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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The total cost of the install was about $2500.
This was paid when the alarm system was installed not the surveillance system.
They also did not say that the system was a custom install or "basic
install" and what it entailed, was what I was getting". The
surveillance system was completed at a later date. At that time the installer
of the surveillance system had told me that he would be back within 2 weeks to
change what needed to be changed. The installer never came back as I was told
from several of the people from the company that was because of his performance.
I did communicate with the original installer (Greg) for the alarm system
explaining my concerns for the first time around September of 2013 on how the
install was not up correctly and wires were showing and then many times after
that as I was asked to by Greg to let him know about any issues. He stated he
would contact the office and let them know. I did try to communicate many times
with the office but in the beginning no one returned my calls until the new
office person (Jill) started with the company. As far as the other wires around
my house they are wires that have been removed for some time now. The other
wires are necessary for utility uses. The siding was supposedly fixed I believe
in May after it was exposed to several months of bad snowy, wet weather, and
many, many complaints. The installer had drilled a hole in my siding for the
wire to come out of the siding and left a lot of wiring behind it, which in
turn was too heavy and broke my siding in half. As the wires that were more
than abundant behind it, it had fallen again. The contractor then had to come
back on July 8 and rigged the siding to stay on by “gluing and nailing it”.
There is an issue if that is the only way to make siding to stay on because
they did not install the surveillance system correctly. I still have several
HOLES in my walls at this time. As far as the one attempt to meet with me that
I did agree to, it was the only one visit that I ended up having to go to work.
I had met with many of them more than once. I have a job that if they call I have
to go. I did refuse to sign the paper because as stated to me I had to sign
before any work was done and because it is a blackmail letter. I have to either
take all derogatory remarks off the or I have to pay, as a customer that
was never told that there was a charge for an install to “hide” wires. Besides
the fact that it is a cosmetic issue as I have explained to them many times, it
does not make sense when a company that “specializes” in alarm and surveillance
systems does not hide wires as it is a security issue. I have every right as a
consumer to let everyone know that the company is not supplying what they are
in business for “Security”.

I switched from F.E. Moran to OnGuard after their mishandling of equipment upgrade costs. The OnGuard installer (Bob) was very skilled and was able to reprogram the existing security system and activate all the existing sensors, etc. He was very diligent and kept me informed the entire process.

The client accepted and paid for the original job she is dissatisfied with. Nothing substantial has changed since.  It is functional and operational. We have attempted to address her concerns. The issue with the siding has been repaired, as she reported. Her concern is an aesthetic one. As reported previously, there were multiple wires exposed around her house PRIOR to our arrival primarily because it is tri-level and not conducive to hiding wires. We were willing to redo at NO EXTRA expense  to the client while at significant cost and time (16-24 hours) as we were willing to go the 'extra mile'. All that we asked was that after we completed to HER satisfaction, she would remove the derogatory review, which are extreme in our opinion for such a job. Of course there are two sides to every coin. Nonetheless, she refused our offer to totally redo to her preference. The only other alternative is to pay us to redo as we would have to basically start from scratch and install 'custom' at  much greater time and effort on a 'time and materials basis'. Since she refused our offer to do for free, I doubt she is willing to pay redo.  That is not blackmail, that is business. Kirk B[redacted].

The Owner of On Guard Solutions came to our home soliciting for our business. We signed on with them and they took over our home security system and we added a camera. This was April 2015 and today it is June 2015 and our camera is and has never been correctly operational. We contacted Mr. [redacted] by phone and by text and by email with no reply from him personally. He sent out a installer twice that was not able to fix the problem. We have called Guardian Protection Services Headquarters in PA and they sent a technician June 26, 2015 that couldn't figure out what was wrong. This company has given us 1000 clips a month and the camera takes so many clips we use up 1000 clips in less than two weeks! They increased our clips to 4000 only until the next monthly allowance and we have to call again. However they offered us 6000 clips a month at an additional fee. They said they would sent via email a new contract for the 6000 clips but we have yet to receive that contract. However; we noticed that we now have 6000 clips per month? I called their Headquarters again on June 27, 2015 and they say they will again talk to a more experienced technician about our case. In the meantime we had to cut off the cell phone notifications because we couldn't get sleep from the constant notification ringing of our cell phones at night! The operator I spoke to June 27, 2015 gave us a month credit for our inconvenience. Really? Two months and this is as far as we have gotten with this company located in Fishers Indiana. Shame on you Mr. [redacted], owner of On Guard Security. The buck should stop with YOU!

We have made numerous trips and multiple phone calls to resolve any possible outstanding issues. The siding has been fixed (7/08/14 and no other damage per 3rd party, experienced contractor which we paid for repairs and inspection. The house is a trilevel and it would be extremely difficult to hide...

all the wires with multiple cameras around the perimeter . She paid for a our most basic installation not a custom, advanced installation which seems to be what she is now requesting. 
We have difficultly with this request since there were no issues brought to my attention  when we installed. There were no issues raised when she paid for the installation as that would have been the time to raise a complaint with how the wires were ran and looked.  Furthermore, I went to meet with her to resolve. Confirmed on phone 1/2 an hour prior to meeting and she did not show up. There are multiple satellite and cable wires exposed and wrapped around the house as well, not just our wires. In effort to go the extra mile, we offered to totally rewire the whole camera job at NO COST to her. With one stipulation; upon completion of the custom re-installation per her request, client would remove any derogatory comments or pay for the custom, advanced installation. She is unwilling to do this. Keep in mind her system is functioning properly, it is merely and aesthetic concern of her.

The representatives that came to my house to install my new security system were very professional. They were extremely helpful in showing us how to operate our new system. I would highly recommend them to be used for further installation needs.

The owner, Kirk B[redacted], is the best in the security business. Completely knowledgeable of the industry with impeccable ethics. I would not hire any other company. I would, and have recommended Kirk to my friends and neighbors.

Kirk and his installer were fantastic! Would highly recommend!!

I have been with on OnGuard Security Solutions for several years. The staff is always very professional and prompt in regards to following up with any questions or concerns! They have come to my home several times due to problems caused by my cable company! The technician was very friendly and polite and never complained in regards to the several service calls! A1 customer service and I would defaintly refer them to any of my friends and family. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Ms. [redacted]'s response is completely invalid in many aspects. First of all, if the dog wasn't sick when we bought him, why did we notice a cough almost immediately and have the dog in the emergency room that night? Ms. [redacted] said that she would have noticed a cough because the dog was in her house, however, her son (who we dealt with when we picked up the dog because Ms. [redacted] was unavailable) told us that they had just brought the dog in from an exterior kennel the previous day. We received the dog with pieces of feces dried to his fur, which seems to indicate that he wasn't being held in very sanitary conditions.
Also, the emergency vet did not conduct an x-ray that night. They said he seemed to have kennel cough, but recommended that we see our veterinarian as soon as possible to see if it cleared up. The reason our dog lived until his vet visit was because he was started on antibiotics that night which helped to control his respiratory infection.
As far as the ear mites and the coccidosis, those are both indications of environmental issues at Ms. [redacted]'s place. She may have a nice house for her family, but it's clear that the dogs do not get afforded the same benefit. Our puppy was not exposed to any other animal, or area where he could have possibly picked up those issues. It is with absolute certainty that we can say he came to us from Ms. [redacted] with those issues.
I do not want a free dog. This is why I am not asking for my money back for the dog. I am perfectly content with Ms. [redacted] keeping the $650 we agreed upon for my acquisition of a HEALTHY dog. However, she did not give me a HEALTHY dog, and we've paid over $1,000 in vet bills already because of it. Her offer of a refund is absurd. This is a pet, an animal, and something my family IMMEDIATELY bonded with. It's not a tractor, or a radio, or a television. I would not bring my dog back to a place that made him so sick, just so Ms. [redacted] can portray him as a healthy dog to another family and rip them off.
Since this issue, we have found out that Ms. [redacted]'s business is not registered in the state, and have reported her accordingly. We checked with the secretary of state's office to see if she is a tax-paying breeder, and were told that she is not. She made us pay in cash because she isn't a breeder at all, she is the operator of a dog/puppy mill. While I am glad we were able to rescue our dog from her, I also feel like she shouldn't be able to do this to other families.
I gave Ms. [redacted] the opportunity to have the integrity to step up and offer assistance, as she did not live up to her end of our deal. I told her the costs and allowed her the chance to offer help. Ms. [redacted] scoffed at me and told me there was no way she was going to do that. She accuses me of trying to scam her, but it is Ms. [redacted] who is the scam artist in this instance, and she needs to be stopped.
Thank you for your time.Regards,[redacted]

Just had the system installed/works as directed/Hopefully we never have to react to intrusion's but that's what the system is for.

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