a time to

come and look at the door again she advised the office that she was not

able to shut the door and she said if any thing was stolen that she was going to call

the police and tell them we stole her stuff.

The office

contacted me and I told them to have the insurance go look at the door

and advise her

this is what we have insurance for so we need to send the insurance out

to check the door out and if we damaged the door we would take care of

it and that is why we have insurance. [redacted] said absolutely not

you will send no one out here I want ** Andersen she screamed at my office

assistant [redacted] and told her to send Me again. I had the office call

her back to schedule the carpenter to come out and she was going to be

unavailable and at a

Convention for the next 10 days so we would have to wait until she

would be available. We called [redacted] on the 3rd of June and left a

message we would have the Carpenter out to look at the door on the

morning of June 10th. If you are able to keep this appointment you need

not call but if you can not keep this appointment would you please give

us a call to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. [redacted] never called to cancel so the carpenter

arrived on the morning of the 10th @ 8:30 am @ [redacted] residence,.

The carpenter and [redacted] went in the garage to see the door

and carpenter said the first thing he noticed the door skin is metal

and was popped out of

its frame on the end of the door so he snapped it back in place and then


three screws in the door to hold it. He said he told [redacted] the

real problem with the door is it is rotten from water damage and is

falling out of the wall from a rotten wood frame and that it was not

properly installed.You can see it is water damage and is rotten at the

bottom and the entire door farm is rotted out on the door. The door will

not stay square do to the door frame 2 x 4,s are cut off half way up the

wall and it moves constantly during usage and [redacted] said the door

frame was cut off half way up in the wall in the brick house and she

said it was that way when she bought it.She told the carpenter she was

happy with the tree work and still not happy with the door issue and

wanted us to replace the door she handed him an estimate of $1110.00

dollars and that was 500 for the door and 5oo to install and 110.00 to

dispose of the door. I do not understand why [redacted] would not allow

us to send the insurance company out and I have tried to help her and

work with her but she is unwilling and My office explained to [redacted] if we damaged the door that is why we pay insurance for. This is

an interior 36" garage walk through door that can be purchased at same

size and kind pre-hung door for $120.00.

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Description: Tree Service

Address: 42550 Keith Ct, Hollywood, Maryland, United States, 20636


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