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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Although I don't know what they mean by accepting the $170 discount and would gladly accept a refund for payments made to Aptive but a $0 balance due and a closed account is accepted. I wish they would have been easier to work with instead of responding with "you have a contract " every time I called.

Hello [redacted],First I want to apologize for the issues that you have had with Aptive. This is definitely how we want our customers to be treated and the lack of communication regarding your account is unacceptable. I have reviewed your account, communication efforts made, and also the GPS records for...

our Service Professional on 9/26. It appears that a neighbors home was treated by mistake. I have issued a refund and will close the account. I again apologize for us dropping the ball and if you would like to reconsider and give us another chance I would be happy to schedule the appointment with you. I'm not sure what happened here but this is not how we do business or how we want our customers to be treated.Thank you,Kristen M[redacted]

On 8/19/2017 the customer, [redacted], signed a 12-month service agreement that included 5 total services.  The five services included one initial service and four quarterly services.  As part of the agreement, our company gave Ms. [redacted] a discount on her initial service....

 Our initial service is typically priced at $229, but we gave her a discounted price of $0 with the understanding that she would complete her 12-month agreement.  The agreement (attached) states that if the customer decides to discontinue services during the 12-month period, they will repay the discount they were given on their initial service.   In order to ensure the customer understands the terms of the agreement, our company has our service technicians go over a "welcome letter" at the time of the initial service.  This welcome letter highlights key points in the agreement including the length (12 months), 30 day follow up service, price, and initial discount fee.  The welcome letter was signed by Ms. [redacted], and our service technician, Jeremiah S[redacted], at the time of the initial service on 9/2/2017 stating that the welcome letter had been covered and the customer understood each of the points.   The 30 day follow up service is one of our most crucial services.  We return after approximately 25-35 days to break the egg cycle of the pests.  This service is covered in the service agreement, including the fact that it is the first paid quarterly visit.  The first service we did on 9/2/2017 was at a price of $0, but normally our one time services are $229. We would love for the customer to complete the service agreement as agreed upon.  If the customer would not like to do so we will accept reimbursement for the discount given for the service completed on 9/2/2017.

My name is James and I am the branch manager of the Atlanta area for Aptive.  I recently came across your review and was extremely disappointed to see that we did not exceed your expectations.  I want you to know that my team and I work very hard to go the extra mile so let me sincerely...

apologize for your experience thus far. From your feedback, it sounds like there may have been some confusion as to your service calendar, and you are correct that our customers' homes are under warranty with Aptive and FREE re-services are always available at no extra charge in between your regularly quarterly visits for any reason. In regards to your concerns, we do everything in our power to eliminate any confusion by being as transparent as possible with our 12 month agreement. This includes:1) Making our agreements one page & easy to read2) Displaying a service calendar with the months & pricing all services take place3) Bolding the copy that explains our service is just a twelve month agreement4) Having our customers initial that they read the twelve twelve month statement5) Having our customers sign & date that they've read their 1 page agreement6) Having our customers review & sign an additional 1 page Welcome Letter at the time of the first service which goes over everything mentioned above for a second time.This may seem like a lot, but these steps all take place to ensure the utmost transparency with each of our customers. In regards to your service, I apologize you felt your experience was mediocre. We understand that it's not if the pests return, but when. Every property is unique and has different variables effecting pest frequency, so some properties may need more than one treatment or different products to be used during their regularly scheduled quarterly visits to diminish and control pest activity. If you felt the previous Service Technician didn't perform a thorough enough service, we'd like to get someone out their right away to rectify that and I'll personally look into what may have happened. As mentioned previously, our customers' homes are under warranty and FREE re-services are always available at no extra charge in between your regularly quarterly visits for any reason.

We performed our quarterly service on 9/9/2016. This was Mr. [redacted]'s first paid quarterly service. On 10/3 Mr. [redacted] requested a return appointment for roaches and ants. We provided service on 10/6/2016 for no charge. Per our agreement our quarterly services are rendered once per quarter and in...

between appointsments are free of charge. During this visits baits were applied for ands and Intergarted growth regulators and bait were applied for the roaches. Both of these treatment methods are proven to be more effective then spraying for such insects. However, we are happy to apply this treatment as well. If Mr. [redacted] was still having issues after the baiting he could have called back again for free treatment. We reached out to Mr. [redacted] at the end of November to schedule his next quarterly treatment in December per his agreement. At such time he cancelled his contact and the appropriate early termination fee was applied. We are happy to refund the early termination fee if Mr. [redacted] will schedule his next quarterly service and finish his original contract. This is our desired solution.

We appreciate the time Ms. [redacted] took to let the know of her concerns.  When our customers have concerns, we have concerns.  In this case, our rep did talk to the family and the [redacted]'s did express interest in having our service.  They even showed us proof of their last pest...

control provider so that we would price our service accordingly, which we did.  In addition, after the representative left, and on the day of the service, our service pro (technician) reviewed the entire process with them to make sure there was a complete understanding and agreement before we proceeded, even the cancellation policy; and they signed that document as well.  I have attached a copy of the original agreement for reference and I'd be happy to supply other docs if necessary.Having said that, we would love to work with them to resolve the concern.  We would love a chance to show them what we do and would welcome that opportunity.

See Attached Service Agreement.  The terms of the service clearly state: "The first service performed on a home under 3,500 square feet has a minimum cost of$229.00. Customer understands that more time and treatments are required during the first months to bring pest problems under control,...

therefore an initial treatment costing less than$229.00is based on a minimum twelve-month agreement. The customer may cancel this transaction any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction with written notice to Aptive. If for any reason service is canceled prior to fulfilling the agreement, by refusing to receive or pay for service, and the initial service has been performed, the customer agrees to pay the difference between$229.00and the discounted price of the initial treatment."   Mr. [redacted] received the initial service on 7/14.  The original price was $229, however he received a discount of $180 and only paid $49.  Mr. [redacted] called in November wanting to cancel his account, at which time he was reminded of the Initial Discount Reimbursement fee.  He stated that he was under the impression that he only had to make a sum total of payments of $229.  We emailed him for a 2nd time the agreement that he signed with the terms of his agreement.  Our representative at the time agreed to provide him with a free service for his confusion, if he paid the past balance that was due on his account.  Mr. [redacted] agreed to her terms, however he has not paid the past due.  He then called back in February and requested to cancel his account again.  Due to the fact that he did not honor the agreement that was made with the CLS in November and still hadn't paid his past due amount, the entire $180 discount was applied when his account was charged.  Aptive Environmental is still willing to honor the terms of the agreement by providing quarterly services in February (which would be free) and May and close his account at the termination of his agreement as this is what was agreed to in November, however the past due amount of $96.34 needs to be paid.

Hello,  [redacted]. reached out to us about the concerns he had about us servicing his home on  1/3/2017. He stated that he wanted to cancel the upcoming appointment on 1/5/2018, then possibly start back up in spring. This is when our office representative went in to detail about our...

winter service, what it entails and how beneficial it is. [redacted] declined the offer and said that he did not think it was necessary. At that point in time is when our representative re-caped on the terms of the agreement, on which he had agreed upon at the time of signing our service agreement   To prove to him that our service was beneficial and crucial to keep the pest population low. Our representative offered to do the service at a discounted rate from $129 to $45. At that price we are not making any money on the service. We are just trying to keep the pest control regimen on cycle,so we can possibly prevent pest issues in the future. [redacted] declined the offer and told us to keep him at the rate of $129. He then stated that he would like to discontinue our service once the agreement was fulfilled.  The frequency of the services are presented to each customer twice before the first service is performed,at the time of the sales with the sales representative. Then one more time before the service technician performs the first initial  service. On the service agreement there is a service calendar that shows the customer the months that we will conduct a service. Those months are highlighted in green with the price of each service. This is located just above where they sign for payment authorization. The second time is just before the technician performs the first service. They will go over a re-cap on the contact information, pricing, quarterly frequency, and the terms for the service agreement.  All of our agreements cover general pests year round. They are not limited to one specific pest problem or just a certain time of the year. Insects unfortunately do not just die off during the colder months. On a day like today when it is 55 degrees outside, they can become very active if there is pest problem present. We perform these winter services to help prevent an influx on days like this. The winter service also helps with an influx once temperature starts be be consequently warmer.    The desired settlements states that [redacted] would like to no longer be contacted and wants to cancel the contract with us. We will no longer reach out to him if that is what he would like, we can also cancel all future services. The terms to the agreement state " If for any reason service is canceled prior to fulfilling the agreement, by refusing to receive or pay for service, and the initial service has been performed, The customer agrees to pay the difference between $229.00 and the discounted price of the initial treatment. Attached is a copy of that service agreement .    The complaint details (cont.) states Product/Service: Pest Control - antsModel #: None ProvidedAccount #: None ProvidedOrder #: None ProvidedPurchase Price: 129.0000Payment: In Full Credit CardDisputed Amount: 129.0000  Our records are showing the service that was performed on 1/5/2018 have actually not been paid for. The credit card that is on file did not process due to the card be expired. If some how our records are not accurate, we would like a bank statement backing this and we will get this fixed immediately.   The initial concern was the winter service. We would love to continue providing services for [redacted].  There was no mention about not continuing the year. As mentioned before, we tried to offer the winter service at that extremely low rate of $45 but he declined and  said to perform it at $129. We will still offer that if he would like, and prove that the service is an important service in the pest control regimen. We are here to keep our customers happy and pest free. Thank you,  Aptive

Our service provider is Tom S. and he has been to our home on 3 occasions. He is AWESOME! Very thorough and explains what he is doing when he is here. He is careful around the landscaping and gets every web and wasp nest down. He pays attention to the detail of his work and knows his business.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I did not respond by email because I was not getting anywhere, so I called the  I was then advised that the company had me "over a barrel" and that I should pay the $119.   I hate paying for work not done and was not satisfied with your involvement.  I asked that they be further researched because there are a lot of similar complaints on YELP.  There is an element of false advertisement on their website and using products that are not "environmentally" friendly as they claim.  I was assured that you will look into this which I hope you are doing because you are here to protect the consumer.Sincerely,[redacted]Sincerely,

Great service from Joshua W. Super friendly and helpful.

The issue has been resolved between the Branch Manager Cam N[redacted] of the Baltimore Office and the Customer [redacted].

This matter has been resolved.

Friday, February 02, 2018RE: Complaint [redacted] To Whom It May Concern, Our Customer [redacted] contracted service with Aptive on 04/14/2017. The original 12 month agreement was composed of one Initial Service, and four Quarterly Services. This agreement along with its...

accompanying terms and conditions were explained to Mrs. [redacted] by our Route Manager Rafael M[redacted].  When Mrs. [redacted] signed the original Service Agreement our Route Manager, Rafael M[redacted], explained our service type, service schedule, billing terms, the initial service discount and how the recurring quarterly service works.  He outlined on the calendar on the Service Agreement the months in which we would be providing services and their accompanying costs. Before beginning the initial service, our Service Professional Darrell Hairston, reviewed with our customer a “Welcome to Aptive” checklist. Our customers must sign and initial this Welcome Letter to verify that all the terms of the Service Agreement are understood before the service ever takes place. Please note that the Service Professional who serviced the home was not the route manager, Rafael M[redacted], who originally enrolled the customer into our “Four Seasons Protection Plan.” In the “Welcome to Aptive” letter, the customer verified that the billing information was correct and read about and understood our service schedule. During this time our Service Professional explained our service guarantee, our billing terms, the initial service discount, the initial service visit and future quarterly visits. This occurred on 04/15/2017.In Mrs. [redacted]’s complaint to the she states that after our first treatment she began to see roaches. We keep records of all our inbound calls and never received a call indicating a pest issue after our first visit.  Upon attempting to return for our 30 day follow up visit Mrs. [redacted] texted our offices saying she needed to reschedule for a weekend.  We willingly complied and pushed her appointment for a Saturday.  Upon sending her the reminders for the Saturday appointment Mrs. [redacted] again texted the office that she would need to reschedule because her Grandkids were over and were sick.  We reached out to Mrs. [redacted] via phone call on 6/5/17 to explain the importance of the 30 day follow up visit, which was now severely past due, as well as to attempt to set a firm appointment to provide this treatment.  The customer at this point, on 06/05/17 stated that she was seeing “roaches” indoors.  She additionally asked to push the appoint until 6/17/17 so that she would have the funds to pay for the appointment.  Though this put her 30 day follow up treatment, which is necessary to break the egg cycle of pests, 60 days past her initial visit, we agreed.  Our standard services do indeed cover many species of roaches.  The exception to this is German Roaches.  As  you can see in our Service Agreement, German Roaches are a separate warranty not covered by our normal services.  German roaches are the fastest breeding species of cockroach and require multiple treatments and time to bring under proper control.  Additionally, Mrs. [redacted] indicated originally to our Route Manager that she was having “water bugs”, or Oriental Cockroaches, in her bathrooms.  The issue lies in Mrs. [redacted]’s complaint to the stating that she “never had roaches” prior to our treatments.  It is clear from Mrs. [redacted]’s Service Agreement that she did indeed have and was aware of a roach infestation inside the home.  The roaches were upon inspection identified to be German Cockroaches which require an additional warranty in order for us to treat.  After Mrs. [redacted]’s visit on 6/17/17, she sent in a 5 Star review of the services saying “Very friendly!! He did a good job and was attentive to my concerns!!”.  This review was received on 6/18/17.  In our efforts to help Mrs. [redacted] with her pest problems we provided a Free Reservice on 07/29/17 and followed up with her Via phone call on 8/4/17.  During this conversation with our Customer Loyalty Specialist, Mrs. [redacted] stated that she had not seen a single bug since our last visit.  She informed us that if she had issues she would call us for another Free Reservice.Upon attempting to return for Mrs. [redacted]’s quarterly visit on 9/15/17, which needs to occur every 90 days due to the degradation of the products over time, we were turned away.  Mrs. [redacted] texted in that she would call us to schedule our appointment.  At this point we placed 2 phone calls to Mrs. [redacted] on 9/26/17 and 10/2/17 and were finally able to schedule her appointment for 10/7/17.  We additionally provided another Free Reservice on 10/28/18.On 10/17/17 Mrs. [redacted] spoke to our Customer Loyalty Specialist Keith Griffin who explained the German Roach warranty and why it was needed in Mrs. [redacted]’s circumstance.  Mrs. [redacted] did not want to pay for the separate warranty and did not or would not understand why they were not included with the other roaches under her service plan.  Again, German Roaches are the fastest breeding species of cockroach and require extensive time and treatments to bring under proper control.  WIn Mrs. [redacted]’s complaint to the she states that she is unhappy with services provided and with the results.  We are happy to provide treatment to Mrs. [redacted] for the pest covered by our standard services, however, in order to properly and effectively treat for the species of cockroach infesting Mrs. [redacted]’s home we would require an additional warranty and cost.  Additionally, the treatments are only effective if we are able to treat on a proper service schedule.  It has proven difficult to treat Mrs. [redacted]’s home and lapses in our recommended time frames for which treatment needs to occur will have a detrimental effect on the effectiveness of the treatments.  Attached are the customer’s signed Service Agreement.  As stipulated in Mrs. [redacted]’s Service Agreement “If for any reason service is canceled prior to fulfilling the agreement, by refusing to receive or pay for service, and the initial service has been performed, the customer agrees to pay the difference between $229.00 and the discounted price of the initial treatment.”  Mrs. [redacted] was given a substantial discount off the normal cost ($229.00) of our initial service; a discount wholly contingent upon completing a 12 month agreement.  This is also stated in Mrs. [redacted]’s “Welcome Letter” under the heading “Agreement Terms”.  Mrs. [redacted]’s desired resolution to the complaint is to have all monies paid returned to her plus an additional amount for a coffee machine.  As a courtesy we will waive the final balance owed by Mrs. [redacted], $162.38 and ensure her account is closed.  We will not refund what she paid for not only her regularly scheduled treatments but free treatments in between these visits.  It would be unconscionable to request such as we did provide treatments, reservices, etc. and it clearly shows on Mrs. [redacted]’s Service Agreement that German Roaches were a separate warranty and that she was aware that she had some type of roach in the home before we ever started services.Best Regards,Nat H[redacted] – Branch Manager – (214) 425 2847

Aptive has been a great service. Our Service Pro,Tom, was fantastic! He was very thorough and polite! Thank you!

Response to Complaint ID [redacted]   To his point, the issue has been resolved with the account holder, [redacted].  The complaint, however, was issued by customer’s wife [redacted].  This is being written in response to her complaint regarding excess and continued problems with...

spiders.  On July 25, 2017 [redacted] was approached by one of Aptive’s Route Managers and agreed to sign up for our four seasons protection program.  This was a service agreement for a minimum of 12 months and covers a variety of pests such as spiders, which he was having a problem with.  The service agreement provided all the pertinent information regarding the account, such as the discounted initial price, the quarterly pricing, the service schedule and which services they would be responsible to pay, and our free reservice program.  This program is for customers who have continued problems with warrantied pests in between our quarterly visits and states that any customer can schedule as many reservices as necessary to get their pest problems under control, and we will come out at no extra charge for those services.   Also, it discusses the added pest activity that may come out after the initial treatment due to pests being flushed out of their homes and asks the customer to call to schedule a reservice if the activity continues after 10-14 days.  Of course, this just helps to set customer expectations of how to properly utilize Aptive’s service.  On July 28, 2017, a full 3 days after signing up for our service and plenty of time to review the Service Agreement, our Service Professional came to their home to performed their scheduled Initial Treatment.  Prior to performing this service our service pro presented and went over a “Welcome Letter” from our company which again presented all of the key points of the service agreement and what the [redacted]’s would be getting with the service.  This document includes the length of the agreement, discounted pricing of the initial and regular quarterly price, the first quarterly service would be performed approximately 30 days after the initial treatment to break up the pest egg cycle that would be hatching out, and our free reservices offered at any time in between quarters in case any pests come back or there is continued activity.  This checklist was then signed by [redacted] stating he understood the terms.  The reason we go over all of this information twice, with 2 separate people is for the sake of transparency as well as to make sure our customers understand our agreement and what we offer.  Our first contact with Mr. [redacted] was on August 21, 2017 when he brought it to our attention that they still had spider problems, which again is not uncommon between the initial and first quarterly service, and he asked our office staff to call his wife to set that up.  We called and were only able to leave a voicemail asking for her to call us back to set that up and confirm a date.  We never received a call back from her.  [redacted] stated in her complaint that we came back for a free reservice but this is untrue.  If she had called us back to schedule with us, her spider problems would be one step closer to being under control. Aptive then scheduled customer’s first quarterly visit for 8/28/17, a month after the initial and exactly on schedule per the service agreement, but the customer stated they needed to reschedule and did not provide a new service date.  The service was finally scheduled for 9/9/17 and notifications via email and voice call two days prior.  We then were able to successfully complete the service almost a full 2 weeks after the original scheduled date.  The fact that this was pushed back so far could only lend to pests having an advantage to flourish and the entire reason Aptive comes back for the first quarterly within that first 30 days is because after the initial flushing treatment, there are pest eggs which are impenetrable to pesticide that hatch out.  The follow up treatment will take care of these young pests and any other adults which try to reestablish themselves around the home.  Also, depending on where the home is located and the home itself, our customers are encouraged to use our free reservices as needed.  We understand that some homes may have conducive conditions present with may make them more habitable inside and out.  This is generally how all pest problems are gotten under control.  There is usually no quick one time fix but through the process we offer, we can lower pest populations enough to keep them out of our customer’s home.  Without the service, they are sure to come back.  After the first quarterly treatment, we heard from [redacted], who complained about still having spider problems, being double billed, which they were not, and not understanding the first quarterly was 30 days after the initial.  Our office staff explained the service schedule to him once again as well as offered to schedule a free reservice for the continued activity.  He stated they wanted to cancel the service and asked us to call his wife.  We called and left a voicemail for [redacted], asking her to call us back to discuss the cancellation.  The same day [redacted] called us back told us we keep calling her and to take them off the list and cancel the account because they were unhappy with the service.  We then tried to offer to get a service professional out to treat as soon as possible but she hung up without letting us take care of the problem.  Obviously, this was an unreasonable response to our customer service when we were clearly trying to take care of their spider problem.  They just needed to let us do our jobs and what they contracted us for.  The [redacted]’s account was then cancelled with the first quarterly service balance as well as the initial discount fee added per the original agreement and welcome letter and then billed to them.   To this point, Aptive has only ever received payment for the very first initial service.   I have since reached out and spoke to [redacted], who seemed reasonable when explaining his issues with the service.  He first explained he didn’t understand the agreement was for 12 months and that we would be back in 30 days for the first quarterly.  This after the agreement and welcome letter was gone over by two separate people at different times to ensure this was made clear.  He also told me his daughter has really bad arachnophobia and just can’t handle seeing any spiders.  I was able to set his expectations regarding the service, stating there was no such thing as pest “elimination”, but pest “control” is possible.  I offered to get someone out there again to help with the spiders and reiterated that if they were having continued problems, only more service was going to get them under control.  He refused but seemed like he understood the service better and how the residuals are designed to work over time.  [redacted]’s account remains closed at this time but the offer still stands for Aptive to come back out any time before the next quarterly service to prove we can definitely handle such a common problem pest such as spiders.  We have many customers who have utilized our service correctly and are extremely happy with the results.  Craig R[redacted]Aptive Branch ManagerCincinnati, OH
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

On July 14 2016 Mr [redacted] contracted our services including 1 year and 5 total scheduled services to begin on 7/18/2016. Our service professional arrived on the 18th after explaining our services and conditions Mrs [redacted] agreed and allowed us to begin services. At the time of service it was...

explained and agreed upon that we have products and services qualified to control pests in any weather condition. It was also explained that if at anytime between our regularly scheduled services if the customer wishes for us to return they need only to call and schedule it with the office.We returned for our scheduled and agreed upon quarterly service in an effort to break the egg cycle on 8/16/2016. After that service we made an effort to contact the [redacted] family 12 times between the dates of 9/6/2016 to 12/8/2016 via the provided email address and phone number. The only effort to contact aptive in regards to his service was a returned call on 10/24/2016 at which time an arrangement was offered in an effort to retain the customer and provide top quality service, at which time Mr [redacted] let us know that "he appreciated our offer" and that he wanted to "think about it before he accepted". From that point moving forward we never received any return contact from Mr [redacted].I have included a copy of the signed agreement and also the paperwork that was signed by Mrs. [redacted] on July 18th 2016. My offer that was provided on the 24th of October is still valid and available if Mr [redacted] would like his past due amount removed from collections.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I was appreciative of the phone call from Mike. He was understanding and empathetic towards my concerns and went beyond my resolution for fairness to close this complaint. I hope the organization does well going forward.

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