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Aqua Pump Company Inc.

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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** only informed me of the 95$ charge and mentioned nothing about the additional charges. Mr*** also did not informed me up front about the additional charges. He knows this, but continues to push the narrative even though he does not have one single document indicating that I was aware of his outrages and out of control billing. In fact, he does not have any proof, because none exits. His way of billing customers is fraud and needs to be investigated As to my character, Mr*** needs to first honestly examine his own, because it is highly questionable. Stating the obvious that their will be no future transactions between Aqua Pump Coand I does not change the fact that it is against the law for a company to fabricate a billing invoice This matter may be closed to Mr***, but it is not to me. I will continue to fight the lies he presented so that no one else will go through the experience I went through. With that said I have filed a complaint with the State of Connecticut *** *** Department and will continue to pursue this matter
Sincerely,*** ***

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
    At the time of the call the office ( [redacted]) only informed me of the $95 Service fee.  She did not inform me of any additional charges.  How can Mr. [redacted] insist that [redacted] informed me of the additional charges when their calls for service are not monitored and or recorded ( as stated by [redacted] during my initial complaint).
     I am stunned to read that Mr. [redacted] claims he went over the charges with me when in fact he very well knows he did not.  He arrived, looked at the well equipment, then went out to look at the water level in the well and returned to the house where he recommended fracking or water delivery.  As he was getting ready to leave I pulled out my check and began to pay the $95 plus tax, but [redacted] refused to take the check and stated that the company will send me a bill.  He did not tell me it would be $159 plus tax.  Even if his claim was true, which it is not, that he told me afterwards of the $159 charge, it is clear that he did it as he was walking out.
    [redacted]'s closing statement is that the price points were discussed multiple times when in fact he knows that's a lie.  Any reputable business in the 21st century provides customers with a written agreement indicating the amount so that the customer knows what he or she is being charged prior any work done.  Why isn't that the standard practice at Aqua Pump??  Why is it that Mr. [redacted] continues to claim over and over that the price was discussed with me even though he has no way to review my call for service or has any documents indicating that I agreed to the fabricated price and why didn't he take the check from me when I was willing to pay him at the time???.  It's because he refuses to accept the fact that I was only told it would be $95 plus tax.  Furthermore, he did not accept my payment onsite, because I would have expressed my frustration with the $159 fee as I am doing here.
    By not producing any written agreements or making billing clear to customers the company is practicing out of control billing and selects prices as they see fit.   Mr. [redacted] I have no problem paying someone to tell me that my well is depleted of water if I am dealing with honest billing, but I do have a problem with out of control un agreed upon billing, because I will not stand for it.  My character speaks for itself when I offered to pay you on the spot, but you refused it and nearly charged me double without making me aware of what you were intending to charge me.   Mr. [redacted] I have used Aqua Pump services in past and when your father arrived he charged me the same amount I was quoted over the phone.  Unlike you, he took my payment on the spot and made it a pleasant experience.
    Mr. [redacted] should do the right thing and refund the additional charges, because it is the right thing to do.

[redacted] went over the charges with [redacted] did pull out his check book; we discussed options and agreed that
I would send a bill after things settled down. Normally we collect at the time
of service, as clearly stated on our work order and told by [redacted].  [redacted] was a returning customer and went over
the charges with him of which he had questioned, I told him a $159.00 +
 As for character I miss judged [redacted] and should have collected the payment onsite as we usually do.
[redacted] is truly a dishonest person
and I am very glad that I was the one whom went onsite and not one of my
technicians as they would have been falsely reprimanded.
 I’m sorry to say that [redacted] is the
type of customer Aqua Pump Co., Inc. is not interested in working with.
 We clearly informed upfront and
onsite of the charges as we always do.  It
is rather unfortunate that [redacted] choose to hear only part of what was said,
especially since we are very upfront and clear on all calls so we do not run
into this problem.  We will not provide a
refund for work that was completed.
I, [redacted] have spent
additional time on this matter, not because of the $60.00, but due to the
principal of the matter.
Seeing as we cannot come to an agreement, I would consider this matter closed.

Review: With no time to research all of our options, we called Aqua Pump last month when our well pump died. They were not able to provide us with an estimate over the phone; they said that they needed to come out to assess the situation. We clearly stated to Aqua Pump that we were not in an emergency, so we made an appointment for the next day. Two technicians arrived the next morning (Thursday) at around 10 a.m. They said that they could not provide an estimate without first removing the pump to assess the problem. After they removed the pump and its wiring, they gave us an estimate of $3,089, which included the trip cost of $100. We bulked at the price, but our well pump and all of its wiring were lying out on our lawn. We asked for a breakdown of the costs multiple times, but they said that their labor and fees were wrapped into the costs so that could not provide an itemized estimate. They almost immediately said that the pump was likely hit by lightening or experienced a power surge, and we could submit a claim to our homeowners insurance. The lack of an itemized estimate and the suggestion that we get homeowners to cover the cost should have both been red flags.Weve since called other companies who have gladly provided itemized estimates over the phone. They all come in at HALF the price we paid. Companies said that the pump we had installed ([redacted], horse power) should have cost about $850; wiring for a 300 foot well, $.80/foot; and well cap, $60. We felt that we were being overcharged at the time of the install, but now we have proof from other companies. We feel that we were taken advantage of and grossly overcharged. We feel that we were victims of predatory practices since we had no water. We called Aqua Pump to give them the opportunity to reconcile this overcharge. The secretary said she would have one of the owners call us back that day or the next morning. He never returned our call.

Product_Or_Service: Installation of a new well pump

Account_Number: Invoice #XXXXX

Desired Settlement: We would like to receive a refund of $1000 to bring the service more in line with what other companies are charging.



Consumer Response /* (-101, 5, 2013/07/02) */

One of the owners contacted me this morning and claimed that their pricing was in line with others despite our lower estimates from companies. Although I said that we never received an itemized estimate from their technicians, the owner argued that they let us know of the cost along the way. I continued to emphasize that our concern was that the techs never provided us with a breakdown of this cost. The owner argued that they did, and then proceeded to ask if I was being dishonest. The owner became unprofessional and started talking over me, at which point I told him I was getting off the phone as it was obvious that nothing would be reconciled by talking with him.

I tried to follow's instructions to first contact Aqua Pump with my complaint, but this was a mistake. I have no need to be told that I'm being dishonest when I presented my case in a truthful, straightforward way.

Thank you,

Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/07/16) */

On June 12, 2013 a call came into our answering service at 6:57 pm indicating an Urgent, No Water for Mr. [redacted] of [redacted].

The technician on call contacted the customer and on the morning of June 13th, 2013 the office staff ([redacted]) called and spoke to [redacted] to confirm the arrival time of 10-2 and to go over the standard pricing of a $95.00 service call and $5.00 fuel surcharge and payment due at time of service to the technician as well as forms of payment that are accepted. She also explained that once the technicians assess the equipment they will be able to determine the issue and provide pricing accordingly. This is the standard procedure of Aqua Pump Co., Inc. on every call.

The technicians arrived at 10:17 am to assess the "no water" situation as requested by the customer. Upon assessment it was discovered that the well pump was drawing 20 amps- an indicator that the pump needs to be pulled and replaced. The technicians pulled the pump, pipe and wire out of the well and confirmed at that time that the well appears to have been struck by lightning or a power surge. The pump system had a burnt smell as well as the high amps. Aqua Pump Co., Inc technicians are fully licensed and continually trained on water systems as well as company policies of informing the customers of their discoveries. The technicians informed the customer of burnt smell and indicators of a lightning strike or power surge. This is not a "predatory practice" but a true and honest fact of the industry.

The customers were given a price and agreed to have the work completed. The technicians replaced the well pump, the 12-2 wire with ground, TA-48, cable guards, LX61 sanitary well seal, heat shrink kits, all fittings and chlorinated the well. The bill reflects all of the work completed as well as the labor to do so as discussed with the customer prior to completion. The customer signed off on the completed work and paid the bill at the time of service.

On July 1, 2013 around 12:00 pm [redacted] called regarding the bill (almost 3 weeks after service) indicating she had called other companies checking prices and stated that we grossly overcharged her. Less than 24 hours after her call Mr. [redacted] contacted her and Ms. [redacted] agreed that the technicians gave her pricing and she agreed to have the work completed. She also felt that we should know all of the finances of other companies including their insurance cost and business expenses. During this discussion Ms. [redacted] indicated ranges of pricing from other companies on SOME of the components of the job that was completed. There is much more to completing this job that Ms. [redacted] has indicated her complaint.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 8, 2013/07/23) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

Just minutes after we submitted our complaint against Aqua Pump Co., Inc., to the, one of the owners contacted me and claimed that their pricing was in line with others despite our lower estimates from area companies. Although I said that we never received an itemized estimate from their technicians, the owner argued that they let us know of the cost along the way. I continued to emphasize that our concern was that the technicians never provided us with a breakdown of the cost, not that they never provided us with an estimate. The owner argued that they did provide an overall estimate, ignoring my concern about the breakdown of costs. Still refuting my claim of no cost breakdown, the owner proceeded to ask if I was being dishonest with him. The owner became unprofessional and started talking over me, at which point I told him I was getting off the phone as it was obvious that nothing would be reconciled by talking with him.

I tried to follow's instructions to first contact Aqua Pump Co., Inc., with my complaint, but this was a mistake. I have no need to be told that I'm being dishonest when I presented my case in a truthful, straightforward way.

In the owner's response to our complaint, he said that our call was "urgent." This is not the case. We explicitly said that there was no urgency when we called the company on June 12, and said would be fine with a service call the next day. The next morning, Aqua Pump Co., Inc's office called to say that we were their second appointment that morning and that they would be at our home at around 10 a.m.

The owner also states in his response that I expected him to know "all the finances of other companies including their insurance cost and business expenses." This is not true. I told the owner that the other three companies were able to provide me with costs of the pump, wiring, seal cap, labor and tax. Although the companies provided me with these estimates over the phone, they all said that they would have broken down the costs for us upon inspection of our pump when at our house. Aqua Pump Co., Inc., never provided such a breakdown of costs, although we asked for such a breakdown at least twice. When I told the owner that other companies charged $825-$850 for the well pump, he said that Aqua Pump Co., Inc., charged around $1,000 for the same pump. Based on what he shared, it appears that Aqua Pump Co., Inc's labor costs are excessively high since our total came to $3,089, and wiring and the seal cap were estimated by other companies to be between $300-$600. Yes, we agreed to have the work completed and paid the bill, but, upon researching other companies' practices and their costs, we feel that we were taken advantage of by Aqua Pump Co., Inc. We're disappointed in their business practice and the owner's unprofessional conduct on the phone.

Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2013/08/01) */

As the customer stated she agreed to have the work completed. We provided all parts and services at the price given and agreed upon.

Review: On or about 11/17/14 my home water pressure supplied from a well was low at which time I contacted Aqua Pump Company in Stafford Springs to have a representative diagnose the problem. I was informed by a represantive via phone that it would cost $65 for a schedueled visit and $95 for a rep to respond that day. I choose same day service and several hours later a rep responded. The rep looked at the system and informed me that the water in the well was low and spent at most 20 minutes at my home.

Several days later I received an invoice from the company in the amount of $167.50. The invoice listed $95 for Emergency call Service, $2.50 Fuel Surcharge, $60 for Assessment and $10.00 in taxes. I was shocked to see the $60 Assessment fee as well as the $2.50 Fuel Surhcrge due to the fact that no one had informed me of the additinal fees. If I had been aware that Aqua Pump was going to charge $167.50 to assess a low water pressure problem that took no more than 20 minutes I would have not requested their services.

When I contatced the company I was lied to and told that I was infromed over the phone of all the charges at which point I asked for the comapny to review my service call, but was informed they do not record their calls. Aqua Pump refused to rectify the unauthorized billing problem.

I then sent a check to the company in in the amount of $101. 00 to cover our $95 agreeemnt plus tax, but immeidately received another invoice threatening me with a collection agency if the bill was not paid in full. I decided to file this complaint as I was lied to by the company and charged an amount that I never agreed to.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive a refund check for $66.50 as I will be sending this amount to Aqua pump in order to avoid the amount being turned over to a collection agency



Review: An itemized bill with parts&labor to justify what they charged

We placed a service call for no water. They came out and diagnosed a bad well pump. They contracted with my wife on replacing the pump. Two guys about 2.5 hrs later and the water was restored. When I came home I looked at the invoice and there was one line item for parts and labor. I have asked for an itemized invoice of parts&labor to see how they justified what they charged but they have refused

Desired Settlement: I don't think what I'm asking for is unreasonable. If they have nothing to hide this should be an easy thing to provide. Just to say this was a contracted price and thats the end of it is absurd. Just provide me with an itemized invoice or come up with another solution



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/08/26) */

Aqua Pump Co., Inc. received a call and informed the customer of the charges to diagnose the problem, the customer agreed and the technicians went to the home. Upon diagnosing the issue, the technicians provided a price to replace the well pump and all associated parts needed. The customer agreed with the price and the work was completed and paid for. Aqua Pump Co does not bill by the hour, the price is a set amount to complete the work and is always given to the customer before the work is completed.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/08/30) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

I think Aqua Pump saw an oportunity and took advantage of our situation with no water to price gouge and charge a very high amount for the price of the pump&control. You can try to jump around the issue saying that a price was agreed upon but you have to base it upon the travel time either by zone or miles,service call,parts&labor. I think you really gouged us on the price of the parts becaue my wife said one of the techs said the pump&control were like $1500 which is probably like 2.5X your aquisition price.

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