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Appliance Repair Center Inc

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Review: LIC#[redacted]This person took our money and never fixed our refrigerator..I called [redacted] Appliance Repair Center in San Diego Escondido for my noisy refrigerator a man came out here named Victor, Looks like there is only 1 person running this company ,I explained to him it would make noise every hour sounded like a train was coming and was loud, He took a look at it ,told me the freezer was uneven temps which I never knew cause the freezer worked just fine and everything was frozen in there ,he opened up the panel in back and right away said my circuit board was bad and he would need to replace it for $550.00,I told him that was way to much money for me I can't afford that, then he said he could repair the circuit board for $300.00 and everything would be fine, Well I had hope this could be done cause the noise it made keeps me up at night so I said ok fix it, I watched him take the board out he fiddled with it and the within 1/2 hr he told me he was done, Well I thought it was fixed cause the fridge didn't make any noise at that point I checked the water dispenser and it did work so I thought this was the problem to the noise it made so I felt good about it ,when it came time to pay he said he don't take credit cards like it says on the website [redacted], he wanted cash, or check ,so I wrote him a check for $300.00 ,when he left, about 1/2 hour later the fridge made that terrible noise again and I said to myself I was just ripped off ,I contacted him right away on the phone and told him it's still making noise and he asked me again what kind of noise and I said the noise I told you about when you started the project which was my concern with the unit when I called him, he told me to call him in a few days, I then started to investigate this,Desired Settlement: $300.00

Review: I looked in the [redacted] for an Appliance Repair person and selected Appliance Repair Center to repair my [redacted] Gas Dryer that was not heating. A repairman named [redacted] came to the house. I explained to him that I had an intermittent problem where the dryer would sometimes heat and other times not or not dry the clothes completely..

He worked on the dryer and told me he found the problem ... a Flame Sensor needed to be replaced and he told me they were very expensive. I needed the dryer to work and authorized him to fix it. He did some work but did not leave behind any "old parts". Afterwards I was told the flame sensor had been replaced and charged me $565.00 after he reduced his regular price for me a Senior Citizen. In less than a week, the dryer stopped working again, same problem ... No Heat.

I called [redacted]'s Appliance Center and they told us [redacted] would make a return house call between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.; but he never showed up and didn't call.

Apparently they have caller ID, because after that when I called them; no one answered the phone.

I called another Appliance Repair person recommended by my neighbor. That repairman took out the Flame Sensor and told me it was old and not working and needed to be replaced. It has become clear that I, a senior citizen was taken to the cleaners. [redacted] charged me $565.00 and DID NOT REPLACE THE FLAME SENSOR which I believe is FRAUD.

The second repairman removed the Non-Working flame sensor [in my presence] and handed it to me prior to replacing it with a new sensor.

My gas dryer is now working.

[redacted] has been advised and I believe the charges on my card have already been reversed until they hear from Appliance Repair Center. I have in my possession the non-working flame sensor. [redacted] claimed that he also charged me for some of coils which I understand is a very inexpensive item.Desired Settlement: I want a Total Refund and this has been reported to [redacted] as a Fraudulent Charge on my credit card. Also Consumers should be made aware of this Fraudulent Company (person named [redacted]) including the [redacted] Book publishers should be notified via Internet Comments.

Review: The technician came out to inspect our refrigerator . He did not even inspect us, but told us it would be $590.00 for labor and parts . That was his discounted rate. When we researched the part (which we knew what we needed before he came out), we found the part for $200 rebuilt. This part had been discontinued, so it was a hard to find part. We have been told by several people it is easy to install. [redacted] was counting on the fact that we were desperate and he took advantage of it. I also feel that since we have a nice house he raised his prices. When I called in to find out how much that repair was, he quoted me $490.00 for parts and labor over the phone. I feel this is an unfair business practice.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my initial service fee refunded. We had no choice but to refuse his quote because it was overpriced. We were forced to pay his service fee even though he did not even inspect our refrigerator. I will dispute this on my credit card also.

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Description: Appliances - Major - Service & Repair, Appliances - Small - Service & Repair

Address: 61 Rayette Road, Concord, Ontario, Canada, L4K 2E8


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